Pay to Win

I seeded this idea quite a while back when Herb took Pumpkin on a fishing trip. He felt a disconnect with her and asked what he could do to help her. She suggested a car out of a mixture of snark and disinterest. Well he got her one anyway. Problem is, obviously, none of the other six siblings got one. Speaking of six siblings.. I had to have a serious conversation with Claire that the "Buckinghams" are a fictional family. Not a prophecy. Doctor said she's 98% certain it's a girl, due in April. That makes five daughter and Jackson can be 'the weird one.'  So yes! Anyone who helped us out with the baby registry last year, you're surprisingly going to get double mileage out of those items. Doubly-thank-you. XD (wipes away nervous sweating)

UPDATE: Next comic will be Tuesday the 26th. Again, sorry for delays due to health crap. Will update then. Thanks all.

72 thoughts on “Pay to Win

  1. I see a green-eyed monster moment on the horizon. Promising!

    Thanks for the update, and for the update on the littlest one!

  2. In big families the youngest is always getting special treatment. Mainly because all the older kids are out of the house so expenses are way down, and the parents are approaching the end phase of their carriers so are making more then they did when all the other kids were young.

        1. You can’t make a motion to amend the original motion until the chair has recognized the original motion, read it back and have a second call for that motion.

        2. True, I did. And since the chair was absent, it was up to the intern to put the motion, as it was seconded, to the floor. They haven’t done it yet.

        3. …I gotta do WHAT now?

          Ugh, fine.

          …sort baskets, second nominations…they’re paying $25 an hour at the Jack in the Box….

          I put the relevant motion as seconded to the chair.

  3. Me dothinks that a certain someone is responsible for a few things here. Who procured eight wheels, the first group being for purple?

    And yes, part of this statement is serving double duty in breaking the fourth wall.

    1. Heh, when this blows up I can totally see Rosemary having WORDS with him about this, something along the lines of “I could have told you this would happen because how do you ever think this would fly with this many sisters?”

    1. That’s a few pages from [Patreon] A Few Too Many currently dated Dec 15, 2014 to [Patreon] Another Grand Imposition currently dated Dec 18, 2014. The part mentioning the car is from [Patreon] The Tagalong currently dated Dec 16, 2014.

      1. After reading that strip–and thanks for the assist on the reference–the best part is that he actually blew it off when she suggested it.

        This will not end well.

  4. …see, I’ve never been the father of seven daughters. Nor am I likely to be. But I can feel the rage coming off that last panel. And I’m glad I’m on the other side of the country on a completely different plane of existence.

    Juniper’s just saying what they’re all thinking.

  5. RIP Herb. I can’t imagine Rosemary will be pleased with him pulling this kind of stunt without her input. Never mind the rest of his daughters. . . And speaking of daughters, congrats!

    1. Well, his daughters don’t exactly get input on it, but Rosemary, she should’ve gotten some input for sure.

      In fact, I’d say she doesn’t look to happy about it.

  6. Bad, for so many reasons. #1, she is the only daughter you bought a car for as a birthday present. #2, it’s a model with enough horsepower that, combined with her age and inexperience as a driver, practically guarantees speeding tickets and/or an accident. #3, cargo space? Your daughter cosplays at conventions, an SUV or station wagon would have been the more useful choice. #4 muscle car as first car? Have you never heard of the first car being entry level?

    1. Excellent, well-thought-out points. ESPECIALLY the last one. When I totalled my first car, nobody I knew was surprised.

    2. I am reading that as a 2007-2014 Dodge Avenger sedan. If it is an R/T level trim (probable) it won’t be a slouch with the 283hp 3.5l V6, but it isn’t a classic ‘muscle car’.

  7. 1) The look on the faces of all 6 sisters is spot on. You couldn’t have nailed those expressions any better.
    2) Juniper’s comment is perfect. No need for anything else said from the others.

    Anybody who grew up with siblings (no matter how many) can relate to this scene.
    Possibly your best work!

  8. Well, at least Ellie’s not going to have to worry about how the Spice Rack is feeling about her. They all hate Pumpkin right now.

      1. Yeah, unfortunately. *They* say it’s carried from the mother’s side, but I got it from both, and my hairline started retreating (not “receding”) when I hit 21.

        1. Likewise, sir. I feel your pain. I was apparently attractive for about two years in high school but no one bothered to tell me about it. Then the balding started up.

          I have heard rumors about things called “sebum plugs” that may be giving us some hope, but that could be false hope too.

        2. Best option is to just do what my pops did and what I intended to do until I realized I inherited the good genes. Just shave it. It looks better than a combover and you can tell people it’s a aesthetic choice.

  9. oof… I feel that one. I’m almost the youngest. I have 7 sisters and a brother. I lived the inverse of this until I moved out on my own. My sisters spent the entire time I grew up doing damage to the point that when I was old enough to start learning how to drive, my parents strait out refused. They decided that I had to get my own car before they’d even consider teaching me because between my sisters they had destroyed 4 vehicles.

  10. The only way that last panel could have been made better is if their eyes had started glowing Radioactive Green!

  11. Congratulations on the latest addition! Your hive grows strong; glory to the colony!

    Oof, I’d grab some cake and run for cover. Even if they failed every math class, siblings can do relative present value calculations instinctively, and given the nature of the Buckinghams, there’s going to be some /serious/ fallout. Double that for Rosemary’s surprise.

  12. Guys, I know it’s plague times and all, but it’s not the fourteen hundreds. You don’t have to keep pumping out kids to replace ones the plague took this time! Lol, but seriously, congrats you guys.

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