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Quinn Nicks’ Precious Little Life

Ahh, that moment a person realizes people see right through them.

44 thoughts on “Quinn Nicks’ Precious Little Life

  1. Hmm, that’s awfully insightful of Ellie.

    Granted it’s also sarcasm, which she is very good at.

    Still, good for her.

    1. Not completly, we have seen this side of her before, note the last panel here:


      It took me a little while, but I think I figured it out. Ellie has several sibilings, and she isnt the oldest of the lot. That means there were bound to be arguments and fights between them growing up. Once the others mvoed out she became much more laid back.

      So, where Ellie is directly confronted or bothered in a way that gets to her, she flips an on switch in the back of her mind so to speak. She isnt dumb, after all even someone with a genetic safety net needs to know how to use it to their advantage or they’ll be taken advantage of.

      In short, she is lazy, but when angered she drops the act and we see what she’s really capable of.

      Cuddo’s to Rusche for this one, love to see Ellie stand her ground. Also threw me a bit of a curve ball, it wasnt till I read it that I thought of why Alex didnt even knock on the door.

      1. Very right on.
        Quinn’s mistaking Ellie’s kindness for weakness, and assuming she’ll play door mat continuously.

        lol.. as I’m thinking about your insightful response, I’m looking at a “Do you Hoohak?” ad that is apparently on my site at the moment.

        1. Ellie’s slower to anger than Quinn, most likely from dealing with sisters pushing her around. This against Quinn, who’s most likely gotten her way more often than not.

        2. The one with the huge and eye catching pretty pink princess hookah? That’s quite a hookah.

        1. To be honest here, I don’t think that is what was intended, but what is inferred. I think that she is slowly looking at the door, realizing that Ellie may just be right. Why didn’t he knock? Slowly she turned, inch by inch, until it dawned on her, she may not be right all the time.

        2. I had noticed the same thing when I was playing with the bubble placement, but I was getting pressed for time. I was going to say you had that posts ‘winning comment’ but I decided to change it instead. =P

  2. Despite her own issues, Ellie is pretty deft at wielding a clue-by-four. Remember, Quinn, the first step towards fixing your problems is admitting that you HAVE them.

      1. Hello, my name is Quinn and I am a biatch.

        HI QUINN.

        I’ve yet to be non biatchy but I’m willing to give it a try as soon as the liver of some weirdo on the internet explodes. Until then I will continue to live with the chaos that I myself have created and blame it on others like my roommate and her morbidly obese cat.

  3. I honestly did not expect that intelligent outburst from Ellie. I have an ex-friend who is very much like Ellie, even getting her boobs earlier. So I completly expected Ellie to behave like a dumb bitch while angry like she does. I was very pleasently surprised, and find it hilarious that Quinn got put in her place by someone she sees as lower than her. The only thing I would like more is if Eagan puts her down even more in the future.
    My god, I must be a closet sadist.

    1. Aren’t we all?
      The best dramas on tv are the ones where the characters are all trainwrecking themselves. =)

      Thanks for the comment. I like hearing the characters remind people of those they’ve known in real life. I know all these people too.

  4. hey, I don’t read these comics to think…stop exceeding my expectations or I’m going to have to give you more money.

  5. Ellie apparently has a PhD in Sarcasm. The pose in panel four is whole body sarcasm incarnate. And Quinn is back to being angry, that’s a drink.

    Panel seven should totally be a gravvy.

      1. I’m glad you explained that, because I was TOTALLY lost on how he knew Quinn hadn’t gotten home.

  6. Geez.
    There comes a time in the life of every webcomic when .. .. no matter how slowly you read, the archive is gone. I’ll have to wait. Day by day. In the hot, broiling sun.
    I DO want to say, however, that the only comics I watch this closely (day by day, hot sun etc) are yours, Questionable Content and Between Failures. To me, you’re in rarified territory! And .. your comic is incredible. The art is .. well .. art.
    Thanks for being SFW too – I can give out this webcomic link to everyone without someone being offended ..

    1. I appreciate that very much.
      Friends who hear me rant about it in real life, typically hear me complain about what I call “lowest common denominator” humor, or anything delivered with the sole intent of shocking you or offending. You don’t have to push the metaphorical envelope to make something decent.

  7. Honestly Quinn is a major bitch to everyone she deserves to be alone. Maybe if she would stop walking around with a fucking stick sideways up her ass all the damn time she might actually grow up. But since daddys little girl cant handle someone actually showing kindness to her o and that she needs to cheat on her boyfriend instead of breaking up with him since she is clearly not interested anymore if ever but nooo she does the typical “I’m rich bitch and dont have to think about others” thing going. God why doesnt god just kill her already

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