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Proud to Serve

Finally got Juniper a panorama in the comic. Next one is a big long. I'm pushing for Tuesday, could be Wednesday. I also really do appreciate everyone who's been voting on the Webcomics List for my comic. The placement on that list can mean the difference between hundreds and tens of thousands of clicks into the site. Thank you all.

123 thoughts on “Proud to Serve


          Now that is some fiiiiiine steely resolve there, Juni.

      1. What happened to your goth under dress and your hand tats? Did you finally find some pens? Or did you just do a bank run, miss the heroics that Suzie News reported on and just steal their pens while they were cleaning up the pepper smell?

  1. Crap! I just noticed. Anise has her gloves off.

    A lot of the guys in that room are going to end up calling Mike.

      1. The quote goes “He’s the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now.”

        Dent was the hero Gotham needed and the Joker ruined him!

    1. Ellie gets her command game on! Gen-u-wine leadership! (Tarra almost looks like she is going to get the scissors. )

  2. I was so caught up in the Juniper moment and the flag, that I read the top web comic blurb as “The placement on that list can mean the difference between hundreds and tens of thousands of CHICKS into the site.”

    1. It would beat trying to get my money back from the Date a Sea Captain website. Now, I just have to get my profile image up to date. Where can I rent a crane for a camera stand? Should I ask Jessica and James?

      1. I really have to stop looking at this late at night. “crane” had me picturing a bird, and I could think was if it’s a sea captain site, a parrot would probably score more points.

    1. Not impossible, but seems unlikely. She doesn’t appear to be fond of discipline or taking orders. I read all that as figure of speech.

  3. Is Juniper finally going to get a moment in the spotlight?

    Also, that face in panel 3, she’s not used to encouragement is she?

      1. It’s like she’s expecting to get yelled at about something. Easy enough given what just happened. Then she gets that instead, and yeah, she’s ready to go. She’s got it in her, you know she does, she’s just got to have the chances to get it out.

        …ignore the double entendres. It’s the wrong time and place for that sort of thing.

        1. Though honestly, Ellie could have easily advised Juniper to pace herself. There are a lot of dudes in that room, after all, and we can’t well have their power forward collapsing before the backup can arrive.

      1. …and he was never heard from again.

        Seriously though, how perfect was that line with your avatar? The best fate ever for Katrina would be Cinnamon. :D

  4. Juniper is gonna bring this house down! All subscriptions will be renewed… if there are survivors. Anise better find her bearded man Quick! Cinnamon I’m not sure about. Hope she left her bat-rat-bugs (do they have a name?) at home. I wonder if Ginger will stick around to see how this goes?

    Also, I wonder how Nina is fairing right now?

    1. The last time we saw those particular plague beasts, the were Ratchantulas, if I recall (rat + roach for the initial swarm, mated with Cinnamon’s tarantula, get flying spider-rat-crawlers that a nuke won’t bother)

      1. There was a possibility of one final upgrade to Ratchtantulapede, but this was more a thing that caused terror among the SyFy subscribers than anything else.

        1. I’m not sure if “upgrade” is the proper word there. In one sense, yes, they’ll be better at being horrible abominations of nature and implements to inspire terror. On the other hand, that’s not necessarily “better.”

          It’s much like Invader Zim’s question about did he make the fire worse, or better?

        2. I don’t remember any -pede’s interacting with any ratchantulas, but anything is possible when nature (and SCIENCE! decide to get freaky). The big question: centipedes or millipedes?

  5. Tara looks like she may fight them. If that happens she will destroy them and as no one there stands a chance if she’s in that mood It’s best not to test her. Than again she may do this to help Ellie.

    1. Remember that Tarra’s mapping to the seven deadly sins is Envy and she’s quite competitive. I don’t know that she’ll be happy about this, but she might refrain from destroying things.

        1. Rusche mapped it out in a comment after a lot of guessing by commenters before this, but the easiest place to find it is in the author post of comic The Honorary One (current post date April 22, 2014). If you are curious the mapping and don’t want to go to the other comic, it’s as follows:

          Ginger > Wrath
          Tarra > Envy
          Anise > Gluttony
          Juniper > Lust
          Ellie > Sloth
          Cinnamon > Greed
          Pumpkin > Pride

  6. I am clearly not donating enough on Patreon. This is f’ing hillarious work. Rusche, do you write all this yourself???

  7. I see that first panel and that look Juniper is giving and I can’t help but feel she’s thinking “Seriously? You know I got this.” :)

    1. Congratulations from the committee on a qualifying first. Secondly, not sure if she was thinking that. I, er, we think… we’ll defer to one of the more weird members now.

        1. I was convinced she was expecting to get hit again. Especially after Ellie just walked the line listing everyone’s shortcomings.

  8. Ohhhh Anise, I have a very nice Santa Suit. I can wear it whenever you want. And I know that you were a very good girl this year. :D

  9. I love that instead of “stars” Juniper gets the mudflap girl on her flag. Also, after reading the tvtropes page for Shotgunshuffle I can not believe I didn’t realize the last name of every single member of Fleetwood Mac is represented in members of the casts’ last names. I loved your level of references but that kind takes it to a whole new level. Way to break the chain.

  10. I remember “someone” choosing “something” over art school…

    Glad to see that choice is about to pay off.

  11. If I’m not mistaken, I’d say tomorrow is going to be one morning where Juniper will wake up to a warm bed, a hot meal, and a nice shower.

    1. I’m going to assume you’d forgotten we already had a pi…

      (see comic All Right Ramblers, current post date December 4, 2013, if you want a reminder).

  12. I love the preliminary sketches I’ve seen on Facebook.
    Now put a couple of these on the Top Web Comic site as a voting reward and watch those numbers ROLL!!!

    I’m just saying….

  13. Was on vacation all last week and this is the only comic I would ever bother to frantically check (and refresh) on update days. Magnificent!

  14. Hi Rusche, love your stuff.
    I am happy to vote for you but the button is in a weird place, if you made it more obvious I think you would see your vote count jump.

  15. In retrospect, I kinda’ like that Ellie’s giving her sisters instructions that if they actually are listening and care, they wouldn’t really have any good idea about how to follow.

  16. she is getting off kinda easy with this stunt. either this is a norm for them, or Ellie is getting realy short hair later

    1. Yeah, I’m wondering how much she’s getting off easy or if she’s kept them sufficiently off-balance and hasn’t given them time to talk.

      Though, with her being the lazy one, it’s also quite possible that all her older sister owe her a few by now too (her not being prone to doing more than needed so possibly often easy to find and coerce) and this is just a recognized way of paying that back. If she doesn’t get some degree of crap for using the emergency summon pager for something like this, that’s my going theory for explanation why.

        1. Her being lazy would cause her to be easy to find, and also likely to be a top choice if trying to get someone to provide an alibi. I’d expect her older sisters to take advantage of that and push her past her laziness when they saw fit. I’m completely speculating that as they grew they counted some of those as owing her one/several favors in return.

          For Cinn, I’m assuming not turning her in on something, and Pumpkin didn’t stick around.

    2. I don’t know if she’s getting off easy exactly.

      Anise looks like she’s ready to enjoy it. Cinn and Tara aren’t exactly looking upset with the idea. Juniper, she could end up making out the most from this. What if this is the experience that helps turn it all around for her?

      Ginger is helping out single friends of hers with this. The only one who isn’t possibly getting anything out of this and may not be helping at all, is Pumpkin, who if she was smart, would charge for baby sitting, while doing her sister the favor.

      Possibly no reason for hair cutting to be had.

      1. Women getting paid to drink with swarthy hordes of lackluster men? Who wouldn’t pay $5 – $10 an hour for an experience to snark on with girlfriends in the future.

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