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Out Of Season

I spent far too much time on a logo that's barely seen. But then again, I didn't put much thought in the name. It's a wash. Pet Agree copy YES, one of Ellie's temp jobs was at a pet store. DO NOT get ahead of me...

89 thoughts on “Out Of Season

    1. Look, I don’t have time to lie to you and say no, then retroactively redraw every past comic. Just assume I didn’t and never look back.

      1. That might be better. There’s always the temptation to pull a George Lucas when it comes to enhanced versions

      2. Rusche, that is perfectly OK. Pretty much all Webcomics are like that – characters faces change as the artist’s style is evolving (except maybe OOTS ;-)

        1. Exactly; just check out the archives of almost any webcomic and you can’t miss the evolution…

        2. Actually, there was one episode of OOTS where they had a literal art-upgrade, giving some fine detail to many of the characters.

          So, I think that leaves XKCD, and even he’s gotten experimental within the format over the years.

        1. In an early strip, there was a preview of the Thief character’s class change into Ninja. It had a red ninja outfit. Several hundred strips down the line, when he actually achieved the class change, it was a black outfit, and people found that the author had gone back and edited those prior references to the Ninja outfit so that it also used the black outfit.

        2. Not just there. It was also red for a couple pages after the class change. The next page, it instantly turns black, and Black Mage even calls Thief on it. “Weren’t you wearing red a second ago?”

          But indeed, as you said, if someone went back and checked, all previous comics had been edited with the black suit.

      3. Oh, I’m not complaining. I’ve read enough webcomics to know the art is always going to improve if the artist stays. I actually enjoy seeing the evolution. It’s similar to when you read a prolific authors early short stories and see those ideas reappear more developed in novels.

      1. I did to at first but her first panel face is also more detailed/shaded. I think I like it but it always takes a few strips to adjust to a shift in art styles.

        Ashliii cracked me up in the last panel.

  1. That sign has a pun in it. It burns me. Though I do find myself amazed nobody’s thought of that for their pet store already. It’s one of those things that seems so obvious when someone else thinks of it, you know?

    1. It’s kind of a wonder that store isn’t selling all spherical pets by now…still, makes perfect sense that Ellie should be working at a pet store.

      1. Agreed. I also like the sign, I just wince at puns. It’s an entirely appropriate for a business, though, for exactly that reason. :D

  2. …. Hehehehehe, Fish.

    Anyways, puns punishable by bricks to the head aside. a very enjoyable comic, it’s nice to see that no matter where Ellie works she keeps running into the same co-workers.

  3. Maybe it’s just me not being used to it, but I don’t like this new art style, even if it’s not a huge change. I think the simpler, less detailed style fit the comical nature of the comic. No biggie though, like a friend getting a new haircut, I’ll get used to it in time.

  4. Hrrrrrmmmmmmmm… My immediate response is violent and impassioned anger at this new drawing style. But I’ll wait until the next strip to say for sure how I feel.

  5. Rusche certainly deserves some latitude to enhance his craft. Since we all mooch off of his talent and time by consuming this content, experimentation should be met with a little more support and measured constructive feedback.

    I’m interested to see the effect when more than one main character is in dialogue in a strip.

    1. I always like seeing the evolution of someone’s craft. Part of it is the strengthening of someone’s skill, and another part is a naughty peek into the person’s mind.

      The side-effect of this is that Ellie looks more mature

      1. I must say that I’ve never bothered to respond to a comic before, but yours is certainly one of the best I’ve read. I love that your style keeps evolving. I’m a sculptor and over the years my work has evolved much more than I could’ve imagined, and I can’t say I regret it one bit. If anything it has allowed me to even go back to basics in an entire new light with refined simplicity and aesthetics. That might not be your intention but my compliment won’t change. Awesome job, and I’m happy that your family is doing better.

  6. Wow!

    Art upgrade. Lots more crazy detail work.

    Um, Rusche, your not going to go crazy & burn out with all this showing off of your Renaissance talents, are you?

    This is crazy town amazing, but at the risk of sending a mixed message, the old style ruled and looked less… demanding.

    Just saying. No want to hear the artist/writer/retail-worker/DAD goes mad, crashes & burns.

    (P.S. Show off.)

    1. I would like to apologize for the abuse of bold-ing words. I meant to bold one word, and I’m dumb, so I bold-ed a whole bunch of them by accident, (’cause prof reading is for loosers!). And well, there was alcohol, co█████, & ho██████ involved.

      You know how it goes.

    2. This is my only concern as well. I love the new art style. Small touches (maybe they take a lot of time) that are subtle but add a lot of realism to the faces of your characters. Almost makes it feel like a dramatic comic (kind of like when Calvin and Hobbes would do uber-realism for Calvin and Susie’s play). I like it a lot, but you already put a lot of hard work into your comic and I worry that adding this will add to your already herculean load.

      My only consolation is that no realism has been added to Ellie’s chest.

    1. And I liked her with the short hair too. Well, hair care goes a bit out the window when your broke and Lavender is certainly that.

      1. I’ve had a thing for ladies with short hair ever since I saw Carey Lowell in ‘License to Kill’. Ellie with short hair didn’t bother me a bit.

    2. She’s becoming the Little Tarra. Her hair’s growing out sufficient to swat rockets away at short range, she’s liking work…and it occurs to me that Tarra was the one who cut Ellie’s hair in the first place. …everybody say “Facebook”….

        1. The Grand Bull Moose Award for Maximum Literalism goes to Everybody. Your bull moose is in the mail.

  7. Frankly, I came here for the story. As long as I can recognize Ellie as Ellie, I’m good.

    But cheer up, Ellie; there are still two jobs left on your slate. Obviously Kohl’s is shot now, and Pet Agree is out. But you had four, unless Quinn was being sarcastic. Which isn’t really out of line for Quinn.

  8. I like the new art style, but Ellie’s chest has been bothering me for a few strips. I realize that’s an odd complaint, but hear me out.

    The rest of the sisters, I can get a general mental image of their physique (not like that, you pervs) but unless Ellie is wearing a specific bra to get that effect, I have no idea how Ellie’s chest is protruding out like that. It seemed especially off in the sister line-up a couple of strips back. I’ve known a few women with larger chests (including some who needed reduction surgery), and theirs never did that.

    Also, hahahahahaha Ashliii and the fish. It took me a minute to recognize her, I could have sworn she was a brunette before.

    1. Breasts, the bane of artists everywhere. I think the issue is more how her breasts attach to her chest and less how they protrude. Ellie is rather large in the chest area, and sometimes size can make it difficult to accurately place everything. I think the issue in this comic is that her left breast joins her body too far from her arm. But like I said, boobs are hard! Er, soft? Either way, love the new art style. I think Ellie starting to look more mature.

      1. I think you’re right. If her boobs did not curve so far back in before meeting her armpit (especially the one on our right), then I don’t think it would look as odd.

    2. Just for the sake of it, bear in mind that Ellie was kind of crushed inward in the sister line-up shot, so that could account for some of it.

    3. Ditto, although ‘bother’ may be the wrong verb. With the rest of the comic feeling realistic in a organic, cartoony way, between character’s posture, dynamic poses, and facial expressions, the hyper ‘ideal’ of Ellie’s chest feels out of place. Like finding a priceless archaic Greek statue in a sea of Hellenistic masterpieces.

    1. Look at it this way: we wouldn’t notice if we didn’t care.

      I’m just a little boggled that Pet Agree is a chain store. A name like that practically screamed independent shop to me. Though Corporate should make up their minds faster, so that their employees get a little more notice. It must suck for Ellie to continuously get no notice and scramble from job to job. She’s got an iCloud to support, after all (somewhere. I presume. I haven’t seen it lately. Maybe McFatFat got hungry).

    1. Something thats really been bothering me for a while.. they way you have tile in the backgrounds. I lay tile for a living, and your tile2grout ration is wayyyy off. :(

  9. I like the new art. Just some subtle improvements and it looks like a whole new style. I’m really hoping Ellie catches a break soon with her job situation.
    something like this would really start to wear a person down.

  10. Wait a minute…how did Ellie bring in “so much business?” Food for the ratchantulas? Low cut blouses while cuddling puppies? Making Pumpkin stand out front with a sign while wearing a kitten costume?

    1. Her working in clear sight of any passersby might have done something already.

      On another note: I like the slight changes in the art. I really do.

      1. I assumed the ‘Tropical Selfies’ was her idea, bringing in only one customer, but a LOT of repeat business.

  11. oh wow, I came onto look in between homework and went “…did I get to a wrong comic with another blonde?” xD

    looks nice, love seeing you improve as the story goes on =3 hope your daughter is doing good ^^

  12. Ellie’s looking quite… “Drawn by Adam Warren” there. Very nice, just don’t imitate him too far, his stuff gets dizzying to look at after a while!

        1. Don’t worry about it. We just need to blame it on the guy who didn’t put in the proper number of zeros on the “We heart Jessica” Coffee Mugs.

        2. I thought I’d had comments on this page. I was trying to remember if I’d been being a jerk or something, so glad to hear it was an accident/glitch. I like it when larger portions of my glitch quota is used for side interests as opposed to at work where it’ll come and bite me later.

  13. The level of detail is a little disconcerting compared to the more carefree (meant complimentary) and cartoony style of old, but you gotta grow, you gotta go where your pen takes you, you gotta go with your heart!

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