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[Patreon] Steal Your Heart Away Part I

9 thoughts on “[Patreon] Steal Your Heart Away Part I

  1. It also explains why her boobs have been fluctuating in size. I almost had it put down to Rusche getting bored drawing a female character without big gazungas!

    1. It was hinted at earlier — or possibly later, I can’t remember where it fits in compared to where these comics actually are — with Ellie commenting about bra shopping.

  2. I can for one confirm Florida’s ability to attain 200% humidity. Most days in the summer it feels like you can swim to your next destination.

  3. I didn’t think about this before, but Ashliii saw Pumpkin at the movies with Quinn before this so she likely knows exactly what Pumpkin’s doing. I wonder how much she’s not directly saying/asking.

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