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Raptors in Zero G

Apologies. Been a bit under the weather the last few days. Comic will be up this evening (Tuesday.)

180 thoughts on “Raptors in Zero G

    1. I’d have to check. But are some of those names that were proposed in the comments? Because I remember there being a number of really good ones among those.

  1. Jurassic Universe is so romantic! Is he gunning for her being in his lap the whole movie? That is pretty romantic if you ask me ;}. snort.

        1. Can’t be. They definitely would have gone with something like “Raptornado” or “Space Dinosaurs vs. Solar Sharks”.

        2. I’m not sure where CG velociraptors that move from place to place like the Tazmanian Devil from Looney Toons is a step down for them. I mean, the idea might even prevent something worse.

        3. It should keep them just a hair below clever girl at the level of diet coke. Because if they ever learn to fixate in one spot by spinning their head faster than they rotate in order to maintain balance, they may attain the level to better the better politicians, thus overthrowing the two party political system America has, tossing chunks of dessicated politicians willy nilly….

          This might not be a bad thing… who can we get to train them? Ben Stiller?

        4. Thanks, but just remember that you can’t unwatch it! That’s an especially troubling reality when dealing with Syfy Originals…

        5. Don’t worry. As the guy who’s supplied the Megatokyo SD forums with brain bleach for years, I still got a healthy amount left. And some of my trusted Bleachomat vending machines.

  2. That second Ellie face is so awesome, I tried to change my profile pic to it…then realized I didn’t know how to do that. Still frikin hilarious alongside “Children of the Corn Dog”

      1. I think it’d go subtitle for the differentiation. So something like Children of the Corndog 2: Dual-fisted (with the picture having one person holding two corndogs, one in each hand).

  3. Aww, no Weekend at Bilbo’s?

    And apparently I was wrong, Ellie and James seemed to have missed each others existence in high school.

    1. Yeah, that seems weird to me since she recognized Ian. I thought Ian & James were friends in high school, but maybe they just started hanging out later or Ellie recognized Ian from something where James wasn’t around (lab partners or something).

      Although the point someone made previously that James would’ve seemed likely to recognize Pumpkin as Ellie’s sister if he remembered Ellie suggests him not remembering too.

      Although, with Ian seeming much more likely to know Ellie from hanging out at Quinn’s, it won’t take much after this date to blow Ellie’s cover even if James is clueless.

        1. He really does look like he’s looking at her face in panel 2 and the face-area in the final panel. James is a lot taller than Ellie; if the same height, yeah, he’d be staring chest level.

  4. Let me guess, he’s going for the old sterotype of taking a girl to a scary movie in hopes that she’ll cling to him ;)

    Why else would he get the tickets before hand? So she doesnt know what it is they are seeing and her figure him out. Though his plan is flawed in that she’s seen worse horrors at work and with her family than any movie would allow lol

    1. I think I’ve seen a study or two that suggested that the type of fright response from horror movies does actually lead more easily into fooling around. Though I think the premise in those was always with some degree of attraction/interest between the two people before the movie started (blood pumping & senses heightened from other things more helpfully leading in sexy funtimes directions). I doubt any of that would help James here.

        1. I have no idea what it really is, but I’m going to guess “Hooker” just to be out there on a limb that can break off.

        2. Judging by the graphics, borders and such, your guess would be ‘OOKER’, because everything looks like it’s horizontally centered. ‘HOOKER’ with 6 letters would take up more space than the 5 in ‘GAMER’ or the other suggestions of ‘RIVER’ and ‘PLAYER.’

          In addition, the letter’s color runs along James’ left arm. An ‘O’ or ‘M’ could explain that. Except upon looking again, the letter mostly blocked by his arm has sharp 90 degree corners, where the ‘O’ and zero are both made with rounded curves instead of the angled corners.

        3. Actually just noticed there is a tiny graphic in the top right corner, looks a lot like the tank from Space Invaders.

          So, The 40 Year Old Gamer is the most likely based on that I think lol

        4. Considering that above it we have “40 YEAR” (6 normal and one thin character for the space) as only slightly wider, I think a 6 character word with all normal letters or a 5 character word with a potentially wide letter (like an M or W) seems most likely.

          I can’t quite tell where the letter ends and the line for James’ arm begins, but there’s definitely a 90 degree point at top and bottom, so the letter appears to be something with top and bottom pieces or a solid line, so I don’t think a V or Y works there.

          I don’t really think it’s HOOKER, but it would probably fit in the space, it’s a more direct contrast to the movie it’s referencing, I find it amusing, and a K is a possibility. Of the things people have guessed in this thread, GAMER seems most likely to me.

        5. “We traced the call! That one guy’s comments are coming from INSIDE MR. BLUE’S HOUSE!”

        6. Ow wow. The colors smells like febreeze, roses, hot dogs at coney island, moose tracks and Jake and Elwood in the mall.

          Hey, do I know you, or did you switch the flip?

        7. I think the angle of the bottom right corner of the letter we can just barely see sticking out past James’ arm is a bit too sharp to be an S.

        8. Considering the way the font looks like the letters are made of squares, I’m going to guess it’s The 40 Year Old Printer, and is probably a supernatural horror story. (Horror because the final R is dangling down in a typical manner for blood drip/weapons on a horror title, supernatural because how else would you employ a dot matrix printer in a horror movie?)

    1. We’ve had hints about his movie taste before.

      I wonder if Ellie will lambast it mercilessly as a reflex from her Horrible Movie Club days or if she’ll try and be polite (James was very emotional about Gump Wars, as I recall). Though if she does that might provide enough cover or offense to James that he breaks things off with her.

        1. Ellie was part of the original Horrible Movie Club, aside from Nicholas Sparks debates, anyway.

      1. “James Bond: Spectral Analysis”

        “School of Rock II: The Blackening”

        “SLJ turns another movie into a classic by his sheer presence”

        1. Assuming they all have to be mash-ups or remakes?

          Daniel Craig: Usherfall
          Jack Black: Back To The Future the Pre-Sequel
          Samuel L. M-F Jackson: The Fifth F—ing Element

  5. Scary movie wise Crimson Peak looks like it has potential. Currently Insidious 3 and The Visit are fairly good ones.

        1. I know this is a little behind the times… but I followed the link… and nearly died from the wonderful translationing that was going on.

          “Come into play in the garden of the nerd’s dolphin,., (Paging Mr. Hanson, Mr. Chris Hanson to the Nerd’s dolphin’s garden)

          I think you were glued to the ceiling and came down without permission, (HOW DARE YOU COME DOWN! GET BACK UP THERE! I GLUED YOU THERE!)

          Of course it is brand new. (As opposed to the USED Hamtaro balloons we WERE selling last week)

          * Balloons bait ( helium )(Just set the “bait” out and watch the balloons FLOCK to your yard!)

          Put the helium and room fluffy (Yeah, that happens when I put too much helium… in my lungs)


          No handling of helium gas. (Thanks for that! I couldn’t figure out what happened to the Helium I used to pour into my hand to show my sister!)

      1. Given the contents of the series, as well as what’s being done increasingly with vampires, I’m surprised I have yet to hear of this doujinshi.

        Please note, I am not complaining.

      1. I don’t know. Eye tracking on the pictures looks like he’s keeping focus on her eyes (or at least head). Not sure if the lines on his cheeks are supposed to be a dark flush or signs of a grimace for that being a supreme effort of will, though. No irises yet, so I think he is supposed to be fairly wide-eyed.

        1. Yeah, and as I replied higher up, James is much taller than Ellie. He’d only be looking chestward in panel 2 if they were the same height.

    1. Bringing balloons as a gift to go to a movie is a pretty good one to communicate, “He was thinking something, but I’m not sure what he was thinking.

  6. With the amount of money that James spends on his comic books, I’m going to bet that he not only purchased two of everything from the concession stand, but that he bought all of the tickets to this showing of Jurassic Universe. So, the balloons wouldn’t be in the way of anyone else.

    Besides, I suppose that is one way to have a memorable date, balloons at the movies.

    What does our resident, favorite Harley Quinn cosplayer say?

    1. James has always impressed me with his thoughtfulness so buying out the theatre so balloons wouldn’t get in the way of other movie goers might be a possible scenario… But shotgunshuffle James is still in college and may not have the funds for such a extravagant gesture.

      1. Considering the guy has a two person lift on what might be a weekly comic book pull list, its Erf, he’s got the money. He has to, Master Chief is dead and left him all of his future space bucks and royalties from “The Expendables.”

        1. It all the same to yiur grandama you has been looking for weeks fur that said balloon and finally found it inside of the spencers gifts.

    1. While I can’t disagree with Gravatarless, I also think she’ll be much more upset if she finds out Ellie’s first “kidding herself that she isn’t leading some guy on” was a good friend of Ian’s.

      But also there’s no way Tired Guy can hope that these dates could break even, when he’s effectively paying two people for their time for the date and possibly parts of the second person’s expenses (such as movie ticket).

  7. I am probably the last person on earth to say anything about cleavage decorum, but Ellie really is showing an awful lot of cleavage there, particularly for a first date. There’s advertising the goods, then there’s being out and out blatant. It’s like clubbing a baby seal with a telephone pole at this stage.

        1. The hell with that, let’s hope he DOES.

          There are few things more important to bonding than a trip to the ER in an ambulance.

        2. I would never want Ellie wearing that shirt to be in an ambulance with me when I was the patient or in my room if I had to go to the ER.

          “Oops. Let me swap that windshield washer fluid for the saline that was supposed to go in your IV. Sorry ’bout that.”

          “My bad. Looks like you got an extra ten stitches on the wrong arm. Let me get that other one numbed up and we’ll see if I can do the ones you need a little straighter than these unnecessary ones. Just so you know, we’re charging you for those too. Hospital policy.”

    1. She’s just showing that shirt its full potential!

      But seriously: I think for someone as gifted as Ellie, it might actually be hard to find something with a bit of cleavage that doesn’t instantly turn into a lot of cleavage as soon as she puts it on.

      1. It can be managed, truuuuust me. Any gifted gal can go from ‘Please don’t give me a ticket, officer’ to ‘I would love to attend the university next year’ with one change of tops, and we know which does top shows what amount. But to her credit I don’t think Ellie may know what she’s doing here.

        Gravatarless, you have a point. I’d be hard pressed not to eye alla that, and I can just look down.

    2. While I can’t completely disagree with you, considering the fact that her only picture on the site is a bikini pic with her face cropped out, I’m not sure wearing a shirt with that kind of neck line is necessarily unexpected.

    1. I think I’d save the subtitle “The Force Finds a Way” for either “Knocked Jurassic” or “Jurassic Baby Mamma”.

      1. Man if it was Jurassic Galaxy it could of been a crossover with Starlord teaming up with Chris Pratts charter in JW and the be cruising the Galaxy with Grunt and Blue taking out mutant dino and lesser know marvel baddies.

  8. Ellie recognized James, it seems, but it seems James didn’t recognize Ellie.

    Ellie reaction: “Oh no, not this guy…”

    James reaction: “Hey……..you……”

    1. Bear in mind that Ellie has seen James’ face via the site. Meanwhile, James is just now seeing Ellie’s thanks to Merrick’s creative cropping skills.

      1. Indeed. I’m also not clear that Ellie recognizes James. If she had, and knew that he was a friend of Quinn’s desired boyfriend-to-be, I think she would’ve been able to talk D52 out of it as blowing the cover on the whole thing too easily.

  9. None of them will be respectful (I know, auto-corkboad but I couldn’t help it).

    I think we have good reason to believe that the Patreon-picked movie “Shark Quake 2: Tokyo Rift” stars Samuel L. Jackson.

    (see comic “[Patreon] Suzie Q” currently dated January 13, 2015 for name and comic “[Patreon] So Bad It’s Good” currently dated January 15, 2015 for what I think is confirmation that it’s a Samuel L. Jackson movie).

        1. Nope. 100% user failure on my part.

          I hit the reply link to open in a new tab on accident and didn’t notice. Then when I went back to the archive (which I already had open above that tab) to verify movie name and presumed SLJ quote, I went back to the original tab and replied in a non-reply comment window. Found the orphaned tab later yesterday evening.

    1. They block the movie screen. It’s kind of sweet, but hard to be subtly holding floating view-blockers in a movie. Plus, they’re not the easiest things to transport. My parents used to get the kids helium balloons for their birthdays. Someone always had to hold them down so I could see out the back window on the way home.

      They might look cool streaming from the back of her Jeep, though.

  10. I’d say that Ellie has to try a little harder or her cover’s gonna get blown, but if James & Co. where anything but oblivious, they wouldn’t be “desperately single” on a dating site, would they?

    1. All James has to do is take a picture and show it to Ian and cover is blown. Doesn’t matter what Ellie does.

      Let’s be honest here too, there’s probably some degree of, “I’ll prove to you guys I’m not lying” going through James’ mind in regards to this whole date. So a picture seems fairly likely.

      1. I don’t know. There’s a distinct possibility that ol’ James there hasn’t fully disclosed his desperation to get a date to his friends. Combine that with the embarrassment of having to resort to a lame website to try to get a girl to give him the time of day, and you might have a recipe for silence.

        Ah, who am I kidding. I’d want a picture just so I could show my eventual grandkids.

        1. It’s posted now and it’s fantastically epic. Definitely one of the ones that makes me feel bad for people who have to wait for it to hit the archive.

    1. Considering that Chris and/or Jess put more effort into a single background poster for this strip than a lot of other artists put into their entire comic strips, I’d have to say the wait is justified. Especially since it looks like we’ve got a real crapstorm of storyline coming our way, too, based on the length of the last preview.

      Just my opinion. :)

    2. Well, that’s something that is a negative in terms of potential expectation, but I’ve generally found to be a positive overall.

      Rusche was concerned about perception in that, which is why I’m guessing he posted the shrunken inks in the author post of the previous story comic on this site. At a rough count that appeared to be around 24 panels. I’m not sure if you have been following the site for long enough to have noticed, and he took it out of the archive, but Rusche was getting problems with his computer choking on comics that were too large and bringing Photoshop (and maybe Windows) to it’s knees (comic in question is the top part of The Chain Part X, currently dated 29 Mar 2015 though originally posted earlier, the part that choked his system was that comic minus the bottom three rows of panels). It’s not impossible that his current Patreon attempt is running afoul that problem as well.

      Some artists would take more of a “screw how it seems when I post it, I’m cutting it off at just about X amount of content every time, it’ll make sense later” approach, and if Rusche was one of those you would’ve seen parts of the comic trickle through in the past few weeks. He takes the alternate approach of letting the comic grow so posts stand on their own and letting the schedule slip. Personally, while I eagerly anticipate the next one and selfishly wish that the entirety of the comic would be done RIGHT NOW so I could satisfy my curiosity immediately, when he’s taken longer to post a comic that stands on its own, it’s generally seemed like a good/appropriate decision for the best possible output from where I’m sitting.

      The other thing that goes through my mind for posting delays is remembering a period where I burned myself out at work. I got ~50% of my responsibilities removed and then ~75% of a full position as additional responsibilities added 4-5 years ago. The new responsibilities were ones I was quite technically capable of, but I was (and still am) piss poor at managing my time dealing with them. At the start I was getting in to work around 07:00-07:30 and I’d leave by 16:30 at the latest. A couple of weeks in I was doing 11 hour days. Six months into the three months I’d agreed to I noticed that taking a Friday off to go to a friend’s wedding out of state took about a week to get only roughly as far behind as before I left. Thirteen months in, I had deteriorated to a 09:15-10:30 start time and getting out before 18:30 was a strain, I’d barely have time to try and fail to unwind and be in the next day and I was noticing that I was getting less and less done and I had to threaten to quit to get out of it. I’m not convinced that I’m fully recovered and back to the level I was before all of that. While I doubt Rusche is as bad at recovering from burnout as I am, I’m still convinced that his total amount of content produced over a time average of say 6-12 months will be greater if he avoids too much burnout-inducing or immune-system-reducing activities (such as sleep deprivation to try to hold to a deadline that isn’t matched to the effort of specific posts and stress).

      So from a purely selfish stance of wanting as much of this comic as fast as I can get it and recognizing that is a period of years anyway, I honestly believe the most effective method is attempting to encourage Rusche to practice physically and psychologically healthy work habits and behavior.

      1. Word.

        (I think using “this” to show agreement has become more passé than it was when it was common form, so I’m bringing “word” back)

      2. I can add something, Chris had a family emergency as well as having to tend to a tooth that was so bad, it necessitated medical intervention. We had Ramen Empire’s duo filling in for that week.

        Chris has never let his fans down, and everything most definitely was worth the wait.

        1. Chris is still creating the comic on a weekly base and the patrion ones are just a bonus. Most of us donated to keep the comic aloce and honestly he has been honest about what is going on and goodb with the updated. Real life happens and it sucks at time.

        2. I know that. I’m glad to be able to help Chris make something so awesome. I know all about schedules in reference to plans vs. life. trust me. Wait, I’m not sure if you were supporting my statement or pointing out other stuff. I’m going to assume supporting my statement.

          Besides, this was a good and crazy thing that backs up the Erf comic that came in today.

      3. Well said, I would also add that when you go back and look at how many “tiers” Chris has done for the Patreon comics and factoring each tier as a single comic (to use the comic at the top of this very page as a benchmark, it is intended to be two separate comics however Chris will often merge comics together for the sake of time/pacing) he consistently stays at or above his projected Patreon output. I’m OK with waiting for the large tier uber comics rather than have them chopped up and served across a few weeks to create the illusion of greater productivity

  11. So James is a blond with weird cheek marks… If he has a bunch of brothers who all get along perfectly and never cause any kind of trouble we may have found the exact opposite of Ellies family

  12. Regarding the Patreon comic: It is currently the greatest thing ever. If you’re not contributing regularly already, maybe consider doing it for this month.

  13. I think I just thought of a way where what she’s doing won’t be misconstrued as “emotionally prostitution”. She can be a date evaluator. As in she goes on the date, gives you genuine reactions and is engaging. At he end of the dat she tells you what went well and gives you feedback on what you could make even better. It’s a double win for them, the get to be seen out with an attractive lady(which is a major confidence boost) and they get tips from said lady on how to improve their dating. Makes it seem more legit. She’s an image consultant that way.

    1. Problem with that is that the effect is of limited value. What Ellie believes goes into a successful date is not what Juniper does. And neither likely share a common point of reference with Tarra. And don’t even ask about a successful date with Anise (water balloons and a ZZ Top concert) and Cinnamon (…mass homicide? I don’t know.). Anyway, key point: Elile as a date evaluator tells you what’s an awesome date for Ellie and those like Ellie, which may only be a limited portion of mankind.

      1. Also with Nina, Merrick, & Tired Guy in charge of the messages her account sends…I wouldn’t bet on the guys having those expectations.

        Personally I think the best thing for Ellie to do in this case is keep wearing shirts with that kind of neck lines and tell the guys they’re sweet, but they need to do a better job of looking her in the eyes rather than in the tits. Although James is certainly giving a good start to foiling that plan (if such is Ellie’s plan).

    1. It is better to embrace your avatar as the system provides. Your avatar is your avatar for a reason.

      So says Steel Pancreas.

    2. I’m with Steve on this one. Partially because it makes it less weird and jarring if going back through the archives looking for something in the comments.

      Though I’m at Ellie getting her mouth covered by Quinn, Tired Guy being surly, and now Ellie in an argument. So I’ve had a good run so far. Which probably means I’m due for Barrel on the toilet or Kat’s prom picture or something for the next avatar roulette.

      @Tesla – Yeah, if a black eye took that long to heal for you, it’d be long past time to go see a doctor.

  14. I saw the Patreon yesterday, and I loved it, but the thumbnail you have for it…..good choice. I have a feeling you got new Patrons from that one…

      1. *wrote “finally” by mistake
        I am glad though that I finally became a Patron, I’ve been following this comic for a while.

        1. Welcome to the ranks of Patreons for the comic!

          Don’t worry, we don’t make the new guy bring donuts.

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