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Party Girl

Sorry, got caught up with some other errands and chores. Still Tuesday. :P I will have another Patreon up this week, and a post again on Friday.

60 thoughts on “Party Girl

  1. Poor KK. It’s just as well Ellie didn’t get hired there. She’d be job hunting again.

    Oh, wait. She is anyway. And I’m sure in the prodigious amount of time it took me to get this out, I’m not first. But I coulda been a contender…

    1. Upon consideration at the high council of the pink-haired Spider-Demoness
      We find your case applicable to statute 1.34
      And give the role of “official First comment” to you, if you choose to take it.

    2. Oh, she has an open job offer already. In fact, closing up this one is so she can move in, er, on to him, er, the new job, that is.

        1. A) Lakeland isn’t a suburb of Tampa by any stretch of the imagination. That’s a helluva commute if it was. I’ve lived in Brandon most of my life and Plant City now, and both are closer to Tampa AND most definitely not suburbs of Tampa, though before my time Tampa did try to annex Brandon before the population boom.
          B) The multi-billion proposed rail was meant to be a hi-speed rail that would do the Tampa-Orlando circuit in half an hour or so. I didn’t follow it closely but I was always under the opinion that it was meant to be non-stop, but hey, I’m sure all the towns and smaller cities close to I-4 (like Lakeland) would try to get a piece of the pie.

        2. I had a feeling that was meant for me. Upon checking I see that Lakeland is not as close to Tampa as I remembered it being.

          My own experience is with taking the train into New York City where most would prefer to not have to deal with a car. Not knowing anything about the relative traffic of either Tampa or Orlando I wonder if it might be preferable to drive from Lakeland to Tampa then take the train to Orlando rather than drive to Orlando directly.

        3. Have you ever heard of the I-4 corridor? As it stands the most effective way to get across Central FL is to take I-4, and there a smattering of towns, small cities, and eventually suburbia as you reach the outskirts of Orlando. The next most efficient is to take SR-60 if you need to hit up Vero/Daytona Beach area and/or link up to I-95, but 60 massively detours from Orlando proper and there is a good long stretch of literally nothing but forest where you have designated passing lanes (check yo gas, sucka). I-4, however, has the distinction of being THE LINK to Disney, which would have been the point of said hi-speed rail. The Mouse would clean up the house.
          As for driving part of the way then hitting a train, I wouldn’t recommend it. The hardest parts of the drive are getting out of Tampa and getting into Orlando/Disney; the in-between is fairly easy, construction dependent. I think what could have happened would be that as traffic on I-4 lightened, you could get a bump in tourism from locals (hell, I’d love to see the traffic lighten just so more people could go check the fairly decent metal scene out there). I would have been okay with the rail if it had been handled properly, but of course, politicians.

        4. The Wikipedia image for Florida High Speed Corridor showed a stop in Lakeland as the only stop between Tampa and Orlando. That would have made it a decent place to set up a hotel, assuming that Tampa and Orlando are hot tourist spots with a reputation for packed hotels.

  2. If I can ask how would a light rail track from Tampa to Orlando help a hotel in Lakeland? I figured it would pass through but how would that get people off the train and to stay at the hotel. Or is KK just bitching to bitch (which a completely understand)

    1. Light rail doesn’t travel fast, and makes frequent stops. Think a mix between a metro rail system, and a Greyhound bus route. Lakeland would, presumably, be a good “layover” spot, if the line had been put through.

      1. Not only that, but there would be a large number of crossings.

        That and MillenniumForce would be popping up and putting oranges on the tracks and running from concrete, fossilized alligators with obsessive medulla oblongatas.

        1. Indeed. The speed part was what I found so interesting and attractive about the idea too.

          Granted, considering the math from https://what-if.xkcd.com/1/ , one does have to wonder just how much of the eastern seaboard (and Caribbean islands) would be annihilated by a train going close enough to the speed of light for that not to be false advertising.

          So maybe it’s just as well.

    2. I think Lakeland is a suburb of Tampa and the rail line would have made day tripping to Orlando more convenient. So the idea would be that if the hotels in Orlando were too expensive/too out of rooms you stay in Lakeland and take the train to Orlando to do your sightseeing.

  3. Ellie could become an event planner and if it goes well she hook up KK with some work! This might be what she needs.

  4. If you were going to build a train that could go at lightspeed, why would you limit it to a route from Florida to another part of Florida? If you are going to be violating the laws of physics, then the train going lightspeed should at least have stops on the Moon and Mars.

    1. I’m going with the assumption that KK may have mixed margaritas in the slushi machine while reading the paper that heralded that bit of news while reading the reviews for Rogue One next.

      1. I’m thinking the rails themselves were made of light. Kind of like maglev, only with frickin’ LASERS.

    1. Otherwise known as Governor Crook Swindler — No way that bozo was going to let Obama get an ounce of credit for providing 100% of the cost of a bullet train to Florida with Federal money — first Tampa to Orlando, and then Orlando to Miami. From what I hear, he’s linked to Brightline. So, the slower but still to-be-useful Miami to West Palm and later to Orlando train gives Scott a cut, when it opens later this year or next year. Sigh.

  5. Going to be interesting when that hotel closes down and there’s a giant shell of a luxury hotel in Lakeland.

    1. There are several quarter-completed office buildings in the state where I work.

      Sometimes I’ve considered buying one or two, turning the top floors into my residence and starting a business or something on the lower six floors.

      But the Hellsing Organization already has a lock on the rlly cool business opportunities, so I’m stuck in the planning stage.

  6. Hmmm, will Ellie fess up, or run with the idea?

    I see the main problem for her as an event planner is getting business in the first place. It seems like the events of the comic have given her a bit more perspective about the need to keep her laziness under control, so she should be fairly capable of the planning and whatnot.

    1. It has been for quite a while. If you were suggesting work positions for Ellie, I don’t think they’re accepting new members right now.

  7. Thinking on it, if Elle really wanted a job, like she says she does, she could easily go Electrician or Plumber route. She’d be hired and trained almost instantly.

    1. I find that the degree that college has been pushed into the mainstream as normal/expected after high school regardless rather than just additional advanced training for a purpose has led for some combination of forgetfulness of to contempt for the skilled trades. It not occurring to Ellie isn’t surprising.

      1. That may be part of it. Though, I often feel some of it is just ego on the part of the person, including those saying “I’m desperate for a job”

        It’s not the glamorous job. Often times considered beneath many people. I’d have no doubt Elle was more in that category. If not a bit of “But I’m a girl.” which happens with that sort of profession as well.

        1. I hadn’t really thought about the gender point. To be fair regarding that, a job where Ellie goes to random strangers’ houses might have more potentially bad situations that could require force to get out of than if a guy was doing the same thing.

          I’m not saying I think that’d be common, but even once where she was able to overpower the guy and get away could be upsetting enough for her to quit for good.

          If she went the plumber or electrician route, then for safety she’d probably need to go industrial rather than residential and generally work as part of a team (and still probably make sure to carry a taser & mace).

    1. Gee thanks. Now I’m trying to remember the “Speed Racer” theme and how to morph it for “Speed Dater” the Ellie Buckingham unauthorized biography and diet plan.

      1. Here she comes, here comes speed dater. She’s a demon in heels. She’s a demon and she going to be dating someone.

        1. On second thought (the first was just off the top of my head) change “demon” to “vixen” and “dating” to “coming onto”

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