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Reliable Means of Transportation

What any good employee has. Someone has pointed out the banner says T/F for updates. Since the site update, it reverted back to randomizing my old banners. The update schedule is still MWF. ALSO WE HAVE CHAT. Currently located in the menubar. Expect a graphic to point this out in the near future, coming to a sidebar near you.

109 thoughts on “Reliable Means of Transportation

    1. That’s what happens when you sit around the house all day playing video games. As I sadly know from personal experience.

        1. That’s why gamers need to have to walk uphill both ways, in the snow, for 30 minutes each way to play the game and get back to the food.

        2. Mr. Blue i like your style. Unfortunately in this modern age all of the restaurants in my neighborhood deliver. It is quite hard not to take advantage of this.

        3. Mr. Blue has to walk up and down the stairs both ways to get the delivered food, so why not just walk up the street anyway. I can make sure my food doesn’t get cold, nobody spits in it (I hope. I mean I don’t do anything (much) to antagonize the wait staff at the restaurant. (But it’s soo dang hard to not look like I’m staring at the waitresses chests when they wear their name tags there because I can’t hear them when they say their names.))

          What were we talking about?

  1. Oh I love seeing the sisters in this new style. Also, Ginger knows how to handle the dumb/psychotic one. You go Ging!

      1. Y’know…I knew what I meant…but obviously my fingers did not. I was also thinking about how Pumpkin reminded me of Ginger. Since Ginger is the only one who can supposedly control Terra.

        1. The Ratlantchulas are a very strong leverage against Cinnamon. Considering that she’s still been living at home since the twins birthday.

        2. This will not end well. I wonder if the ratroaches can eat through a metal animal cage.



        3. The ratches and ratchantulas feel sufficient kinship with Cinn that they stay where she wants them to voluntarily.

  2. Why do I get the horrible feeling that whatever it is Cinnamon’s harboring in the crawl space is indeed, well, horrible?

        1. I’m not saying I really do live in a ditch, but if I did I’d prefer it to living in the same house with Cinnamon and her “pets” again. Ugh.

      1. I remember this from the before times. Is it because they’re breeding with centipedes, or because she’s sewing them together?

      2. … those *things* are somehow what bring about the zombie apocalypse that only Tarra survives; if that was a real event in the comic, I’m sure they’d somehow be the catalyst.

        1. The SyFy channel doesn’t need movie ideas. They have all those lovely “random encounter” charts from AD&D to work with.
          A few charts. A few die rolls, a few of something likely Schedule I and hallucinogenic, and you have a screenplay.

      3. Other things that sometimes live in the crawlspaces of houses: bats, termites, bees, possums, feral cats, black fungus…..

        Just in case you ever run short on ideas.

  3. My my, Pumpkin blackmailing Cinnamon. I know she is technically responsible for what could be considered biological warfare at the mall. Though on that note, breeding a race of malignant flying rat-insectoid-arachnids in the same house that you’re staying in because you have nowhere else at the moment has got to be the dumbest thing I’ve seen anyone do yet. So sorry Cinn, you had this one coming.

    1. But if Pumpkin is blackmailing her instead of doing something to get rid of it, doesn’t that make her complicit in whatever hybrid horror befalls the household when it (they?) inevitably break free of containment?

      1. Yea I suppose she would. I can see that playing out as a reference to the movie “Alien”, like having a Ratchantulapede queen or something loose in the house. That would be wild.

        1. I picture the things gaining intellectual sentience, and it following a more “Species”-esque path

  4. The con is this weekend, and Pumpkin is only getting the fabric today? I hope she’s not skipping school to make her costume.

    I think I’m too much of a perfectionist (in costume fabric anyway) to send someone else to get the fabric. There are too many shades of orange, and too few people who can pick out the right one. If Pumpkin comes out looking like a school bus orange-colored Tails, she has no one to blame but herself (well, there’s Cinnamon, too, I guess. :P ).

  5. Is dead eyes still living at home? I’d think those “few months” Rosemary offered her are close to running out.

    1. Have to figure Rosemary’s probably aware of the economy being what it is, so that “few months” might be on a sliding scale as long as some progress is being made. That and Cinnamon’s probably not the most qualified available applicant out there; I think I’d probably hire Barrel before Cinnamon for just about any job that doesn’t have a fatality rate.

      1. Sliding scale or not, that’s a “few months” of having to tolerate Cinnamon. Wasn’t she almost evicted on her birthday? Can’t imagine her behavior has improved much since.

        1. Super close, yes indeed. But super close ain’t there, and it may well be that even Cinnamon Buckingham can learn when survival’s at stake. Maybe.

        2. That threat assumes I would even let her and her brood anywhere near my ditch. If I even live in a ditch. Which I’m not saying whether I do or not.

        3. One day I hope to see Juniper’s ditch.

          Which in retrospect sounds much worse than it should.

        4. She also has a pic of what she claims is her apartment mailbox so she either no longer lives in the apartment or she thinks it’s funny to perpetuate the “ditch” gag.

        5. I’m almost thinking we’ll find Juniper living in an apartment one comic and instead of “The Pines at ___” or “____ Manor” it’ll be “The Ditches of _____”.

  6. Looking at Barrel right now in that green hoodie, all I can hear in my head is:

    “Lagga gimpo. Malta gimpo. Foga rakka gimpo. Meesa chakka dit–“

  7. Ah, so this is what was hinted at ages ago. That means the guy that Barrel is talking about is the dude with the beanie, right?

        1. Ah, I didn’t even notice him on the cast page- I just remember him from a poll that Rusche was doing a while back.

  8. The more characters I see in the new style, the more I like it.

    You know, I wouldn’t be surprised if Cinnamon was hiding a guy in the crawl space. Possibly not alive.

    Also, if Ellie thought she was disrespected before at her last jobs…

    1. Point, but we all know that Ellie can handle herself, and quite well.

      And that’s a disturbing thought…Derek was never heard from again. Though I can’t help but wonder if Cinnamon still has the arcade gig.

        1. DAMMIT, Mr. Blue! Now I’ve got this horrible image of Cinnamon in a clown suit!

          Great. Well, I guess I wasn’t planning on sleeping tonight anyway….

  9. There are cons going on almost all the time; this could turn into a good gig for Ellie (can’t wait to see what they make her wear!)…

    1. Let’s see, skimpy clothing in public… Lots of pictures of such… Pays money… Excuse to get Quinn all sexy again…

      Her dream job!

      1. That and Quinn would no doubt love having Ellie out of the house for several days at a clip on a regular basis while still being able to fulfill her father’s requests. “She travels a lot for work, daddy.” makes a great excuse.

    2. Not to be a downer, but I’m not really sure how profitable being a “professional con girl” might be, unless you had some other way to earn business. $100 a day sounds decent, but only if you are getting free transportation, room and board, and someone else provides all your outfits. I know a lot of hotels tend to spike prices if they know a major convention will be in town.

      If you wanted to do a real query about the costs, webcomic artist would actually be a good place to start, since I know a lot of them sell merchandise at cons.

      1. You’re likely true, but bear in mind one of the greatest principles of all.

        “It’s still better than nothing.”

  10. Pumpkin suddenly looks older. Like, almost older than Ellie. But she does look good.

    Poor Ellie. Unless she’s gone to a con before, she’s going to be for one hell of a culture shock with this job. And I don’t see her getting out of it without some harassment. Booth Babes tend to attract the wrong kind of attention, so she’s probably going to have to keep her fists prepared.

    1. Pumpkin’s face is longer now – it’s an indicator of age. Additionally, we (in the US anyway) tend to associate short haircuts on women with increasing maturity

    1. Ok, so when I went to register for the chat, after I put in my username and e-mail address the next page it took me to asked me to sign up for a certain level (bronze, silver, etc) for money.
      This is the page: http://shotgunshuffle.com/levels/#.U2wvkGcU8dU

      But chatting as a guest doesn’t seem to require me to register anyway. Is this going to be in lue of a Paetron or something similar? Or in addition to it? I’m mostly just curious.

    2. Looks like nobody’s on right now. Also I avoid new accounts what with all the ones I have to keep straight at work (sitting down to work at my normal space I have four different accounts with different logins just to check all my e-mail (5 if you count the VPN with the physical dongle to log in to the one), and another 7 more for that site that are common and can come up at any time), so I’d end up being a guest each time anyway.

  11. Hmm.. I can see a whole list of potential characters that Ellie could pull a wonderful cosplay off of. If she doesn’t mind to much the ogling of course.

    1. We are talking about a girl who used her “assets” to help her move her junk in to Quinn’s place. I’m sure getting paid to get ogled at can’t be that much of a horror for her. Might actually be right up her alley.

    2. Power Girl.

      Ellie is Power Girl. There’s other busty blonde heroines out there that Ellie can cosplay, but this one really stands out.

        1. Well, yeah. Power Girl is an obvious choice, of course.

          Or Tsunade from Naruto.

          Or… As I said: There’s a whole list.

        2. Yea but Ellie is the “Lazy One” a cosplay where she already has the hair and eye color and only involves her putting on a jump suit with a boob window would cater to her laziness. It’s a natural fit for a lot of reasons. Anything more complex would probably require a lot of cajoling and prep work by Pumpkin.

  12. Am I Cinnamon’s only fan? I feel oddly sympathetic towards her.

    Maybe it is the lack of social skills and poor brain-to-mouth filter. Maybe it is the pet tarantulas. Maybe it is being the odd one out among all those sisters who really don’t seem to “get” her, or even like her at all. Maybe it is because she rocks Anise’s clothes better than Anise. Maybe it is because she is Ellie’s creepy shadow.

    But I actually look forward to seeing the dumb one’s appearances in the comic. Am I totally alone in this?

    1. I can’t say I join you as a Cinn fan (she’s hands down my least favorite), but with the varieties of the Internet, the chance of you being alone in any opinion is vanishingly small (rule 34 being a flamboyant and disturbing reminder).

  13. Just out of curiosity, Rusche, did you ever establish an exact figure for what rent costs Ellie every month? Or is it just a vague “more than she can afford/as the plot demands” sort of thing?
    I live in a very expensive area, so my view on average costs tends to be skewed, and trying to cover rent on minimum wage/part-time would be nigh-impossible. But I also know that lots of places in the county are more reasonable, so I was trying to do some rough calculations for what sort of income stream she would need to pay the bills (rent, food, phone, etc). And that, in turn, would determine what sort of job(s) would be reasonable to maintain long-term.

    Most just asking for my own elucidation; I like fiddling around with numbers.

      1. Yeah, I didn’t recall seeing one. I was wondering if Rusche had ever made a note of some number, for continuities’ sake, or if he had even estimated about what it might be.

        I could make a few guesses, but they’d be very rough, since what I’ve always looked for in domicile is very different from what Ellie has.

        1. It’s probably somewhere between 400-to-500 a month for rent. I’d assume Quinn has a fairly decent apartment.

        2. Ok, thank you very much. That’s about at the low end of what I would have guessed.

          450 a month doesn’t sound bad…provided you don’t need to eat, your clothes never wear out, you don’t have a ridiculous phone contract, a pet/child to feed, etc etc etc.
          It adds up. Still, good place to start.

        3. Googling “cost of living Lakeland Florida” and following the first link has “Median rent asked” as $866.

          Also, since Quinn’s father is paying the rent and she’s getting half as her living expenses from Ellie, Ellie could probably talk her down a bit on the money that changes hands if she provides the needed goods (for example, acquiring all the food for the apartment and cooking dinner and doing dishes).

  14. When I logged into the site it brought up a thing about subscriptions, what’s up with that? Who would my sub benefit and how? Enquiring minds want to know.

        1. That’s a compromise thing, because what admins REALLY want is force choke or force lightning. We’d probably abuse it too much, though.

  15. Damn, Pumpkin. Little kitten has some sharp claws.

    On a side note, I like the favicon you went with Rusche. I was wondering when you’d add one.

  16. I have to say, as much as I liked the initial introduction of the world, I really like the story of the sisters. I hope with all that you have established with them that they will be an ongoing rotating cast of the series, if not the eventual focus.

    Just my $.02

    1. Rusche mentioned that there are three major story arcs and that in the last arc KK would be a main character and Ellie would be a cameo. He also mentioned some “growing up”-ish arcs that would hit most of the sisters (I don’t think Cinn will have one, and maybe not Anise, Pumpkin’s will be more organic and Ellie’s probably longest). So I think Rusche is intending to give various characters their chance in the spotlight.

      1. Accidentally found the comment about Rusche about sister backstories. To avoid Rusche having to moderate, I’m posting verbally instead of link. Go to comic Stuck in the Middle with You (24 Jan 2014), search in page for “Lincoln” and that’s a comment of Rusche’s regarding Anise’s worldview. He replied to himself after that with the following:

        ” They all have backstories except for Pumpkin, who will develop as the story draws out. Tarra’s won’t be until the second major arc of this comic, and Ellie’s is kinda half now, half then as well. Ginger and Juniper will be a pairing we’ll see again as most have speculated for a certain reason. And Cinnamon is just kinda ‘there.’ “

  17. I like the shift in Pumpkin’s expression between dealing with Ellie over the phone and Cinn in person. Very nice. Also I recall that Pupmkin’s sin correlation was intended to be vanity. Is her manner of reference (i.e. Cinn as a courier service) leading up to that?

    Also, I’m recalling that past images of Cinn had circular shades of blue in her eyes unless she was surprised, and this looks like a solid shade. I’m wondering if new style will be one shade or if this is an expression.

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