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We are still one away from the end of Chapter 2 and the start of 3. Three will begin on Friday. I just have one little confrontation I need to sum up the characters we've met so far. I had to split this one since my schedule was compromised over the weekend. So... short and sweet for today's, but Ellie nicely set up the next story. This was also I strip I wanted to do that parallels Blind Guy walking away from the table from Ellie on their first meeting. The ball was in her court to act on what he said. Now it's his turn. So with that, we will obviously see him again. I held off getting into his name or age. But yes, age will be one of his reasons. It's just not necessary at this point to delve into. It will be later.

A small preview: Guy vs Guy

108 thoughts on “Reasons

  1. I didn’t read her as being defensive, more like frustrated. And no one likes non-answers, he should know better than to play the cryptic card here. Boo…

    Looking forward to the rest of the week then =)

    1. And I must be more tired than I thought, I missed an obvious point to use a “All work and not play makes Ellie a dull girl” reference. Or “makes Ellie go crazy/something something” if the Simpsons are your preference.

      There is not enough caffiene in this world…

    2. Because she’s taking his rejection, or “non answers” as criticism or her. And not responding to it well either. He saw something she could improve upon before, and she since has. Well what else is left that’s wrong with her? Obviously Ellie doesn’t know what we know.

      1. Or what’s been referred to. General, in all my years of revealing objects on a table covered with a sheet, this is the epitome of my career. Dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn………………

    3. Yeah, but from a writing standpoint, the “cryptic card” keeps people interested because they want to see what there is to be cryptic about, and it creates a slight tension/friction between characters because the other character really doesn’t like the one that’s being cryptic.

      1. And, it causes people to re-read and re-read the archives, thus creating to this thing we call… life. Look at this, all these little robots dancing around, such a symphony of purpose.

        Where’s the robot to pat you on the back?

      2. I’m not saying it’s bad writing at all, I was just saying (speaking from past experience from the “reasons” side of the conversation) that not making an effort to explain the “reasons” will get you where it just got blind guy. Is Ellie getting defensive? Yes, but is her reaction realistic? Also yes. But also speading from experience he still has a chance to make it ok. Both of them are at fault here because I don’t think either one is communicating well but BG really pushed her away by not attempting to even explain his “reasons.”

        1. And thus adding to this thing we call… life. However, it also shows that

          Dun dun dunnnnnnn

          Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, buy razor products named Venus, and are tennis players named Venus.

          Once, twice, three times a lady. . .

    1. Not least of which because it carries the connotation that even though you might have reasons you don’t think the other person is worth sharing them with. It puts up a wall and the other person is left imagining reasons that are likely far more extreme and worse than reality.

      1. It makes the tango change from the shiny ballroom floor, to a battleground of the sexes. Shards of fractured ego strikes little the ground, causing a single mis-step to cause able men to falter into fragile babies and women into harpies.

        1. I don’t care how shiny your floor is. Tango, danced properly, is always aggressive enough that some would be more comfortable on a battleground.

        2. Actually pulling from teaching a room of newbies tango. If the attitude is right, everyone can obviously tell it’s tango regardless of what ever else might be butchered. With the other dances, butchered steps tend to lead to “Are they trying ${OTHER_DANCE}?”

          For movie tango, I think I’d pick Scent of A Woman as I like Al Pacino’s character there better than Arnold.

        3. Arnold kills random people in True Lies, but Pacino has a scene or two freaking out his costar. Also Arnold’s tango is business, Pacino is hitting on some other guy’s girl just because he’s a blind war hero feeling belligerent and trying to get a kid to lighten up and/or take a risk or two.

        4. Not criticizing Arnold killing people in True Lies, but it’s more business than personal, which is why the more personal screwing with people in Scent of a Woman strikes me as more aggressive.

    2. I agree as well, it seems unfair to delve into someone’s life and give advice and then not want to share anything about yourself. It is slightly selfish if I may.

  2. Best relationship I ever had was with a woman who was nearly 20 years older than me. We lasted three years but eventually it ended in a pretty horrible way which, incidentally, was in no way related to the difference in age.

    BG needs to get over it.

  3. Foul! I call Foul! While on a authors stand point, I could see that this is genius. Leading us to a conclusion and then leaving it foregone until later. But dang, pulls at both my need to know who he is, and my desire that they finally get together.

    1. I believe that, Alfred Hitchcock does it best. Or was that James Bond, Ian Fleming, a fictionalization of MI-6 from a real MI-6 member? Or should we just trust in the geo-political matrix that we have now and wait for Morpheus and Neo while Trinity tends the manna bar over on 3rd street?

  4. Looks like we’ll be getting into a subject that irks me quite a bit, glad to see someone tackle it though. Age gaps, yeah, they exist, but so what? Its only been in the last 20 or 30 years where people became fairly exclusivle in dating people their age or within two years or so at most.

    This bugs me because if two people get along and are a good match, yet their is a gap of several years between them everyone treats it like some kind of taboo. Interracial couples dont catch as much flack as age gap couples (though that in of itself is another dumb thing) if two people are legal consenting adults, what they do is their busness.

    Ellie seems to share that sentiment, and I look foward to seeing it addressed in the near future.

    1. Could it be that Ellie may be attributing it to the age gap, and Blind Guy to something else, perhaps what has been alluded to in previous comments performed at the same bat time, on the same shotgun channel?

      If that is the reason for his angst, then he just needs to say it. But there in lays the guilt for the stopgap in this relationship shipper ideal. A hawt girl, a blind guy, no reason for the physical nature to partake in the stereotypical American landscape of the dating frenzy. Just two people sparring in a metaphorical jousting tournament. Too bad Lakeland Florida doesn’t have a medieval themed restaurant and such.

      1. I’m actually starting to think it’s a conflict of interest in his work. I don’t know what kind of trouble a teacher could get in for going out with his student’s sister, but it’s probably not something he’s willing to risk, no matter how desperate he is.

        1. None. There does not seem to be any direct link between Ellie and her sister’s paper, outside of scuttlebutt overheard in a classroom. A semi public arena, although and albeit within four walls that should be a fortress on the best of days. On the worst, a tornado shelter that doesn’t always work. But I digress my egress.

          Consider this, the worst conflict of interest would be if the teacher went out with the student. For all I know, it’s only allowable in the graduate level, but then that too is hearsay but based on John Nash, not sure how much. But then, we have a sister of the student, who is of the age of consent and able to enter into contracts and give informed consent to any arrangement that is legal.

          Since there is the weakest of connections, outside of possible guilt, I see no ethical conflicts.

          But wouldn’t this all hinge on the presupposition that Blind Guy is Pumpkin’s teacher, AND overheard a possible yet unknown conversation that Ellie was the author of the paper, kicked out of the house for said attempt and working at the place of employment of another student.

          But then this exchange would only be plausible if it were during class break, a normally very noisy time of people scuffling about, moving papers, feet, desks, chairs and exiting the classroom while chatting with friends in the class which could therefore equate to a cafeteria level noise.

          Now, if the teacher were to hear this outside of the classroom, it might lend itself to a greater degree of acceptance of the overall acceptance of disbelief. An even greater degree would be if Blind Guy were the teacher, and walking past the two girls outside of the building. But therein also lies a rub, teacher’s are usually in the building before the students arrive and leave. And it may be possible for Blind Guy, if he is a teacher, to have to pull lunch duty and watch the school yard, but hell, he’s blind. They’d have to have someone with him and such. Maybe the dog would be aware of shenanigans.

          Hey Farva, what’s the name of that restaurant with the goofy sh** on the wall and the cheese-sticks?

        2. With some jobs even an implication of impropriety is sufficient to cause problems, and I’d put being a grade school teacher high on that list. A good example of something perfectly legal that would end a grade school teaching career is financial hardship in college leaving stripping as the option chosen, even for just a month possibly before an education major was chosen, and then a parent with a grudge finding out about it. Some parents seem to like to find excuses to explain their child’s failures and will grab anything they can, too; so would drum up issues even if they don’t actually see it as a problem.

          Add in the potential for even one person on the administration who wants you gone (personal reasons, higher paid than they like regardless of teaching ability, speaks out against things they don’t want noticed, dislikes something legally protected and looking for another excuse), and a mild image of impropriety is plenty. Schools in the U.S. these days are being run like businesses more and more anyway, with principals who have business degrees instead of teaching degrees and policies more concerned with lawsuits than educational outcome or the lesson things like zero tolerance policies teach about helping those who’re weaker and need assistance against a bully.

          Based on the comments of all the grade school teachers I’ve spoken to, it seems like it’s gotten to be a much worse profession in the past decade (granted, maybe the disgruntled ones are just more talkative).

        3. One reason, if I ever get lucky enough to meet a woman who’ll give me the time of day, that I’ll home school the little rug rats. That and my social phobias.

        4. I agree with everything you said. A few months ago, I read about a woman who was fired from a teaching job when the school found out she had modeled a bikini for a photographer. She looked sexy in the bikini, but she could have worn that bikini at any public beach and not have been arrested… there was nothing illegal or immoral about wearing that bikini, it wasn’t made from postage-stamp-sized pieces of cloth, it was just a bikini.

          What’s next? Firing a young, good-looking woman for wearing a sweater while teaching a class?

          Anyway, I agree with your point. A teacher might be held to an extreme standard of propriety, and dating the sister of a student might be considered over the line by some.

        5. now say that very same teacher actually taught her when she was attending his school and had always had a crush on her.

          so not only is his age coming into play, former student and sister of a current student comes into play…. …hell if you toss in that he might have slept with the slutty one then you got another factor that might make his uneasy with this.

        6. And the key word would be FORMER. I.e. no longer under his tutelage, responsibility, power of grades. Maybe he’s the guy who had to replace the one who broke into Ellie’s house to wear her clothes.

          And why do the variables always seem to give a decent guy the invariable of sleeping with the slutty one?!?!?

        7. I’ve heard of a teacher or two prosecuted for that. It was shown that he’d “groomed” them while underage and then sought them out after they’d graduated and were legal and that was apparently against the law.

          Regardless, Blind Guy wasn’t Ellie’s teacher because she’d recognize him. So there’s no question on “grooming” or whatever, and after Pumpkin’s out of his class then it’s probably all clear. Maybe some people would be looking slightly askew due to age gap and/or people jealous about a hottie ending up with a guy who can’t see her (it’s amazing how much more offensive something seems to be if there’s that background reason of “but I really wanted her for myself!”)

    2. This could be a regional thing, because I never really saw a big issue with age difference where I live, so long as both parties are legal. Hell, my dad is 12 years older than my mom!

      I think the only time it’s kinda weird is if the age gap is very large, or if the woman is older than the man by more than a couple years, because society is hypocritical like that sometimes. That, and the usual gap in attractiveness. I think people make a bigger deal out of an age difference if one party is considerably more attractive than the other.

      1. A large age gap isn’t impossible, but past a certain point it does make for longer odds. While an 18 year old is legal, they were born when a 36 year old’s adult life started. At what percentage of “Oh, you remember that thing from when we were younger…Oh, yeah, I guess that was too long ago for you” does it get uncomfortable?

        My first “age boundary” was she had to have been looking out for herself for at least a year. A 19 year old that didn’t go to college could’ve been ok, but a 21 year old still in undergrad really wouldn’t have been.

        I also have a bad habit of reading the lists of things this year’s high school graduates have never heard of, so possibly that biases me.

        While I consider myself too old for an 18 year old, I do recognize that it’s possible for there to be an 18 year old that would be a good match for me. It’s just I put those chances somewhere between “struck by lightning” and “winning the lottery”.

        1. XKCD called it with 1/2 the older person’s age + 7. If BG’s 24, then they will shortly be good to go when Ellie turns 19. But I’m guessing there’s a background (career) reason BG can’t get all touchy-feely on her… face.

        2. The creepiness would be objective as everyone’s own personal interpretation of the XKCD and the statistical norm will be different, not the same. Therefore, it should only be used as a guideline, I.M.O. However, there should be a “basement” age at which nothing should be done outside of casual acquaintance, i.e. meeting for coffee and such for interpersonal conversations across genders. And that basement is the year where Age of Consent stops. Anything else, Like Jerry Lee Lewis asking permission to marry his cousin. I suppose that the historical expectation of Bar/Bat Mitzvahs of the Jewish tradition compared to the ability to have a driver’s license are different.

          However, I suppose that because someone’s body is maturing, doesn’t mean that their minds are. Society didn’t agree with Jerry’s decision, no matter what the parent’s thought. Then, on the other hand, is the episode “Clock” from “Law and Order: Special Victim’s Unit” where the female has Turner’s Syndrome, looks younger than 17, but is a legal adult, kissing her fiance/husband in public and getting the arm by a female detective until they produce the paperwork.

          So… creepiness is objective by the person and society as well as subjective by both.

        3. Well your question (re: degrees of freedom, normal distribution, etc.) was in response to a comment about the xkcd age creepiness formula, which deals with creepiness specifically, which is naturally subjective, and therefore your question was about opinion.

          My opinion: it’s creepy.

          If she’s 18 and he’s in his late 20’s, it’s creepy – statistics and normal data distributions don’t play into it. Is that subjective? Sure. Could they be a perfect match? Of course. Soul mates even? Absolutely.

          Exceptions: no, it’s still creepy.

          I’m not saying legally or ethically they can’t be together. The point of the xkcd comic is that the age gap widens as they get older; eventually it will not be creepy. But if neither wants to wait, and they both consent to hook up right now, I say go for it – and rename Blind Guy to be Lucky Guy while you’re at it – but still, right now: it’s creepy.

  5. This is something I’m kinda glad that was mentioned in here- before, I thought it was odd that Ellie was so defensive when she really had no reason to be. This means I read the strip exactly as I was meant to, which doesn’t seem to happen too often! :) haha

    It’s also an interesting sticking point to me, that Ellie is more concerned with having a fun time rather than build a meaningful relationship, which is what she MIGHT actually have with Blind Guy.

    1. Okay, I’ve got to ask a question.

      What are the possibilities of the following:

      1) Just their having a fun time

      2) Just their building a meaningful relationship

      3) Their having a fun time while building a meaningful relationship.

      The juxtapositional extrapolation of American Movie and TV thematics just seem to cross the streams resulting in an explosive train-wreck of any of the three, except for that one that seemingly converges from all three scenarios on that one date.

        1. While lightheartedly fishing for laughs, I am a bit serious as well. But, I can guess what such a Venn Diagram would look like, and there would be a very small space of acceptance for all three to have a positive outcome.

      1. I’m not condemning Ellie for wanting fun. I just think that given the fact that she’s gone for so long without a meaningful relationship, that she would try to pursue one. But then again, that’s entirely subjective (or is it objective? I always get those two confused).

        Plus, there’s the fact that the blind guy seems to be the very first person who believed in her in the comic strip. Before even KK, Quinn or anyone else, the Blind Guy was there giving her advice, whilst telling her to buck up. This in turn led her to keep her job and keep her apartment, and make a friend in Quinn. If you think about it, Blind Guy was the first person who really treated her as if she had any potential- as an equal, even if he had to talk down to her to get her to pay attention (not that that is a bad thing- she needed a verbal slap to get her to act more maturely).

        If a relationship were to bloom between them, in the face of the brief, yet extremely critical meeting between the two, I would think that it would be more “meaningful” than fun. The two aren’t mutually exclusive, of course, but it definitely appeared that Ellie was actively pursuing a fun relationship rather than a meaningful AND fun relationship.

        Perhaps I’m reading too much into it… maybe I’ve commented too many times in the past that people kinda just tune me out, except for the most verbose commentators? In any case, I’d just like to say (or write, rather) that I always appreciate your comments.

        And if you were simply being facetious, then may I say, well played, sir!

    2. Ellie’s 18, which is younger than most people targeting “must be meaningful, can’t just be fun” in a relationship. Also, with what she said about being “untouchable” she may want to date around a bit and get an idea of what’s out there.

      Personally, I always wondered how those people who married their first serious crush from grade school could live their lives not wondering about how things might’ve been otherwise. I remember thinking at one point as a kid that I wanted to find good, then bad, then great and everything go happily ever after from there with Miss Great. Good and Bad weren’t that difficult, turns out Great can be a lot harder to spot, though.

      1. I suppose Ellie IS a bit too young for anything I’ve suggested. After all, her cast page description still calls her “another wayward teen,” so perhaps my thought out responses are due simply to my obsessive nature and willingness to find a significant other, simply because I’ve had a crappy family and crappy friends. If Ellie has had a decent family life, with good friends and made meaningful relationships with both, then perhaps she’s simply moved past that point, and doesn’t really require companionship in that way, ergo her desire for a fun date rather than something serious.

        But even so, I still look at her personality, and compare that to her life thus far. Her mother kicked her out of the house, and she never called Tarra(gon), Anise, or any friends for help. She didn’t have friends help her move. Everything was done solo. With this in mind, I scrutinize her actions here, and compare/contrast them against people under similar situations, and I keep wondering…

        Eh… I’m probably over thinking things.

  6. The main reason age ‘taboo’ wasn’t around in the past is largely because women didn’t have a choice of to whom they were married, not because they were okay with it. Also, women had a tendency to die young cuz of child birth, when men wanted new wives, the pool of women available for marriage were generally quite young. If they had any kind of property or power, the parents of the young woman/girl would be happy to give her to him.

    These days, there are a couple of reasons why people tend to stay within their own age group. Shared cultural experiences, for example. A few years makes a big difference in what your formative period was like. For example, I doubt I’d be interested in someone who didn’t go through the 80s.

    In addition, age tends to have something to do with your level of maturity, so if someone dates someone much younger than themselves, it says something about where they are in their life (generally, not always). Guys who date women much younger than themselves tend to be creeps who can’t relate to adult women or pigs who simply don’t care about their partners and only have them as trophies.

    Of course, individual cases are different, and sometimes people of different ages click well and that shouldn’t be any big deal.

    And whether or not interracial couples catch flack depends entirely upon where you are. As the recent Cherrio’s commercial shows, a lot of people are still really offended by depictions of such.

    1. I say that she’s only an “Untouchable” if and only if she continues to keep that mental structure in place which seems to have been carried through from High School. And as such, would suggest that Ellie still has not properly matured enough to be considered as a possible companion for Blind Guy.

      1. It can be funny what bits from our environment leave an imprint on us. I went to college ~4 hours from my high school with no one from my high school closer than an hour and a half drive away. Some of the things I didn’t like about how people viewed me were imprinted, though, and showed through quickly. Not all, though. It was both interesting and frustrating.

        No intention to claim maturity [ever], just saying sometimes those are called formative years for more reasons than we like.

  7. Now I’m depressed. At least he didn’t take advantage of a situation as it were. Perhaps he doesn’t want to say it out loud, that he doesn’t want to go out with her yet, because she’s still throwing herself at him in some sense.

    Why not have the appreciation of watching a plant flower into full bloom from a tiny bud? Or is that just too gross and romantic in today’s day and age where a dog named Brian will ask any sauced up chick into the bathroom?

    And thank you “Family Guy” for debasing people in general and contributing to the reinforcement of the short term attention span that results from a quickie.

    1. I tend to agree with your stance here. Ellie is not exactly rushing things, but I think she mostly see’s the Blind Guy as just an excuse to get out of the apartment for a couple of hours. The potential for a great relationship is there, but they are better off leaving things to simmer for a while before taking that step.

      Correct me if I am wrong, but they have only talked to one another twice, right? She doesn’t even know his name! They don’t really know each other well enough at the moment, so they really do need to get to know each other better in a more casual setting first, especially if there will be ‘issues’ with their relationship if they do choose to enter one.

      Once they get to know each other better, and address the issues involved, they will probably be an awesome couple.

      1. I don’t think you can say that the potential for a great relationship is there. Ellie is, as a person, still unformed. That seemed to me to be the main reason her mom kicked her out, that she had decided to stop growing as a person and was just floating/stagnating and her mom decided to try the “swift kick” method.

        There are certainly hints and potentials and possibilities with Ellie, and I don’t mean to say she’s shallow or one dimensional. She’s more … unfinished. As most people are in the U.S. at her age.

      2. There’s a wide gulf between quickie with a stranger and long, meaningful relationship. I’d be surprised if an 18 year old didn’t want to just out on fun dates first, and then only if one person managed to string enough of them together would the 18 year old start thinking if it was turning into something serious.

        My wife and I have been married for 7 wonderful years (8 total… kidding… just 7), but over a decade ago, she was just a hot girl who had given me her number, and I wasn’t thinking past the next weekend’s plans. And yes, we waited, so it wasn’t just the rush of the physical.

        1. Yeah, Romantical romance and wedding night bliss. It’s the way that I was brought up, but then High School hit, and I was like every other red blooded American horn dog. Maybe every guy in the world who was awash in a see of people in high school. At least some places, you have arranged marriages. Stupid hormones.

        2. My reason for including the comment on waiting was to point out that there are more ways to just have a fun time with a member of the opposite sex than just the physical ones. Not saying I was any different than the unwashed masses of masculinity (or lack there of).

          Oops, I mean, I have my reasons.

        3. Ah, the other way of saying, “I would have no idea what to do if she weren’t here.”

          Have you learned how to operate the toaster as well as the refrigerator? :D

        4. Have you not heard about the new hamburger bun? Eggs and cooked ramen mixed together, set in a fridge for an hour or two, and then put on a grill and fried up.

  8. Hmph. From one who has also kept his reasons to himself, I would like to slap around Ellie in this one instance.

    Some people have stuff they don’t want to talk about it. Getting offended about it only makes the other person get offended that you’re getting offended.

    Unless that’s what you want. And it’s worse if the first person is able to just let you go, because then both sides end up letting go.

    1. I figure if I’m limiting the information being communicated, it’s my problem if the limit I’m imposing causes issues. If I can’t communicate what I’m willing to in a way that doesn’t cause issues, then that’s my consequence that I can either accept or decide to modify what information I limit to see if I still have the opportunity to change it.

      Not to say that I don’t sometimes wish the other person would be more understanding, but it’s that I know I’m more understanding when I have a greater portion of the story then when I have a lesser portion so I project that tendency to my listener.

  9. Ellies ego is taking a bit of a slamming here. We have gotten the back story that guys never asked her out because they thought she was “untouchable” and beyond them. AND NOW here is a guy that wouldn’t/can’t judge her on looks and she still gets turned down. she is probably getting very frustrated. she’s even in the same boat as Quinn but for different reasons. Quinn is antisocial so she has no real friends yet, but Ellie doesn’t seem to have any “real” friends either. Just the “facebook” friends.

        1. I’ve continued to try, and I still can’t access it. Maybe the NSA took it off line. When was the last time you accessed it?

  10. Ellie seems a lliiitttlleee annoyed I must say. But I guess I would be too if I felt a little stringed along so I don’t really blame her. Being the social butterfly that she is I imagine it would be hard not to have people to hang out with, I wouldn’t consider myself a completely social person but I would still get extremely bored if I couldn’t hang out with others every once in awhile. sad day for Ellie!

  11. Throughout all these comments about Blind Guy, no one’s mentioned that he has been stalking her? How is that a non issue? However Ellie is naive and has no friends so she talks to one of the few people that will talk to her and talks about her favorite subject… her! Some one in the strip, if they they find out, should be concerned.

    1. That’s correct concerning Ellie. I purposely give her lingering selfish tendencies.

      If you think Blind Guy is stalking her NOW, don’t read the next comic =P

      1. Lingering selfish tendencies are to be expected, no one changes overnight after all. Though I also imagine that she’s going into veritable withdrawl due to lack of human contact beyond work. She grew up constantly surrounded by her sisters, that gives her a different perspective and different social needs than most people, and the fact that her and Quinn are no longer attempting to murder one another is one thing, I doubt they suddenly transitioned into BFF territory yet.

    2. On the topic of stalking. I’m assuming he doesn’t drive, for obvious reasons. With the influx of kids after school, it’s not too far from the school (if nothing else they’d be more spread out from different walking speeds and hitting stop signs/lights at different times if it was far). He may be walking from school to where he lives and it’s on the way, or maybe his ride can’t be around until later than school lets out and he doesn’t like sitting in his classroom so he walks to a public place to meet them (his ‘always same spot’ seat IS by a window, where someone pulling in could see him and call his cell even if he won’t see them). Ellie might be his reason to pick that specific one of several of his previous go-to locations, or stopping there more often on his way home.

      So he might be stalking her, but showing up for a few minutes at her job, which is a public place hear where he works, at a time that’s convenient to him, doesn’t pass muster for definite stalking for me. He could’ve at least tried different times if he was going to show up four times a week, or even tried to see if he could get a hint for a more opportune time from Ashliii without tipping her off. Seems more curiosity and checking when convenient than putting a lot of effort into it to me. His tendency to that restaurant could be curiosity counting as the weight of a coin toss.

      Now, if Rusche’s comment is serious, then I’ll be proved horribly, horribly wrong next strip (with KK as a witness as per comment of her showing up this strip before it was split).

      1. I dunno, if he tried to get info from Ashliii, that might be unethical because of the possible social interaction and such. If not, then unprofessional. Can’t have the kids thinking that the teacher is getting icky.

        1. Attempting to get info from Ashliii by doing anything other than passive listening is absolutely dangerous. God only knows what random clues teenage girls might pick up on, even if false, and start rumors on. I’m just saying a stalker is likely to cull all available sources of information (though honestly a smart one in his shoes would change up his routine to visit at different times too before doing a dangerous info pull attempt).

    3. To me, I don’t consider it stalking. He’s just sitting there in a place where she works. He’s loitering at worst because he hasn’t ordered anything. And I’m halfway wondering if he’s waiting for her to pay him back with a fresh order of fries for her eating the first batch.

      So… maybe the proverbial ball is in Ellie’s court, and it’s made of potatoes.

  12. I can’t decide what I think about Ellie’s drawing in this comic. Her face not showing up anywhere seems deliberate (and not in a fan-servicy way even if her boobs are still in frame). Deliberate depersonalization in art as a sign of coldness/hurt is one possibility, which also brings the possibility of cropping her face after having a hard time drawing an expression that does the scene justice. Hiding a tear or two until the next comic? Something else?

    Rusche, any comments now? A lot of these sorts of choices seem to be deliberate with you, where I might shrug it off with other comics.

    1. I read it as a subtle way for Chris to put the readers on the same playing field as Blind Guy, in other words not getting the benefit of seeing facial cues to gauge her emotion. Body language and facial expression convey a vast amount of information that voice alone does not. A famously cited example are the first televised presidential debates in the U.S. (between Kennedy and Nixon) where the people who heard the debate on the radio (voice only) had the almost universally the opposite impression of those who watched the debates on TV (and got the benefit of body language and facial expressions.)

    2. meh, the camera is set up for a conversation in a mickey D’s lunch booth. She just happens to get up and walks towards the camera with the camera moving to/fro, zooming in/out, panning left/right, booming up/down (if booming is up and down, I don’t know that one if it isn’t). Low level fanservice, as what’s being shown seems to be readily viewable compared to some manga.

    3. Like I said, it’s a parallel of when Blind Guy got up and left the table the first meeting. The focus is on the person still sitting. Whatever the issue is, the ball’s in their court to act. And the one walking away is ‘above it’ (hence, no head.)

  13. Just a random observation on the way Chris does his layouts/framing/stage setting or whatever you want to call it. He has a good eye for the cinematic which leads him to do more complex or adventureous frame layouts than many would attempt, especially since in cinema you have the ability to hear the voice of a character even if they’re off screen, thereby removing confusion regarding who may be speaking at any given time. Hence the color coded word bubbles. Subtle but effective. *slow clap*

    Yes I’m actively dissecting technique because one of these days I plan to do my own newfangled webernets comic. One of these days…

  14. Another random observation:
    I know people have noted the Fleetwood Mac connection with Ellie and Quinn’s family names.
    Has anyone else noted the Dendarii Mercenaries connection with their given names?

  15. I suppose the rabid declaration of love and subsequent romp would have been too cliche XD. Interesting twist to the BG/Ellie arc. I was not expecting him to choke. But a good story keeps you on your toes and this one delivers in that regard.

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