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Old Man, Interrupted

And now our convo is escalating nicely. >:P Tired Guy also becoming aware he walked into drama already-in-progress... vs the intent of starting his own.    

48 thoughts on “Old Man, Interrupted

  1. Things are looking bad, I hope Mr. Fatty Mcfatfat rolls in to calm the situation soon. Only an adorably spherical cat could cool down the hot tempers in this room.

        1. At the very least, might be interesting to see a time-lapse video of the comic being drawn/assembled.

        2. When I’m more comfortable with the tablet, sure. Not there yet. I’d also have to indeed make it a time-lapse or you’d all be wondering why the art paused for 3 hours while I took a nap. =/

        1. This needs to be real sport. One where you constantly have to shock players back to life after they have heart attacks.

        2. Maybe, but I think athletes in the sport would be required to swar sports drinks for liquid butter.

  2. Ouch, looks like I was right, Quinn really is insecure, though Ellie I give props to for taking the high ground. Despite whats happened and what Quinn has said so far, Ellie hasnt broken out the fact that Quinn is sort-of-seeing-someone-on-the-side.

    It takes a girl with strong character to take being called a slut and not fire back that the one doing so is somewhat cheating on her boyfriend. Not sure how many people will pick up on that, but all things considered Ellie is keeping a pretty level and calm head.

    She’s growing up already! lol

    Though between the last pannel on this page, and the first pannel on this one: http://shotgunshuffle.com/faux-heartbreak/ I do wonder if ANYONE has actually done so in the first place? Ellie as I said is a huge flirt and has been shown to make bad decisions when desperate, but for some reason between the two I get the feeling Ellie might actually still be a virgin.

    Likely due to living at home and having all those sisters lol Still it would be a rather powerful/painful counter on Quinn.

    Still I love the look of Tired Guy on this page. That look tells me this is something he’s seen before, several times. Cant wait till friday’s page now!

    Keep up the good work dude!

    1. Of course, Quinn had some good reason to believe the worst of Ellie, that was a pretty jerk move Alex made.

      1. WHY would Quinn have reason to believe the worst from Ellie? She is a flirt as I have said a number of times, but thats a far cry from what Quinn is suspecting here. Aside from a little clevage when has Ellie ever shown any serious skin? Look at her outfit, it might be a little snug but it still covers. The MOST we have seen of Ellie in the comic so far would be here:


        Which still isnt that much really. Even when they were back in school, ESPECIALLY when they were back in school, Ellie stated that she stopped dressing in a way that showed much after she came home and found her teacher in her room…wearing her clothes.

        Quinn is, plain and simple, jelous of Ellie’s figure. She is also likely trying to validate her actions with DJ Cornbread a few pages back. Ellie had the moral highground, she is looking for a way to remove that from the equation.

        Or I’m just looking into a web comic too much and seeing things that arent there, hard to tell lol

  3. soon they will be GREAT friends: friends will help you move out of thier place, good friends will help you move anywhere, but great friends will help you move a BODY (Alex’s to be exact)

  4. Careful not to let Tired Guy see the drawing or he’ll never leave.

    Normally, Quinn would have stormed out by now, but since she’s at her breaking point (her eyes twitching, the slightest bit of foam gathering at the corners of her mouth, the faint scent of ozone, etc.), I don’t think she’s going to this time.

    Ellie, on the other hand, hasn’t really stormed out of any situation (that we’ve seen). You might say she bailed on her first job (who wouldn’t, am I right?). Or you might say she stormed out of Alex’s dorm, but to be fair that was after saying all she needed to say and therefore having no reason to stick around and put up with his crap. Since this apartment is her living quarters (for now), she’s got a reason to stay and put up a fight.

    So if neither party storms out, this quarrel may turn physical. Unless they decide to pause the fight for now, grab their pitchforks, gather the townsfolk, and pay a visit to Alex. Which would be equally entertaining.

    1. He’s gotten a look at the drawing, and now he’s comparing it to anything he may have seen in a museum, renaissance origin, etc. That’s why that one eye looks like that.

      1. Looking foward to seeing Ellie’s reaction seeing it, you KNOW its going to be anger and rage, but I can see some humor in her commenting he was off on his guesstimated porportions.

        Believe me, its a lot harder to guess someone’s body type and measruements than you think. Its how you can tell if you have a really good tailor or not. If they take measruements they are doin their job, if they dont but the suit STILL fits it means you have a master tradesman at work.

        1. Actually, think she already saw it – in the panel where we see Tired Guy’s face. Hence her comment of his “gravity-defying imagination” in the next panel.
          You can always tell when it’s an imagination drawing when the nerd forgets about gravity… Probably hasn’t seen any outside of a bra…

        2. Yep, he caught a glimpse of it, otherwise, he’d be trying to get control of the situation back again. Like he had it when Quinn was invisibly meeping.

        3. To be fair, it was very early morning when I first saw this so that detail went over my head lol. I saw Quinn fishing it out then Ellie holding it in the last pannel. Might be from the lack of caffeen at the time, or my not thinking the author would deny us the look/reaction on Ellie’s face upon seeing it.

          As for the bit about gravity, yes and no actually…

          Without going into too much detail and going off topic, people are different from one another in many ways due to genetics. There are people who can work out a lot, and are *very* strong, but have little in what you would call muscle mass. Breasts likewise can at times appear to defy gravity via a combination of shape and firmness, similar to a persons hair or any other part of their human body.

          Seriously, I have seen people who can grow a mohawk to a decent height and keep it standing perfectly without the use of any hair products. Likewise I have seen people who are incapable of growing an afro without it looking like a giant letter M even WITH hair products.

          Its part of what makes being an artist so fun, at least an artist with skill and talent. You never run out of different things to draw so you never get bored.

        4. I’ve been told that there are two types of body builders. People who do quick bursts of work in order to build muscle size, along with protein shakes and powders and such (as legal dietary suppliments.) and others who work on building muscle mass as well as stamina also.

          The strength would lie with the latter group. At least that’s what the guy at the gym told me.

  5. I like Quinn’s reactions. They’re very human and remind me of my own little… ordeals. That odd thought that “If I just shove this bit of evidence in their face they won’t have anything to say about it!” combined with the whole thing of “Even though I was ready to cheat on him and/or break up with him myself this event makes me a victim!” feels like really good representation of emotional storms silly self-centered people put themselves through to embrace their inner victim.

    1. Never heard of it, but for some reason, “Goodbye Horses” popped into my head. Great, now Jason Mewes. Blech. Damn you Kevin Smith and your two seat Southwest Airlines taking arse.

  6. The fist is shaking, denoting possible striking movements against others in the immediate vicinity, minus McFatFat.

  7. And all is well and forgiven when —

    Tired Guy offers next months rent in exchange for the drawing of Ellie! Art to the rescue.

  8. Watch out Alex…Quinn has the evidence, Ellie has seen the evidence and once things calm down and Ellie convinces Quinn the you did not see her naked (probably by Ellie removing her clothes) You sir will be in for a real world of hurt; Emotionally, Personally, Legally and possibly physically. If you haven’t dealt with an insanely angry woman you are in for a double treat because I can see them both on you like feral cats on a dead fish… you of course being the fish. Hell hath no fury… X2

    1. Don’t forget academically; as I noted in the strip where the drawing first showed up, posting that on a wall pretty much made Douchey McDouchehat eligible for a one-way ticket to Expulsville.

      Job market’s rough for art degree holders. It’s worse for art-school drop-outs.

      1. The evidence has been removed. And the ability to actually track down the culprit will not be easy, as there are many perverts in that Thursday night group. Save the girl who drew Ellie as a pokemon.

        But that might not stop the faculty from moving forward on summary punishment for that group, and then possibly even other stuff. Like a black mark on their records.

        That just makes it harder to listen to my KISS records, don’t you know.

  9. I hope this isn’t too late to add, but sometimes confrontations like this are how best friends are made… just say’n.

  10. Ellie has just learned to not mess around with the emotions/desires of an apparent nobody like Alex and men in general… payback is a bigger bitch than she is

  11. I can’t even remember how many times I’ve gotten into fights with GF’s/ex-roommates over this same thing. Nakedness implies sex and we have “Titanic” to thank for it.

  12. “Gravity-free imagination.” *vindicated fist-pump*

    Boomer Gonzales: Good point. That’s not Titanic’s fault, though, that correlation has been around since before the ship, let alone the movie.

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