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Odds Are

    The Seven Sisters Names and Letters: This was a somewhat later development since the original names were as follows: Josephine Natalie Denise Vanessa Angelina Rachel Ellenor With Eleanor as the most important (main character.) And if you get THAT earlier reference I was going to make with their names, I will be THOROUGLY impressed. Eleanor is an expansion of Ellie’s name. In the sense I wasn’t COMPLETLY sure if her real-life-namesake had a longer version. It was my first year of high school when I saw a girl in my class named Ellie. Never talked to her, never properly met her. She sat at the other end of the classroom. She was a twig standing over 6 foot something, and brunette. Nothing overtly feminine about her. Nothing at all to do with our Ellie. I simply liked her name. From that, I crossed over a concept I had from another story: The seven sisters. I could elaborate on this story, but it’s far removed from what you’ve been reading. Each of them used to elaborate on Ellie, and the world in which the comic exists. I wanted Ellie from a large family to oppose Quinn from a small one. Ellie had no choice in her circumstance to survive unless she became outgoing. It’s also where she’s going to garner her observations and experience of relationships. Some of this sister-idea-insertion was also provoked from my own experience working with sisters from an similarly large gaggle of siblings... And last but not least, it’s that family with all the HAWT DAWTERS. From there, we entered “sister developmental hell.” At which I wasn’t satisfied with ANY of their names, personalities, age placements, etc. Much of their creation was BEFORE the comic, and all the finalizing was DURING. For example, the N on Ellie’s cheek was to spell SHOTGUN. Not GUNSHOT. SHOTGUN would place her as either the youngest or the oldest depending on how I ordered the ages on the cast panel for them. But I needed Pumpkin for the intro plot (“Pumpkin” just being a pet name originall.) Ok... Ellie’s the oldest now. So Ellie has no twin, and tons of little sisters. Well, maybe she has a twin, and then it’s Pumpkin after... then a bunch of mini-Ellie’s. I’LL FIGURE IT OUT LATER! But man I really wanted those older sisters. What’s interesting about a bunch of little blondes all stuck at home or school? Ok.. the mom is saying something now. “Ellie, all your other sisters moved out...” Good I like it. Aww crap... what does this spell with cheek letters NOW???... So one happy accident later, we have GUNSHOT, and I’m not redoing Ellie’s letter on every previous comic. The reasoning behind the letters was my drawing a squiggly lightning bolt on her cheeks when designing her. I decided it passed for an N and went from there. So the names and personalities evolved from THAT comic to me solidifying their permanent names, LITERALLY, the night I posted the comic “Tarragon.” Their names constantly swapped between characters. Going from Nicolas Cage’s car fetishes, to herbs n’ spices, to just spices. Gotta be specifc on that. So I nixed any herb refs. And many of them were named Ginger or Juniper at some point. And they’re not the KFC Girls. They’re the Spice Girls. Everyone’s guilty pleasure is the Spice Girls. Anyone who denies this is obviously lying, and liars are not good people. Don’t lie. Pick your favorite, admit it, and move on. So now we’re making progress: Josephine > Juniper > Ginger Natalie > Holly > Tarragon Denise > Scilla > Juniper > Anise Vanessa > Ginger > Juniper Eleanor (Ellie) > Peppermint > Lavender Angelina > Cinnamon Rachel > Pumpkin Ellie’s spice name as Peppermint was a play on her shirt being originally red with white stripes, but as someone pointed out it looked similar to Meg’s from Family Guy. So I changed it. Not a big deal really, but a change regardless. The new worked as a ‘Sunny Day’ palette nicely. L for Lavender also worked with the pronunciation of L.E. sounding like “Ellie.” I did, btw, settle on the spice motif by comic one. Thankfully. Now individually speaking, I always had rolling loose concepts of what I wanted out of her large family, with the girls ranging in interests and personality types. This is why the “tons of younger siblings” idea got canned quickly. They were originally all blonde. Barely changing from Ellie’s exact hair color. I moved away from this as well since they likely wouldn’t all be blonde. ... why I set most of my ideas on simmer for a good year or two before it’s time to write them. My thought pipeline is atleast that. All my ideas are at the height of immaturity when I come up with them. They’re more mature when writing with age. From what we gather from their mother (Rosemary, for anyone that’s interested) she’s lost patience with Ellie at the beginning of the series. And as we expand on the sisters, it becomes obvious it’s like they’re from a cloning machine that makes weirder and worser clones over time (see “House of Cosbys.) While Ellie herself isn’t HORRIBLE, she was in a position of degradation at the start. Ellie, Cinnamon, and Juniper are the cluster of sisters really mucking things up. It can be assumed the eldest settled down with a family, and then the two right after her were successful to some extent. Terra is perfect, and Anise runs her own tattoo deal. Then we had Juniper drop a nuke on the family. Ellie never went to college, and Cinnamon is just an idiot. These issues don’t need to be rubbed off on Pumpkin from the mother’s standpoint. She’s probably had issues with Ellie in the past, she gave her fair warning, and it was time for Ellie to take the bullet. She wore out her welcome, and Rosemary didn’t have the energy for her youngest to be screwed up too. Or the screw up screwing her up. And there’s our beginning to Shotgun Shuffle. Spice Rack (pun intended if you prefer): Ginger                 Ginger Birthmark: T Age: 29 Hair: Brunette (dyed) Distinguishing attributes: The only sister raising children. The only sister of non-comic normal weight. The only sister that’s married. Occupation: Stay at home mom. Home-schooler. Concept: The sub-mother. Married to a guy making a decent living to let her stay home and raise the kids. Something she chose. Frequently visits her mother for R&R. Responsible, and becoming more empathetic of her own mother daily. Earning her Masters in time management. Inspiration: All those classy women raising their own little ones. Those that sacrific all hours of the day with little downtime for themselves. Having children at the hip 24 hours a day with home school is far different than being a homemaker with kids off at school for seven hours.     Terra                 Tarragon (Tarra) Birthmark: O Age: 27 Hair: Various tones of blonde Distinguishing attributes: The first sister to start her own business. The tallest sister. The sister with the longest hair. The only sister whos birthmark doubles as blush. Most envied sister. The only sister that never sleeps. The only sister to run for public office. The only sister to travel abroad. The only sister to solve a Rubik’s cube. The only sister who can juggle Rubik’s cubes while solving them. The only sister to win a lifetime achievement award (twice!) The only sister to swim the Atlantic, then earn her pilot’s license to fly back. The only sister that owns patents (75.) Named what science now calls “Hyper Death.” Invented “Tarra”-forming. Can successfully perform the Fusion Dance. The only American Canadians approve of. The only sister to survive the zombie apocalypse (as seen in comic #12,957.) Occupation: Various. Concept: Outgoing and charismatic. Everything to everyone. Divinely talented. Midas touch. Bulletproof. Inspiration: Not visually, but otherwise completely based off a real person I had the brief experience of working with. She left the company totally beloved by everyone. We were left with her sister, who was more of the “fallen from grace, but never had grace to begin with.” This is one of the ‘true sisters,’ whereas, she’s part of mention-large-family the seven Buckingham sisters were based off. The real Tarra is indeed a fantastic person. I worked with her one time and bought her flowers when she left that same night. You would swoon. She’s a doll.       Anise                 Anise Birthmark: H Age: 24 Hair: Platinum blonde (dyed) Distinguishing attributes: The second sister to start her own business. The sister that visibly wears lipstick. The second shortest sister. The sister that ‘shows some shoulder.’ Sister with the oddest fetishes. Occupation: Tattoo artist (shop co-rented with another artist.) Concept: Lil’ Miss Weirdy. Gothy. Emoish. But that cute kind of emo. Where it’s really just about the fashion, and not so much the “Cradle of Filth.” Inspiration: This is what I call a ‘split character.’ Where one person in real life has given me enough to go on, I actually develop two characters. Anise acquired all the cutesy, goofiness of said person. A reluctant goth, who barely hangs onto her gothiness. She’d totally be goth if she weren’t so cute half the time. And VERY particular about what she likes in men. But I hate vampires, and I didn’t go with that crappy fetish. ALLTHO.... (looks at first cast panel.) So she likes beards. That, was not made up. I know quite a few ladies who’re into the face forests. We will meet Anise’s other half later in the story (unrelated.)     Juniper                 Juniper Birthmark: S Age: 22 Hair: Dishwater/dirty blonde Distinguishing attributes: The only sister to have unkempt hair. The only sister to drop out of high school. The sister that wears the most revealing clothing the most often. The skinniest sister. The most inebriated sister. Occupation: Probably nothing Concept: Anti-Midas touch. Not in control of her life. Makes the wrong decision every SINGLE time. Getting too old to still act so childish. Emotional regression. No concept of future repercussions. Perpetual 15-year-old. Inspiration: Another ‘true sister’ and also a split character. Real Juniper to real Tarra. Polar opposites. One third of her is seen with Megan from Ellie’s fast food job. This real life person who inspired Juni has so many issues, I actually split her character concept into three. Two redeemable, one not. Megan’s general concept is ‘having lots of children young, and having seemingly NO consequences from her parents.’ Both are highly sexually active, young. Both have no concept of sexual, or personal, responsibility. Megan is the one who can’t grasp her high fertility status, had a child in the past, and knows her parents will bail her out again. And again. The difference between her and Juniper, is my wanting Juni to actually see the ramifications of her actions. If this real person actually faced moral consequences, not indifference. Both live for the moment, but Megan has, in my mind, some concept of being at home at night. Juniper is out running the streets (or as we in central Florida would say: in Ybor.) The third incarnation will be seen at the end of the series (unrelated to both.)     Ellie                 Lavender Birthmark: N Age: 18 Hair: Blonde / Yellow Blonde Distinguishing attributes: The only sister to legally change her name. Sister with the biggest...eyes... I’m going with eyes. Occupation: It’s about to change, cause you picked option B. Concept and Inspiration: Ellie will have a very overblown and elaborate breakdown in the future. Just as I will with Quinn and the other A-stringers, castwise. A little blerb won’t do her justice right now. But as I’ve stated in the past, she is a composite character. Four women make up Ellie. Her visual and emotional aspects, along with her quirks and general personality, are all separate traits of four different women.       Cinnamon                 Cinnamon Birthmark: U Age: Lavender’s (given 22 minute difference.) Hair: Black Distinguishing attributes: Self-professed “Only sister with a twin.” Only sister with pupil-less dead eyes devoid of a soul. The only sister to find a rich boyfriend. Suffers from Ganser Syndrome. Occupation: Party Hostess Concept: Evil-twin trope, visually (minus goatee.) My daughter has her exact outfit. My daughter is not an evil twin. Cinnamon is the name of an actual news reporter in Lakeland. I thought the name was awesome. Who doesn’t like cinnamon? Weirdos, that’s who. Inspiration: Cinnamon had numerous scrapped designs and concepts. She started off as an identical twin, but it didn’t lead to enough ideas for stories. Mostly since I write from life and this character was completely fabricated. Now I DO NOT write specific people. Tarra is not ‘really’ Tarra, and the same with Juniper. I’ll have characters mirror some in real life, be heavily based upon, etc. But when I create a character I’m going off a person’s, part of a person’s, or amalgamation of various persons’, shells. It’s a rough generalization of what I think makes them unique physically and in personality. “What makes this personality type tick?” I’ve done quite a few caricatures in my day, and I’ve drawn some people no one liked, and passed on some people who were very deserving (I did these for free, mind you.) I drew what interested me. These people had to spark my creative interest. So I attached a general persona concept to Cinnamon, and I got the Cinnamon you see. The person in real life actually suffers from Paraphasia, but I didn’t want to go that far typing out odd speech impediments. I can barely spell as it is. That and I’d probably assume ones that were not correct. This girl... bless her heart. Not a Cinnamon stand-in by any means ‘lookswise.’ And she’s certainly not evil or conniving.. but man is she oblivious. Good Lord. Me and some friends from back then still make fun of her. Not for how she talks. Let me be clear. We all have hearts, okay. But this girl lives in outer space. I know I’m going to get into trouble over this... but once her parents were on vacation, so one friend called her house, knowing she was alone, and said a paddy wagon full of felons got in an accident and tipped over near her house. All the murderers got out, ready to murder again, and he was warning to lock the doors and not answer them. Less than 10 minutes later someone’s over pounding on the back door screaming to be let in ‘OR ELSE.’ One shriek of terror later and a phone call to the police.. had her parents ending their vacation to Hawaii early. They had to come home and deal with their hysterical daughter. Needless to say, we felt bad for her folks. Don’t get me wrong... it was a riot about her. But her parents man... that sucks. The pranksters didn’t want that. Then there were the times we’d chase her around with a dirty sock we soaked in mop water...   Pumpkin               Pumpkin Birthmark: G Age: 15 Hair: Fair blonde Distinguishing attributes: The sister with the shortest hair (intentionally.) The shortest sister. The sister with the most boyish clothes. The sister that currently induces the most speculation. One of two sisters still in school. Cuter than she wants to appear normally. Concept: Playing Skipper to Ellie’s Barbie. Inspiration: That same person Pumpkin reminds YOU of. Pumpkin’s look is one specific aspect I wanted her to have. She also has a Disney obsession I withheld for timing. We’ll get to it later. THAT obsession relates to everyone YOU know that drools for Disney so much it borders on scary. That person on your Facebook that has 10 Disney related posts a day. And they’re always telling you how they “squee” or cry over something Disney just did. Or post Disney art. Or fanfics. Or something to the level you think they need help. Deep, expensive, emotional help. Just to save myself future emails, I’m not saying one way or the other on Pumpkin’s sexual orientation since I want the reader’s curiosity or speculation to follow Ellie’s. We’ll find out. Eventually.

77 thoughts on “Odds Are

        1. No but I love the look of dawning comprehension on Ellie in the last panel and Pumpkins deliberately ambiguous description on the cast page.

        2. I thought that he was referring to that stupid pixie, Tinkerbell. However, that also has double meaning to gays. Both celebratory and derogatory. But I kind of think that she’d be one of the benchmarks used.

          Disney Sucks anyway. mumble grumble star wars ruined rassm frassn

        1. What definitely doesn’t describe Ellie? Quinn’s description of a stereotype? I should say not, though to be fair nobody said it did.

          Maybe Ellie is just one of those “hot lesbians” like on TV.

  1. It took me awhile to figure out about Pumpkin, but I suppose I could guess and say Tinkerbell?
    Anyway, I suppose Quinn thinks that Pumpkin’s gay or something since I’ve heard that amongst a lot of siblings, the youngest is gay… or something like that.

    1. I know there have been studies on gay men about this and it’s been considered significant that the more male children a woman bears, the more likely a son farther down on the birth order will be gay. It leaves a hormone signature(or something like that) that alters the hormones of the developing male baby. I’ve never heard any studies done about lesbians though. So Ginger stands a good chance of popping out a gay son, particularly if she keeps going.

      I’d be surprised if Ellie is gay. That would throw a monkey wrench in my hopes for her and blind guy. I don’t know if Ellie is, or suspects that Pumpkin is. But her response in the last panel might have to do with fear either way. I don’t know if the Buckinghams are fundamentalist Christian(many children, mother wears a cross, throwing kids out if they don’t fit the mold, eldest daughter following in the goodwife shoes… these are the clues that make me wonder)

      I still stand by my prediction that (gay or straight) Ellie has not been with anyone yet.

      1. I’ve suspected that for a while now. I actually really appreciate the contradiction – the never been touched ‘tramp’.

      2. Speaking of statistics.. I didn’t go off of ratios. And Quinn’s playing the odds is most likely not correct, based on actual studies. It’s borderline 4th wall with her saying “Alright, which one is the token lesbian?” But you’re right, mom has the cross. More reason Ellie would believe that’s why Pumpkin hasn’t said anything (not to ruin this for everyone assuming Ellie is gay now… o_O)

      3. Well, if we had to go on Monty Python movies, they could be catholic and just got married late enough to move into menopause while kids are still home.

      4. Huh. I didn’t pick up on the whole fundie thing.

        But it would be interesting foreshadowing if Pumpkin was out on a ‘date’ with Ashliii/Launchpad McQuack at the Forrest Gump atrocity- even if only one side of the equation thought of it as a date.

    2. Oddly enough…

      In my family, among three sets of cousins (of 5 total sets) it was the eldest who ended up being gay…

      So I don’t think the “youngest is gay” holds much water.

      And as for Bunny’s study, I’d like to see actual figures. Some studys call a increase of .05% significant. After all, .05% due to having all boys could be a 75% increase from just watching Disney movies…

      1. Google. “Younger birth order sons gay” There are several different news stories, and a PDF of the research done in 2002. I think the article i originally read was in ARS Technica, but I didn’t have time to go hunting.

  2. It could be 50/50 on this, Ellie might be a lesbian, trick is her figure makes it hard to tell she is wearing boyish clothes…hard call, very hard call with this one. The fact that she is going to have a very ‘overblown and elaborate breakdown’ just reinforces this possibility, though that is contended with what we know about Pumpkin so far…there is another possibility though I would really really *really* rather not address it or lean in that direction in the slightest *shudders*

  3. I think there’s more to this than just the “Pumpkin is the last sister showing up” gag so-it-must-be-her… There’s two things about this comic that suggest Pumpkin probably isn’t gay.

    1) All the other comics are titled after the sister they pertain to. This one is not titled ‘Pumpkin.’

    2) All the other comics show said sister. This one doesn’t even have her in it at all, even though two previous ones did, and she wasn’t the main focus.

    1. No, she is not seen or named specifically, but the comic sure describes her accurately. And not making an appearance and not having the page named after her do not, as you say, suggest she probably isn’t gay. They really don’t suggest anything at all.

      So… I’d honestly say more about today’s comic suggests she might be gay than otherwise.

      Of course, it’s all speculation at this point. Personally, I don’t think her appearance means anything; there are lots of straight women out there with deliberately short hair who don’t generally dress in girly clothing. She may just be a tomboy. Appearances can arouse suspicions, but only for nosey people who always need to be suspicious for some reason.

      Of course, none of that means I think she’s not gay. I actually don’t feel strongly one way or another about it right now. Because who cares if she is?

  4. Its funny that you’d put up these long bios about them complete with birthmarks after I scoured all the comics with them in them to figure who had which to spell out shotgun

      1. also in that last box, the way Quinn describes one of her sisters being gay and Ellie’s face… is she worried that Pumpkin might be gay? Perfectly understand if you dont wanna answer that one

  5. …The Disney comments have me worried now…

    My wife is an utter NUT when it comes to Disney. Not as bad as some, mind… But yeah, she’s a little crazy on the Disney.

    …and she had short hair when I met her…
    …and prefers my old clothes…


  6. I think we’re all missing the most important portion of Rusche’s commentary for today’s comic. “Terra is perfect”. Thank you for acknowledging this fact. Now the entire world shall know. :D

    But, seriously… it’s a little ambiguous, the “Too soon to tell” title for Pumpkin… especially when timed with the comic. I think we’re being given a Red Herring here. Though, if Quinn’s “foreshadowing” pans out, it may lead to the projected “breakdown” that was mentioned… or not.

    Speculation is fun!

    1. We are most certainly being shown a red herring here… speculation and suspense are powerful tools. After all, what could possibly be more powerful than making someone think? A story that just tells itself to you, no matter how well constructed, is going to be forgotten. A story that invites speculation and crafts suspense is invariably going to make people think, intentionally or not. And artful use of these tools can raise a novice to the rank of master.

  7. But Tarragon is an herb, not a spice. But I guess that’s just one more thing that sets her apart from the rest. Remember that time when she rescued that orphanage from the out-of-control tilt-a-whirl? She really is perfect.

    Anyway, I like Ellie’s reaction. “I don’t have a gay sister… (or do I?)”

    And thanks for the wall’o’text describing how your characters were inspired. It’s interesting to know where people get their ideas, but always more interesting to me when the ideas come from real experiences. Keep up the good work!

    No, seriously. Keep it up.

    1. Then there was the time Tarra invented cold fusion but didn’t tell anyone because she didn’t want to hurt the feelings of the real scientists who are researching it. But she won the high school science fair anyway with the robot she built on the ride to the fair.

      1. Also, she saved the Queen of England twice. Once by going undercover as an umpire in an Angels baseball game which the queen was attending where she had to fight Khan Noonien Singh to get the girl, and then once when the queen almost ate a summer pudding that had spoiled.

        Like I said. She is perfect.

  8. I really like the little details in your drawings, like Ellie pushing her hair behind her ear. Small, cute little details. And the lake still looks lovely as ever.

    But that’s small potatoes compared to all the info shown here. I’ve grown very interested in your constant usage of real world people as inspirations for these characters. Makes me think you’ve grown up in wacky places like South Park. But then again, weird folks are all around us- you don’t even have to look all that hard. I’m pretty weird too, I suppose.

    I still stand by my previous comments, though- I think Lavender is a really cute name, but hey- If Ellie don’t like it, she don’t like it. I also noticed that she’s been out of school for a year now, but she’s 18? I guess she was born in the summer? People typically graduate at 18, though, since I was born in the summer, I was normally a year younger than everyone at school. I’m guessing Ellie’s the same way?

    I can’t say I’m TOO surprised by this possible, potential, alleged, hearsay about Pumpkin. In the first few comics, I DID think she was a boy. But I like her either way, despite her brief screen time.

    All the sister’s seem interesting, even Ginger, if only for how mundane she is, but in the scheme of the comic given how bizarre people can be, her mundane-ness has made her seem all the more unique. The sister I’m most curious with is probably Cinnamon or Anise, but they’re all cool by me.

  9. But I’m going to do this: I feel that Quinn’s snarkiness creeped back into the show to get in this barbed quip. The cattiness that may develop between the two of them at times. Maybe it’s her getting back at the “Your hair looks like ass” remark earlier.

    I mean, are all of the characters comments so well thought out that they live on this side of the platen? 2d only, and not in that wonderful world that King sees through the paper and the platen? Only know, we’d refer to it as the matrix, so to speak.

  10. “Ellie will have a very overblown and elaborate breakdown in the future. Just as I will with Quinn and the other A-stringers, castwise.”

    There are two ways to interpret this.

    0) At some time in the future, Ellie will have an emotional meltdown, and then Rusche will. (breakdown, meaning 3: “a typically sudden collapse… in mental health”)

    1) At some time in the future, Rusche will post a very detailed explanation of Ellie’s personality, as well as an explanation of Quinn’s personality and other A-listers. (breakdown, meaning 4: “an analysis, outline, or summary…”)


    After some reflection, I’m thinking that option 1 was the intended meaning; but when I first read this, I really thought you meant option 0. I wasn’t sure why you were predicting you would have a breakdown. Busy schedule or something.

    1. I think it’s both. He probably meant a character breakdown, but you are pretty much required to break your protagonist a bit somewhere down the line, so I would expect a bit of a Quinn-esque breakdown eventually.

        1. You mean like being kicked out of her childhood home, being forced to work a thankless entry level job while living with someone who hates her and does everything possible to make her feel inferior?

  11. I mean just because Ellie never had a boyfriend doesn’t mean she’s gay. Hell I’m almost out of college, and never had a girlfriend, never been close (not for lack of trying though), and I’m not gay.

    Maybe Ellie just hasn’t found the right guy, or maybe she just has higher standards and is not willing to settle down on someone less (from the look of it there hasn’t been much in the way of a dashing and genuine gentleman trying to win Ellie’s heart).

    1. Wrong sister. The sister with the pixie hair and boyish clothes is Pumpkin, not Ellie. That’s is what Ellie is worried about now.

  12. Little curious on the timing on Juni given her age. Thought she would have been just a little closer to Ellie’s age.
    If she’s 22 but held back two years, she still woulda been a senior for Ellie’s Sophomore year when she stole Zane. So did she drop out of college after the pregnancy? Or did I get my math wrong?

    1. The only thing I can think of to get the extra year is that Juni might have had her birthday early in the school year (Sept) and Ellie/Cinnamon had it late (May). That way, they can be 4 years apart in age, but only 3 years apart in school (then 1 after Juni is held back twice). That would make Juni a junior in the Zane comic and a senior when she dropped out.

      It also fits with Juni’s sister status. At least at my high school, the folks who turned 16/18 earlier than everyone else tended to embrace their new found advantages more thoroughly.

  13. I give up what the original names are supposed to reference. I was sure at first that they were names off the car list in Gone in 60 seconds but Josephine wasn’t one of the cars. Unless that itself is a reference to the song Ride on Josephine that was in the movie but not the soundtrack CD (George Thorogood is so underappriecated.)

  14. Sooo many questions:

    1) Pumpkin is one of two sisters still in school? Which is the other one? Definitely not Juni or Cinna. I doubt Ellie or Anise are studying while they work. So that leaves Tarra or Ginger. I took the master’s in Time Management to be a metaphor, so I’m guessing Tarra.

    2) This means that Cinnamon, the dumb one, actually moved out of the house before Ellie? I guess that make sense with the rich boyfriend, but STILL.

    …and that’s all I can remember after reading the whole thing through. Dammit.

    To me, the gay thing doesn’t matter. Either it’ll come out through the story or it won’t. Not so unusual as to need spec.

      1. Heh, I figured that’s what you were going to do. While I’m really curious about Tarra’s story, and seeing her more heavily… oddly enough, I want to see more of Cinnamon and her evil twin adventures… especially when Ellie is (unwillingly) included in the chaos.

        Luckily (at present) both are at the top of the poll… and I hope they stay there. :D

        1. It’s convenient since option B won. I have a time or two Ellie will have reason to deal with more than one sister. So it’s not a ‘top one only wins’ scenario.

        2. Nice, looking forward to it.

          Also you’re awseome for having reader participation. Speaking for myself I’m not sure if I’d be able to do the same thing if I were in your place.

        3. Then I’m glad that I had voted for Option B, back when the poll was still running… I helped set wheels in motion, to see more of Cinnamon and her diabolical evil twin…ness. :D

  15. In response to Quinn’s remarks:

    Freud would say that sometimes a cigar, is just a cigar, and Quinn is still a pissy little bitch. Ergo, the implausible likelihood that Chris let loose a possible gender preference by the youngest one who may just have Disney-ified Tinkerbell itis.

  16. I like the Barbie/Skipper reference, as someone who has an unhealthy obsession with the history of fashion dolls (Barbie especially), I could probably write a paper on what I call Skipper syndrome, but I think I will spare you.

  17. Ahhh…

    I so rarely comment. It seems pointless.

    Kids (male kids)

    Focus on tall, flat, otherwise attractive females who are intelligent and interesting.

    They are going to serve you the best sex, and become insanely hot in a wink.

    Probably fantastic wives as well.

    Discard my wisdom at your peril.

  18. Has it ever occurred to you that the best months of the year are Woman’s Names ?

    April, May, June

    Every other month sucks in comparison.

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