Ran late on this one. It *was* supposed to be two posts. Hope this tides you over until Tuesday. I need to prep more comics since we are going back to Ellie and David. Thanks as always for reading. I know this arc wasn't everyone's cup of tea, but I really really had to do this story now because there will be no time later. This builds into Ellie's next antagonist, and Pumpkin's birthday.  Tarra is a super narcissist, over-confident, and cripplingly entitled. You had to find this out going in. She's essentially Ellie if Ellie never got her childishness put in check. Pumpkin, Ellie, and Tarragon are all sides of the same coin. A.. three sided coin. Pumpkin is self-conscious and restrained in her appearance. Tarra, as we've seen by her outfits, flaunts it as much as possible for her own gain. Ellie is right in the middle. More moderate, more at ease with who she is. We know enough about Ellie so far. We had our Pumpkin story. Then we had Tarragon's. Now we're going to put them all together.

80 thoughts on “Scuffed

  1. Survey-bot! Well at least we confirmed someone is really desparate for a date if they stuck it out. I guess Panera was worth it. Also…boob biometric scans are a thing?

        1. She had a ship. She’s going places!

          Also she had a flux capacitor, and she has a past her still in this comic’s future.

    1. She ran off, locked him in a small room, and now she’s passed out on the couch harder than Bill the Cat. He literally almost died.

      Plus side, he got to see what’s going on at the center of the Earth and got free Panera.

      Overall, there’s no way this date’s getting a 10, Claptrap.

        1. Well, sure, there’s always lying. I meant objectively, but if you’re willing to lie you can do almost anything.

        2. Sadly no. I told gravity it had no more hold on me than I wanted it to and still I couldn’t float.

          Though on the bright side, I also didn’t go uncontrollably flying off into space. So I’m going to call this one a wash.

        3. Worse, he is sitting on the floor. She’s taken the entire couch. That’s just low. I know she just got kicked in the sternum–I’m going to GUESS sternum, anyway–with the fury of a thousand suns, but still. Don’t make a guy sit on the floor.

        4. It could be he’s being a gentleman and letting the injured lady rest. He’d probably put her in an actual bed, but isn’t willing to risk whatever defenses she has set up for guys trying to carry her unconscious into the bedroom.

        5. I took it as him not wanting anything to do with her and that he could sit on the couch and let her lean on him, but he’d rather sit on the floor. Though it’s possible it’s irritation at not being allowed to sit on the couch I’m seeing on his face instead.

        6. Or as in our house, if you’re playing cards with others in the living room, you’re sitting on the floor with everyone else and not being a dick by sitting on the couch above everyone else.

          Being offered a survey can go two ways:

          1. Date (was it really a date?) is over.
          2. However, apparently she considered it a date so … yay, I guess? At least it’s a victory for the guy who has a hard time getting dates.

        7. I think that’s the kind of victory that would have me mentally high fiving myself for the wisdom of my previous strategy of not going on dates.

    1. Hrm, well. This is awkward. We need to separate mR. Blue from himself, as he is the spokesperson for the committee, and he seems to have committed a valid First Post. *slow clap*

        1. I do what I want. Unless my crippling anxiety makes asian carp fly out of the waters of a nearby waterway.

          .. because I stutter so much I sound like a motorboat.

  2. Fast, isn’t he. At least he has a nice warm Tarra’s sister to sorta resist. Sorta.

    In other news, that’s not a normal position for your neck. You may wanna have that looked at.

    1. Her bras actually do the full cybernetic spine re-inforcement like Doc Oc in the 2nd Toby McGuire Spiderman, so her spine’s in surprisingly good condition.

  3. The closer we get to the fabled birthday party, the more nervous I am about what Pumpkin will dish out. I’m getting the vibe that her Youngest Child Syndrome is gonna hit its more odious peak at her sweet 16 bash. While Pumpkin will probably get her dose of reality and the metaphorical smack upside the head she needs to get over herself sooner or later, her ego and immaturity will probably be rearing it’s ugly head and it shall not be pretty. It’s gonna be one hell of an arc.

    1. I’m offended. No bread-sliced cinnamon crunch bagels from Panera (or as we say “St. Louis Bread Co.”). How rude!!

        1. To be honest, we just call it “Bread Co”. Using the words “St. Louis” or “Company” are superfluous waste of energy as it is obvious to anybody in our town what you’re referring to.

          Anybody using the name “panera” is an obvious foreigner to our fair city and should be shunned by the community in general.
          It would be like going to Pat’s Steaks or Geno’s Steaks in Philly and asking for a cheesesteak with swiss cheese. Blech!!!

          No offense….

  4. The thing that now officially amuses me most about Tarra’s future downspiral into Sister X is that it looks like she’s going to lock herself out of her apartment.

  5. Free the robots. All of them. Give them a better life than what they’ve known. Then give a ’10’ on the survey and leave. She isn’t waking up for awhile at least.

  6. I’m actually a bit confused by Tara here. I thought she was supposed to be good but she’s getting her ass kicked, it seems, rather easily.

      1. As good as she’s been played up, I’d wonder how she got into that situation to begin with. Which she got into one on one before there was a second.

        1. Indeed. I can only assume her flight and crash with Zenobia addled her brains, leaving her dumbstruck for Summer’s monologuing & posing, and the altercation with the not-vampire. Not even the braid snagged. I guess the fact that she was conscious & on her feet was enough of an accomplishment? And in other news, a book scan, really? Programming in a variability factor (because swelling is a normal & monthly thing), and not only your sisters but most of the villianous population can now access your hideout. OTOH, this may be how she gets warning of the affliction that alters Sister X’s body.

        2. Wah, my turn to have my credentials lost on my comment? Will this one be anonymous as well?

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  8. I just thought of this tonight when I was reviewing the cast page, but which of the two living but blank D52 is Terra; 27 or 44?

  9. I can’t be the only person trying to figure that kick out, can I? I mean, it looks like it’s supposed to be a sidekick, but his upper body is too twisted and Tara flying backward, which would imply a front kick, but his body is really far back and twisting and I can see his whole butt.

    1. To be honest, I’ve just been assuming that kick involves the same anatomical quirk that allows comic book heroines to display both their butt AND sideboob in cover shots.

      ‘Cuz that’s not where the body ordinarily bends when you kick someone.

  10. “Pumpkin is self-conscious and restrained in her appearance. Tarra, as we’ve seen by her outfits, flaunts it as much as possible for her own gain. Ellie is right in the middle.”

    Who wouldn’t want to be in the middle of that? *ba dum dum kish*

      1. My point was now you’re in the middle with Ellie, since Tarragon is a pain in the ass and Pumpkin is a minor.

        It’s a joke, hence the ba dum dum kish!

  11. Too bad for Summer no one’s invented full head holo-mask like they had in ‘Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century’… yet.

    I can’t help but still like Tarra. She may be flawed but she’s not flawed enough for me to give up on.

    Also, I have a hard time qualifying this as a date. At best it was just hanging out and at worst it was helping an associate move.

  12. Her job is now officially “renegade distraction.” It’s unfortunate, and it seems rather … weird that Durkin has the ability to speak for the whole group on banishment.

    1. He might’ve called on the way over, or maybe just feels confident that they’ll accept his reasoning. He has been with them all for over a decade, so he likely feels he has a reasonably good idea of their views/opinions.

      1. I get the feeling he may be one of the only ones still vouching for her, the rest are probably already tired of her shit.

        1. I got that same feeling, to be honest. They all tried to warn her before she left, and then Durkin had to leave the wubble wubble to defuse the situation. I would probably be tired of Summer’s shit too.

          I just wonder how Tired Guy feels about it.

  13. She did also in theory out the whole group in the absolute worst way to people they are actually scared of. I mean, they have redonk levels of power and they are legit scared of what might show up for them. Summer walked through a number of seemingly high-level assassins and Tara without breaking a sweat. Durkin teleports people into the middle of the ocean on a whim. I expect the government has All Might working for them or something and opening the door like this would probably leave the group with exile being the kindest option.

    1. I’m not sure that Summer was present on the floor. Most of the D52 cast were in the back areas. Except for Dick, Durkin and Nena. Can’t recall if Merrick was out there or not.

    2. Being frightened & outclassed by an opponent is not the only reason to avoid their notice. You might also enjoy freely being able to get enough to eat and to sleep soundly at night knowing you don’t have [easy-to-kill-if-you-notice-but-still-potentially-harmful] assassins after you.

      So it’s not certain that Gen Nicks’ forces are able to defeat them, but it would be unsurprising if he had enough to whittle them down through attrition and turn the vast majority of the country against them.

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