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Revolving Door

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  1. Aww, Morgan did her a solid and she bailed already. I am disapoint. Though I suppose if the hours weren’t going to support her she’s justified.

    I do like the call back to the Get-Mart saga even though I didn’t expect Ellie to behave like that.

    1. This is actually based on my personal experience with an “Appleberry’s.” I was interviewed to be a prep cook many, many moons ago. The interview went well, and the manager said he actually preferred putting me at the front of the house waiting. I have no idea where THAT communication failed on his part to the rest of the team, but I ended up in the kitchen. I did some food prep staging by putting chicken strips in some baggies, but no one seemed to know where to put me. I ended up expediting amoung misc other things the first few days.

      By week two, I was pigeon-holed into that lone position, and Ellie is holding what my schedule was for the week. And panel 5 is her saying my exact sentiment when I quit 4 days into the job.

      1. Write what you know eh? I’ve had several friends in the casual dining racket. Not a single one of them would go back.

        1. I just have to ask why. What misery do they have to heap upon themselves in such a manner as this? I don’t understand that. Besides, it seems that they could likely afford that as well then?

      2. I remember split shifts from when I worked at a restaurant. It sucks – especially when you would show up and if it was a little slow, the manager wouldn’t even let you clock on.

      3. Ah yes, good ol restaurant industry. Where id you want daytime hours you work bullshit splits, and if you want full time hours you’re working well into the evening with no predetermined punch out time.

        I feel Ellie’s sentiment here to the core of my being. Stopped working restaurants in my early twenties.

  2. Love the fire ball in the back ground of the first two panels. I always work at least a week on any new job to collect a paycheck while searching for something better. Little money is better than none!

    1. Ellie’s feeling like she’s better off freely pounding the pavement than being expected at a job that’s consuming her whole day for very few hours.

      1. That’s exactly why I didn’t rage about her quitting so early when she has bills due… Not like you can get a good job search when you’re stuck waiting your afternoon away

        1. I wouldn’t call it raging. Just surprised she didn’t work at least one whole shift. I get the motivation, I really do. I had a similar hours conflict witha job but I worked the week out. She’s missing networking chances which she needs.

        2. She quit Get-Mart after her lunch break that started as soon as the manager was done chewing her out, and likely spitting all over her.

          I’m thinking that Ellie may realize that she can find a job anywhere, but knows that she’s going to have to work at things. I just hope that Mr. Stevens (Darrin? PLEASE LET HIS FIRST NAME BE DARRIN (hint(hint)^hint))

          (end request)

          Blind guy comes back into play at some point soon, Ellie is going to need a revitalization soon. Especially if the phone is going to work.

    2. Wasn’t that the iCloud exploding? I hope that sucker’s under warrantee or she’s gonna be paying a huge bill for nothing for the rest of her life.

      1. That’d be a welcome plot development. The iNimbus was under warranty, she can take it back, cancel the contract. Get out from under that albatross.

      1. The salesperson is quoted as saying that the floating is based upon the owner’s self affirmation. Great time to think that Stuart Smalley, Congressman of Minnesota would be such a damn hit on Saturday Night Live.

  3. From the sounds of it, the job wouldn’t make enough to actually cover the cost of getting there. Though I do agree, quitting was a tad rash on Ellie’s part.

      1. She would have been a great asset too, but anything more would have overstaffed us. Pity too, another girl quit later that evening. I would have given Ellie that girl’s hours…. :P

        1. Waaaaaait….. Chris, were you implying that you used my name in your comic? Or was that a joke because I shared his name? That question’s been buggering me all day but I wasn’t sure if it was appropriate to ask XD

    1. Not exactly goodwill all the time, and Ellie was within her rights depending on the circumstances.

      I’ve had jobs and known people that worked (and one who still does) that ‘goodwill’ got them into where they ended up LOOSING money working there.

      Case and point one friend of mine worked at ChickFlay for years. They wanted to cut overhead but didnt want to fire anyone as they have a nice severence package. So they arranged everyones work schedual to be half hour shifts every hour and a half (which they can do). Your choices were to work half an hour hen go home and come back, or spend your entire day there.

      Remember unless its a close friend or family, no one ever sticks their neck out for you. Busness are out to make money for themselves, not you.

        1. No, its smart, just unethical and underhanded. If you are fired or laided off they have to pay unemployment and the before mentioned severence package. If you quit on your own they dont have to pay squat. So they make your job so miserable that you leave on your own.

          Dilbert had a pretty good comic showcasing this, where an employee was given the job of being bitten by rabid coyoties. If they didnt quit in five years they would be given a vest and arm guards…kinda sounds like my job now…

        2. What state did this happen in? I live in CA, and out state would look at that as a constructive firing. I don’t even think our stat labor code allows employers to create those types of shifts.

    2. There’s a difference between ‘making a good effort’ and ‘being outright exploited’. 3-hour daily shifts are already close to that line. Splitting that shift into two parts with a 3-1/2 hour gap in between, thereby killing the employee’s entire day but not paying them a full shift worth (and, of course, skating by full-time-employee status so you don’t have to give them benefits) pretty much pole vaults over that line, then sets the line on fire so it’s impossible to get back.

      If you really, really need to cheapskate it this way as an employer, then suck it up and hire one person for the noon rush, and a second for the evening rush, and then deal with the fact you’re going to have even more turnover.

      1. While I think quitting was absolutely appropriate for her in general, I think she should’ve been more graceful about it. In my view she should’ve talked to Matt about alternate hours or if he knew a nearby place that might hire a part timer for the slot in between, explaining her bus ride and the number of hours she needs to be working per day to make ends meet. He would’ve said no, to which she should’ve then offered to work for the first hour and a half shift if he felt it was worth it for him or just leave immediately with her apologies for the misunderstanding. Then she should’ve called Morgan to say thanks for the assistance but explained the bus ride with the hours, that it would just take too much time for her to get a second job to make ends meet, and she hadn’t realized that when she asked for Morgan to do her a favor and apologize for not asking about hours and location first.

        She absolutely shouldn’t have stayed there, she just would’ve been wiser to minimize bridge burning too.

      2. Lets just say that its a state with a LONG history of treating people in general unfairly in new and creative ways.

        By far though WalMart takes the cake in screwing over employees.

        As for how Chickflay gets away with this kind of thing its very simple. They hire a large employee pool on purpose, those making the short shifts plausable or at least arguable on their part. The more people you have at a time, the less weight a single individual’s complaints have as for everyone that files a complaint they can point out ‘ten others who didnt complain’.

        Honestly there are times that I have to commend a company for its underhanded deviousness if only because it proves there is still creative and original thinking in America -.-

    3. I’m going to note that the goodwill she is throwing away is not from Matt, but from the lady she was talking to, who unless Appleberrys is really weird got nothing from passing Ellie along (and may in fact take some of the backlash from Ellie immiedetely quiting…) but still did it anyway, because she wanted to help.
      There is nothing from manager Matt but abuse.

  4. that is kind of like my schedule for Mon and Thursday. Go in at 11:30 or 12 to unload the supply truck. Leave around 1:30 to 2 come back at 6 and work till 8:30.

  5. Never had issues like that in the food industry, but I definitely would have dumped the job if they only had 18 hours per week with another 6 hours in travel per week. Sometimes maintaining goodwill isn’t worth the pennies and stress.

      1. If there was a library neat by or some other Wi-Fi spot she could have used to job hunt that would have made the 3 1/2 hours productive.

  6. That’s the type of job you give to the homeless person who lives in the back. And you pay him in chicken strips. Not the job one lives off of.

  7. and the back sliding continues. Ellie has “almost” digressed back to the point where she started at the beginning of “Shotgun Shuffle”. I noticed the icloud wasn’t hovering around. Did it completely self destruct or is just no longer able to levitate?

      1. I’m surprised that it didn’t implode upon Ellie’s revelation, creating a singularity that would diminish feminine statures in the immediate localized area.

        1. I don’t know about that. The miniature mushroom-cloud looked pretty final to me. I wonder how good the iNimbus warranty is.

    1. I don’t know about you dear, but I would not have taken those hours. Not a chance. 3 hours of work a day? MIGHT cover the cost of 4-way bus fare….unless she wants to hang out there for 3 1/2 hours in between the shifts. And maybe she’d have enough for lunch while waiting. But not much else. CERTAINLY not her bills that need paying. If she was as lazy as she was in the beginning she’d have taken these shifts. Because 3 hours of work a day would be a lot easier than going back to the grind to find something better. Just saying. 21 dollars a day would not go far. (That is just a guesstimation of how much she might get paid)

      1. I agree that financially her quitting was the correct choice. If it doesn’t pay the bills (or cost your money in the long run) and/or provide some important intangible advantage such as important work experience that would be of use later, then the job isn’t worth it. I think I was referring more to her attitude. Her icloud can’t levitate because her confidence/self worth has taken a beating. So her attitude has fallen back to almost what it was at the beginning.

  8. I like seeing Ellie act just like Pippers (yeah, my memory IS that good!) because its funny. But I’m saddened by the fact that she simply squandered the good will of Morgan. Then again, those aren’t livable wages, so can anyone really blame her?

    I really do feel bad for her in panel 1. Poor girl got a rough break. I wonder how the other members of O’Jacks crew are doing? Hopefully better than Ellie.

    1. Good will is great and all, but you can’t pay bills with it alone. She’s trying to support herself, and given that they apparently didn’t tell her what the hours would actually be until after she hired on and was starting work, she’s justifiably upset. It’s the kind of job you take to supplement an income, not live off of. It’s even screwing her over if she took it as an in-between while trying to find something better, what with it dominating her time from noon onwards, for six out of seven days of the week.

      1. I know. Believe me, I’m well aware. Respecting someone else’s favor can sometimes be a big burden. But at the end of the day, what matters most is what helps you survive and not what protects someone’s feelings.

      1. I couldn’t remember her name but I did recognize the fact that Ellie mimicked her “Already quit” almost identically, right down to the tossed vest/apron thing.

      2. I also remember that Ellie is in the exact same pose as Pippers was when she was walking away, with the same gesture of tossing her thing over her shoulder.

        1. Agreed on good memory. I thought you were talking about something unrelated to the comic until some of the other replies.

  9. Tough to make a living on an 18 hour work week.

    Even assuming $10 an hour, that’s $180 per week. Does that even cover the iNimbus? I’m entirely too lazy to check the archive.

    1. I think it was around 240-270 a month, for 24 years, or something like that.

      She could keep it with 180/week, but things like rent, food, and anything else would be just a tad tight (fortunately, Quinn’s wardrobe is free!)

      1. I think that TLO and I, and maybe That One Guy covered the financial obligations that Ellie could have had at O’Jacks. But now, let’s hope that the birthday money covers the next 30 days of rent.

  10. bah. That…sucks. Stuck with desperately needing at the job, and at the same time the job you do get isn’t worth the time and travel and ends up being more costly than helpful. It sounds strange at first, but she probably did the right thing by quitting.

    1. She did the right thing quitting, but as I argued above, I think she quit in the wrong way. She should’ve politely and apologetically told Matt & Morgan that the position was too much of a shit job and they shouldn’t expect anyone to stay when the garbage is not spelled out in advance and made offers seeming reasonable that she knows they’ll reject in a way that sounds like she’s taking the blame with her own inexperience but has the undertone of, “You can’t seriously think someone could afford to take this job if they were trying to support themself, did you?”

      1. yea, but honestly, it most likely would not have helped. At best, a vague “we can find someone else” threat would’ve been held over her head. And even if she does leave, she won’t be able to use them as a reference either, since they’d just consider her a lazy complainer.

        Personally I would’ve stuck it out while looking for another job so there’s at least some income, but that’s just me. Either way, this job would not be worth staying at. She just seemed to take the quicker way out than do some dance with management to get to the same result heh

        1. It might not have helped much, but it would cost next to nothing and might’ve helped. Also, it can be done in a way to not give off a lazy vibe but more of a conscientious vibe. Attempting to use someone as a reference after such a short period wouldn’t be viable anyway. More of a damage control to mitigate potential later issues if running into them in another position.

      2. Well….Morgan DID tell her that the job was during ‘Peak Hours’, so it while it wasn’t quite spelled out…she could legitly say she warned Ellie.

        1. Yup, that’s the reason to present as apologetic and blame it on her own misunderstanding and not Morgan failing to spell it out. An “I didn’t know the right questions to ask, and I should’ve clarified that with you, I’m sorry” sort of thing.

  11. I get that the hours suck, but instead of just quitting outright, why not try to find a second job to supplement her paycheck? An 11:30am start to her day means she could probably pick up a night shift somewhere else.

    She has 3.5 hours between shifts, but knowing Ellie she would probably just go home and spend that time social networking. She should just work her first Appleberry’s shift, find a coffee shop to surf the net with her iNimbus for a while, work her second Appleberry’s shift and then work a night shift somewhere else.

      1. She’s gotta sleep, too. Night shift might get off at 7a. She’s got the bus ride home, then the bus ride back. She would need to catch the bus at 10:45 to be at work by 11:30. Sleep (where?) between shifts. Leave work at 6p; home by 6:45. Night shift starts at 11p.

        Negatory, good buddy.

    1. Yeah….no. Is that what you would do? That would be so horrible, you’d burn out after a couple months and be no good to anyone. Like Sunshine says, if you worked nightshift along with this fragmented day shift, and with 45 minute bus ride (I guess she could sleep on the bus, I do, but….not enough to make up for not getting a proper night of sleep).

      Nightshift is 11pm-7 am. That leaves four and a half hours until her day shift. Depending on where that is, it may be a longer ride home. Or maybe she’d need to go directly to her day shift. She has three and a half hours between the first shift and her second, and than five hours until her night job starts. Adults usually need 8 hours of sleep to remain healthy (I usually only get 4-5 on a school night [voluntarily, I stay up that late even without homework] but I have a seriously weird sleep cycle, and nap throughout the day sometimes, between classes.)

      So sure, maybe she could catch an hour here, and hour there. Bus constantly between her jobs, maybe home for an hour or two a day. When would she eat? She’d have absolutely no down time. Social networking is not a bad thing….in small amounts, and everyone needs time to unwind. She’d not have that.

      I myself would never survive that kind of schedule, and I like to think I am a little more prepared for such a thing than Ellie is. So she would…..not….deal well with that.

      A good suggestion though…

    1. If she wasn’t worth it, you wouldn’t be here wanting more.

      She’s gotta get her ducks in a row, as it were…or would it be her
      Fatty McFatfats?

      1. Sunshine – I’m going to go with overfed squirrels for what she needs to get in a row.

        Vince – If she were magically worth it immediately, she’d follow after Tarra and discover a cold fusion technique that’ll power a neighborhood for a year using ~$7.50 of common kitchen cleaners, a pillow case, and a worn out left exercise shoe (distance running, tennis, basketball, or cross trainers but NOT cleats or spikes). Growth makes for story, but you need room to grow for that.

        1. Sorry, I just keep seeing more and more web comics about women who think they “deserve” a better life and act/look slutty (not all the time). And yeah, I can’t help but watch more to see if she improves

  12. Really weather that a smart move or not depends on wheather the abbleberry is in a busy area. most of those types of chain restaurants are in shopping centers so thats 3 hours to go find another job.

  13. With her… Assets… she might have made a fortune on tips, but I wouldn’t want to rely on tips either. No blame here!

  14. Well, I would have probably have done the same, i mean, Ellie is willing to work,but even she has her limits.
    The bus ride every day would probably cost her more then she would earn so thats a good reason to quit, altrough she really needs to find something that she can use as a reference instead of only her breasts…
    And i know how it can be in the food industry Rusche, had a job at a big resturant when i was 16 and the first thing my boss told me to my face was that i was expendable…
    Still, was only 1 afternoon in the week, and i held out cleaning the terrain there, but after i quit there i told myself i’d never again work in the food industry, and never have since.

  15. A lot of you really have a boob issue. They’re here. They’re probably not going anywhere. Ellie doesn’t mind them. Mr. R likes them.

    Let’s move on, shall we.

    1. If the Internet moved past having boob issues, I’m not sure if I’d consider that a sign of the beginning of a new renaissance for mankind or one of the signs of the Apocolypse that was left out of Revelations because no one had the slightest idea what an Internet was a couple of millenia ago (fifth horseman maybe).

  16. I’m actually quite fine with a work schedule like that.I could spend time between shifts to catch up on my reading list, but somehow I don’t think Ellie is that much of a book reader.

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