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[Patreon] Steal Your Heart Away Part III

15 thoughts on “[Patreon] Steal Your Heart Away Part III

  1. I always thought it should’ve been ” I am The BatMan!” or “I’m The Batman” instead of “I’m Batman”. Really “I’m THE goddam Batman” sounds better then “Im goddam Batman”, also he should never use contractions when speaking as Batman, only as Bruce Wayne.

  2. I’m Batman!

    So why do I imagine this scene with Michael Keaton’s voice-over instead of maybe Adam West, Val Kilmer, George Clooney, Christian Bale, Kevin Conroy, Rino Romano, Jeremy Sisto, Billy Baldwin or Bruce Greenwood?

    1. Probably because
      A: Keaton was awesome in the role
      B: Burton’s two Batman movies are still the best
      Nolan and Bale are a close second.

      …is the Batman wearing Elvis shades?

  3. I’m starting to suspect the whole asexuality-thing was a tease and that Pumpkin is totally lesbian afterall…

    But then again, she could be… what is the term? Asexual Homoromantic?

    … Fucking stupid identity politics bullshit makes my head hurt.

    1. For some people, having a label, knowing you’re not just a “freak” or “broken” is a huge relief. It’s nice you don’t have to deal with that, but a lot of people do, and shitting on them because they need the labels is kind of awful.

    2. Quinn actually mentioned demisexual as a possibility, in that a strong emotional bond might be required before any sexual desire manifests. I don’t think we, or Pumpkin, knows if Pumpkin is a homoromantic asexual or a demisexual. It does seem to be narrowed down to looking like one of those two, though.

      I don’t think having a character in a somewhat uncommon personal situation in fiction qualifies as identity politics. Stories are more interesting when out of the ordinary things happen. Stories are better when their elements are reasonably well researched and believable. Terms for those uncommon situations makes things easier to talk about, but no one has to use the words if they really have some kind of issue with the word and would rather describe the concept long-form instead.

      Identity politics is more when something is mandated or bullied to push specific thing for random subgroup of people A about something. This seems much more to me like, “sometimes life is weird and different people have different things going on for them.”

    Could this possibly be a DAVID Stevens?
    As in Terra’s David?
    Did Terra send David to help Lavender (Ellie) and possibly keep an eye (or ear as it is) on her at O’Jacks?
    Perhaps the cane she was cuddling in her bed when Ginger was still living in the house was an older one of his?
    Let’s not forget that the subject of Terra’s Envy aspect has to do with someone (possibly a sister (possibly Ellie)) stealing her romantic interest.

    Then again, it could just be a red herring.

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