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[Patreon] Dates of Future Past

3 thoughts on “[Patreon] Dates of Future Past

  1. Maybe Pumpkin wants an asexual romantic relationship with Quinn? Is that how I’m supposed to interpret this?

    Frankly, I don’t know what to think of it… besides that Q putting her prior arrangement with P ahead of a potential date with Ian being the honourable thing to do.

    1. Pumpkin has been working hard to make friends with Quinn, and her effort is the reason why they were at the comic shop in the first place. And it’s working – they’re having fun! And then Pumpkin notices there’s a rift to be healed between Quinn and Eagan, and gets them talking again. Quinn is tempted to ditch Pumpkin to run off with Eagan but realizes that would be a crappy thing to do at the moment, and reciprocates a little bit by sticking by her new friend. She can schedule time to meet up with Eagan later, now that they’re talking again.

      1. Nah, the whole point of their conversation was she shouldn’t be chasing that unless she wants to, more likely she just wants a friend, remember she has pushed everyone else away because she doesn’t know what to tell them about the incident so right now she only has one person she feels close to.

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