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See You Space Cowboy…

  If you're lost on this, by all means watch one of the greatest openings of all time, from one of the greatest animes of all time. And if you're like WHOA MAN I HATE ANIME! Then check out this version that EVERYONE can enjoy:

182 thoughts on “See You Space Cowboy…

      1. To add on to the compliment, I saw the guy driving and was like “oh hey it’s that guy from that thing” and then I scrolled down to the next bit and was like “oh /yes/!”

        1. And the answer to the question I long harboured (since we got the list of names for the future comics) has finally been answered: What will be the Cowboy Bebop connection in this one?

          By the way: After you watched the show, I highly recommend to take on the movie (Knocking on heaven’s door) as well. It’s a must for fans!

    1. And I just blink uncomprehendingly at this…

      … much like I’ve always blinked uncomprehendingly at the success of Cowboy Bebop… which I never watched all the way through because the name, the protagonist and the entire theme of it just struck me as insufferably lame.

      I just dislike it. And the dislike escalates every time someone gushes over it.

    1. Cowboy Bebop reference. Incredible. :)

      Actually, the incredible part seems to be that Ellie’s starkers in the car. I mean, she’s in a bag, but still.

      1. From what Pumpkin has said, their mother wouldn’t approve of what Ellie’s wearing by the end of this strip, so actually getting back out of the house might prove more difficult than changing in the car.

        1. That could work, but my thought was actually the not wanting to give Mom the chance to repossess the re-appropriated slutwear or explain she needs it for work. But other clothes over top of would work.

      2. Is it really starkers if she’s still wearing… underwear? shorts? Either way, I always thought stark naked was 100%.

        Still, she takes the bag-on-the-head outfit and makes it work. Tim Gunn would approve.

        1. My personal definition of starkers would be not only not wearing any item of clothing, but not covering up with anything other than your own body parts (such as a bag in this situation). I’ve found many other people have a much laxer definition of starkers than me, though.

    2. I had to alter my drawing when it entered the computer-line-art part. Because he looked WAYYY too much like Spike. So I gave him and overbite and acne.

  1. Rusche, I’ve said it before, your artwork blows me away every time.

    Also, I laughed at Bebop Pumpkin’s face.

      1. This certainly looks difficult. What was the hardest thing? Was it the complete black shading or sonething else?

        1. Just choreographing the panels to seem like there’s motion and resemble Cowboy Bebop’s opening. But yes, even though most of the comic is 2-3 colors per panel, max, having black intertwine with black, then another color is very difficult. Like, where do I end with Ellie’s panel? Should I include the chair, what should the background be? How do I cut off said background to blend into another background. How do I use the tri-tone and not make it look like a bunch of flat panels trying to suggest speed, and for goddsake, a song? The composition of this strip took longer than any other part. This comic came so incredibly close to getting scrapped in the middle of Sunday and just have me skipping to the next one. Luckily I stuck with it.

          What you’re seeing is me trying to pull off something not done in sequential comics. If it is, I haven’t seen it. But it’s essentially animated-series-style spoofing and/or musical sequences. And this won’t be the only one.

        2. The arrangement DOES seem difficult, but I think you pulled it off well. The “three.. two.. one..” panels looked great and really captured the feel. Maybe it was the different shaped panels, or the fact that they’re small compared to the full size panels before and after them, but it definitely captures the mood of a countdown and the speed of it.

          I really have to hand it to you- you make this stuff seem effortless!

        3. As usual, your hard work paid off. This looks amazing. You did a good job of capturing the feel of the CB intro in a motionless medium, yet your fidelity to it was balanced nicely by the other characters irritation (which felt seamlessly interjected). The little touches (the Segway, the bus, the text in the background) made it especially funny, even before accounting for the main punchline. Excellent work. Scott McCloud would be proud.

        4. You’re going to do something like this AGAIN? Amazing.

          I think this is probably my favorite page in the series, and not just because it references Cowboy Bebop. If you’re planning to use this in other contexts, I’d love to see it.

        5. I’ve seen maybe an episode and a half of Cowboy Bebop, and maybe ~30 seconds worth of clips when sober, so I didn’t recognize the theme for the intro until the YouTube video. It was still impressive without the recognition, though.

    1. It appears to be some kind of accident involving a tire pump and about 45 pounds of raw cookie dough.

      Curse you, M. Bison!

    2. I was going to ask if that individual was male or female, but then I decided I preferred not knowing.

    1. I always wondered why Ed and Spike had the same mop for hair. I remember first joining the show and thinking she and he were related.

      1. It’s manditory for characters that cool to have that kind of hair in the Cowboy Bebop universe. Sorta like shades in Gurren Lagan. It’s so the lesser characters no not to mess with them.

    2. Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky the Fourth

      Sorry, it had to be done.

      And the amazing (worrying?) thing about it is: It’s been years since I’ve seen the series. Yet I still know the full name by heart.

      1. Ok, now that I’ve had some sleep let’s try this. First off, I love Cowboy BeBop and you did a great job capturing the feel of the intro. Not sure where the segway and bus came from but whatever works. Disgruntled Pumpkin’s look is awesome, and of course the return of Cosby BeBop never gets old. Does Francis call his red car the Swordfish?

        Fun fact, years ago I did a heavy metal cover of the Cowboy BeBop theme song, I wish I had it recorded in digital so I could upload it, it was a lot of fun. Also, Chub Li, I lol’d.

        And either I’ve already become very used to the new art style or this one dialed things back a littler. It may be because the purposefully limited color pallete. Anyway, awesome work. It forced me to watch an episode of Cowboy BeBop before I left for work.

        1. I think the Segway and the bus take the place of the little runabouts that Spike, Faye and Jet use when not on the Bebop.

        2. The segway and bus are simple, real life contrasts to the futuristic spaceships showcased in Cowboy Bebop. Both segways and buses are typically seen in multitude when at a convention as well.

        3. The Segway and bus really killed me. Every time I stop back by the site, this strip is funnier, and funnier still. And you NAILED the Bebop intro. So, so great!

  2. That was entirely awesome. Also, I’m with Erik regarding Pumpkin’s Bebop face. It’s fantastic. She’s looking more and more like my youngest sister as a teenager.

        1. They both smoke cigarets and I think the hair is closer to Spike’s. kiritsugu doesn’t have crazy bangs like that; they come down over his fore head, like gravity would suggest, rather than simply sticking out in a pseudo-fro.

  3. I want this as a poster!!! I want today’s entire comic as one big-ass poster, and I want to frame it and put it on my wall and never, ever take it down!

      1. Prints and posters can be a relatively easy merch opportunity for a webcomic. Some sell prints of all comics (Softer World does, as I recall, and I think I’ve seen others that do too). In terms of the logistics for printing you can do pre-orders with statement of either no more past the pre-order being printed at this time or only a handful. I’ve seen that several times in other webcomics.

  4. Rusche, if you give us a full page centerfold of Ellie as Faye Valentine, I will call in every favor, use up every IOU and pull every connection I can to help you in the future *epic anime tears of joy*

    True most of the favors and connections I have are from being an editor and beta reader for fanfiction, but I’ll find something you need or some way to help you in the future.

    You have done the impossible, you have pulled off something never before done in the twetny plus years I have walked this earth.

    You made me smile on a Monday morning. Before I got my morning caffeen to boot!

    THANK YOU! *double thumbs up*

      1. Really? I thought thats what she was using to get into the Con and blend in. At first i was confused as to why she would need ‘slutware’ as Pumpkin put it, but then seeing this I thought Ellie did some basic research for the Con.

        Faye Valentine is probably the cheapest and easiest cosplay to pull off, the only one I can think of off the top of my head that doesnt require any props or extra parts and that can be put together without a great deal of effort.

        No designs, no patterns, no symbols, nothing futuristic or unusual (no feathers, scales, robotic parts etc). I have a friend that went to comic con as Faye a few years back which is what brought the idea up. I think it cost her like, $80 for the whole thing, the shoes being $60 of that lol.

        Here I thought Ellie was showing initiative and forethought into this lol

        1. Faye Valentine is cheapest and easiest? She’s in the same series as Ed who wears black pants and a white T-shirt xD I actually think Faye’s fairly hard to do because her yellow isn’t the most common thing out there.

        2. Actually its easy to find spandex when you spend a lot of time at a gym lol. The hardest part for her was finding dye that was the right color, it exactly purple like Misato, she had to do some mixing to get it right.

          E.R, Heero doesnt wear hiking boots, he wore *cough* colorful sketcher sneekers lol

        3. You know: Yellow Ellie here does remind me of DOA Ayane.

          On another note: Nicholas D. Wolfwood tends to be among the easier to make cosplays. And there have been crossplay versions.
          Or you go for shorts, a bikini top in the right colours and a bit of black body paint and dress as Nami. Matter of fact: There are quite a number of One Piece charas that don’t take much work. And then there are those that do…

    1. That would be a pretty staggering level of awesome, though. Might blow out a monitor or two. Can display technology handle that much awesome in one place?

  5. …so that’s when Charlie Parker appeared to me in a dream and said “Screw Orlando. We’re going to VEGAS!!”.

        1. Bravo, Romani. It’s great to kick off a week with this much Cowboy Bebop in one place. Haven’t watched an episode in years but it sticks with you.

  6. Beautiful. I especially like the smaller background text plainly stating “this montage is a parody of cowboy bebop” in panel…7.

    This is a much better musical number to get today than having someone sing “happy birthday” to me.

      1. I was trying to read as many of those as I could. Any chance you’d post the backgrounds or text bits from them?

  7. So no one noticed how this car has a rearview mirror??? Some of my long-time commentors may remember the debate over that from when Quinn rode with James Richard and Eagan :D

    1. Some of your long term readers also aren’t phased by things like “missing rear view mirrors” because broke ass fanboy will often do without repairing such minor niceties when they break :P

        1. In that, it’s definitely reflecting the full view that the driver wants to see.

        2. This rearview mirror is indeed in place. The conversation Chris is alluding to took place in the comments to the comic “Plan on going SO-LO” where a reader observed that the mirror was not pictured. This was revealed to be intentional by Chris. Some of us noticed it wasn’t there but had no reaction whatsover. I think Chris just wanted to draw attention to the fact that this time he drew in the mirror. And maybe guess what the driver is looking at instead of the road?

        3. I thought that he was complaining because I didn’t mention the rear view mirror.

          Now that we’ve mentioned looking back, I just had a flash back of Back to the Future Part II, where the old and young girls see each other and pass out. I guess that Tarra’s made of sterner stuff than that.

          But if it took handwashing to get a girlfriend, then how come Melvin Udall didn’t have one sooner?

        4. I’m guessing because he tended to talk. Not that I didn’t file a few of those away for if I’m feeling really offensive…

  8. I noticed something. When I look at the comic, I hear Tank. When I am away and thinking about the comic, I hear the opening sequence to The Tick.

    Dum dwee dumdumdum dwee dow…

  9. I always love the joke that involves a nerd being lost in their own imagination while everone else is wondering “what the hell is wrong with that guy?”

    Its always something that appealed to me because I associate myself with it WAY too much.

    I remember being in middle school and I got so lost in my own imagination, I was unintentionally saying what I was thinking aloud, completd with sound effects. Thank god that was in- between classes so only a few people saw me doing it. My friends never let me live it down! Haha!

        1. I’m pretty sure the next line includes the phrase “Kills Everyone” but I can’t tell if it’s followed up by any qualifiers like “in the region”.

        2. Even more distressing is what looks like the word “Pumpkin” directly beneath that “kills everyone”.

        3. Just be glad no one is dressed up as Lelouch then, and hope they don’t run into ine.

        4. Who set off the nuclear explosion? What connection does Pumpkin have to Quinn? What exactly was “imposed on humanity?” All these questions and more…well…better be answered soon, that’s all I got to say.

    1. I wouldn’t expect her to have any considering that she rarely dresses in midriff-exposing tops at the moment and being aware of being short on cash I’d expect her to prioritize what’d get used/seen. Also it sounds like Mom wouldn’t have allowed much in that direction in school, so it wouldn’t have likely been pre-kick-out.

  10. First off, lovelovelovelovelove

    also I love that we get the Bill Cosby Cowboy Beebop. That thing seriously makes my life. ALSO

    This whole thing is fantabulously awesome. Takes me BACK man. *sigh*
    CB needs to make it to netflix soon so I can watch to my hearts content.

    ALSO FACIAL EXPRESSIONS. lawlawl -theend

  11. There is never a time when this song won’t get me going. My wife and I used it for our wedding, during the reception when they announce the wedding party ‘n all that.

  12. …wait a second…is the chubby Chun Li “Jake”? If this is a Goonies reference I’m going to have to squee, I think.

  13. Absolutely beautiful comic. What a joy this one was! Also I’ve gotten used to the style and, as you said it would, it’s refined itself into something palatable and excellent.

    Question, how old are Pumpkin’s friends?

  14. Yesssssss. Cowboy Bebop for the win. This was both hilarious and awesome.
    I could hear the theme in my head the whole time. xD

        1. And at the end of the day–usually Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday–we come right back here.

        2. That’s because planning to do anything else makes us lose our hats. And any plan where you lose yer hat iz a BAD PLAN!

      1. Sank hyu. ;)

        Also Girl Genius was my very first web comic I ever read. Though when I read it it wasn’t on the web… My friend had the printed copies. xD

  15. Absolutely awesome, Rusche! Dang does that bring back the days.

    Incidentally, I like Black Lagoon too. :D

    1. Black Lagoon is pretty good, I’ve had terrible luck with the Black Lagoon DVD’s though, I’ve replaced three of them over the years which is 300% more than I’ve had to do with any other Anime I’ve collected.

      1. I’m not so sure whether I should mention this one if you’re sometimes getting inspiration from watched series, but…

        “Higurashi no naku koro ni” mean anything to you? (“When they cry” seems to be the translated title.)
        That one’s… quite a number. But I love it!

        Also: Twelve Kingdoms (Juuni Kokki).

        And if you’re up for something rather adult (both violence and sex scenes) and sometimes disturbing that nevertheless has a good story told amazingly well in my opinion: Mnemosyne.

        And here’s where I stop or we will be at this the whole day.

  16. THANKS A LOT MAN! Now I have to watch the entire series on DVD again for like the 5 time this year.

  17. I so hope there’s more anime references this arc! This strip was great! I also really hope if something goes down at the con we get a “You’re gonna carry those bags” scene with the new driver/friend.

  18. One side question: Do the girls see what we see? He seems too oblivious for their snarky comments/annoyed faces to penetrate his fantasy. On the other hand, if he’s a mutant whose power is to affect the lighting effects around him, that would be awesome!

  19. and of course, the Cowboy Bebop intro is eerily similar to another bounty hunter series…. Gunsmith cats… seriously, watch the intros back to back…

  20. This was too epic sir. I literally started singing out loud with the lyrics once I recognized what was going on. Then I hit the last panel and busted out laughing at myself – because here I am at home, its 2 am and quiet out – and the only thing you hear in the room is me trying to acapella Tank! from memory and failing horribly.

    Well played!

  21. Tank! Changing in a bag! This was the best bebop reference ever. Now they need to go to the con and Ellie needs to get a ton of money…only to lose it all and make enough for rent….and maybe a little food.

    1. Ellie comes home with a sack of new stuffed animals or something. “I…I just couldn’t stop myself! What do they put in the water over there??”

  22. On the subject of webcomic literacy…last night I hit upon an explanation for the Tarraverse.

    She’s actually adopted.
    And a refugee from another dimension.

    Her birth mother is unknown.
    But her biological father was The Most Radical Man In The Radical Lands…

  23. Just recently found Shotgun Shuffle, and I’ve really enjoyed it! I can admit, I was drawn in by an ad featuring a very cute Ellie, but it’s been your writing at least as much as your art that has turned me into a real fan; I love your character development, and the mix you have used of the real and the surreal. :-]

    It’s also been really cool to see your art evolve, and I like that you talk to your readers here and there about your process.

    I wish you the greatest success, keep up the great work, and I hope we are able to share in your stories for years to come!

  24. So is Francis in a full-on oblivious geek fugue here, or is he deliberately trying to distract himself from getting a peek of his friend’s sister naked under a bag in his back seat? I ask because I’ll admit having a time or two in my life when I’ve made the “Ok, time for big random mental distraction keeping my eyes far away from where I’m supposed to not look”-type decision, as well as a few that were pure obliviousness for obliviousness sake. I’m just curious how this character falls.

        1. The other variation I’ve heard on that is, “Candy is dandy, but diamonds might just get you laid.”

  25. I originally ran across this comic on DA and started reading a few panels ahead of this, read to the latest one and started over. I thought having a Spike cosplayer was awesome but this…. THIS!!! Is awesome. PS thanks for linking the Beebop theme, it saved me the trouble of looking it up. I turned my sound system up and blasted it! :-D

    1. PS, replayed the theme while re-reading the comic as each beat hit! Fantastic…. If I were better in Photoshop I might actually try to compile each element into a slideshow to the song. :-)

  26. Hey Chris, I’ve been archive trawling and just wanted to say that I can credit you and Michael Lee Lunsford of the webcomic Supernormal Step for getting me into Cowboy Bebop. And I agree insofar as It’s on of the best Anime I’ve seen.

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