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Pulling Aggro

So as I've said before, Pumpkin, Ellie, and Tarragon are three sides to the same coin. When trying to create the sisters I just made Pumpkin kid-Ellie and Tarragon super-Ellie. One is still trying to figure out who she wants to be, one is over confident and self important. While Ellie isn't actively trying to mold Pumpkin into herself, Tarragon certainly is. The issue of course is Tarragon didn't tell Pumpkin becoming the center of attention meant approval and adoration. For Tarragon, negative attention is still attention. I'm sure we've all known individuals like that.  For clarity sake, Desiree and Frances aren't dating. I know I never made that clear. They're just friends, but she obviously has some latent crush on him. I'm sure she's never told him. I'm sure she's just spent the majority of her free time with him, never acting upon or expressing emotions, bottling them up, then letting hurt feelings explode in unnecessary fashion on someone that had nothing to do with it.  God, wasn't high school FUN!?

42 thoughts on “Pulling Aggro

  1. Mighty deflated crowd there. At this rate, someone might key that gleaming yellow confection. . . with a chainsaw.

  2. Jesus f$#k everyone here is a douche. I have a friend who’s dad gave him his first car when we were teens. I didn’t groan and complain about it. I was just super excited to go diving around with him. I didn’t get my own first car until my twenties because I straight couldn’t afford to. The hell is wrong with everyone.

    1. Some people are anti-intellectual and anti-exceptional. This unique combo of toxicity means they will ostracize anyone for doing anything they are, for whatever reason, unable to.

    2. All my friends would’ve been like “Dude, you got a car, sweet! We can go anywhere!” Not mopey, envious little shits like this lot here. Do teenage girl friends act like this when one of them makes good? Any of our women viewers wanna pipe up about this?

      1. Most of the girls I knew would be shocked or saddened to hear this. I don’t know what affects this behavior, but I suspect it starts with whatever they’re surrounded with, or choose.

        It’s just…disheartening.

  3. Dear Pumpkin: Cars can be status symbols or social ladders, but that fades pretty quickly, they are primarily transportation. Smile, you can still drive that thing for years and years.

    1. In my experience, it depended on people’s opinion of the person before the event. And the gift receiver’s behavior before and after. It looks to me that Pumpkin has never treated any of these people decently.

      1. Really? I never got the impression that Pumpkin ever treated any of her friends badly.

        What we look to have is a friend who isn’t generally considered to be the pretty one, being jealous of the birthday girl getting the attention. When, it is her birthday, but yes, she has breasts and looks, all things she had before, even if she may have tried to keep the breasts on the down low before, but as Tarra said, they weren’t much of a secret.

  4. Couple of key points (IMHO);
    1) Guys are different than girls. Get a hot, new car and (most) guys are glad for you, want to go for a drive, maybe drive it, check out the engine, etc. We’re less clicky & generally less self-obsessed about feeling bad for ourselves because our friends got a better car than ours.
    2) Girls suck, especially teenagers. It wasn’t called “Mean Girls” by accident. Girls will tend to pull out the knives and backstab anybody and anything if it makes them feel better for any length of time.

    Sorry, kid.
    Your sisters should see you didn’t ask for this and will start to cast their stones at dad trying to buy favors.
    Your real friends will come around to hang out.
    And if they don’t, well F them and the horse they road in on!

    Stay strong & know your family loves you.

  5. It the looks like steering wheel is on the right, and Pumpkin hasn’t realised she’s in the wrong seat.
    Maybe its not as expensive as everyone thinks.
    A grey market import from Japan that’s still right hand drive?

    1. I think it’s on the left. There isn’t an audio console on the left of the wheel. I think the perspective of the pictures doesn’t work well.

    2. SS is explicitly set in Florida, and Rusch was pretty accurate in drawing a Dodge Charger, which isn’t sold in any RHD markets. You’re mistaken.

  6. Honestly, I don’t know what’s sadder here.

    1. The look of confused betrayal on Pumpkin’s face.
    2. The look of confused pity on Herb’s

        1. Also recall that Pumpkin didn’t even want this party in the first place, nor did she consider most of these people good friends and didn’t want them invited. So I’d say her mom bears a large responsibility for inviting people who would react this way.

  7. Judging by the look on Rose Mary’s face, I think she saw that would have happened, hence why none of the others got a car.

  8. As I think on this, not all of this seems to be car related. Obviously some of this is “Pumpkin is considered hot and I don’t like it!”

  9. waiting for Quinn to slide into the car and act like it is no biggy to ask Pumpkin to drive to the store for no reason and act snooty about it … in Quinn’s adorable snooty “be there for her besty” without admitting to it.

  10. Rosemary should take a moment away from glaring and consider that her daughter had literally zero interest in a birthday party, and that none of these people were considered particularly good friends by her…

    1. Which is weird because most of the people there were previously-acknowledged friends of Pumpkin’s. Francis and Desiree are regular con-goers. The whole Bad Movie Club was there.

  11. Small details detection: “All Rights Very Annoyed with Your Lack of Planning”
    *squints* or maybe ‘Right’s’ heeeee

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