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[Patreon] And Into the Fire

5 thoughts on “[Patreon] And Into the Fire

  1. Ellie as Power Girl works on a variety of levels (especially with her early haircut) If you were to ever have prints made, definitely go with the cast in full cosplay mode.

    Really digging the “comic book” shading, as well as Ellie’s ‘dis my mad face’ looks, lol

  2. Seriously. Love the style and the look.

    Ellie as PG is something I’m sure everybody has thought about before.
    She has certain, physical characteristics that just make it seem so, soo right. Her hair color, the part of her hair, her eyes, her height, broad, tough shoulders and arms, great legs, her frown when angry. Big sister is almost a living Power Girl model for Pumpkin to dress up.

    As a side note Chris you should really consider doing a whole Halloween/Cosplay series on all the sisters and Quinn and Pumpkin’s friends from school in JLA costumes like this as a Voting Incentive (one for each month).
    ‘m just saying it couldn’t be that hard and we’d really appreciate it and it wouldn’t hurt to bring more traffic to the website (and the Patreon). People have been asking for voting incentives for a while now and this would really be cool!

    my 2 cents……

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