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Quinn Nicks VS The World

Thank you all for the multitude of comments I got to read last post. Love the predictions. Wondering how many of those are getting revised now. =P

54 thoughts on “Quinn Nicks VS The World

    1. Yay, it loaded this time! And wow… turbulence ahead…

      Though it is nice to get a glimpse at the secret life of Fatty McFatFat.

      1. Huh… now I’m back home it’s gone again. Anyone else with Safari/iPod/iPhone having problems?

        1. Yes it is. And it’s distressing, I usually catch up on my web comics first thing in the morning on my iPod touch. I’ve tried emptying my Safari cache and reloading, still won’t display. Works fine on IE or Firefox on my desktop though.

        2. The part that makes it uber weird is it’s only this page that won’t display the comic image. The rest of the archive (or random sampling thereof) seems fine.

        3. Very odd. It might be a cacheing problem. If possible try clearing your cache or doing a hard refresh (ctrl+F5 on a computer). I don’t have an iPhone so I cannot test this. On Safari on a computer it shows up fine for me.

        4. I can try that again when I get home. Though interestingly enough it works fine on a Blackberry. *shrugs*

        5. Deleted the Safari cache on my iPod again, this time going so far as to wipe my history and all cookies. Still won’t display the comic image for the latest update. I’ll be curious to see if this is specific to this comic or it will have the same issue with the Friday update. I’m assuming if it does have the same issue with the Friday update that this will will display properly when cycled into the archive but we’ll see. Either way it will provide more data to work with.

        6. I’m sorry you’re still having issues. Please let me know the results of Friday’s comic and I will try to investigate further over the weekend.

        7. Haven’t been able to test this because I don’t have access to an iPhone 3. I can’t think of a reason why images would not load other than a slow connection. Sorry :/ If anyone has more insight let me know.

  1. Well, considering the fact that a few weeks ago you showed us the titles for the next few months worth of pages, and page 170 is titled ‘Going Home Again’ I already knew Ellie was going to be leaving soon, just didnt think it was going to be this soon. I also assume that page 152 ‘+1 Cast Page’ is referring to this guy, who is the one on the cast page all the way to the left…with the shotgun. I also think the one all the way on the right is Barrel (Ellie’s day manager)

      1. Not really, just deductive reasoning, and as I said before, I took art classes for the better part of half my life. If I couldnt pick up on who an outline is after seeing them I would have to have been a pretty lousy student. Watch, I’ll do it again. To the left of Quinn is Pumpkin, and to her left is the girl who drew Ellie like Pikachu. I’ve figured out MOST of the cast sheet, just one I cant figure out for the life of me, the one between Alex and Blind Guy…I cant tell if its a guy holding something or a pregnet woman…

        1. Barrel is the only character on the cast page to appear before this strip. Pumpkin will be in one. Just not that one.

  2. Wow .. 3200 readers and 106 comments!

    I gotta admit, my opinion of Quinn keeps going down. And down. I expect that sooner or later she and Alex will redeem themselves? Am I just too pollyanna?

      1. Now I see what you mean by co-lead. Kind of like a co-star, right? Only Quinn’s anger seems to be almost as hot as the sun though.

    1. Despite my repeated Quinn-bashing comments, I have pretty high opinions of her as a character. Same with Ellie. Yeah, they are both pretty terrible right now, especially to each other. But they are developing characters, constantly unpredictable and always evolving. Part of the reason I love the chaos right now is I am looking forward to the inevitable moment when they each realize the other isn’t as bad as they originally wrote them off and possibly even become good friends. For me, it’s those moments of realization, when a character changes their outlook on the situation, that make good character development such a pleasure to read.

      Wait, did I just make a serious prediction?

      Never mind. Okay so Quinn kicks Ellie out, Ellie kicks Alex’s ass, Alex kicks his habit of drawing women naked, and DJ Cornbread kicks out the jams. Nailed it.

  3. “I keep fixing that girl’s car because she keeps breaking it. Duh.”

    Thanks for nothing? So ungrateful. He gave her a key bit of information by saying that Alex told him to stay out because he was having someone over. Does she not see how not nothing that was?

    No. Of course not. She only sees how she was wronged. That’s soooooo Quinn.

    Watch out Eagan. Quinn may be smitten right now, but once she has you, the moment you do something wrong (disagree over taste in music, say “hi” to another girl, take the last nacho without first asking if she wants it, etc.), nothing you do to fix it will ever be recognized, and every mistake you make from then on will seem so much worse. In other words, it’s all downhill from there. And at the bottom of the hill is a small municipality named Angrybitch Valley. It’s actually not a terrible place to live (the parks are pretty nice and they have a good school), if you can tolerate the screaming.

    Also, how passive aggressive is it to put an ad in the paper for a new roommate without telling the current roommate she’s being kicked out? That’s almost like… pursuing another guy while avoiding any form of communication with your current guy, instead of just breaking up with him.

    Am seeing behavioral patterns at work here.

    1. Yeah, Quinn’s big on keeping her safety nets in place, which makes a lot of her behavior go from “merely selfish” to “genuinely hurtful”.

      A thought did occur to me–if Ellie signed the lease after the last roommate left, Quinn might not actually be ABLE to kick her out. It’d be fun seeing Quinn get boxed in–some leases, even attempting to move out would be disastrous for her, since she’d end up on the hook for her share of the rent regardless.

      1. Moving out wouldn’t be that disastrous, if she sublets her half of the apartment to a new tenant.

        Which shouldn’t be hard to do – she could just create an ad using Alex’s drawing that says “Be my roommate”.

  4. If a fight between Quinn and Ellie breaks out…please let it be raining, or near a conviently large mud puddle. THAT would get DJ Cornbreads attention I think lol

  5. just did a full archive dive and realized we haven’t been back to fast food land since her first double-shift… We totally need to see the return of Blind Guy

  6. Things are getting CRRAAZZY Up in herrrr. What if Ellie accepts the old man’s offer to move in and when Quinn gets back she has to deal with Old Man and his breathing apparatus. Lol.

  7. Somehow I hope Hippie Douche ends up saying something like “Whaaaat. I didn’t draw HER. That’s how I see YOU, Quinn!” or some other line of absolute bollocks.

  8. I have to say, I just read this comic all the way through and I became much more interested when I found out it takes place in my home town of Lakeland.

  9. Oh noes. Fatty McFatFat ate Alex!!!

    Serves the dirty hippie right. But a cat fight is a brewing on the horizon yonder, and Florida is the state for the storms of legend. Or is that the legend of the Fountain of Youth, Sleepy Hollow? The Jersey Devil?

  10. By the way, I really like how that girlfriend of Jeremy’s is intimidated by Quinn. She’s definitely got her “Don’t mess with me” cranked up to 11.

  11. I find it kinda great how Quinn and Alex are about as petty and hypocritical in almost the same ways at times.

    1. Personally, I think that I can respect Quinn just a bit more than I can respect Alex. His motives are to use a person’s pants for his own gain. She just seems to need someone for target practice.

      1. I feel the same way. After all, she hasn’t drawn any naked pictures of Eagan.

        I mean, that we know of.

        1. Well, if she did, it’d be in her dream journal stuffed between her mattress and boxsprings. But then, I doubt that she would do anything like that. Probably all flowers and fruit all still life and dead ready to be eaten, or beaten down like Alex will soon be.

          Target Practice.


          Soylent Green Oatmeal anyone? It’s chock full of proteins and stuff. No hobo additives or by products.

      2. Enh? Are we forgetting the part where she’s chasing after another dude? And then getting mad when she’s called on it, not to mention denying it like there’s no tomorrow?

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