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[Patreon] Suzie Q

She likes the way she talks. She likes the way she walks. Her Suzie Q (I'm crazy effing proud of this comic)  

21 thoughts on “[Patreon] Suzie Q

  1. Really liking the Patreon comics, and loving very much that you took my (humble) suggestion to tag them in the archive. Thanks! ^_^

      1. It’s likely you’ve got more important things (comic, kids, crazy alternate families, idiot drivers) to use all that Rusche brain power on. :)

        1. Him having other things to use his brain power on is a good reason for others to give suggestions so he can use the significantly less brain power required to evaluate the suggestion than it would take to think of from scratch.

  2. That’s a veryyy big page! O.O
    But strangely, i have a lot of hard time reading “the flow” of this page.
    How are we (the reader) supposed to read this page ? From → and ↓ as usual or from ↓ and → in column ?

    Also, my little finger is telling me a lot of time of passing is this page. Am i right ? A lot of dialog don’t seem to have any relation between them.
    Is that some kind of a “Fast-Foward Montage” ? How much time is passing in this page ? In other words, what is happening here ?
    Would really love a few lines of explanation added to this strip from you Rusche. ^_^

    1. Most of the page is just snippets from different conversations, so flow shouldn’t matter too much. Only snippets that I would think matter chronologically are the two top corner panels go with one below (where characters have same outfit) and bottom left panel comes before bottom right. Past that, just keeping the word bubbles with the panels they point to is sufficient.

      I believe we find out in a later Patreon comic that this comic, the past few days, and a few days after this take place over a roughly 3 week period.

  3. Pumpkins seem to be, er, in season. Maturing quite, um, nicely? That is, large tracts of land…

    Wait, when did she get the button?

    1. Nose stud was gotten after the failed fishing trip with Herb. Boob growth is actually mentioned in Patreon comic #52 which is third from current as of the date of this posting.

  4. Ooooh, just noticed you put more of these up ^^ wish i could afford the 2$ a month to see it as it comes up. So am I correct in assuming that “Sharkquake 2: Tokyo Rift” was the chosen awful sounding movie you ended up choosing.

  5. Isn’t montage an illegal substance?

    But seriously, this page…. words are not enough to explain my feelings… this page was too perfect. Your pride is justified.

  6. Holy crap! they both look amazing in that last panel!
    Still, Pumpkin looks like she grew 5 sizes over the past months, might wanna correct that.(or not lol)

    1. It’s been a slow progression over time. It was previously mentioned by Ellie that Pumpkin might be a “heavy bloomer” as it were.

      1. Well, Pumpkin is a teenager so as time passes it’s not crazy for her to develop what will eventually be her adult body. Plus, bust size seems to be increasing across the board as time goes by. Compare Quinn now to when she and Ellie first started living together!

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