The Magnificent 7 Pt-7 – The Drawing of the Seven – Super Special Copyright Infringement Over-Titled Comic #600

Here's both posts for this week. I couldn't seem to split it up without ruining the gag. So.. anyway. Next post Tuesday :D

143 thoughts on “The Magnificent 7 Pt-7 – The Drawing of the Seven – Super Special Copyright Infringement Over-Titled Comic #600

        1. Second panel. Comes with any standard manicure. All girls can do this. Maybe get your nails cleaned once in a while.

    1. I’m nowhere in this strip. And if they know what’s good for them I won’t be in this story line either.

      (like being forced Ala A Clockwork Orange to watch an endless loop of all the Star Wars films but all the characters are Jar Jar Bink and full of childish fart humor)

      1. I haven’t watched it myself, but I’ve had several people tell me that the “extra farts” track for Wet Hot American Summer is surprisingly more entertaining than anyone expected.

        1. Maybe but this is The Empire Strikes Back and Uncut version of the original Star Wars we are taking about.

        2. I’m not saying that it might not add a slightly larger suspension of disbelief that none of that methane catches on fire with all the various sparks and explosions, but it could still be quite entertaining for some.


        waitaminute waitaminute waitaminute! Pumpkin’s underage!

        1. Cinnamon would probably be the only sister that AM* would be grudgingly okay with.

          (* from Harlan Ellison’s I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream)

    1. I’m thinking that they will initially be very angry, but there is a chance… a chance, mind you… that they will calm down and go with it.

      Ellie has always been “The Lazy One” and here she is working hard and using everything she has available (including calling in her sisters). If I’m right, I think the sisters will be raging at Ellie and Ginger will cut them off and say something about Ellie not being lazy this time, and this once they would overlook the abuse of the Sister Signal and help her out. And when Ginger says how it’s gonna be, I think it hardly ever goes differently than what she says.

  1. At first I thought the indecency quip was the last panel and was pleasantly surprised to see more.

  2. I was worried we’d have to wait until Friday for a new page so this is a pleasant surprise. And this gag was so good. I laughed at it so much.

    Also, no you can’t bring your Grape Nuts Cinnamon, because you’re the one with the licence and I don’t care how many times you’ve eaten cereal while driving you aren’t doing it with me in the car.

  3. Man, they just need matching design color coordinate uniform ala power rangers and they are complete
    Ellie-Blue Sister
    Ginger-White Sister and leader
    Tarragon-Green Sister
    Anise-Black Sister

    Eight Sister Quinn-Purple Sister.

  4. Man, they just need matching design color coordinate uniform ala power rangers and they are complete
    Ellie-Blue Sister
    Ginger-White Sister and leader
    Tarragon-Green Sister
    Anise-Black Sister
    Cinnamon-Pink Sister
    Pumpkin-Yellow Sister

    Eight Sister Quinn-Purple Sister.

  5. (Please Delete the First two post Chris)
    Man, they just need matching design color coordinate uniform ala power rangers and they are complete
    Ellie-Blue Sister
    Ginger-White Sister and leader
    Tarragon-Green Sister
    Anise-Black Sister
    Juniper-Red Sister
    Cinnamon-Pink Sister
    Pumpkin-Yellow Sister
    Eight Sister Quinn-Purple Sister.

    1. I absolutely agree with the idea and the colors for some of the girls. BUT red is always the leader therefore it’s Ginger’s color and Cinn is definitely green or black. She could be black as representation of her being “evil incarnate”
      but I settled on green as black is best for the goth sister.

      My take would be:
      Ginger – Red
      Tarragon – Yellow
      Anise – Black
      Juniper – Pink
      Ellie – Blue
      Cinnamon – Green
      Pumpkin – White
      Sixth Ranger Eighth Sister Quinn – Purple

      White is an extremely neutral color and it represents purity and innocence. It suits Pumpkin perfectly.
      I’m not set on Juni and Tarra’s colors, tho.

      1. That’s not what white seemed to represent in Power Rangers though. White was more, “You’re bad ass!”

        However, seeing as how Tara’s armor was pink, I’d have put her as the Pink Ranger. If not Pink, she’d be White Ranger for sure.

        1. I can see your reasoning and it is fair. Maybe we can compromise?

          What about:
          Ginger – Red
          Tarragon – White
          Anise – Black
          Juniper – Pink
          Ellie – Blue
          Cinnamon – Green
          Pumpkin – Yellow
          Quinn – Purple

          Juni being pink isn’t perfect, but it’s passable. She’s the best at, erm… charming guys with her feminine assets, and as we know pink is feminine .
          But yellow for Pumpkin was a good idea after all. Not only yellow is in her color scheme, it’s the one ranger whose gender is more complicated.

        2. I don’t recall any yellow ranger gender being complicated, even in the new movie. :p However, that looks like a good list :)

        3. The yellow ranger in the original power rangers was female while the Super Sentai version was male. The yellow Sentai ranger tend to change gender the most (easiest way to tell is does the pink ranger/other female ranger have a skirt or not).

        4. Also, to explain my color scheme for the sisters was mostly based off of the normal color pallet they wear in the comic (just like how the power rangers always wear the same color as their power ranger uniform)with some modifications. Juniper is red because despite her lack of leadership she always wearing that red dress and black jacket. Seeing that Anise wears black and purple mostly I gave her black because she likes black more and there has just to be a purple ranger to my knowledge ( since Quinn is the “sixth” ranger she get to have a special colored outfit with cool looking shoulder pads). This leave Juni for the red ranger. Ginger is the leader and the seeing that red is in use the only other leader color I can remember is White (also with shoulder pads). She also wears green alot and the first white power ranger was originally the green ranger (spoilers). Tarragon also where’s alot of green with her standard pants so she gets green (she also a bit popular and the green ranger is arguably the most popular ranger after the red ranger). Cinnamon got pink because she tend to wear it alot and if there are two girls in the team their is always a pink ranger.

        5. And before any ask, yes Pumpkin color is orange but I gave her yellow because there must always be a yellow ranger in a very team and seeing that yellow rangers change genders the most she got it.

        6. I see your points, and their normal color palette was my main base for my picks too. I just couldn’t accept red being given to the sister least likely to lead the Super Sister Seven Squad.

          That, and I can’t remember Cinn sporting pink that often. She did it in this page but she’s usually wearing green + black.

          (Don’t mind me changing avatars, I’m testing to find an avatar that I like more than these. With my usual luck this post will be framed by a Danny face)

  6. Rusche, you really batted it out of the park. Again. This is just wonderful. Keep up the fantastic work (at whatever pace you can manage without burning out, please!).

  7. That costume no longer fits as well as it once did. I have a feeling that the “strain” and the dialogue is foreshadowing something.

    1. I think it’s pretty straightforward… we know that Pumpkin has been binding her breasts to hide how developed she is. So since she managed a magical transformation sequence, magical ribbons bound her breasts for her. The sound effect of this binding was “strain”. Look at the difference between her silhouette on the left and her costumed chest on the right where the “strain” appears.

    2. As a lady who has bosoms that can be described as rather ample and thus have experience in the matter, I would like to say that in my opinion that does not look like a top that is losing the battle against the titties. Tops that are far too tight actually look pretty terrible, because the girls get smooshed in weird and unsexy ways so she must be taming the beasts by binding them.

      1. She is binding them with magical ribbons at the moment. In normal times she binds them with cotton bandages (IIRC that was shown in Patreon comics).

        1. Originally Patreon-exclusive, but now part of the main archive. See comic “[Patreon] Steal Your Heart Away Part I” with a current post date of January 16, 2015 (immediately previous comic showing obvious unbound state).

        2. Actually, it did. The forum is just configured in a way that there’s no noticeable difference between links and regular text. I have mixed opinions about that, but ultimately I think it harms more than it helps.

    3. It could be foreshadowing, but I think it’s at least as likely to be poking fun at the frequency fictional female “power up” transformations result in bigger boobs. Pumpkin’s a good one to be wanting to reverse that trope.

  8. I *told* you Pumpkin would come dressed appropriately. Okay, not exactly outlandish speculation but still… Gosh I love this page, Chris.

  9. Poor Pumpkin. She’s going to really want a shower after being ogled by this gaggle of mouthbreathers. Even more concerning, however, is that there are, as far as can be seen in the last panel of LoveCon, two dudes with beards. One looks like a dark-haired version of Fat Harry over at AiCN, and the other is a certain Dirty Hippy. I REALLY hope Anise finds these beards substandard.

    1. While I agree with you, I always have trouble feeling sorry for people that dress sexy and are then upset when people find them sexy, mouth breather or not.
      On the opposite side of the coin, I don’t like thinking “Eh, serves you right for dressing that way.” It’s tricky territory.

      1. She doesn’t know what occasion she’s dressing for. If she knew she was going to Single Dude Con she might have dressed differently. Or, you know, not gone at all since 1) she’s young and 2) boys are dumb and girls are way awesomer

        1. True, but I can’t think of many places where a Sailor Moon outfit on a pretty girl wouldn’t be seen as a sexualized thing. RightlyRejectedSingleDudeaCon just happens to be the worst place to learn this, unfortunately.

      2. My level of sympathy depends a lot on what they’re dealing with. Getting upset about a lot of double takes, appreciative glances, stammers, and other momentary reactions which are followed by people acting in reasonable and normal manners and going on with their lives gets zero sympathy from me. Dealing with people getting grabby is a completely different story.

        I do realize that experience in the second category can easily lead to overestimating risk from the first category (enraging or traumatizing events come to mind more easily than commonplace and mental probability estimation increases the more easily an event comes to mind). However, there’s no realistic way any person can guard against others’ negative connotations without knowing them, and some negative connotations aren’t reasonable to expect others to be able to do anything about (excessive example – if CPR shock paddles remind you of watching a loved one die, you might be able to convince people to tape a paper over the window that makes them visible so you don’t accidentally see the paddles but removing the paddles or all the signs/notices telling people where to find the paddles isn’t going to happen).

        Personally I think the line on sympathy for such situations is more just a big gray area than an actual line. Way too subjective and situational.

    2. I’m actually really curious as to Anise’s reaction to a fake beard. My first thought was that she’d be potentially violently offended. Then I remembered that she got a boob job, now I’m wondering.

  10. My god, Rosemary has a nice kitchen. It really makes mine look like the cramped, greasy, tumor-on-the-side-of-the-house that it is.

    1. Of course she does. She’s an epic-tier foodie sufficient to name her kids after spices. She has recipes involving Pokemon as a base. She’s also why each of her children has an obsession with something.

        1. Bacon-wrapped or Dagon-wrapped would be fewer letter substitutions.

          I choose to think that Dagon was mentioned, because the concept of chicken wrapped in a Mesopotamian diety is more amusing than thinking of bacon-wrapped chicken (which would just make me hungry).

      1. It does have some similarity to FPOBA. Neat. I think given this duo, Cinnamon is definitely Will, and Pumpkin’s pulling more of a Carlton vibe.


  11. Jesus. GORGEOUS coloring Chris! And that is one nice kitchen interior! Also, is that a fatfat moogle in the background?

  12. Ok so I just noticed something. Looking at the non-Tara-possibly-radioactive birthmarks in the last frame if you go left to right then top to bottom they spell something.

    Ginger + Anise + Cinnamon + Pumpkin + Juniper = THUGS

    1. Yep. I saw that too..haha. And with Ellie’s birthmark, I can only say that the ()THUGS (don’t know how to do special symbols here for Tarra) should be glad that the Dumb One was born with a U instead of O, or it would be the ()THONGS…hahaha..So, I guess with Ellie, it’s the ()THUNGS..or something like that.

      1. Tarra’s birthmarks are indeed O’s. You can see that in an old picture of her in comic You’ve chosen a dangerous path (current post date November 17, 2014). It hasn’t been clarified what she’s done to make them float off her face like they’re doing. Possibly it’ll be explained when she loses them and they turn to X’s as we saw with her future self.

        1. But now that Sister X has disrupted the timeline perhaps it has been shifted to where she never turns! DUN DUN DUNNNNNNN

    1. It’s true that the stainless steel refrigerator and the floating bar island are nice. However, the counter top gas stove is a disaster waiting to happen. How many times did the fire department have to come out? The Dumb One, the Lazy One, and the Weird One should have all burned down the house before pumpkin was

  13. Though it strikes me that Cinnamon probably should have found a job by now. She’s been back home for quite a while now, even in strip-time.

    1. Yeah, because Cinnister gives two $%#&s and a rat’s posterior about what people think she should or should not do. And Mahanaxar has a point: she IS creepy, off putting, and at best indifferent. I’d love to see a staredown between her and GG. OMG, please make that happen, Chris!

        1. I don’t believe it’s been said either way, and i don’t know why D52 would have minors involved.

        2. Errr, no, GG has an adult’s body, she’s just …short. My daughter has a friend about that height, and people are constantly treating her like a child. (Good on her, though, for resisting the temptation to break out full makeup and high high heels at every opportunity.)
          That said, even though I roll my eyes whenever shipping is mentioned, this one – this one – yes, it is fitting. This could work.

      1. Did Cinn lose a job? I recall she broke up with the rich boyfriend she was living with, but I thought her job had been constant throughout. I know we saw her working at an arcade tormenting children there (comic Cinnavictims, current post date October 4, 2013).

  14. I’ve noticed that the Forums section of this site hasn’t been touched in 3 years. What does everyone think of starting a Shotgun Shuffle discord channel?

    1. Ginger is entirely too responsible of a mother to leave Cinn unattended around her children or anywhere her children might frequent on their own. It wouldn’t surprise me if Cinn wasn’t permitted to even enter Ginger’s house until her kids are all 18 or older.

  15. not gonna lie, i’m more impressed by the “super robot monkey team hyper force go” reference then anything else in this arch.

        1. Deed it was. Featured Mark Hamill as the voice of the main bad guy, the Skeleton King. GIYF, Mr. Blue.

  16. As always when it’s happened and seeing the results, us waiting longer for a not split comic was to the good.

  17. Oh boy! Time to grab some popcorn and wait to see what happens with the super sisters seven squad. Especially after remembering what they all did to the mall on Black Friday. One of my favorite parts that involved all the sisters.

      1. You ever just strung guys along? Was only stringing guys along really worthy of your sister title?

        1. Is this one of those things that’s technically true? Like four or five guys buy her drinks and she only goes home with one so technically she didn’t sleep with every guy who bought her a drink? Because I’m with That One Guy, only teasing guys for free drinks doesn’t seem to justify the sister title.

        2. Certainly not that far, I was just assuming your process was less “leading on” and more “deciding for tonight.” I mean, there’s only so much time in the day, you can’t have time to choose them all.

        3. Matthew, we’re not going through this again. I’m already in a fake beard at a dating convention. My life cannot sink lower than this.

        4. We’re on the same page. I have almost infinite page in his ability to sink lower.

  18. First. Please do not post this message until the next page is up. Also, please post it second, just for giggles.

  19. Am I the only one who thinks the background looks like the Banks’ kitchen from Fresh Prince of Belair?

  20. ellie is dead when they find out why she called them to help. they think their going to be fighting godzilla or swarms of undead. they’ve been given the defcon alpha omega red super apocalypse signal and now they are just going to have to talk to a bunch of guys who have trouble getting dates.

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