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Propaganda Afternoons

Not gonna lie... uh... I overslept on Friday's post. I'm human. :/ I've had my fair share of hiccups this year. Apologies. See you Monday.

81 thoughts on “Propaganda Afternoons

        1. Nah, I stole that bit direct from Rusche himself. I like referring to “First!” posters as “today’s reluctant hero”, like it’s really an accomplishment.

    1. Same here.

      I couldn’t resist buying ‘Titanic: The Animation’ because every so often i must revel in it’s terrible-ness.

  1. Contains entire series. Episodes one through two. Creator was shot following change in regime; new premier said Comrade looked too much like his brother and that mockery of new authority would not be tolerated.

  2. Wait a minute…that’s not what the box says!

    If I’m reading this right…it says…

    Tarra’s the secret lesbian and Ellie ends up with…Barrel? That can’t be right. Rusche, what madness is this?

        1. *face palms* This is going to inspire more tinfoil hat wearing than the ending credits for Gravity Falls, I just know it.

        2. Just remember tin foil blocks radio waves, aluminum foil (sometimes helpfully marketed as “tin foil”) is $@#%ing useless for protecting your brain.

        3. It’s true. I tried aluminum foil once. It was terrible. Only took the aliens about half a second to break through the outer shell, and after that, all hell broke loose.

        4. A guy in college knew a girl at the college radio station that he said actually did wear a foil hat for mind control concerns. I didn’t know her but wanted him to point out to her how that might shield electrical fields, but not magnetic. He thought that was too mean, but I kinda’ was hoping it’d result in her trying to obtain a mu metal hat.

          These days I just like to point out how bright those would light up on radar.

        5. It’s been a long while, but I can still read it. It says “Vladimir and Comrade: Oppression Chipmunks”. I had to look up the Oppression Chipmunks part…. for some reason I didn’t learn that in the 2 years of Russian I took in college. And they said my university degree would be completely useless!

        6. Wow. Authentic Cyrillic. Kudos, Rusche!

          Come for the attractive young women and comedy, stay for the tiny details and extra authenticity.

        7. But I think he pluralized “Comrade”; singular is just “Tovarishch” not “Tovarishchi”.

          But it has been a long time since Russian class.

        1. For some reason responding to Tarra is glitchy today. As though her perfection is warping the fabric of the internet.

        2. It is kind of nice, it feels like it’s been forever since we went Christmas shopping together. Or was it just a few months ago…

          Is this why Pumpkin has so far ignored my advice on how to get free drinks from guys? It explains so much…

        3. My hangover must be making feel mellow. Normally I’d just bash Cinn or say “up yours” or something.

          Alcohol really is the cause and solution to all of life’s problems.

  3. Shrak 2 is classic. Is much better than original. With less reliance on topical humor and pop culture references Shrak 2 is holding up better with age than it’s bloated capitalist inspiration. Balalaika montage remains culturally relavent to this day.

    1. Liar! Clearly you have been brainwashed by capitalists. All know original Shrak remain faithful to glorious party ideals, while Shrak 2 simply vehicle for Nikolai Borshnev’s career! Also was mere excuse to give Lindsay Lohan supporting role.

      1. Shrak 1 & 2 were both OK, but where the series /really/ hit it off was Shrak 3. I mean, I know alot of people thought it didn’t remain very true to the original, but it had a much deeper story with more engaging characters. Of course, that probably was to do with the director for the first two being jailed for his thinly disguised slights against the Prime Minister throughout both movies.

        1. A shame, too. Much enjoyed comical antics of Shrak 2’s Vice Premier Woodenhead. Was funny.

          Wait…is knock at door. Wonder who that could be at this time of ni

    1. Da! Is good! Is best animated movie released that afternoon between the hours of 2 and 4PM. Says so on box so must be true.

        1. Not all living things poop fertilizer. Take yeast for example, which poops/pees alcohol (as much as you can consider a fungus to do either of those things).

        2. Yes yes. Dragons poop as well. But considering that they breath fire, their eggs explode, do we want the potential for burning our crops there? And I don’t mean just by fire. You can chemically burn them, especially if there is too much sulfur.

      1. It is mostly. “Угнетение” isn’t the best translation of “Operation”, but it does feature in some dictionaries. It be simpler if the cognate “Операция” was used, as that’s what things like “Operation desert shield” transtlate to. Its also it’s weird that in the middle of the russian you get “‘n” instead of “and”, especially since russian “and” is just “и”.

        It’s very lucky that this is just a title instead of a sentence, of there are sure to be more errors in translating to russian grammar.

  4. Ha being Russian, 25 yo and spending half of my life here and there this is an appropriate representation of every subway kiosk. Tho the best knockoff was Winnie the Pooh

  5. I would totally wreck that DVD stand with money. I love cultural divergent crap like that.

    I wonder if I should feel weird for owning a 4 DVD set of classic Soviet propaganda cartoons. (Incidentally, the author of Mister Twister owes his life to Stalin having been a fan of it, and omitting him from the Party’s list of artists to purge while going over the gathered names.)

  6. I didn’t know the Russian entertainment business was so far ahead of ours. It takes most of the whole first season before we get bad shows cancelled (if even then). We can’t let ourselves fall behind and have to close the bad-show-cancellation gap! God willing, we will prevail in peace and freedom from fear and in true health through the purity and essence of our natural fluids. God bless you all.

      1. Yeah, it is a bit too difficult to get the pure grain alcohol away from Juniper while there’s still any left in the bottle.

        1. She’s only been pictured from neck to knee so far, so we don’t actually know what her face looks like yet. I believe her image has to wait for her face to show up in comic. Possibly longer, as I believe that she’s the shadow next to Caleb that appears to have a dagger or sword, so there’s a possibility that she may not show up until that seems in-place/in-character.

          (comic Sorey not Sorey from 02 June 2014, panel 4, the lady whose head is cut off in frame)

  7. And now, an impromptu haiku following the notice of lack of update.

    No update today
    Rusche overslept; he’s human
    Long way ’til Monday

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