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Purple Stuff

Drawing giveaways still coming. More concerned with getting a post up. haha. I know me posting late is such a rarity...   FYI I am still doing another post for Patreon and the main site this week.

199 thoughts on “Purple Stuff

      1. I see and raise your alternatively with:

        A) boot to the head – youtube.com/watch?v=a1Y73sPHKxw
        B) air raid siren – youtube.com/watch?v=a1Y73sPHKxw
        C) police squad title – youtube.com/watch?v=a1Y73sPHKxw
        D) dramatic chipmunk – youtube.com/watch?v=a1Y73sPHKxw
        E) brewster’s millions (none of the above) – youtube.com/watch?v=a1Y73sPHKxw

        1. Bob, I think he’s about to get his face slapped clear off his head.

          True, Chuck, but man, what a last thing to see!

        2. i get the feeling that we are about to see a bitch slap of such epic proportions, it will rend time and space…..

        3. BIIIILLYUNZ AND BIIIILYUNZ OF BITCH SLAPS AGO….Danny had a recognizable human face. But now, after the constant impact of an enraged Buckingham against it, it now resembles a plate of raw hamburgur.

      1. Speaking of which (since I feel weird commenting there), I’m just waiting for…

        Herb: All right, not fishing, not Monopoly… oh yeah! Let’s go down to the evidence lock-up. I’ll let you swim in the confiscated money we’ve had time to clean off.

        1. Greed is Cinn’s Sin.

          @Gravatarless – I think he should go with Juniper or Ginger to stay closer in hair color similarity.

        2. I don’t dispute that part, just saying that I’d expect Pumpkin to say that Cinn was the one obsessed with money, and probably be somewhat offended at that particular confusion (as Ellie was with Quinn confusing her with Juniper).

        1. He was probably distracted by the fear of having gotten caught installing cameras. Who knows how far along he is.

        2. He doesn’t seem intimidated in the slightest. But yes, I’m guessing he’s trying to do a bluff approach from almost getting caught on a camera install.

        3. Based on your argument about the page count, it doesn’t seem logical for Chris to give up Daniel to Herb just yet. . .

          But if so, Danny boy would have to be near an expert level at installation, placement and concealment of these cameras. So that the one discovered would let someone think that they got all that they found.

          I dunno just floating things….

        4. As we saw with the Not Girl Scouts, Danny masks his fear with tough words. I don’t think he’s afraid of Quinn, I think he’s afraid of Quinn wrecking his only shot at covertly getting the cameras set up.

        5. I’ll agree with Danny’s concern, though the fact that he tried to bluff the Magpies doesn’t mean that he’d use the same approach on someone older. That seemed like an opportunistic, “I bet I can scare these kids off” sort of thing, and being approached with an 18-19 year old who’s likely to freak out about him being in her apartment may not trigger the same response.

          @Mr Blue – I don’t think Danny’s out yet, nor do I expect Quinn to discover any of the cameras in the near future.

        6. He strikes me as cunning but not bright. I kind of expect him to be the kind of person who just does the same thing over and over again because it usually works, but with no regard for why it worked so that he might know when to use another strategy.

        7. I don’t imagine he’s particularly introspective, but that doesn’t rule out the possibility of cunning and instinct leading him in different directions for different situations. I also expect he’s more cunning than bright, but I think he also plays his persona as less capable than he is for the purpose of getting people to let their guards down.

        8. Oh, definitely. I know a couple people who intentionally let people think less of their intelligence so they can throw them off later. I can see Danny doing that as well.

        1. I can only see two possibilities for that. In a sisal manner via mutual agreement, or one in which a coercion is being applied in order to force the receiving party to come to a certain point of view.

        2. I am expecting a non-mutual solution being presented to the aforementioned situation, by way of a perpetual for- and upward motion of the off-leg, leading to to a spacial overlapping of patella or tibia with the counterparty’s scrotal region.

    1. Though it has the same problem as my son’s refrigerator: needs more vegetables. Of course, that’s a realistic detail, not an oversight.

      1. Couldn’t those be salad bar take out containers?

        Besides what happened to the pot roast? Or is Quinn’s culinary skills still limited to a beviful booty of breakfast?

      1. Pot roast are on Sundays. As for the container, salad bar container (well at least around my parts) tend to be clear plastic not white Styrofoam containers. We do it to advertised the look of the salad and since they are served cold there is no need for the insulation. Guessing the got wings, burgers or fried chicken with their pizza.

    2. the more important question is what kind of madness led him to approach somebody he doesn’t know in a place that he should know he aint suppose to be…specially if said person isn’t wearing pants….

      1. It’s not madness if he was near certain she was going to run into him and he didn’t think he could get away with feigning sleep, or if he’s trying to distract her from some camera boxes that he didn’t clean up yet.

  1. Where is the orange juice man! Where is it?!??

    also great to see you Quinn. It has been awhile (and nice ass to XP)

      1. Well 90’s commercial law dictates all refrigerators should contain OJ, Soda, Purple Stuff?, and Sunny D. We have an illegal use of Hi C here… it’s not even Ecto Cooler… I’mma have to call this one in.

    1. There is no OJ only…. I am guessing either a cranberry drink or another type if sunny dee. Also Quinn kick Danny in the nards please.

      1. Actually let me correct myself as I can no see that is Hawaiian Punch by the Sunny D. Hard to tell when you are looking at the comic on a phone.

    2. I think we are the only two that got that– (and sad that was the first thing I noticed in the entire strip..

      OOOH Purple Stuff…….

      1. For a groin attack, I’d like to see her pull a quick spin and drop to a Johnny Cage signature move. Maybe it’s too early in the morning for that, though.

        1. Only if McFatFat can serve as Shang Tsung in the background somehow. I have no idea how he’d clap with so much cat between his paws… maybe waggling them?

        2. I’m liking what I’m reading. If I ever have the money for a commission (and Rusche does them), I know what I’ll be requesting. :D

        3. Just remember that some of the stuffed animals should have hands so they can be giving the “thumbs down/kill the loser” gesture.

        4. Did they have thumbs down in Mortal Kombat? It’s been forever since I last played the original.

        5. No clue, I was just going with the traditional colloseum gesture. I don’t even recall if Mortal Kombat had the detail to show that or not.

    1. Given that Quinn was able to kick Ellie off of her and into the drywall *while prone* way back when, I’m betting she could get some serious hang time on ye olde DANgIELbag…

  2. Great, now I miss when I only needed to worry about Ellie peeking around corners to check me out from behind. I’m not sure if I should be angrier at myself for not wearing pants for thanking God that he IS wearing pants.

    If I don’t get an explanation in ten seconds, there’s going to be more bent Wookie action than the last time Barrel sat on his Star Wars action figure collection.

    1. Look on the bright side. At least you don’t go au naturel first thing in the morning. THAT would be a really awkward way to be introduced.

    2. Ok, I am not getting why Quinn should be angery for walking around HER APARTMENT in the middle of the night or early mourning in only her underwear. She had no idea Danny was there and her roommate is also a girl who grew up sharing her room with her sisters. Guessing Ellie is used to seeing gals in there undies only.

      1. Ellie might be used to seeing her sisters in their underwear. I am not used to such a thing. Plus, Ellie once had someone hiding out in her closet without realizing it. Or worse…she knew and didn’t care. Going without pants is always a risk, and this time…well, you can see why I might be mentally kicking myself.

        1. It your home and your rules. Danny being there is just an extreme one in a million deal. And beside he us the creep installing camera in your home.

        2. 1. Don’t feed them
          2. Don’t water them
          3. Don’t fall in love with them
          4. They do not contain user serviceable parts and may present an electrocution hazard upon voiding their warranty.

        3. Those are for gremlins. Not breaking the fourth wall.

          But for those who subscribe to breaking the fourth wall with adult channels, the after midnight is implied.

  3. Very effective wake-up call for Quinn, though. A strange man walking up behind her like that first thing in the morning in their apartment should definitely get the heartrate going and drive away those last wisps of sleep. Not a pleasant one, but very effective. I’d bet she couldn’t get back to sleep now if she tried.

      1. Maybe, but Quinn hasn’t shown herself to go towards screaming tendencies so far. The closest we’ve seen her to defensive mode is near catatonic at Denny’s. Offensive mode might have some yelling, but likely accompanied by violence.

        However, contemptible as it is, tired people are easy to confuse and set on a slightly different train of thought. I suspect that’s what Danny’s doing is to surprise her into either accepting his presence as a guest of Ellie’s and leave him in the apartment to finish his cameras until Ellie wakes up or immediately go confront Ellie so he can clean some camera evidence up before it’s spotted. While I’d expect Quinn to be sharper than Ellie in general, first thing in the morning she won’t be at her best which may allow Danny to successfully hornswoggle her.

        1. Excuse me, but isn’t the normal reaction to an Eldritch horror to go catatonic? That seems to be the norm based upon the mad Arab of the necronomicon. (Ooooh. Another CON)

        2. It’s a perfectly valid/expected response. However so is screaming or kinda’ talking to yourself under your breath with the thousand yard stare.

          So it does count as a data point regarding Quinn’s defensive noise versus silence likelihood. Not a conclusive data point, but suggestive.

        3. Seems kinda busy with two dumbnut teenage bro-dudes. But we’ll try to pry him off them for a minute.

  4. Rusche – Nice to see you pushing yourself on the details on your art. That foot angle is something I doubt many artists would attempt if they could avoid it.

    1. One reason the comics take so long. The more time I save getting faster at some aspects of producing them, the more work I seem to keep finding for myself on others.

      1. I’ve noticed. I do hope that when/if you get to the point that you don’t feel the internal need to keep pushing yourself that you still enjoy it. As long as you still enjoy it, all’s good. I just wanted to mention it so you knew it was noticeable (and no one beat me to it this time).

      2. I think it’s a good idea to use in saying that someone’s awake. Coffeepot on a timer, alarm clock against the far wall, shoe thrown at either a roster or a blue bird.

        That, or the asinine sun with two scoops of rum raisin

    1. It could easily end well for the Canadians as they view the hidden camera footage. You know they have to enjoy seeing Danny get pummeled, and they can probably make some decent ad revenue by blurring Danny’s face and putting it on the site.

    2. Lol I gotta agree with Mr. Blue on this one.
      I actually kinda wonder if the Canadians even know he’s still got/had Ellie working for him.

      1. Well, I mean, he’s been rejected over and over by Ellie… and here’s Quinn over here, living with her together… he seems just arrogant enough to make that mistake.

        1. If you replace “arrogant” with “Full re***d mixed with 9/11 times 2356” then yes that is correct.

        2. He probably still thought he was going to get in Ellie’s pants…at least until the cameras were discovered. Planning on a short but wild ride, then making some bux selling the vids before the law catches up. Assuming the law can even do anything. Failing that, a revenge porn site. Bastard’s probably all got it worked out in his head.

          Now, seeing what Mama Buckingham was about to do with a suspected perv, I don’t wanna think about what she’d unleash given real evidence. Oh, wait, I do, and I wanna see it happen to this asswipe.

      2. Ohh ohhh ohh ohh ohhhh oh oh.

        I know this

        Who can resist that man meat?



        I can.

        But can I resist wanting to punch his hair covered portion of his face?

        That’s another question, isn’t it?
        (Ohh ohh. Another question, isn’t it (begin infinite loop quandary…………………………

  5. Huh, my dream was half-right (Quinn getting a late night snack leading to potential Danny encounter) but my subconscious gave Danny way more credit than he deserved.

    I like how there’s actual “purple stuff” in the fridge, and his Quinn’s late night snack is apparently a pizza (I know, it could be delivery and only have a couple slices left, but the thought of “hmm, need a snack…a WHOLE PIZZA” is too good to pass up)

  6. I have to wonder if the next comic will be Quinn’s immediate reaction or a shot of what’s left of Danny when Ellie finds the aftermath.

    1. Because God gave men both a brain and a penis and only enough blood to run one at time. However in Danny’s case there is no highway to his brain for the blood to flow.

      1. I’m of the opinion it’s because he wasn’t done setting up the camera, so he needs to send Quinn in the direction of Ellie’s room in the hopes of finishing/concealing his work before Quinn spots it.
        I can’t think of any other reason for alerting someone to the fact you’re there, other than to keep them away from something worse for them to spot.

        1. Deliberate distraction is my guess as well. Sometimes fortune favors the bold, and if confrontation doesn’t bother you, then you can get a leg up on someone by initiating confrontation sometimes (as most people are likely to try to avoid/de-escalate confrontation).

  7. How much is she going to kill him?

    I guess we won’t have to worry about those cameras.

    It’s only audience will be 6ft under.

    Oh, ho, ho!

    1. He may well be able to join a club with Alex, I presume.

      Won’t keep him from using the cameras though, I fear. Just from using the videos for certain purposes for a while.

    1. Quinn’s pretty clearly squinting at the purple stuff. She’s at least considering it… though now that you mention it, Quinn seems to really like purple. Purple sweater and dress for Black Friday, purple underwear now, grape “drink” in her fridge…

    2. Anyone with serious acid reflux type problems in the morning would prefer the purple drink to the other beverages in the fridge as the least acidic option. Milder acid reflux would probably be ok with the Pepsi & Hawaiian Punch.

  8. Booty. Nice.
    Ok so I know we can’t see Danny’s eyes at the moment but I bet 40 bucks and my cat that he’s looking at her butt.
    I just really hope she kicks him.

    1. I’m hoping Quinn’s exposure to other Buckinghams might have resulted in Quinn picking up some named moves. Like punching Danny repeatedly Chun-Li style and calling it “Quinn-tessential Strike!”

  9. They are pretty stocked on drinks… unsurprisingly, I only see take out for food… and eggs. The contents of one’s refrigerator tell such a story.

    1. Pizza box, Styrofoam boxes, purple stuff, sunny dubstep, purplesi, Hawaiian Perps, eggs, carton of moo juice in an unknown form of a myriad of possible disseminations.

      And a Danny staring at my pear tree.

  10. Prithee, Quinn that you enact a rage untold in this age upon this miscreant. May it be that the wailing agony of one thousand incinerating souls condemned to a fiery abyss of unlimited suffering echo forth a litany of lamentations that shall resonate in the hearts and dreams of every wicked soul unto which a mighty gale shall tear across the face of the earth until all of nature is brought to an unequaled degree of terror. If it so, be my fortune that all of this may be but a single moment in his existence. From this instance of unparralled horror, may it be that every occurrence thereafter be a mind shattering image of untamed fury visit his every waking breath. So that one day he may meet the error of his ways by having his being wedged into the fifth of his action by the mighty boot of vindication. Harkon unto me, men of the world, lest this wretch’s fate be your own!

        1. Oh, this comment was not meant to be in the form of a poem. Rather, it was meant to be a fierce and empowering benediction for Quin to slap him so hard that his descendants shall be born with her hand print upon their cheeks as a birth mark. In addition, in attempts to better understand the mechanics of poetry often I go outside of traditional boundaries with an adventurous spirit. So forgive me if my writings have been subpar in quality.

        2. No. I don’t find it subpar at all. Just asking Lukkai if a comparison to Shakespeare should be made without the Iambic Pentameter form. But then on the other hand, I haven’t read all of his works.

  11. I really wasn’t expecting this. I figured Danny would be gone by now after installing all his surveillance gear.
    Maybe he’s not done yet and needs to keep Quinn out of the area where all his stuff is or maybe it is just what it appears and he’s once again demonstrating what a jackass we now know he is.

    1. I’m half wondering if the reason he’s out there is because he’s finished setting up and actually spied Quinn on one of the video feeds.

        1. There was the ladder and darkness behind him with the installation. I had assumed that meant they were on a top floor apartment and he was supposed to be installing cameras in the attic. So from that stance I’d assume he’d hit Quinn’s room too.

        2. As long as I don’t hear people talking about thrusting their fists against the posts, I’m okay. Although the ghosts of Alexander Bell haunt my laptop because of wiring concerns and fiber optic cable incompatibility.

        3. No. Because those damn bastards would clog up my wi-fi with coconut cream pies. And if there is any damn pie anywhere, I want to at least have a slice before they clog up and slog down the DSL.

          But then, they do need my password. . . . .

          It’s magically fictitious.

        4. They probably sealed it before you moved in as they were concerned you’d fill it with obscure movie references. Do you know how long it takes to clean out the obscure movie references from an attic that’s been filled to the rafters? It’s not something any landlord would volunteer for, let me tell you.

  12. So I guess the several times that Ellie mentioned she had a roommate just, did not register at all? And uh, hello, subtly? Does he WANT TO get caught? And uh, I really, really hope he’s not about to try and molest Quinn…

  13. BILLY MAZE HERE WITH ON THE GO IDIOT! tired of having to wait for someone to be an idiot and slap them? well with this human you don’t have to just do an action even yawning and he will do something stupid for all your face slapping pleasures. order now for 999 easy payments of $69.69 call now and we will give you a glove that heats up and leaves a mark on their face when you slap them!

      1. If he follows through with a bad pick-up line, I’m personally dropping over to do my best impersonation of Roberto Carlos on his ass or nuts. Maybe both.

    1. Don’t worry
      Remain calm
      All is well
      The awesomeness continues

      In a galaxy far, far away,
      A shrimp boat captain
      Shoves dairy into triangles.
      New legs & star compney.

      Cut that lawn for free with his flex o light saber.
      But, a young girl makes $800 in one day with hoodies
      Chili cookoffs after life drawing labs.
      Urine for sale.

      It’s coming right at us, with full frontal unmarked purples.

      1. Great. Now what will you say to calm him down on Monday when he reaches the next last comic? You’ve used up all the soothing today.

  14. I see a more comical way for this to turn out. Screaming match, Danny gets kicked out, someone informs Ashlii who proceeds to text the entire world, and Danny ends up getting his van taken away somehow, ending up on the streets where he turns down what appears to be an alleyway but is really a portal into McFatFat’s stomach.

    McFatFat: 1
    Danny: 0

    This, however, is just a hypothetical situation, of which there are many. Personally, i would laugh my ass off at any of the aforementioned hypothetical situations.

  15. Chris you’re kinda breaking your turf here with Daniel. I know him as a smooth operator. But here he is acting like a #%$&&*head.

  16. “The Opportunist”, the comic the day before this one, had no forward buttons, no comments, etc. just the comic.

    Had to go to the Archives to get back on track. A small inconvenience, but it got me worried. After all, in the artist blurb spaces before, you’d mentioned driving all over looking for a doctor. Hope all us fixed now! It’s been some time since March 12th.

  17. I just realized that this one came out on my birthday!!! Thank you Chris for the nice booty shot of Quinn!!!

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