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44 thoughts on “Pilot

  1. Really, no one came back to comment on the very first comic? That’s kinda sad…

    Oh well, guess Ill do it!

      1. I considered it, but realized the temptation to post something that might turn into a spoiler would be too great.

        Also: I used to think Pumpkin was a boy this far back.

        1. I thought Pumpkin was a nickname as opposed to her formal name. I was uncertain on gender, but since I assumed Pumpkin was a nickname I was also leaning towards girl for that reason.

    1. I’ll comment on it, especially aiming at newcomers.

      A friend linked me to this strip, but a much later entry, and I could tell the author really had something good going, so I came back here and started my binge read.

      I have to say, and with apologies to the author for being blunt, the beginning feels pretty rocky. I really liked the art style, but the content … well, I won’t put ideas in your head, but I was dissatisfied with the content. It wasn’t horrible, but it really wasn’t grabbing me.


      By the time I got a couple of chapters in, I realized I had been fully engaged for a while and I needn’t have worried. I think the author just took a bit to hit their stride, that’s all.

      So, if you’re like me and you get past a handful of strips and you’re feeling “meh”, I advise you to keep going. I think you’ll be happy you did.

      Have fun!

  2. Pumpkin’s cheeks have G’s, so looking at the cast page, from left to right their cheek markings are G U N S H and I guess the Perfect One is supposed to be O’s where she’s blushing. So I guess the eldest sister must have T markings, to spell out GUNSHOT or SHOTGUN if you SHUFFLE them. Suddenly the comic’s title makes a little bit of sense.

    1. Considering the time it takes to draw current comics, I’m guessing that’s a “one of these days” sort of thing for him.

  3. Read through the whole lot and now wish to comment. :P

    Oh the “MOOM!” gambit. How I smite thee!!

    1. I think it’s due to Rusche liking 70s/80s music references (Shotgun Shuffle is a song by KC & the Sunshine Band) and he wanted a comic name that he could get the domain for and didn’t want ${COMIC_NAME}comic.com/net/org but the whole actual name.

      I don’t know if the fact that if you shuffle the order of the sisters’ birthmarks you can spell out shotgun is something he decided on immediately or later as a point in that direction as well.

  4. I gotta say – not that it wasn’t good to begin with – but after having read the whole comic I can’t help but nothing how much the art has improved since the first one. Amazing!

  5. Noticed this when I was trying to find something unrelated.

    Pumpkin here is flat, at the con arc she’s started to grow, and with the latest patreon stuff, she’s kinda exploded.

      1. The first Patreon arc (now all posted to the main site) covers an answer to this question now.

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