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Say My Alias

Little call back here. :P

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  1. That has to be a little weird right? Having someone just blurt out your name like that. Is he even a little curious how she knows? Also if David and Tarra have a past would that mean he’s attracted to her because she is similar to her sister? That’s be creepy.

        1. I don’t know that we know enough for David yet to know if he has any issues in that direction.

          Recalling Dheu describe David as the cleaner of Tarra’s messes seems like plenty of potential justification for describing her as demanding that’s relatively separate from strength.

        2. Well, considering his stalkerish tendencies when it comes to Ellie I don’t think it’s unreasonable to extrapolate that he prefers to be the dominate member of a relationship. Not saying he definitely does, just that one could make the argument.

          I mean just look at it. First he ingratiates himself by pulling her out of a low point at O’Jacks, but once she starts becoming confident and assertive he turns her down. Then when she loses that job and is thus emotionally vulnerable he starts trying to ‘run into’ her at Black Friday. And now once again he’s set himself up as the savior to rescue her from all of her woes.

        3. I think it’d be unsurprising if David prefers to be the dominant partner in a relationship, but I don’t connect that to the stalkerish tendencies or backing out of dating Ellie.

          For the stalkerish tendencies, I don’t think we have enough to go on as to the cause. It might’ve started as feeling guilty for her getting kicked out of her house and he found himself somewhat smitten without realizing it. It could’ve been a leftover from his pattern with Tarra in terms of being around to clean up her messes and he fell into old habits with a new person. Might be related to him recognizing D52 attention and trying to keep her safe. Might be garden variety stalker. I’m not really sure what direction I lean.

          I took his backing off from dating Ellie a bit differently. He’s significantly older than Ellie (>10 years by my calculations), and he might not sure that he really wanted to get involved with someone that much younger (I no longer had patience for 18 year olds by my late 20s). Additionally I think he was Tarra’s ex and having the social awkwardness of dating her younger sister coupled with the potential for concern on his part that his interest in Ellie might be an unhealthy fantasy for a slightly different Tarra and likely a slight fear that Ellie might go down dark roads like Tarra as well. So I saw his own good sense as the reason he backed away from Ellie, and his desperation/loneliness (as he said of himself after turning her down) along with being emotionally drawn to her as the reason he won’t leave well enough alone.

          If wondering where I’m getting age estimates, the character bios after comic Odds Are (current post date September 11, 2013) shows that Tarra is ~9 years older than Ellie. I don’t recall if it was quite confirmed, but I think David was Tarra’s tutor so would’ve been older than her too (and with as high achieving as she is, maybe not just a few years).

        4. Even without him being attracted to her, all of those can be explained by him looking out for her as the sister of a student and coworker. He could be following her as habit, from having to clean up after Tarra, and showing up when she’s low to motivate her, like he has to do for emotionally vulnerable Pumpkin. Ironic that their relationship stalls because she is in Pumpkin’s shadow, being seen as one of his students, when Pumpkin’s issues are due to being compared to her sisters.

        5. I have to scratch my head at that. I don’t think we’ve ever seen any indication David acts as a life coach to Pumpkin the way he does with Ellie.

          @That one guy – I was under the impression that one of the primary reasons he didn’t pursue a relationship with Ellie at O’Jacks was that he didn’t want to risk the fallout that would result if it came to light that he was dating the (19 year old sister) of a student. Thus why he only came in during the morning shift so as to avoid Ashliii finding out and setting off the school rumor mill. Presumably he has since gotten over that concern or considers the risk sufficiently reduced now that Ellie’s not the coworker of a student.

        6. Sister awkwardness due to Pumpkin is also likely. I was focusing more on Tarra because I suspect that Herb & Rosemary know/recognize him from his time involved with Tarra.

          I’ve actually wondered what Rosemary had to say to him when he started teaching Pumpkin since we found out he was definitely “that David”.

    1. I’m just kind of impressed she still has it in her purse.

      How long has it been since the date to end all dates? In comic time?

    2. I’ll admit I was thinking for that last panel that tackling the shadowing under Ellie’s boobs was another example of Rusche pushing his art.

      (yes, I notice she’s leaning forward so it’s potentially not all boob shadow down the whole visible front of her body.)

    1. I recall several old comments by Rusche:

      * Tarra’s sister -> deadly sin mapping is Envy, we’ll see more of that later (author comment in comment section was first confirm, author post of comic The Honorary One with current post date April 22, 2014 contains it easily, though)
      * X’s injuries came from several sisters, and Ellie was responsible for the change in speech bubble color (which I always took to be attitude/outlook related, causes of injury laid out in comic Nightmare Fuel with current post date April 13, 2014).
      * Ellie will have two serious relationships over the course of this comic. (I don’t recall the source of this offhand, nor can I think of enough of the phrasing to get Google to help me).

      From that, I estimate that Tarra’s Envy will come strongly to the forefront by her jealousy of Ellie being David’s object of affections. This might be his pursuit that goes nowhere for now or getting involved. So Ellie might end up with David now to dump him later, or start out with someone else (like Caleb) and then end up with David (or maybe even someone else entirely) later.

      Will be interesting to see how it plays out. From David showing up in the Royal Buckinghams picture for Pumpkin’s birthday next chapter, I’m leaning towards David and Ellie getting involved sooner rather than later (not sure why Pumpkin would invite him).

      1. Two serious relationships could also mean, she starts one with David, they break up, she meets someone else, and then she gets back with David.

        1. True, that is a possibility. My personal bet is otherwise, but it’s certainly possible to have back and forth any number of times.

          @jeffepp – True, but I can’t imagine inviting any of my teachers to a birthday party was the vein I was thinking there.

  2. While it’s pretty obvious to us readers that he knew all along, I’m wondering if he’s going to admit it to Ellie or try to play dumb and pretend he didn’t her her say his name and that he doesn’t know she was the “date.”

  3. I wear my sunglasses at night
    So I can so I can
    Watch you weave then breathe your story lines
    And I wear my sunglasses at night
    So I can so I can
    Keep track of the visions in my eyes

    While she’s deceiving me
    It cuts my security has
    She got control of me
    I turn to her and say

    Don’t switch the blade on the guy in shades oh no
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    I can’t believe it!
    ‘Cause you got it made with the guy in shades oh no

  4. Wait, this was date number 2 on her last day… After seeing the movie how many times… Guess it all adds up now.

    1. Well, it was supposed to be the last date of the day, and her last date of the week. The one that would have paid her, what, $60?

      And what movie is this?

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    1. I think he pretended she didn’t say anything, but just instead took the opportunity to confirm that he was, in fact, David Stevens.

    2. I can’t tell if that’s a comma or a period after the Hi. I’d presumed what you did, that he was pretending her name is David Stevens, rather than introducing himself.

  6. So, is this the person Nena called to “take care of her” (however that’s meant to be taken) or is this random good luck on Ellie’s part?

    1. No, it’s a song. Nearly all references are music related. And, you probably need to be over a, ahem, certain age, to get them.

  7. Damn it Ellie, get with blind guy and live happily ever after or I swear to god I will give you one hell of a titty twister!

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