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Forget what I said last time.... should have Patreon up tonight. :P

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    1. Ellie really didn’t want them to see her imdb page, anyway. All those boob-tube things. And, by boob-tube, I mean her boobs on You-Tube.

  1. The only person that has even the slightest amount of emotional investment in this movie is Ellie’s “date”.

    “Happiness is a warm gun”.

  2. Most of the crew are probably film students (Ramen Empire), and so, when the funding is gone, so is they.

    Oh, and lemon over raspberry, any day.

  3. And like that…Ellie’s movie career is over. But, she won’t have to worry about post production jiggle. I’m sure that someone on the crew is keeping a copy of what was filmed and it shall spread over the interwebs and all the internets overnight.

    1. The more I think of it the more I realize it’s a lucky break the movie was cancelled. This is one of the only ways it may go unnoticed that the special effects dude was horribly murdered.

    1. It a low budget zombie movie that going to air on syfy. They would of CGIed Ellie so she was topless in the unrated cut

    2. She was keeping her arms close to her boobs in the running scenes, plus the Soul Calibur reference (try playing as Taki or Ivy), so I’m going to go with adding.

    3. It’s the jacket, it’s holding her in. Fortunately in these kinds of movies the female lead always ends up running around in a tank top. Unfortunately the movie was killed before they shot that scene.

  4. Would a movie this low budget have that big of a snack table?

    Also I wonder if Damien will be getting paid or if they’re just off like gypsies.

      1. Yeah – I’m assuming Rusche was going for an allusion to Mr. Jackson with the director. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a doppelganger who worked at a donut shop.

        1. I thought it looked like it last time, but his comment about Durkin makes it pretty well a certainty.

    1. That’s how you get Film Students to work for free. It’s all about the craft table. And a $500-a-day craft table is cheaper than paying 50 people a $100-a-day.

  5. Possible follow-up dates:
    * Studio audience on a well-loved Fox show with an original concept during its unfinished first season.
    * Volunteer monitor team for a Space X rocket launch.
    * Playthrough tester for the third iteration of any Valve game.

  6. Run away fast enough and keep your costumes too. Then they really Will have a swarm after them. Film That and you’ll have a movie.

  7. LOL don’t tell me the old dude has the ability to cancel B rated movie sets….wait lets face it it doesn’t take much to cancel B rated movie filming

    1. If I remember the continuity right, doesn’t the Patreon stuff generally take place before Ellie’s Danny adventure? Maybe we’ll see what got Juniper into that AA meeting!

      1. Last Patreon story did. I think the current one takes place starts during the traffic jam with Ellie driving Caleb to the airport and continues past that.

  8. @Rusche: The patreon comic looks great, but I have to ask: juuuuust how long did you spend perfecting how Juniper’s drinks looked? BE HONEST.

      1. I was impressed by the salt on the rim. Not uniform but still recognizable; I just liked making the implication that was something you’d agonized about that held the Patreon up. The whole comic was very well-drawn.

        Oh, and let Jessica know the coloring was fantastic!

  9. I hope that ‘boyfriend’ tries to run away with the gun, forcing Ellie to run after him, and then it gets caught on camera and it looks like a really bizarre episode of COPS.

    1. I…don’t think anyone seeing Ellie in that outfit would be inclined to think she was an actual officer of the law, unless she was working vice squad on prostitution stings.

      If I saw Ellie in that outfit, chasing a guy twice her age in a prisoner outfit, I’d think someone was going to have a VERY amusing bachelor party story in the not so distant future.

  10. The worst things to hear on set:
    “We’ll fix it in post.”
    “What the hell happened to craft (the snacks)?”

  11. Not sure what’s wrong with me, but I had to re-read the 1st panel abou 6 times across 2 different days before I realized the assistant *said* “We can CG her boobs in post, sir.” rather than “Can we CG her boobs in post, sir?”

    The responses of my fellow commenters and of the director all make much more sense now.

    *keels over

        1. They have already been reserved for next week’s filming, “All Hands on Deck”.

          Must be, like, a boat-related movie? Like a comedy? Thriller? Maybe like a military drama, like, for the coast guard or something? Or – or maybe the name has a typo and it’s a porn flick- look, in any case just have the prop hands in good condition, okay?

        2. You realize there already IS a movie called “All Hands on Deck”…
          1961 – Story of a Navy ship with a captain obsessed with catching a fish, a singing executive officer wanting to get married, and an Indian with a turkey as a pet. A few laughs with Pat Boone as the hopeful suitor, Barbara Eden as his girl, and Buddy Hackett assigned to Boone to stay out of the captain`s way. Certainly not a Mister Rogers competitor!

        3. It’s actually a brilliant idea for a not-at-all-brilliant low-budget horror flick. A ship is carrying a large container of prosthetic hands across seas, but gets too close to the Bermuda Triangle and all the hands come to life.

        4. Alternately the ship captain could stumble out of a bar drunk and kick a midget the night before shipping off, midget turns out to be a leprechaun or fair folk or whatnot and curses the captain.

      1. The AA thing, right? Well, that’s entirely possible knowing her. And all this time I’d thought the Black Friday affair turned her around.

        1. I suppose I should actually respond to what you said.
          In my experience, there is nothing that will cause a drug addict to actually change their ways. I would say I’m living proof but I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve consumed alcohol. The number of times I’ve taken narcotics could be counted on zero hands. Let’s just say I’ve known people very, very, very similar to the sister who hit rock bottom and started to dig. If Juniper’s dressing down from Ginger actually prompted her to change her life, I would be amazed.

        2. I was reading some of the statistics on addiction recovery and they’re actually not as grim as I assumed. Alcohol was the longest average addiction period (15 years).

          In my experience, more often than not people can get over an addiction when they have a strong enough reason to do so, though there are certainly some who cannot. Most of the people I’ve seen not really getting over an addiction (after years of effort) don’t really have a reason that they find compelling to get over it, just vague ideas that they should try to get over it.

  12. I just want to take a moment and thank Jessica for her hard work. Her coloring has been on POINT and phenomenal each and every time. Obviously, thanks to Rusche for making the comic, but I wanted to take a moment to the unsung hero who has been helping us all enjoy an amazing comic. So, thank you Jessica for taking a load off Rusche and doing a great job at it as well. Your work is helping us to enjoy more of Rusche’s amazing creation and I can’t thank you enough for that!

    1. Thank you, although I must decline your praise. I didn’t color this page, nor do I color any of the “regular” pages. So far I have only partially colored the Pateron pages. Chris always does background coloring. I do foreground coloring or just the flat colors and then he does the shading. Regardless, Chris is nice enough to put my name on every page. :)

      Also apologies if I don’t always respond to comments that mention me. I don’t always see them.
      The best way to get my attention is this form: http://shotgunshuffle.com/tech-support/

      But thanks for thinking of me but Chris deserves all the credit. :)

      1. Support work deserves credit too, and you have been taking care of this website longer than I’ve been reading.

        As a sysadmin, I can certainly say that it’s easy to get in the habit to not notice the work that goes into keeping things running smoothly. As a matter of fact I tend to put that on performance review-type docs that if I’m doing a good job people won’t notice me (slightly an overstatement, but not by a lot).

  13. have her boobs gotten bigger? I swear over time they are growing…
    I don’t like it…
    at this rate shes going to be walking boobs…
    crap…that’s gotta be a porno…its too ghetto not to be…I want to search…but I don’t want to find lol…someone confirm for me please?

    1. Confirmed. There are at least five DVDs, I didn’t bother to look any further. The ‘actress’ on the cover of No. Five is no where near as ‘tallented’ as Police Girl depicted above.

    2. It’s hard to say how much is implications of art improvements, outfit intentional changes (i.e. this one would certainly be attempting to emphasize rather than de-emphasize, which she might otherwise do), art mistakes, or intentional boob growth (she’s only 19, I’ve known girls to grow somewhat in their early 20’s) in varying size of Ellie’s boobs.

      If you look back at comic A Thousand Deaths (currently dated November 3, 2009) for Rusche’s early art, character heads are overly large compared to their bodies, where in the current comic they’re proportional/realistic. In the early art Ellie’s waist is also entirely too small for her to have a normal assortment of organs, where her torso and waist are reasonably sized. So while her boobs appear bigger in an absolute sense (and certainly in relation to her head), they seem proportional to her torso/waist getting more realistic, especially when you consider the likelihood of a push-up bra here.

      I have heard some artists say that things like boob size can be easy to drift a bit from comic to comic, too. So accidental artistic drift is possible on the occasional comic.

      Finally, Quinn did get deliberately bustier after she was no longer starving, and Pumpkin also grew quite a bit deliberately in comic too. Rusche did mention back during Black Friday when X came back to “tend to the median” that Tarra through Cinn had all been the cause of something bad for Tarra (see author post of comic Nightmare Fuel, currently dated April 13, 2014), and Ellie was stated to have caused her speech bubble color to change, which I’ve always thought was talking about a large emotional change for the worse. I’ve been assuming that would be due to Tarra’s David falling for Ellie and Tarra being jealous. If Ellie grows out to be bustier than Tarra also, especially after Tarra’s double mastectomy, that might also be a facet.

      So, multiple possibilities.

      1. There’s also the extreme probability that this is wardrobe exploiting her assets as the woman passing out the costumes commented.

        She doesn’t need a push up bra and a low cut outfit, but when she does wear both, boobquakes happen.

  14. And praise be to the geeks who would rather hold on to their special edition (almost) one-of-a-kind toys rather than hold on to the pretty girl beside them.


      1. I’m still wondering how you can tell. All it shows me as results are all the names with a small coloured stripe beyond. No additional information. And clicking on anything does not do a thing. Not even to show the “other” mentioned.

        As far as I can tell, the whole thing is utterly broken already.

        And they are behind their announced timetable already.

        1. G.H. is probably behind because he has to be a good New Yorker and hype on gun violence elsewhere ascribing it to idiotic white people completely hating on every other race because they’ve had too much beer and mental illness when they bought their weapons. That or bitching about Donald Trump’s hair.

        2. Better question: Hey Chris! When’s the next comic (or vote incentive) coming on-line?

          just a thought…..

        3. Borken. The word is borken.

          And yes, it certainly is. Seemed as though voting was over by the time Mr. Blue even announced it. We apparently had one day to react?

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