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[Patreon] Fireflies

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    1. It was posted a long time ago to Patreon, so no one saw it here when it came out. You just happened by early enough after Rusche posted this batch.

  1. … four DeLoreans? At the very most I can only think of three, or is she counting a DeLorean in transit from one time period to another as briefly existing in 1955…?

    1. My Star Wars-addled brain wants to make some clever joke about the fourth being a Mandelorian, but… it can’t think of a way to do so without being vague and ominous………

  2. https://backtothefuture.fandom.com/wiki/Four_DeLoreans
    To summarize, by who was doing what with which version:
    The DeLorean Marty came to 1955 in the first movie. Call this A.
    The DeLorean Old Man Biff used to bring back the sports almanac. Call this B, it used to be A.
    The DeLorean Marty and Doc used to get the sports almanac back. This is C and used to be B.
    And the Delorean C that Doc had used to go back to 1885 and buried in a mine, which Marty, stranded in 1955, used to follow Doc, and now we can call it D.

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