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UPDATE: Apologies for not providing an update sooner. Next comic will be up tomorrow Wednesday. Battling the flu, or its equivalent.   _____________________________________________________ I shaved the top tier off the next comic. This kinda gives it away, but I didn't want you guys to do without for too long. Thanks to everyone who voted, and indulged me while I pushed to get that poster done. Sat on it for about three months. I got plenty of shirts and mugs and what not out of it. The mug are probably my favorite. These are the layouts. 26876141_13640025-mugs11a_l 26880607_13473213-mugs11a_l 26881398_14055235-mugs11a_l 26881520_3768536-mugs11a_l And here's the finished mugs: all mugs Pumpkin has all the anime or anime inspired,  Jubilee has all the comic characters, Samus has all the game girls, and Pumpquinn has the misc. Obviously I'm now obligated to say COLLECT ALL FOUR! As always, you can find shirts, prints, posters, and other misc HERE on Sociey6. Sizes run small, so order up a size or two if in doubt. I made a few shirts and prints for the highest ranked characters from the vote. If there's any character you're dead set on being on a shirt by themselves, I can create a one (serious "I'm-actually-going-to-buy-this" inquiries only, plz.) Otherwise, I'll assume everyone's content. ;P Until next post,  I wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and everything else of equal or lesser value! Thanks Chris

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  1. Fantastic, now I have something to look forward to next payday. Maybe a poster, I’ll have to ask the significant other about it. I wish I could just skip through some of the holidays.

      1. I’ve been making it a point for the past several New Years’ to do my damnedest not to notice the moment the year changes over.

  2. I’m going to get a Samus cup and make that my personal coffee mug. I just got a job that will allow me to move on my own soon so I will be purchasing cups and whatnot in the not-too-distant future :P

  3. Gotta get them all.

    But for next year Chris, the Christmas item should be released just three days after Halloween, in order for thinkgeek to geek out about it.

        1. Every Adam Sandler movie co-stars regret – from both the viewer’s perspective as well as from cinema as a whole.

        2. While I can’t wholely disagree with you, I have to say there are some good quotes in Billy Madison to pull out on people when they don’t expect it.

        3. Odds are Bridgette Wilson regrets showing up in Billy Madison.

          I personally would have cited Happy Gilmore, but then I remembered what they made poor Bob Barker do in that one, and then bam! regret.

        4. I’m not saying there’s no regret, I’m saying that a part of me really hopes for an opportunity to take 30-45 seconds describing how wrong someone is and finish it off with everyone hearing it is now dumber and may God have mercy on the soul of the person who said that.

        5. His earlier stuff was pretty fun (though I was a young teenager then…crap, now I sound OLD) and given that most of his movies seem to be made with the intent of “goof around with his buddies on a movie set” (seriously, there are people who are in every movie he puts out) and aside from some humor being more crass/juvenile/whatever than I might prefer, I won’t fault him for that.

          Hell, I’ll even admit that I saw Pixels when it was in theaters. It wasn’t anything amazing, and the premise could have been handled differently, but I knew going in that I wasn’t going to see some cinematic masterpiece, I was going to see Sandler & his friends mess around on screen with alien invaders that resembled 80’s era video game characters. I laughed at bits, I sighed at bits, and I can say it was entertaining enough for what it was (a goofy movie to watch with a friend from high school after giving blood & already being slightly loopy because of that…the blood giving also covered the tickets)

        6. The only Adam Sandler movie I ever enjoyed was his remake of The Longest Yard. I think it’s because that was the only movie (that I know of) where he’s not acting retarded- I don’t find that style of comedy funny.

        7. I have to say my favorite movie that Will Ferrell stars in is Stranger Than Fiction, and that’s definitely not a movie you’d describe as “a Will Ferrell movie” despite the fact that he’s the star and on all the posters/pictures. There are others of his I enjoy that are “Will Ferrell movies,” but Stranger Than Fiction has them all beat in my book.

        8. The only movie with Will Ferrell in it that he didn’t ruin was The Lego Movie, but only because it was the role he was born to play (as well as the part he plays in every movie). He is the guy that is there to take the fun out of everything.

        9. One of my favorite movies is ’50 First Dates,’ but I’ve spoken to some people who consider it a “Drew Barrymore movie” and not an “Adam Sandler movie.”

    1. I think that they might feel a lesser effect of the montage (like the first time we saw montage being used, and Ellie’s comment about how quickly the night went) but would still be experiencing the party in question. I think being in proximity to a montage user gets you pulled into their montage, if only for the parts they were there for, which causes everything to montage (verb this time) for us (the readers) so despite Ellie not taking the montage the fact that it’s being used RIGHT THERE means she’ll get a minor skip, but we’ll probably get the full effect as she enters/exits the scene regarding her different dates.

      I really like the hypothetical implications of montage, it’s wild.

      Also, the fact that he referenced that particular montage as Spice World when it’s clearly labeled “Stop” made me laugh (it’s one of their songs, for those who didn’t know)

      1. I’ve been wondering for quite some time if Ellie’s comment while Danny was on montage was intended as normal “time flies when you’re having fun” or as an indicator that she was getting “second-hand smoke”-type reaction.

  4. I see you sorted the mug images by theme. There’s the anime costume mug, the video game costume mug, the comic book costume mug, and the everything-else costume mug. Nicely done!

  5. If not saying Merry Christmas (or another specific holiday if I know the one the person celebrates otherwise for certain), I generally like “Joyous Christmahanaqwanza” as the statement.

      1. My primary objection to Festivus is the potential implication that the Airing of Grievances might be restricted to only once per year.

    1. Hm… I’ve got just the thing lying around here somewhere… Ah, yes!

      Politically Correct Seasons Greetings

      Please accept with no obligation, implied or implicit our best wishes for an environmentally conscious, socially responsible, low stress, non-addictive, gender neutral, celebration of the winter solstice holiday, practiced within the most enjoyable traditions of the religious persuasion of your choice, or secular practices of your choice, with respect for the religious/secular persuasions and/or traditions of others, or their choice not to practice religious or secular traditions at all …

      and a fiscally successful, personally fulfilling, and medically uncomplicated recognition of the onset of the generally accepted calendar year 2010, but not without due respect for the calendars of choice of other cultures whose contributions to society have helped make America great, (not to imply that America is necessarily greater than any other country or is the only “AMERICA” in the western hemisphere), and without regard to the race, creed, color, age, physical ability, religious faith, choice of computer platform, or sexual preference of the wishee.


      (By accepting this greeting, you are accepting these terms. This greeting is subject to clarification or withdrawal. It is freely transferable with no alteration to the original greeting. It implies no promise by the wisher to actually implement any of the wishes for her/himself or others, and is void where prohibited by law, and is revocable at the sole discretion of the wisher. This wish is warranted to perform as expected within the usual application of good tidings for a period of one year, or until the issuance of a subsequent holiday greeting, whichever comes first, and warranty is limited to replacement of this wish or issuance of a new wish at the sole discretion of the wisher.)

      1. And, Lukkai, may I say, I wish the same to you. I think. Merry Wishmas, Live Long and Prosper — but, seriously, just do the best that you can under the circumstances.

  6. That is some fine merch up there. I dig it. :D
    Ellie’s right, by the way. After montages are dream sequences, then you move on to the harder stuff, like abstract parallels, meta jokes, and fourth wall demolition. Next thing you know, your artist is turning tricks for pixel money to support your insatiable habit of acting out whatever their daily minutia was with a half-assed joke tacked on, and the fans that stuck around are claiming the new direction is good because it’s true to life.
    It’s an ugly way to go.

    1. It ends with the salamander leaving after taking away your homes fire retardant system, immersive tv, R-life surround system and hard back, author signed & dedicated copies of “SHOTGUN SHUFFLE: The live action series collection.

  7. I hope everyone remembers that spending time with family for the holidays is a wonderful opportunity to hop on their wifi to give Shotgun Shuffle another Top Web Comics vote.

  8. Merry Christmas everyone! I hope everyone has a better year next year than they had this year (no matter what this year was like)!

  9. Check it out people. How pc is it to not say it in English? My guess, none at all.

    Joyeux Noël.
    Feliz Navidad.
    メリー クリスマス.
    메리 크리스마스.
    С Рождеством.
    God Jul.

    May Pere Noel come in his flying cat tank to your Lakeland, Florida and spread stylized thingies for holiday cheer. Also to pander things while keeping the trolls out of Cinnimon’s hands. It’s bad enough we’ve got ratlantchtulas to deal with. Could you imagine just what she’d do with a troll?

    Brain Why, I could finally take over the world Pinky.
    Pinky NARF
    Cinnimon looks down on the two white mice with a malevolent grin.
    She just whispers, “more meat for the grinder” as she nabs the two…

  10. Okay just out of curiosity, rank five Adam Sandler movies twice. 1st, your favorites (must have watched) and 2ndly, the top five with the most regrets (again, must have watched them.)

    1. Top 5: Airheads, Billy Madison, The Wedding Singer, Mr. Deeds, Little Nicky.

      Top 5 regret: Bulletproof, Pixels, Big Daddy, Happy Gilmore, Little Nicky

      I haven’t seen a number of his things, and I’m not counting stuff he made but wasn’t in (I’m looking at you, Deuce Bigalow, and/or Joe Dirt)

      1. Alright my lists:
        FAVS: 1) “8 Crazy Nights”, 2) “Ridiculous Six”, 3) “Mr. Deeds”, 4) “You Don’t Mess With the Zohan”, 5) “Little Nicky”.

        Regrets: 1) “Waterboy”, 2) “The Longest Yard”, 3) “Big Daddy”, 4) “Anger Management’, 5) “Billy Madison”.

        I don’t know if you guys are counting “8 Crazy Nights” but its my favorite so…
        Also im sure “Pixels” would be on my regret list but i haven’t seen it.

    2. 1st, I didn’t know that he made a movie called “Top Five.”

      Favs: 1: “Happy Gilmore;” 2: “The Waterboy;” 3: “Airheads;” 4: “Hotel Transylvania;” 5: “Anger Management.”

      Regrets: 1. “Pixels;” 2. “Little Nicky;” 3. “Mr. Deeds;” 4. “You Don’t Mess With the Zohan;” 5. “The Longest Yard.”

      1. Boo, BOOOO!

        Anyway, since I haven’t even seen 10 of his flicks, my list is a tad lacking. I’m glad we’re on the same page with Airheads though (such an absurd, yet entertaining movie)

        1. I dunno. What’d you want me to say. There were a few that I wasn’t sure. Mom had “Click” as well. But I wasn’t sure of it. After talking about this topic, it kind of seemed that Adam Sandler was being a bit of a one trick pony. Turn into the spoiled brat that he was in Billy Maddison and brat the way through the movie. There were movies where that just didn’t work. However, Pixels had a ton of crappy writing to go with that stupid bratty premise. While I thought that “The Longest Yard” was the best of the five regrets, it was the stupid bratty bit that he pulled at the start of the movie that put it on the list for me.

        2. That’s basically what all his movies are now: him screwing around on screen with his friends. He did well enough, and caters to the perpetually present demo of teenage/early 20’s guys (or the stereotype of what a male in that age bracket should be) and it continues to make him money so he can make movies where he’s just screwing around with his friends (and getting paid for it)

          The earlier stuff wasn’t all good, but at least there was some variety to it (it’d be a comedy, but that was the only solid constant). He has pulled some serious/not completely goofball stuff out (not much though) and occasionally can make something that’s just fun without being overly juvenile.

          In case you couldn’t tell, I have a tendency to play devils advocate when it comes to just about any creative work (I will do my damnedest to find something good in almost any media I take in; someone had to have put some actual effort/thought/work into whatever I’m consuming). I like to like things (but will dissect the crap out of things I like, too)

          Side note to everyone: happy holidays.

    1. I was going to say ditto, but I got a text message this morning instead of the obligatory Christmas card this morning from someone who should have followed with the tradition. Non relative.

      Merry Christmas Jamilee. And to all a good night.

  11. I’m going to interpret Rusche’s post remark as suggesting the rest of this long comic is a long montage of Ellie’s dates between now and next payday (not necessarily that she’s the one using it).

    That being the case, I propose guessing the song for the montage.

    I’ll start with Margaritaville.

      1. On a side note, I just noticed your avatar is Ellie in the Blackford kitchen with kupokitty on her shoulder. Did you make that and submit to Gravatar or did Rusche add it to the random rotation?

        It is a good avatar.

  12. Love the mug designs! maybe after i survive the Januari dept paying wave i’ll look into it.
    As for the comic, all i have to say is DON’t do drugs,it never ends well.

        1. They haven’t. In fact, nobody else has. We’re the only ones brave enough to admit both what we’ve seen, and what we like/least dislike.

          We’re rebels like that, going around with our color inclusive commenting names and all that.

        2. I feel like I should have an opinion on at least 15 Adam Sandler movies before I try to rate a top 5 & bottom 5. I’m not entirely certain that I can even remember seeing 10 of them, though.

          It’s also been long enough since I’ve seen most of the ones I have seen that I’m not sure how much my judgement has changed.

        3. I’m not quite sure what you mean by do both, but if you mean go watch 15 arbitrary Adam Sandler movies and then give a top 5 & bottom 5; my “to watch at some point” list is way too long for that. There are even a couple of Adam Sandler movies in it, though the ordering of the list is arbitrary and changes from one moment to the next and I really haven’t been in much of an Adam Sandler-ish mood for years now.

        4. Offer your opinion on the 15 Sandler movies, only if you’ve seen them, or just the ones that you’ve seen. Then create your own list of five favorites and five movies that should that should be full of regret for having been made.

        5. Besides, the list was stipulated for Adam Sandler movies that you have watched. Which is why I didn’t include “Click,” “Fifty First Dates,” “Spanglish,” or what ever that Jennifer Anniston movie with him was called.

    1. Apparently those things are surprisingly reliable. There was a story (on Jalopnick i think) of a guy losing his wife, his house, his business … but not his Lamborghini. He drove it nearly 100,000 miles, touring the country before the timing chains stretched to point that the heads were turned into modern art. He parked the car and opened up a new business.

      Good times.

      1. It’d be quite the travesty for them not to be very reliable considering the cost. If they weren’t reliable, you could certainly still try to market to one-upsmen (think Lewis Black’s ballwasher joke), but you do cut into your market a lot if people who work their way to being rich and then go consider one then find out they break down like Volkswagons (I’ve heard the ones made in Europe are fine, but the US gets half & half European vs Mexican-made ones and apparently the quality control is much worse in Mexican plants; or at least that was the explanation I got from a European VW fan as to why Consumer Reports showed them averaging one significant problem every six months in the first two years of ownership where Ford & GM were 1/year and Toyota & Honda were either 1/two years or 50% chance of one/two years).

        1. I would wager that a few social variables may take effect. The siestas in Mexico, depending on the country, which of the month(s) a person works in relation to the rest of the plant. Weekends for all, religious and political holidays along with the starting of the shift after lunch, dinner, breakfast, beer week end, drug fest, etc.

        2. I hadn’t actually paid attention on that. I’d recalled them as being Italian origin, so I assume they were bought since the last time I paid attention (probably 20 years ago). I’d hope VW wouldn’t make the higher end stuff in their worse plants, though.

    1. Aside from the sickness, recall that the above comic was sliced off from the top of one that was large enough that he felt the need to warn us it’d take a while (and he often does’t do that for three or four rows of panels), and he’s occasionally had additional computer crashing problems with some of the bigger comics. Plus the whole holidays time sinks, and aside from the usual ones, I get the impression that dropping his kids off to see their mother takes the better part of a day (possibly both on delivery and pickup, not sure, just going from impressions from previous general statements, I haven’t asked specifically).

      1. On a good day in the middle of the week. Downhill both ways….. with no left turn lanes conspicuously unmarked. I would agree with your estimate.

        However, you may have forgotten to factor in the appetite cycles of two munchkins as well as the abnormal appearance of the kitty in the fireplace. In addition, the bladder to drink ratio completion when constrained against the inevitable mismatch of said occupants expectations. Having been a kid once, do not try to overdrive this, or astringents abound while the suitcase comes out. Also, have forthought of their bladder capacity filling ratio. Taking both sides into account, double checking, shooing helicopter parents away when a co-ed application to the monogender facilities occur. That should add a fourty percent minimum to your time estimate. But I digress in assuming its both ways. However, trip, plan, prep could take a solid two days per transfer with the packing of the vehicle being the most time consuming outside of calling nature.

        1. He used to go incoherent like that a lot. He does it much less lately, but he still does it upon occasion.

  13. In under five days, SHOTGUN SHUFFLE has dropped from the four thousandth level of TWC (Top Web Comic) madness to arrive around 115. There has been an influx of new comics, but SHOTGUN SHUFFLE will weather this storm with the assistance of the readership.

    Onward to the level of the single digits.

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