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Paper Heart

Thanks for your patience.  Next comic is about 25% done. So Hopefully late Wednesday or early Thursday. I got two great fan arts this week. First one is from Alan over at Rival Angels.  It's basically Shotgun Shuffle meets the WWE... so obviously, you need to read it. Ellie-Shotgun-Shuffle-finish The next one is Sister X by Elsa. You can see more of her work on deviant art HERE. Sister-X I eat fanart like candy. It's almost better than reading comments. CAN'T WAIT TO SEE WHO GETS FIRST THIS TIME!! :PPPPPPPPP

74 thoughts on “Paper Heart

  1. She can say whatever she wants, and yet when it all falls down, if he changes his mind and thinks “I’ll go for this girl,” she’s bound by contract to actually ditch him the rest, thus putting him worse off than before.

    Go team!

    Also, am I first? Did that happen?

    1. No no, she’s bound by contract to go out with him. There was never anything specifically against a second date. If she sets it up privately.

      There’ll be the unpleasant letter Nena sends out, but if she’s sufficiently on the ball, she can set up a second contact, warn him to disregard the letter, and that’ll be that. For The Lazy One to be that on the ball may be a bit of a stretch, but we know she can pull it off.

      1. It’s going to depend on how interested she is, and it seems she’s going way above and beyond the call of duty for this chap. Instead of just letting him blather and then giving him a friendly pat and a ‘there-there’, she’s actually considering her side of their potential equation.

      2. I’m thinking she’d have to do more than tell him to disregard the initial rejection letter. Him even seeing the letter drudges up the fact that her job is to date dudes in order to make them stop feeling like rejects (assuming one takes the high road reason for this job.) If I were him, (and I pretty much am, or at least was,) that would throw my scam sensors into action.

        She’d have to keep Nena from sending that letter to him in the first place.

        1. You are not being nearly diabolical enough.

          All she has to do is convince him it’d be fun to screw with the person who set up his account and does messages for it, i.e. his brother. The she can come back to Nena and tell her that she wants to participate in sending THIS GUY his rejection letter and make it sufficiently over the top to make him laugh his ass off at his brother.

          It’s actually quite doable from the stance of continuing to scam this guy without telling him the truth. The thing that would be hard to explain is the time commitment of six days a week of three dates a day to continue working for the site.

        2. That is a great plan to handle this dilemma, but Ellie is “The Lazy One.” That seems like a lot of planning and foresight for someone with that title.

        3. Don’t confuse Lazy with inability to plan. Ellie could conceivably get Nena to do most of the work for her which would be the epitome of lazy.

          Also word of god once said Ellie was going to have a nervous breakdown. Attempting to juggle what might become a real relationship with a job obligating you to date tons of other guys sounds like a recipe for that very thing.

        4. I’m not questioning Ellies’ ability to plan. I’m questioning her ability to think ahead to consider that planning is necessary.

        5. She’s lazy Tarra, so she’s quite sharp when she cares to be. Recall her quick solution to avoid setting foot in Quinn’s room early on?

        6. I do not. Did it involve a stuffed animal mattress, because that’s all I remember.

        7. When told not to set foot in Quinn’s room, she just walked on her hands (see comic Loophole currently dated March 23, 2010)

  2. I’m really interested in seeing where Ellie’s relationship goes with this guy. Even if they just stay friends, I think they could be good for eachother!

    1. She certainly seems more serious than I expected.

      Although she still has one more date with the site to get a paycheck, and from her stance I could see that as, “it’d be a shame to duck out now.” If that’s Blind Guy, she might still just blow this guy off later without a thought even if she is serious now. Recall Ellie still does have some definite maturing to do.

    1. Interesting how this stories like this guys rarely get put into other media, huh? When has the idea of a man actually making a connection with, and missing, a former girlfriend’s kids like they were his own, ever been mentioned? ..Never?

      1. That and the whole concept of “dudes dealing with heartbreak” doesn’t come up very often either. I think we’re supposed to kill something when that happens. Or eat it. Maybe both at once, I’m a little behind the curve.

        1. Nothing much, really. Jeep Wrangler with some add-ons and a couple of Enfield Bullets.

        2. Don’t forget yelling at it. I think we should yell at it too. Possibly with our mouths full as we’re eating it.

          @Rusche – Hasn’t happened to me, but I’m literally right now worried about it happening to someone I know and care about. The kid’s attached to him too, and I can’t decide if it’s a manipulative gambit by the mom for him, the kid’s dad, or neither. I also wonder the degree she gives a damn how it impacts the kid or not. But following the Patreon story with Pumpkin & Quinn with this, I do have to give you kudos for the elements you bring to your storytelling that frequently get left behind.

        3. Most of the stories in Shotgun Shuffle are trying to take a unique look at relationships and people dynamics rarely covered in other media.

        4. Because you certainly don’t hear near enough about people dealing with sisters from the future who get breast cancer from engaging in the active development of mutant projective energy powers, no sir.

    2. It’s always seemed to me that the story frequently centers on the way a guy screws over a girl. It doesn’t talk about the ways that a girl, screwed over by several guys and now quite bitter and disillusioned, may make their mark on the male half of the dating pool. That’s always seemed to me as likely to be a self-perpetuating decay.

        1. I can’t help but feel like someone made a wish on a monkey’s paw, and this particular comment chain resolves how their hubris backfires…

        2. By saying that you’ll do it after work implies that you are at work, and therefore the role 34 idea is now owned by your employer. Your employer then pulls outthe legal manipulation equal to that of the “Holy Hand Grenade” and had this taken over every intellectual property showcased under and including the work at URL ShotgunShuffle.com. this then breaks the internet two years before the Earth etupts into total chaos.

          The only thing to let future alien archeologists know that Chris was here would be my gold teeth that were laser etched with every comic to date that Rusche made.

        3. @Samuel L: If I have to explain the joke I’ll kill it. :/ The only thing I’ll say is it’s not an insult.

          @Mr. Blue THREE, your majesty!

    1. …I require clarification on this point myself. If he actually ran afoul of Quinn’s mom no WONDER he’s not particularly interested.

    2. Interesting thought….
      My son had an RC car that looked just like this one about 6 or 7 years ago. If you do the math, that could bring make Quinn in her early 20’s.

      Too bad we don’t see any other siblings to confirm this theory.

    3. Quinn’s mom definitely seems to be the type he’s talking about. Though she also seems like the type to keep the car and sell it for a few bucks. Possibly keep the sucker paying her rent or other bills too, assuming he doesn’t make himself too much of a pest regarding noticing things she doesn’t want him noticing about her.

  3. Ooh Ellie. I think this would be an interesting relationship, but if you are serious Lazy One….um, you might need to quit your job, because I doubt he’d like you dating three guys a day in addition to him…

  4. One question for Rusche and one speculation:

    @Rusche – Question about what’s cannon and the second fan art. Would X ever have that look in her eyes? Seems like it might’ve been likely burned out of her before now.

    Speculation – So if this guy’s been suckered into being a meal ticket and catching up ex-girlfriends up on rent enough to get severely burnt out and is 37, what kind of salary is he pulling down to still consider it realistic to be able to retire by 45. Severely thrifty spending and budgeting could make a more reasonable salary manage that goal, but if he’s forking over enough to stabilize several insolvent girlfriends, that takes a MUCH higher salary to still be in a position to consider that.

    1. ‘The easiest way to make a small fortune is to start with a large fortune.’

      Silver spoon? He has to work to 45 to get access to his grand daddy’s trust fund? Man whore dating a octogenarian heiress?

    2. I’m going to have Sister X in the comic again. She’s actually really important to the ending. She get’s one of the last lines in the comic as the ending is written right now. But yeah we’re going to get to a point in the story where she’ll basically never smile again (as opposed to all the smirking she does now.) Sister X is Tarra getting her massive ego put in check, following suit with all the other haircuts in the comics… its symbolizes a transformation in her character.

      1. I was pretty sure we’d see the transformation from O to X. I was just wondering, by the time she gets there, how much she can feel past bitterness and anger (seemed like she had an abundant supply when we saw her to start with).

    3. Re. X: Maybe she’s staring lovingly at her revenge map, having finally assembled everything she needs to implement it?

  5. dam what he said is basically why I’ve never date so far in my life…mainly cause growing up most of the girls I knew always wanted the jocks or the ones with the perfect abs and ass…they just never wanted the nice guy…so I partially feel this guy’s pain

  6. Oh Ellie, he’s not being selfish, he’s being honest. I’ve seen where the road leads when one side isn’t in a mindset to date seriously; been on both sides of that street, as a matter of fact. And don’t fall prey to the belief that you can be the one to “fix” him into a positive mindset, either; that’s something that comes from within, not without. As far as him retiring by 45, he’s probably being a bit optimistic, but it helps drive him forward, so more power to him if that is the case.
    I sort of hope he sticks to his guns even if she makes a genuinely serious push. As much as I’d like to believe they could make a happy couple, it would feel more fairy tale than anything else. The whole “Ha world I knew I was worth the hot chick *gives middle finger*” type of fairy tale. And to be brutally honest I don’t see what see really has to offer him besides that sort of ego gratification. She’s got a few more layers of emotional maturation to do before I’d feel like she’s ready for the type of commitment he’d be looking for as the endgame.

    1. Not totally unrealistic. I had an acquaintance a year younger than me that I sort of hung out with sometimes when I was in high school. By the time he was 45 he had already started and then sold off 3 multi-million dollar businesses and was staring up his 4th. He came from a simple middle-class family (no family resources to get him off the ground with any of his businesses). He was just that good as an entrepreneur.

      1. ah – nuts – that was supposed to be a reply to “That One Guy” but I clicked in the wrong place….

        1. I know it’s feasible, I was more just speculating what he does for a living to make that much. I’m partially wondering if he does something bursty (like starting new companies, flipping houses, high-end sales, etc) and is quite good at it or if he’s making a high regular salary (might not need to be top 1%, but seems like definitely single digit percent). I’ve heard some of the software developers that go work for Wall Street improving HFT algorithms can be set to retire mid-thirties even without being terribly thrifty, for example (but he’d have to live nearer to a large stock trading center for that specific one to be the reason).

  7. Am I that clueless? Not to have seen? Or am I inventing things that aren’t there?

    How symbolic is it supposed to be of their evolving connection, that Ellie is still dressed as a prison guard and her date is dressed as a prisoner?

    1. Now that you point it out, I suspect you’re right. It could go either way, but I remember Rusche mentioning people wearing hoodies in his comic are hiding something and covering an eye (such as with hairstyle) is being somewhat willfully blind. I’d say costumes are in scope to be purposeful hint too.

    1. Yea, the entire “how could this possibly have happened?” body language with not quite as shocked eyes makes a very amusing juxtaposition.

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