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Out of the Blue

I added Friday's missed post to Tuesday's. So we're both behind and early at the same time... I guess. (Whatever makes me feel better.) I didn't do any real diagnosis, but Friday I was in panel-one-background-hell when I got multiple BSoD. It ran fine later in the day, and all weekend, but I was ultimately too behind to get it up late in the evening. UNEXPECTED_KERNEL_MODE_TRAP and "Reference by Pointer." Event log is as follows: If any of you wizards of smart know what any of that crap means, fill me in. New comp is crashing significantly less, and will run fine for days on end. But then you get that one time it gets a bug up it's butt, and it becomes ridiculously repetitious. Until then, I know Windows is releasing another update today, so all fellow artists take heed. The darkness comes. :P I'm fairly certain there's enough time to sort it out, so I'll see you guys again on Friday.

110 thoughts on “Out of the Blue

    1. It’s part of the Lakeland Police Handbook: “What to do When Your Pants are Stolen.” It’s the chapter after “Acts of Buckingham: Why The Chief Encourages You To Arrest His Own Daughters.”

      1. Thank you very much Welcoming Committee, is there a party? Party hats? Balloons? Streamers? I hope so. Also, I’m a little shaky on the rules of first, mR. Blue you seem to be the authority on the matter, do I qualify?

        1. Mr. Blue appears to have forgotten there IS a welcome basket. We haven’t had one given out for a while so this one’s better than normal!

          This time, you get…lessee…ah. Half a bag of Cheez Doodles, a coupon good for one Brazilian Wax from Loose Cannon’s Drippings Emporium, and…ah! One live trout! You are a lucky, lucky man indeed. Welcome to the Shotgun Shuffle Comments Section, friendliest board in three websites! *

          *websites used for comparison are the We Hate Michael Bay board and the Friends of Grumpy Cat board.

        2. You know what? I’m not a huge Cheez Whiz fan, is there some sort of equivalent trade system in place? Maybe for a small tin of Pringles or something.

        3. At least it’s better than the welcome basket I got.

          All they gave me was Shower-in-a-Can. I *still* don’t know how they could smell me…

        4. Cheez Whiz? We haven’t had Cheez Whiz in a greeting basket since…the INCIDENT.

          We will NEVER have Cheez Whiz in a greeting basket again! NOT ON MY WATCH!

          And no, there are no exchanges. The goods in question are provided by loyal sponsors and we do not refuse them! Our blend of half-eaten snack treats and expired or otherwise erroneous coupons is mostly a function of what the sponsors of the Greeting System provide.

          I confess that I caught the trout myself. You…you should get that in some water, or something. Quick.

        5. Yeah I am getting a little worried about the trout. Just to double-check, the trout in question, is it meant to be completely still? And have feathers, a wing and a beak? Because if I’m being honest it sort of looks like a Budgie that someones cat brought in after eating a piece of it.

        6. Well I never. Who in the hell would eat Cheez Whiz on a watch? Maybe someone suffering from a severe iron man deficiency. However, I find that it’s somewhat passable for a nacho cheez dip after having been run in the crankcase of a 1955 Bel Air Chevrolet, with a 327 cubic-inch engine and a four-barrel carburetor.

        7. There is generally talk of sending a rotating variety of extremely perishable items already past their prime, but that conversation is usually as far as it goes.

        8. The postal service frowns on becoming implicated in any wrong doings. They’re cheapest, but prefer that the gift baskets to be delivered by Bubba Gump’s pedestrian based delivery service.

        9. Well, at least you know Bubba Gump’s pedestrian based delivery service will get it there. It may not be the fastest, but it is the most reliable. Although it does have a habit of meandering to the destination, or just not knowing there’s a destination in the first place

        10. Yeah, apparently that Jeffy kid didn’t work out too well for them, either. Not only did he wander all over town and make very few actual deliveries, but everything was covered in little black dashed lines.

        11. Packages aren’t about the destination, they’re about the journey.

          Actually all of our gift baskets are still out there somewhere, becoming better every day.

        1. You can’t say it like that, you’ll trigger the summoning of the Pat Sajack Glee Club of Alphanumerical Dancing Tropes.

        2. I think that may be my new cathartic fantasy for other drivers on the road getting what they deserve. Suddenly finding that a Pat Sajak Glee Club of some variety has been summoned into their car.

          That would actually be way more terrifying than any of the other things I’ve thought up.

  1. Rushe,

    I see you have a couple of errors in your event log. I am not sure if that’s the cause of your BSoD, but could you share more detail about the error message for these events?

    It is possible to analyze a BSoD, but it would require me to get a hold of the memory dump generated by Windows at crash time (MEMORY.DMP, often located in C:\Windows)

    1. My Windows debugging is rusty, and I’ve avoided Win10 like the plague on personal systems due to their privacy policy, patching policy, and how they decide Windows expires and no longer receives security patches policy. However a lot of the roots of this stuff doesn’t change as much as the front-end changes make it seem like they would.

      The first thing to do is look for the stop error code. By default since Win 2k, Microsoft sets it to autoboot on the blue screen (presumably a futile attempt to get people to stop talking about having BSOD problems), so you may not have time to write this down. It’s usually in your system event log, and might just be in that win32k warning at the bottom of your screen (it’ll be just before or after recording your login, and I might be misremembering and it’s in the Application log instead of System, but I think it’s system).

      The stop code will be in the form of “STOP 0x$A ($B, $C, $D, $E)” where $A – $E are all hexidecimal values. 95% of the time the $A code is all that’s going to help you. Occasionally one of the other values is diagnostically helpful, but I’ve only see all four be relevant about once.

      From there, you can usually search “Win10 stop 0x$A” and get some general results as to what the problem might be (I usually had good luck with Microsoft TechNet sites telling me what it means, and that’s certainly official).

      But yeah, past that I’d need to dig around much deeper to get any real info from the event log.

      1. Also if the stop code has a file name, that’s something to write down and try searching with too (though sometimes it’s obvious from the name what it is).

        1. (…and if I would’ve read down before posting yesterday I would’ve seen that Gary Seebo already mentioned all this…sorry about the dupe.)

        2. Step 1: update Adobe Reader
          Step 2: run the latest redistributable
          Step 3: ???
          Step 4: Profit

  2. I’m not sure if I’m more excited for the additional loose cannon cameo or the apparent culmination of a now years long relationship setup.

    Also the lighting in this comic is fantastic.

      1. The security guard more than likely made Loose Cannon put them down while telling her not to smoke. Then she asked for his phone number first, thus getting the upper hand.

      2. She may have already set them on fire. Though that reaction may be too rational for her, too. Hard to say.

  3. Spoilers: It turns out he was just looking for Loose Cannon to reclaim pants stolen from him in a prior encounter.

    1. When you need your pants recovered. When no one else can help. And if you can find her under a pile of empty paint thinner cans, you can hire, Loose Cannon.

        1. Ricky: Hey Luce! You gots some esplaining to doo.

          Loose Cannon: I do what I want!

          Live Studio Audience: real peals of laughter as Loose Canon downs a quart of industrial strength floor stripper and lights three cigars, ten cigarettes and a partridge named Keith.

        2. Ooh, Loo-cey.

          AH! AH! AH! AH!

          Now yoo stay hom wid Liddle Ricky. I godda go to da club and practice for da big show.

  4. Somewhere in The Farlands, there is wailing. As though a man’s disdain grew even larger, and crushed his very soul.

    Gonna have to get that “murder” stamp updated on your passport, Caleb.

    1. Oh yeah, kinda forgot about the little canadian dude. Well you know what they say: distance makes the heart grow fonder…


  5. The DistributedCOM errors are likely red herrings. I swear those happen on every single PC I see even if it’s a fresh install. While it’s possible to fix those, it’s extremely unlikely that they are related to what’s crashing your PC, otherwise I’d be seeing BSoDs all over my office every day.

    What might be more telling would be to see if there are any events logged in either the System or Application logs from shortly before the time of the crash. One possibility that I encountered recently in a seemingly unrelated app was caused by a game (Divinity Original Sin 2) needing more virtual memory when the 16GB of RAM was insufficient. I mention this only because Photoshop is also a RAM hog, and could suffer similarly.

    If you want to give it a try…

    0. Save and close out of any open work.
    1. From Start Menu, type “System”, and open the System Control Panel app.
    2. At left, go into Advanced System Settings
    3. In the System Properties dialog, under Performance, click Settings…
    4. At the top, switch to the Advanced tab
    5. Under Virtual Memory, click Change…
    6. If you wish to adjust the settings, uncheck “Automatically manage” up at the top.
    7. By default, your C: drive should be set to “System managed size”, but you can also try setting it to a large value such as 1.5 to 2x the amount of RAM in your machine to see if that helps, just remember that there’s 1024 MB to every 1 GB.

    On a related point, Photoshop has its own disk and memory usage parameter (Edit Menu > Preferences > Performance) so you may want to play around with those as well. I’ve got CS6 set to use 50% of my 16 GB of RAM, and the bigger the file, the fewer history/undo states I keep. Lastly, if you have more than 1 hard drive in your computer, try enabling a Scratch Disk on a fast drive (like an SSD) that’s not the same drive you have your Virtual Memory/Page File on.

    1. Is that really a smile? I thought it might be a rueful expression signaling a surge of regret that she’d now gotten him to declare a depth of feeling she realized she didn’t couldn’t reciprocate for him.

      1. I thought the same thing at first. A second look helped catch the little upward curves at the end, and I knew all was good.

  6. A Blue Screen of Death will have on it a code with a short message including some technical information.
    STOP: 0x0000007f (0x00000000, 0x00000000, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)
    at Address ,

    Please give us all that info that the BSOD displays after stop:

    That is the start of diagnosing the problem. The next thing is to look through the system event log and identify the area where it was booting after the BsoD, read the section of entries just prior to the reboot.

    Useful would be to know is the version of windows you are using, if any new S/W, or H/W was recently installed.

    Fixes may be targeted more accurately once we have the details.

    Anti-virus scan to make sure you do not have active infection.
    Check and update drivers for the devices you may have recently installed.
    Run a verify on your files, replace any damaged O/S files by doing a repair install using your media.

    Suspicious is that you are having the same BsoD on multiple hardware sets, this points to a common element that is present with both machines, the software you are using to do the art, and the user.

    Get with the S/W vendor and see if there are any patches or driver updates.

    For the user, go and create a user account on the computers that does NOT have administrator rights, use this account whenever you are using the internet, this will make it harder for malware and viruses to make changes to your O/S or apps.
    Especially take this step if your anti-virus scan found bad stuff.

    If you want to take this offline, you have my email.

  7. I don’t know if it’s true, but I like to think that Loose Cannon is making “Bionic Man” noises in her head right now as she’s running away.

  8. As somebody who runs a spa for a living, I am very sad that I didn’t think of ChutzSpa first.

    Puns are the highest form of humor, after all.

  9. UNEXPECTED_KERNEL_MODE_TRAP: Something screwed up on the OS level. REFERENCE_BY_POINTER : Something related to something in memory

    Luckily, the Microsoft page says that it’s probably a driver-related issue. Basically it looks like some data got allocated, x amount of guys wanted that data, but the OS saw that (x + 1) amount of guys said “we don’t need that data anymore”. Windows is going “WTF is going on?”

  10. Did Loose Cannon pants an officer of the law? Why, YES SHE DID!!

    …suddenly wanting the t-shirt with her riding a bomb while clutching a bottle of moonshine.. i’d imagine she’s listening to “Damage Inc.” all the way down. YEE-HAW, MUTHA-FUKKAS!!

    1. Actually I think I’d like just Loose Cannon and the police officer from this strip on a t-shirt.

      I was trying to think of a good caption for it, but the more I try to come up with one, the more I think it just stands alone.

        1. That’d work, but to me I was also thinking about the reactions you’d get from people. I think leaving coming up with the rhyme or reason to the whole thing up to friends, family, & random strangers with no guide at all could be quite amusing. Especially since if it comes down to, “Yeah, this was straight out of a comic” and then people trying to piece together the story preceding it (which you’d obviously have to tell them they had to guess on their own) seems like a lot of potential for amusement.

          In case it wasn’t already apparent, my musings on amusement value of thing X often go a bit far afield.

  11. I love Ellie’s grin… it really shows how young she is. That grin only happens when something happens that’s so overwhelmingly positve and makes you happy to the point where your face could hurt…
    And the reason I say it show’s how young she is, is that as you get older, those moments get rarer… mainly because we get more jaded.

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  13. I’d like to restate my question with a little more clarity.
    Years ago I was having computer issues. There were errors from all over the place. Hard drive, Motherboard, Memory, Video card. I had a wonderful time trying to chase the issue. It would be one this week, another next week, seemed pretty random. Until a friend of mine simply asked me.
    How’s the temps?
    I thought I knew better, kept chasing gremlins, then out of sheer frustration, opened the case and put a high velocity fan pointing at the innards.
    Issues went away. Seems it was a lack of ventilation and air movement causing heat buildup which threw errors as various bits heated up at various times. At least that’s what I figured.
    So I’m wondering, if there was something rattling around in there during shipment that knocked a stick of ram loose, might it have borked a fan or two? I’m not a software expert, or a hardware expert, just poor enough to have to DIY pretty much all the time.

    1. If it’s a laptop, it’s quite easy to block vents on a laptop and make things much worse, as intakes tend to be on the bottom so you need a flat surface held up by those tiny feet and it all vents out the side, which can be bad if something’s too near it.

      It’s definitely a viable and reasonably easy thing to check (and leave a monitor up to keep checking).

    2. Adding to this: I did it with 2 passes. 1st pass was with canned air; the 2nd pass was with electrical contact cleaner

  14. If there was ever a time that I wish Dave could see, now would be that time just because of that last panel.

  15. Quick question: if Loose Cannon could fuse with Pumpagon will the world be able to adapt to survive?

    1. Well, there was the hint in Patreon original comic Tarrallie (now in main site archive with post date January 29, 2015) that some physical changes may have resulted from the Pumpagon transformation, and Rusche mentioned something about considering having both mention knowing each other’s “secret” afterwards, so some degree of mental visibility might also be part of the transformation.

      That could make it less than ideal to fuse with Loose Cannon.

        1. Tarra then spends the next week inventing a breath freshener powerful enough to get rid of the aftertaste of paint thinner. Pumpkin refuses to take her hands off her eyes for the next month and is frequently found curled up into the fetal position crying and screaming “Why would anyone do that!”

  16. Has anyone thought about what this could mean for Pumpkin?

    I mean, David is still her teaacher. Could be a PCoI here.

    1. Yeah, and it doesn’t look good for a high school teacher to be stalking dating someone who just graduated. Even if he wasn’t her teacher.

      1. With her being over the age of consent when they met along with the stalking maybe not being obvious to anyone but David and the readers and a plausible accidental reason for meeting/associating starting months previously, he could get some crap for “robbing the cradle” and maybe some people looking into if he’s behaving inappropriately with his students, but as long as nothing comes from that I don’t see it coming to be an issue.

        @Deanatay – Coming from a rural area, I actually took a class taught by my aunt and most of the teachers knew and/or had some kind of connection with one side or the other of my family, so I can see talk & jokes but it not being a serious issue. Considering that we think he was involved with Tarra for several years and Herb & Rosemary knew him, I think that kind of issue was already to some degree valid even without adding a current relationship with Ellie. Look fishy and have some offhand comments, sure. Problem, probably not.

      1. mR. Blue reaches into the Taco Bell commercial and grabs Steve… ehat? No, the one with the dog and “Yo Queiro Taco Bell” slogan. …grabs Steve in order to… what? No, not the Nachos Belgrade one. NO. NOT the Feliz Navidad one. I know that I’m on the computer watching old commercials. I don’t care. … grabs Steve and… What now?

        1. Dammit, Mr. Blue, I’m gonna have to refer you to HR one of these days.

          A new welcome basket! Oh man, we’re really running low…okay…lessee.

          I got…half a sleeve of saltines, four Powerball tickets for yesterday’s drawing–they might have won!–and…an Incan crystal skull? How’d THIS get in here?

  17. “Reference by pointer” means that instead of passing the data from one part of the program to another, the one part of the program just tells the other where to find it. This is done all the time. (Sorry, (THIS) is done all the time.)
    And “data” can be very…general. Datatypes in OOP, (Object Oriented Programming) languages frequently include the tools to work on that data. That is, there can be bits of program in the data. Usually this makes things better, not worse.

    Oh, and the “Kernel” is the heart of the operating system.

    Oh, and don’t worry too much about having a large number of error “events”. Those happen all the time.

    More than that, ask someone else. I’ve not messed with coding in too long.

    1. I realize that this is very likely moot by now, but it’d like to sate these things for the record — y’know, such as if someone googles either of those error messages and ends up here… :P

      “Reference by pointer” indicates that something “provided” data by means of a “pointer”, which is fancy talk for a memory address. As SeanR already indicated, this basically means that a software component went “here is where you find the information in question in memory: …” instead of “here is the information in question (directly): …” — which is actually an exceedingly common way of passing information, since it is usually much less effort to “point” (see?) to the location of (potentially large) data than to reproduce that data in its entirety. (Think of indicating one of your comic pages: Reproducing the image takes the entire JPEG, which is likely on order of several hundred thousand characters (hundreds of KB). Indicating its location like “C:\Users\MyUser\comics\something.jpg” only takes a hand full of characters.) What baffles me is how the software in question would know it was done wrong, seeing as how to pass information in such a manner is almost invariably part of the way in which that software is to be used in the first place. To put it in simple terms, it’s like when a cop asks for your ID and you talk at him in Swahili. One would expect that he would just stare at you blankly, seeing as most people wouldn’t recognize Swahili when they hear it. Instead, apparently, the cop asked you to speak English instead of Swahili, which seems kind of weird… So yeah, it’s rather peculiar that the software component in question recognized that it was given the location of some data instead of the data itself, seeing as the location is, in itself, data.

      As for the UNEXPECTED_KERNEL_MODE_TRAP, a “trap” is basically a way of indicating to “someone” (i.e. a software component) that something “concerning it” has happend, in a “you’re up” kind of way. Essentially, think “Now serving #612” (remember that? -> http://shotgunshuffle.com/comic/juniper-inc/) — so when it says “unexpected trap”, that’s like you’re waiting in the queue, and the clerk comes right up to you, points right at you, and says “now serving #612” when you’re actually #700. Now in real life, you have the option of saying “I’m not #612 at all”, but in computers, you kind of don’t, since this is not supposed to happen in the first place. Consequently, the only course of action left to the “person” (i.e. software) being called upon is to indicate that something went wrong, whence the error. Again, as SeanR indicated, “kernel” kind of means what it says — as in “core” (think “apple”), i.e. the very heart of the operation system. Something going so obviously wrong as calling upon the wrong person in line is obviously a fairly bad screwup — so we can essentially conclude that someone that writes software components that end up being part of the very core of the operating system (so in your case, either Microsoft, or, more likely, one of the companies that provide your device drivers) screwed up big time. (This should come as no surprise since it has been said that hardware manufactures are to device drivers what humans in general are to bowel movements: They have to produce them to stay alive, but they put no love into them whatsoever.) Unfortunately, that also means there is little you can do about this problem, save for upgrading both your operating system and all your drivers and hoping it helps.

  18. Now I wonder what the Wallwalker is gonna do when the little sister of the enemy is with the man she wanted to make beautiful babies with lolz.

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