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Number 400

Friday's comic will be up around late afternoon, early evening. Thanks for everyone who voted :D  We're still waiting to see who officially won.
Guys I lost internet for most of the day yesterday. I also live in a wireless deadzone, so uploading the comic to my phone wasn't a possibility unless I walked about 3 miles to upload this from my phone. So anyway, it's all fixed now, and while I waited, I worked on and attached Wednesday's strip to this as well ( bottom two panels.) They work awesome together anyhow. So I'll see you guys again Friday. I have NUMEROUS reasons why there's no VS art for this round, but I'm sure most of you can guess why. Round 4 is up, and it also ends tonight at midnight EST. We are down to the final 16. As much as I champion the vote, which is really fun, and I want to win, and make art for it, and etc etc... The days they're posting the new rounds are sporadic and unpredictable. The amount of time to vote each round seems to get more narrow as well. Now the guy who runs it is out, and someone else is doing it. I had the same issue last round as this round. I couldn't get any confirmation on who my actual competition is before the new voting period goes live, so I can't have the art ready. I'm at a point where, I see the vote the same time everyone else does, then I have to scramble with the art for it and try to get it done and somehow have enough time to post said art in the increasingly smaller increments of time to vote. It's frustrating. Just know I care about it, but it's not feasible at the moment. Round 4 Vote is HERE
  UPDATE FORGET WHAT I SAID. Round 5 is already up. We're up against Property of Hate. Guess they're trying to get this voting done and over with. NEW VOTE IS HERE

563 thoughts on “Number 400

  1. On a completely unrelated point, the cat pets in Dungeon Defenders 2 greatly resemble McFatFat wearing a witch’s hat.

    I’m just sayin’…

      1. I’m enjoying it so far. The basic gameplay is much the same, but the characters’ skillsets have been revamped and simplified a bit. Each character now has 4 defenses, and 3 specials, and there’s a much greater emphasis on bringing the talents of several different characters to bear (e.g. Monk’s lightning aura, plus the Huntress’ new water geyser = electrocution synergy).

        In a way, it has sort of a MOBA feel it it, just without support creepers on your own team or opposing players to fight (if that makes sense). Additionally, the maps are more dynamic with sub-cores, triggerable traps, etc., and separate loot drops for each player.

        The biggest changes, though, are probably to how characters and gear are leveled. We don’t really have the ability to pick and choose what stats to buff as much as in the last game. Sadly, this eliminates my favorite tactic of pumping everything in my monk’s aura radius and covering the entire map on the cheap, but hey. ;-)

        At any rate, my bestie and I have been playing it pretty much exclusively since I *finally* finished DA:Inquisition, and we’ve been enjoying it quite a bit.

    1. Okay, I got off work and did a lot more digging and found the current bracket they are working on. It does not have the donation votes added yet, and it looks like they cut the votes off a moment or two after our Midnight screen captures:

      Not A Villain 387 vs Questionable Content 257
      Stand Still, Stay Silent 794 vs Misfile 229
      Girl Genius 549 vs El Goonish Shive 145
      Shotgun Shuffle 675 vs The Property of Hate 670

      For those who are looking to monitor the bracket before they post the results on ComicMix, here’s the link: http://www.bracketmaker.com/tmenu.cfm?tid=458046&tclass=ComicMix%20April%20Armageddon%20Webcomics%202015

        1. Hopefully, if they update the donation vote over the weekend and post the next round on Monday, this will give you enough time to do that vote incentive you wanted to do!

        2. Girl Genius will be tough, they’ve been a pretty solid webcomic presence for years and haven’t had any of the weird internet tiffs or ego issues that cause fans of big names like Penny Arcade to be apathetic voters.

          And what is the appeal of Stand Silent? I tried checking it out to see what the competition is up to but so can’t get into it.

        3. My curiosity just got piqued. I’m wondering 1) how many people know of this vote, 2) if new people are coming in during the subsequent rounds and if possible 3) how the votes for old comics are spread out after their favorite is/are/was knocked out.

  2. Regarding the Patreon comic:
    Does this mean if Quinn finds Eagen’s music diary, there will be a note that reads, “Change DJ Cornbread to something something Explosion?”

  3. This is spiraling into strange territory.
    Is there an alternate universe where the comic is the drama
    instead of this contest and the recurrent agonies
    over getting a refresh done?

    1. This tournament is the current drama because Mr. Blue’s attention is currently borken in attepmts to portray Shotgun Shuffle to be better than 2% buttermilk.


        1. Congratulations! You’ve won the award for today’s most unusual segue!

          *hands over a tiny statuette in the shape of a bridge*

        2. Well he IS the general favorite for the most unusual segue, and with it being daily, I’ve heard he’s only a year and a half away from being able to build a car out of the trophies.

          Speaking of that, it was quite considerate of the committee to make the awards all be car parts.

        3. I actually know someone who could use car parts. It seems that he owns the last operating car of his kind, with the parts having disappeared with those socks all of the dryers.

    2. Sorry for me and Steve here. But Please see this from the fans point of view. This is the furthest that Shotgun Shuffle has gone in this tournament in the past three years. 2013 saw the addition of Shotgun Shuffle to the ComicMix line up for the tournament and their database of comics. But unfortunately not in time to make the seeding round that year. In 2014, we were able to make the seeding round, but were unable to get seeded into Round 1.

      In addition, the Top Web Comic (TWC) vote has been voted on enough in the past six months to propel Shotgun Shuffle from the mid to high 100s to the mid teens at best. Last year, 2014, Grrl Power won the tournament and has constantly been in the top 15 since then with most of their times in the top 10 near the end of the month. If Shotgun Shuffle can make it into the final four round, we should also be able to continue in following that trend for the top 15 – 20 of the TWC vote.

      While that alone is not the same as advertising through project wonderful (?) it does show the support from the fans for the said title.

      The best real life analogy that I can offer is that this comic is extremely fan heavy into the artist’s work, and we’re all cheese heads for the superbowl.

  4. “After 6PM” <—Confirmed: Danny is lazier than Ellie.

    "What Evidence?!" <—- Confirmed: Caleb remembers the Whisk

    1. I thought that he said 6 AM. That could be in reference to when the least number of his members are expected to be online. But then again, their main demographic is the unemployed.

      1. If only we could scroll up and read what it said!!1!11ONE1!!1
        Oh wait!

        Sorry Zero, this round goes to Mistah Blooooo…

  5. Well, as per the link Stoirmcriostal posted above, looks like we were very concerned and did a lot of donating. We made four digits.

    1. [Whistle!!!]

      Colour me awed!

      Stand Still. Stay Silent had been the donation leader with $101 of the $354 donated from the Seeding Round through Round 4 with Misfile in second with $70 and Shotgun Shuffle in third with $25.

      There has now been $671 donated to the charity (an increase of $317) with Shotgun Shuffle in first place with $210.20, Stand Still. Stay Silent in second with $129.60 and Misfile in third with $116.60 (someone dropped odd change on seven of the eight comics, so the numbers get odd this round). While it might have been because you were concerned about how close the vote was, you guys still deserve a round of applause for being 58% of the near doubling of the donations this round!

      1. I ended my donation with 40 cents, so more than one person for Shotgun Shuffle decided on odd change.

        1. I suppose I should have said one or more people rather than just someone… [blush] I had just been looking at the fact that every donation total was an odd amount this time… I posted the full break down of donations on Stand Still. Stay Silent’s comments, so I might as well do so here as well:

          Not A Villain 384 + 0 = 384 $0
          Questionable Content 257 + 9 = 266 $1.80

          Stand Still, Stay Silent 794 + 143 = 937 $28.60
          Misfile 229 + 232 = 461 $46.40

          Girl Genius 549 + 38 = 587 $7.60
          El Goonish Shive 145 + 21 = 166 $4.20

          Shotgun Shuffle 675 + 926 = 1601 $185.20
          The Property of Hate 670 + 216 = 886 $43.20

        2. No offense intended, I was just curious if I’d get others mentioning their non-dollar-only contributions.

          I do it out of a sense of perversity and liking to add irrelevant correlations to things (my Patreon pledge for this comic ends with a number of cents that can be guessed based upon something on the cast page, for example).

        3. I wasn’t offended, honest… Just a little embarrassed that I had assumed it was only one person.

          I haven’t had the money to donate yet (I own a game store, so I paid taxes rather than getting a refund last month), but I’m hoping to have money loosen up a touch in the next week with it being a new month and I might be able to open my wallet for the last two rounds.

  6. Holy Carpoli!!! Our donating members more than doubled the vote count. Over $160 from our guys. Now we need Round 6 to start so we can thrash “Girl Genius”, which I have read and can see that it will be a formidable foe. It is kinda slow going, but it has a nice story line. Don’t understand the appeal of Stand Silent. Stay Still. It is just plodding along. I get the art is nice, but the story is just dragging along. I do hope we can face them in the finals…would be nice to crush them.

    1. I’ll grant that Stand Still. Stay Silent is a slower paced story, but we’re enjoying the worldbuilding the artist is doing as well as having fun speculating on how things work. I’m hoping that it’s Shotgun Shuffle vs Stand Still. Stay Silent as well- no matter who wins that contest, both strips will get tons of exposure they deserve (afterall- I found y’all because of this contest).

      1. Some of my fantasy battles was Stand Still. Stay Silent. as well as against Girl Genius. Of course, we cleaned their clocks(works HA).

      2. On the other hand, if SSSS was as slow updating because of the complete description that Misfile used, then we’d still be pre sickness in terms of the story.

      3. I haven’t gone through SSSS yet, but I do intend to put it in my list of bookmarks to poke through one of these days. Not sure I’ll comment, as that can take a lot of time if it’s an active commenter base, but I’ll probably read it at some point.

        1. I’m usually only an occasional commenter there (as it’s a very active comment base), but today is slow at work and I’m caught up with the paperwork so I have time to actually reply to people on both sites.

  7. all I have to say about this story arc is best summed up by the 5th panel that is the one just before the last one. Sorry in advance foreigner for this mangling of lyrics….

    “Fill my eyes, with that Murder-Vision!”

    ’nuff said!

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