One Tank To Top Them All

So back in February I told my kids about this exciting new art contest that was being conducted by Nintendo. They would have to create the following for a chance to win: 1) One new Pokémon with at least two evolutions 2) One new Pokémon trainer with a backstory 3) One new gym badge And what could they win? Their trainer or Pokémon appearing on its very own Pokémon card! Plus an official Pokémon Art Contest medal and probably some free packs of cards. All four of our older kids took part, and these were their submissions: KT (7) Jackson (12) Carlie (13) Lily (14) To motivate the kids, I also sat and drew with them (cause kids lack follow-through unless they're supervised to actually get something done.) Once this was done, we typed out all their character origin stories and properly 'sent them in.' Little did the kids know that the contest winners were going to be announced while they had family visiting at the same time two weeks ago! How WEIRDLY CONVENIENT that timing was! (Almost like dad's full of shit.) Well, kids were all sat on the couch and presented a slide show on the tv of the winning entries with me as their presenter. I told them Nintendo only picked 4 winning concepts to make into cards and 'someone in this very household won.' They, and visiting family, were then shown the following: The look on our children's faces was pretty explosive. They had a absolute blast seeing their ideas redrawn by me. They instantly got what was going on from the first slide and knew I had trolled them the entire time (even with me insisting it was still legit and I was only representing Nintendo's North Texas Division.) Winners were chosen by, SURPRISE, visiting family, who were also unaware Claire and I were doing this contest. Needless to say, Ferb was the memey favorite when this was over, but every child won something.  We handed out medallions (supplied by Etsy) to the winners of best trainer (Levine), best Pokémon monster (Patchula), and best gym badge (Fleb Gym.) KT then got 10 packs of cards for participating and she easily forgot she didn't win a medal after that. tl;dr it was super fun, they kids all wanted their characters printed, and after months of keeping it a secret I'm glad I finally got to post these here to show you all. Couldn't before because someone in the family would have seen it on the site and inadvertently spoiled the surprise. Time permitting next post I'll talk more about my favorite trophy the kids got a chance to win..

31 thoughts on “One Tank To Top Them All

  1. I personally believe that all parties should begin with a Lord of the Rings reference. Especially because then you have an excuse to show your guests the movies for the first time and see their reactions!

    1. NGL, though, I fell asleep during the first one. I went to see Fellowship in theaters and I actually dozed off during some part where they were walking. First time that had ever happened to me.

  2. I love the stream of consciousness where Pumpkin just wants to play on twitch for her 3 to 7 subscribers. Maybe a hot tub video would boost your numbers but you’re better than that!

    As for the walking dead I only watched the first season myself lol

    And yes. I will continue to try to read the background for all the Easter eggs kthnx ?

        1. This is true. I just dove into the archive, the name is very prominently displayed. I’m thinking that the Easter egg dropped by Ginger about her husband getting a job from his uncle turned out to be a very, very, very subtle hint.

  3. *applause*, for both the comic and the family night.

    Also, TIL that Pokémon is the #1 highest grossing media franchise of all time (Star Wars is only #5). See if you can cash in on that Ferb loot.

    1. You’ll probably have half the player base demanding he be nerfed. A Pokemon that’s somehow a cosmic smart bomb probably won’t be welcome in many tournaments….

  4. …please don’t tell Nintendo of America that “Tommy” is really just “Arnold of the Ducks” with a shiny new weeb coat.

  5. Now watch Nintendo/Game Freak/Whoever now makes Pokémon sees this page magically makes Pokémon eerily similar
    Wouldn’t surprise me given some of the names of them. One is named Aron for crying out loud lol

    (Yes, I have Pokémon go, and yes I have about 50 of those things…quiet)

    That duck though, thing will give the Monty python rabbit a run for its money

  6. Pardon me, folks, but IMHO not nearly enough wild, daily speculation has been given to the “barrette” that Quinn gave to Pumpkin in The Sum of All Fears and that has been so prominently featured in every strip from Look What God Gave Her to the present One Tank Top To Rule Them All. TMK, only the wonderfully observant Jamilee has even mentioned the infamous micro USB drive that Stevens was nearly killed for way back in Terms and Conditions. Undoubtedly, this tiny trifle will be the subject of at least an entire Chapter of this illustrious strip! With all due respect to the legions of Shotgun Shuffle gurus who follow Mr. Rusche’s pursuits much more closely than I do, I say WTF? And where can I find all of your incredibly imaginative surmises, deductions, guesses and flights of fancy? BTW, my already elevated respect for Pumpkin is OFF THE CHARTS after that extended ode to LOTR!!!!!!!

    1. We may need for pumpkin to interact with another one of the 52 first. I’m thinking that another convention perhaps, but not sure. We may have to go back to Dick’s string board to see how tenuous a connection could be inferred.

        1. Of course he has. But he’s not yet aware that the Clan Buckingham is currently in possession of the MacGuffin his organization has been chasing for years.

      1. You’re probably right. I hope not another convention though. First, been there done that–I expect better from Rusche. Second, Mr. Night wouldn’t want the public exposure for the 52 (Old Reliable). Maybe surveillance to track the barrette to its current owner, then a “random” but sinister meet cute to lure Pumpkin into a trap, culminating with the Buckingham clan and friends descending with a fire-and-brimstone-and-lunacy rescue. So many possibilities….

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