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    1. Still processing what would be more concerning. Ellie’s outfit, or the inmate walking along with a shotgun.

    1. Well she is wearing a sexy cop uniform and the guy next to her is in a bright orange jumpsuit with a large Shotgun. I woukd stare too

        1. If Rob Schneider ever shilled for Godfather’s Pizza, I don’t think that I could ever eat there again without hearing the ethereal and ever continuous argument between H2O and Gatorade.

        2. mR. Blue had different dreams last night. He dreamt that he ate a giant marshmallow. Now the ending to the new Girl Ghostbuster’s movie is changed.

  1. Well then, Ellie seems to have an exception to her “Nobody over 30 Rule” even though this guy went for someone else because he didn’t think this was going to happen.

    Though it looks as though he’s happy it actually did.

    Just wish this guy had a name, before the date-site gives the usual brush-off.

  2. I’m warming up to him, so I really, really, really hope this doesn’t make a dramatic turn for the worse. Unfortunately, my pessimistic side is flooding me with a growing sense of dread. The way he was dismissive and somewhat insulting when they met and is buttering her up now smacks a bit similar to negging, and what I’m afraid of is that Ellie is heading for a fling with this dude and she’s gonna get hurt.

    Hopefully I’m just reading way too much into this and it’s not going to end in tears but I’m gonna just keep reading from a safe emotional bunker for a while just to be on the safe side. I love Shotgun Shuffle, but I’ve gotten enough emotional sucker-punches from it to lower my guard. That’s probably part of the reason why I love it, actually. It’d be boring if it was all fun and games.

    1. My guess is older guy is one of the Platinum Patreon backers, that being the case, I suspect an exit stage left is in the cards for him.

      While Ellie does look a little more taken in by that last comment than I would’ve expected, it is still a relatively short amount of time. It’s more a question of if her reaction is hurt for him walking away from what others wanted when he seems to be worth a damn or encouraged that there are some decent guys out there.

      Although, there is another possibility. Tired Guy did seem to be looking for someone matching Blind Guy’s description. He could be the next date. Which could result in Ellie having every intention of trying to spend more time with this guy when she leaves, but blowing him off completely and forgetting about him a couple of hours later. Ellie has growing of her own to do too, so don’t discount that possibility.

        1. Well, that’s not helping out my bad feeling at all.

          You know, now that I am thinking about this maybe I’m going at it from the wrong angle. What if the drama is just going to be Ellie herself screwing up. This is supposed to be a one-time thing and she’s making a connection with a divorcee who’s sort of given up on dating. What if he actually opens up to her a bit and she hurts him? That could trigger a breakdown. Having to date all these guys only to have to put them down later can not be good for her soul, and this guy could be the one to push her over the edge.

        2. Huh, looks like it’s never been said that he was ever married. My bad. I just presumed that it was a divorce when he went off about bad relationships and having his personal life and finances ruined. Reading it again, I see that’s more likely that after being screwed over in relationships that he just took that stance to avoid going through that kind of hell again. So probably no divorce.

        3. Yes, but also that she would find romance. And, that she would be working with David, and that would lead to Tarra being jealous. If Vlad the toothpicker is David, and he’s following her around, we got that part covered.

        4. I don’t think Tarra gets strong into the jealousy yet. Anise was the first of the other sisters to take a step of turning her into X (that being the haircut), so Ellie’s really turning up the jealousy has to come after that (though not necessarily the breast cancer, as recovery from that would make a good excuse for how Anise manages to cut Tarra’s hair).

        5. What about this. The hair cut is one of the first steps towards Tarragon changing the color of her speech bubble, if not the first step. Ellie being with/working with David is a few more of those stepping stones. And the cancer, while we know where it comes from and who causes it, would be the final interpretation of Tarra’s decent into her madness.

          Just a thought though.

        6. We have that Anise cutting her hair is what seemed like the start of things going south for Tarra, so it’s first. But Juniper’s also going to cost her an eye and Cinn will do something too (I’m guessing O -> X)

        7. I don’t recall specifically, but I thought Rusche said Ellie would have a breakdown but didn’t mention this job specifically (I think first major arc, but maybe second) and that she’d have two serious relationships (presumably Blind Guy is one).

          If she does have a breakdown during this job, either this chapter’s going to be longer than I expect or it’s going to have to last through Pumpkin’s birthday, as that’s next chapter.

      1. If he has a dog, then he might be the person Tired Guy is after.

        Ot, to run even deeper, Tired Guy might be after the brother who set up the account.

        Shadow games within shadow games.

        1. The profile Tired Guy was after had no picture, so it’s possible this guy has a dog and is either the target or mistaken for the target.

          I still think Blind Guy as target and next date for a couple of reasons:

          1) Brother setting up this guy’s profile would’ve put up a picture since he seemed to be trying to pressure him and pictureless profiles would get fewer hits in general.

          2) The Royal Buckinghams picture was at Pumpkin’s birthday party as I recall. While Quinn was invited, her brother and Blind Guy are the only two other non-family in the picture are Quinn’s brother & Blind Guy. To me, that puts Blind Guy as present either as Ellie’s boyfriend or “haunting” Ellie & Tarra (based on picture placement) as a future BF for Ellie and past for Tarra (especially based upon shotgun).

    2. I don’t know, wouldn’t being in a crappy movie help to remove some of the emotional guardrails that either person may have had? Wouldn’t something like this be as emotional in scope as the proverbial hook up that all of those people are assuming that Ellie and this guy, (what’s his name?) might just have in order to be cosplaying out in public like that.

      And with those emotions out and about like that, wouldn’t that be something to share in fun and frivolity?

  3. I’d like to take a second to express my appreciation for the excellent perspective depicted in panels one and two. That is difficult to do flawlessly. Many other artists would find ways to work around having to draw those people and stairs.

  4. Here’s my question to see what the answer is next comic [maybe]:

    While Ellie’s boobs are certainly grabbing a lot of attention, I wonder how much is staying on Ellie or gravitating on the shotgun as they walk away. While Florida’s pretty gun friendly from what I hear, this does appear more urban/suburban/college area rather than the type of rural area where people might be used to seeing people carrying long guns for hunting purposes. I wonder if someone will panic and call the cops worried he’s a psycho or not.

    1. The guy is carrying a weapon in public, but not holding it in his hands. Nor is he running around like a crazed maniac. Considering the past few days, don’t you think that people should be afraid of Michael Jackson imitators with luggage carts?

      1. Well, I don’t actually fully understand why some people are as worried about firearms as they are. So it was really more a curiosity question. I’ve never personally met someone with a gun who was in any way irresponsible with it, and I grew up in a rural area where seeing someone carry a gun seemed no stranger than seeing someone carrying any other random sporting or hobby equipment, so I’ve never found them particularly worrisome.

        However, I knew a girl from near New York City who came out here and worked on the nearby Air Force base. She was always weirded out by the gate guards having guns. That completely baffled me and I couldn’t ever quite figure out why/how she thought it was weird that soldiers, whose duty it was to stand guard at the entrance point of a military installation, would have firearms.

        But the thing about it is the degree something is jarring is the degree it seems odd. If I saw one or more people walking down the sidewalk in the small town near where I grew up carrying shotguns (shoulder straps or hands on pump), I’d assume they had carpooled with someone else and were walking home after returning from hunting or trap shooting and I wouldn’t think anything odd about it. Same for the suburb I live in now, for that matter. However, if I were in downtown Dayton (not a big city by any stretch) or over by one of the bigger malls or near UD or Wright State and saw someone walking around with a shotgun, it would seem strange. I don’t know that I’d be worried, but at the very least it’d jump out as an oddity like someone walking a cat on a leash or juggling pineapples.

        So that’s really where I’m wondering environment/reaction combo to the shotgun.

        Though a part of me is also thinking Rusche is planning an exit stage left for this guy and wondering what it’ll be.

        1. Saw a guy walking a cat on a leash in Central Park. It DID stand out, bit as something very cool. Inspired us to try it with our cat and he did come to get into it.

          OTOH, I was once outside Geneva’s central train station when the Bürgers were returning from their reserve exercises: THOUSANDS of guys carrying assault rifles dispersing in all directions into the city, no one but me blinking an eye: THAT was a “not in America anymore” moment.

        2. :D

          Yeah, we Swiss people are probably a bit weird like that. Basically, if you board a bus with an automatic rifle type SIG SG550 (the Swiss Army Stgw90 version), no one will as much as bat an eye. They’ll just assume that you’re either returning from/going to military service if in uniform. Or coming from/going to a shooting exercise or the annual mandatory (for soldiers, others may take it voluntarily) shooting test.
          Heck, I’ve gone shopping on my way home from exercise with my rifle bag still on my back. Several times. No one really minds.

        3. Airforce base, Wright State, downtown Dayton…. I suddenly get the overwhelming impression that you and I live in the same town, That one guy.

        4. I mentioned Mendleson’s and the unfinished roller coaster sculpture in a comment once upon a time too (though I looked it up for a picture and found what it actually was and for the first time ever it made sense).

        5. Ah, Mendleson’s… the only place where you can find a used neon sign transformer that somehow costs more than a brand new one. Not sure on the half finished roller coaster, though. I’m reminded of that red thing on stilts at WSU. Is that what you’re talking about?

        6. I just remember my first trip and my reaction to seeing the whole place. Why anyone would even collect all that crap. Then set it out for people to buy. It looked like generations of horders had culminated in someone who decided to turn it into a store. You’d find something that no sane person would think to sell, but it wouldn’t be the only one, there would be several shelves of JUST THAT USELESS THING. It was breathtaking in a way. I couldn’t walk 15 feet without spotting something that would be excellent in a practical joke just from the stance of, “Where the hell did you find that?”

          Not Wright State, the middle of downtown (If I recall correctly, 48 is split at that point). It’s officially the Flyover sculpture and represents the first flight by the Wright Brothers.

          Post I’m mentioning is when Rusche requested cities to use for an unnamed purpose later (http://shotgunshuffle.com/comic/the-final-con-part-ii/comment-page-1/#comment-227263). I’d expected road trip as the purpose, so pointed out things for that. We got Kirk as the site user from Dayton instead, though. I thought that was a good one.

    2. Whaaat, he’s already got a cop with him, who’s to complain?

      And, srsly, no matter if they are coming or going, all that people will remember was a hot blonde in a skin tight cop outfit with a vague orange blob somewhere near her.

      1. I think a girlfriend pissed off at her boyfriend for drooling on her over Ellie might find it in herself to notice a few more details. So it’s not impossible.

        1. Aren’t we being the witty one. And no, I didn’t write that, or did I write this? Did I do it with a whiffle ball bat?

    1. They take backsolving upon occasion, but generally either it generally doesn’t matter for most of the panels (like comic [Patreon] Suzie Q, currently dated 13 Jan 2015), it only makes sense in one ordering, or there are cues/tells.

      Today’s really only makes sense in one ordering when you consider top left as first and bottom right as last (which is generally the rule for US comics).

  5. Awww, that’s actually kind of sweet. … He’s gonna turn out to be an axe murderer, isn’t he? Nope, wait, something worse.

      1. Ignoring the obvious lawyer joke, I’m going to go with perfect but hardcore into lots of things that she’s allergic to (as in sneezy/itchy/burny/eye-watery/sinus-clogging/vomit-and-diarrhea-inducing but not life-threatening allergic).

  6. Always about you, isn’t it, prison guy? :D

    Though it looks like Ellie’s happy about making someone feel awesome by walking around with them.

  7. Just in case anyone is wondering, we are at the 35th slot on the Top Web Comics (TWC) with 1,890 votes. This is a run of 78.75 votes per day. Awesome.

        1. 26 – 5 our favor. I also spread the word over at the Minnaverse. I’m thinking that some of those 26 votes came from our friends who love Scandinavian lore.

        2. Are the SSSS fans making a push to get their author to a win this year? If so, in the spirit of neighborliness which we managed to reach at the end of last year’s competition, I’d suggest we help.

          They were a worthy opponent that we edged ahead of last year, showing our support this year as we can assist seems fitting.

        3. I made mention of the fact that round one has started, here and on SSSS. And Lars_b made mention that he voted for Chris as well.

          I’m supporting both Minna and Chris up until they do battle. Then I’m going to flip a coin I got from Dent’s magic shop. Heads for Chris, tails for Minna.

          But it’d be interesting if Minna could work in a Batman joke. Maybe the next time they find plastic books.

      1. Shotgun Shuffle has 2% of the vote at the time with around 41 votes.
        Stand Still. Stay Silent has overtaken the lead by lepers, beasts and trolls with 12% for 262 votes.

  8. Eh, he’s still not the right one for Ellie, even if he seems (and possibly is) nice. :p It’s like people see a nice character and just feel that must be the one Ellie should go for now, because she isn’t with anyone.

    1. Relatives can be like that, too. “Oh, you met a person of the appropriate gender? Clearly, you should start dating.”

        1. Relatives can be trained. I started early and they generally leave me alone now.

          One of my favorite statements when someone tells me that “there’s someone out there just right for you”-type crap is to tell them I fully believe that to be the case, but she was sadly born to a family in China, with their one child rule, who wanted a boy so dropped her down a well. That tends to surprise people enough to shut them up.

          As for this guy and Ellie, I don’t think we have enough info to say that he’s either right or wrong for her. He’s just some guy right now. I don’t think he’s going to be permanent, so I’m suspecting it’ll go nowhere.

    1. Still shows for me. Maybe try a different browser or flush cookies and/or offline content? Patreon used to never work from this browser, but recently it started again.

    2. Sometimes on my phone the newest comic won’t display properly until I refresh it once or twice. I’ve never figured out what causes this to happen but that always fixes it.

  9. One thing I’ve noticed the particularly young don’t know about us 30-somethings…we know where all the fun places are.

      1. Yeah pretty much. ^_^

        For example, going to Vegas with a 20-something and it’s bars, casinos, and clubs all the way.
        Going to Vegas with a 30-something and it’s a completely different story.
        Amusement park rides, 200 ft. bungee jumps, souped up go carts around a speedway, automatic weapon ranges, secret concerts for bands you ACTUALLY know, afternoon rentals for ACTUAL supercars, where the best buffets in town are so you can eat like ACTUAL royalty on the cheap, the best IMAX theatre you’ve never heard of, the woiks.

        1. There’s a difference between serious and sincere. I don’t believe he was trying to manipulate or deceive Ellie with the 100% awesome remark. I think he’s spouting off in a relaxed fashion that he intends to be interpreted as a compliment, a nudge away from self-consciousness, and otherwise a joke.

          So I think he’s being generally sincere, but not particularly serious.

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