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[Patreon] The Transpiring

9 thoughts on “[Patreon] The Transpiring

  1. After re-reading this page I think I’m getting hints of jealousy from Ash here. Or it could just be my standard issue yuri goggles.

    1. Finding a good friend sneaking around about something and deliberately avoiding telling you about it can feel decidedly not good. So I can see some jealousy, but it could easily be platonic in nature.

  2. Ashlii without a phone! the world is ending!!
    And Emoroffle, u might be on to something, couse i’m getting a similar vibe!

  3. I don’t really like the way that Pumpkin’s character has changed so much.

    But then I guess disliking change is pretty much normal for a human… and also completely futile.

    In any case, I don’t reckon P&Q is officially a thing yet. But if it was, the Uke / Seme divide has been clearly established.

  4. I think what has changed Pumpkin is that she found someone who treats her like a human. Quinn listens to her, talks back with her own opinions and doesn’t try to control Pumpkin.

    And yes, I think Ashlii seems to be jealous of the relationship.

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