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Sell Yourself

UPDATE: You guys are more patient than I deserve, but my kids needed me this week with a plethora of doctor and dentist appointments, 5000 micro emergencies, and dealing with my son's breathing issues. Pushing the next comic off to Monday the 11th. I'll put my next two posts together so at least it will be long. If any of you are annoyed with how slow the story is progressing, I assure you I'm right there with you. Way too much has sprung up this week that needs my attention, and I just can't force myself to half-ass even one comic. : Ranting mc rib 1 Rant 2 mcrib2

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        If it had a link or two in it I’d suspect it was caught in spam/moderation filter and just not quickly reviewed.

  1. Grand Theft McRib! Woo! Now there’s a gaming option. Really, though, we should be concerned about adaptations of older content. But let’s keep a little optimism in there too.

    1. …and that qualifies as a first. Wow. I…I don’t know what to say. Well, there’s also “Be careful there, Ellie, you really don’t know what all’s going on in that particular sand trap.”

      1. Aw, it’s ok to celebrate with balloons and cake (not a lie) but if the celebration continues for more than the required amount of time for sufficient merriment, consult a doctor.

        1. Have to concur with mR. Blue.
          In reviewing this request, the i’s were not properly crossed and the t’s were not properly dotted.

          Request for first denied.
          If so necessary, please submit your appeal request in triplicate thru the normal channels (while keeping the pumpkin colored copy for your own records).

        2. I’m going to have to cast my vote otherwise and declare Steve’s comment first.

          Primarily because it’s enjoyable to not see the word “first” in the top comment. Secondarily it’s based upon my understanding of the general workings of time.

          I try to keep my priorities straight.

        3. In order to ensure quality obstruction, the primary research team needs to get drunk, dance the watusi in public, and do an archives dive.

  2. For some reason the shotgun just casually leaning against the railing kills me.
    ‘Oh that? Yeah, it’s an instrument of death. So … how about those Sportland Sports, number one in points?’

    1. No one pay attention to the escaped con and his shotgun. He has his police escort with him after all.

        1. Isn’t common ANYMORE? I think the problem is that it’s never really been common – we just delude ourselves into thinking it is and then act surprised when people do something stupid.

        2. I think some degree of our collective societal blind spots do move around. So we can see the illusion of progress with time in some ways and the loss of it in others. Personally I believe it’s a zero sum game, but it does allow us to see both better and worse sense in the past.

        3. A part of me wonders how long it’ll be until a panicked 911 call regarding a man with a pointed stick results in a SWAT deployment.

          I wish that was entirely a joke.

        4. Didn’t you know just having the wrong opinion and expressing it is considered assault now?

        5. Yeah, I’ve seen enough about the college campus garbage, but I was more thinking about a poor sap who got killed for carrying around a pellet gun in a WalMart a year and a half ago in my area.

          Granted, he was talking on his phone and ignoring everyone around him and the pellet gun (off the shelf and presumably he was going to buy it) didn’t have an orange tip and was apparently based off an actual semi-auto. He sighted through it at times but wasn’t pointing it at anyone or anything like that, just ignoring people while on the phone and pointing at upward angle or shelves. Also he was black and in his early 20’s. Someone called 911 saying he was an active shooter. Two cops arrived with that assumption and confronted him ASAP, he panicked, dropped the pellet gun and tried to flee, didn’t notice where he’d dropped the pellet gun as he doubled back running from the partner and ran where he could’ve tried to pick it up (had he intended to). The first cop saw his presumed active shooter run back towards his weapon and shot him before he could reach it. Somebody else in the WalMart died of a heart attack hearing the gunshots, too. All for absolutely no good reason. If you want to watch the video, it’s still up on a local news station’s website ( http://www.whio.com/videos/news/surveillance-video-john-crawford-iii-at-walmart/vCtDmK/ ). I am quite thankful that the out of town agitators were concentrated on Ferguson at that point or decided pellet guns were scary enough that riots weren’t acceptable, and things here stayed as peaceful protests.

          I can see areas where all the parties there could’ve modified things a bit and kept the situation from becoming lethal. Didn’t happen, though. I’ve certainly heard worse. None of the attempts pointing to making things better seem likely to do much but small changes. That’s where I wonder how much worse it’ll get.

          Have I ever mentioned that I’m a pessimist?

        6. Not if the person thought in honest that it was a credible threat. I remember a water pistol in high school that looked like a Beretta at best in the full daylight. And I was messing with that thing along with the looks we got from other drivers as mom was driving.

        7. The person who called 911, if they’re any kind of decent human being, should feel like absolute shit for the way everything turned out. If I were the cop who shot the kid, I probably would’ve had a hard time not calling and screaming at the person.

          However, I agree that disincentivizing people to call 911 when they think something is seriously wrong is a bad idea. I don’t think there are any easy answers fixing that problem. Takes a combination of awareness, confidence, judgement, and general knowledge for the entire population. No matter what you do, there’ll always be the occasional outliers, so it’ll never be fully solved.

        8. I disagree. The person who has the most guilt to feel would be the police officer who shot his credible suspect, only to find out that he was an innocent man.

          Like I said earlier, the 911 caller more than likely reported honestly a person of suspicious behavior, brandishing what looks like a military grade weapon, in a store, with nothing to identify that item that he’s holding as either a benign child’s toy or a weapon. The caller took what he interpreted as a likely threat and alerted the authorities.

          I couldn’t hear everything on the video, and I had to load up a video from a source called “Beavercreek Police” on youtube to watch what was going on. But it had the 911 call synchronized to the security tapes. I was also watching the reactions of some of the other people shown on the tape. The employee who walked past the area, the woman and her two kids who looked on the shelves by the door shown in the video. I think that she may have been looking for an exit in what may have been the garden area, but she turned around and went away from John Crawford III.

        9. Oh, I’ve got several issues with the way the police handled things. Among them is that it took over a day, as I recall, before they admitted that it was a mistake. They were trying to dig something up to try to pretend like it was justified. I’m not sure who stepped in and bitch-slapped them back to reality, but they did admit it 1-1.5 days later. I also firmly believe that an appropriate degree of situational awareness for a police officer should take account of the reactions of the surrounding people, and from that they should’ve realized that even if he was planning to be an active shooter, he hadn’t started yet, and taken the time to evaluate the situation and also wait for backup. I also think what I’ve heard to be a general concern from police of being attacked is one of those areas where human risk evaluation tendencies fail and cause bad evaluations (I think I heard somewhere that cops die due to traffic accidents orders of magnitudes more often than by malice from suspects, yet still pull VERY risky traffic maneuvers with little provocation). So yes, the cops could’ve done a better job. However, I don’t think their failure was malicious or racist. Just lacking in a way that cost someone his life.

          I also think that the deceased, the 911 caller, or WalMart all could’ve easily avoided the problem as well. Personally I put the most blame on WalMart, because if they really have unboxed semi-automatic rifle replica air rifles with little-to-no identification that they’re products someone might purchase, I find it surprising that it took so long for someone to get killed.

          In all fairness, I’ll admit to a possessing very large degree of antipathy towards WalMart (partially because I remember them from the late 80’s & early 90’s versus what they are today).

        10. Well mR. Blue, looks like Brad is more right than you or I:


          I heard that on the radio on the drive home from work today. Looks like the charges may not be for either death specifically, but only states probable cause for “making false alarms” due to the fact that the video footage doesn’t match what the caller said (not pointing it at people). Though, as I understand it, probable cause is for obtaining a warrant, so that would suggest that she’s suggesting an investigation, which might ultimately have different charges.

          I will admit that I hadn’t ever searched to find the 911 call recording.

        11. He doesn’t have to answer for calling 911. But for lying about the guy being an active shooter. That misinformation made quite a difference. And he definitely should have to answer on why he gave it.

        12. I think it came out later that the person misinterpreted him sighting through it somewhat and saying the person was afraid. People scare too easily for dumb things that shouldn’t scare them and ignore the things most likely to kill them, so it’s within bounds of expected human nature. I don’t know if the caller or the dispatcher inferred the possibility of being an active shooter. I do have a hazy memory that I was driving home at the time and heard on the news something about a response to an active shooter call. So it’s possible that it was the news that made that inference, too.

        13. The local county prosecutor called for the state attorney general to appoint a special prosecutor. He did so, the situation was investigated and the cop went through a grand jury hearing. The grand jury chose not to indict and the government immediately released all evidence for the hearing to the public in the same press conference where they announced that.

          Watch the video. Skip to the end if don’t want to watch 10+ minutes of some guy walking around talking on his cell phone pieced together from a whole store’s worth of security cameras. Remember that the Columbine shooters killed a lot of people while the local police force waited for sufficient reinforcements to enter the school and that they suicided when confronted (vast majority of active shooters do); police training for active shooters now recognizes that fact and encourages first responders to confront ASAP. Think about the cop, responding to a report of an active shooter, having very little time to size up the situation. Watch the way the panicked guy ran away and the cop was calm. When he turned back, he’s running low to the ground in a way that makes perfect sense in moving and taking cover and being ready to go in any direction but which also coincidentally puts his arms within reach of the ground without bending over. Sitting and calmly watching, he just appears panicked and trying to get the hell out of there. The cop hasn’t had time to be able to determine that the guy isn’t a threat. You see the moment that he gets shot is right as he gets close enough that he could pick up the (still unidentified by the cop) pellet gun.

          If the cop is a decent person, he should certainly feel bad about the whole situation. Probably even need several months to a couple of years of counseling. But with the information he had and the time he had to evaluate it, he acted as he was supposed to, to protect the general population in the area. With full information and all the time in the world to evaluate, we can see that snap evaluation turned out to be incorrect.

          I’m not saying that there aren’t potentially different things the cops might’ve done to realize that nothing was wrong. There are. However responding quickly and decisively to an active shooter situation is something they’ve been trained to do, and anyone can get tunnel vision in an emergency.

          However, the guy who died could’ve done all his sighting through the pellet gun back by the shelves of the pellet guns and not as he walked through the store. He could’ve put it in a cart. He also could’ve refrained from going to buy a pellet gun while he wasn’t at 100% (coroner report said he had some marijuana in his system at the time). The store could’ve not left air rifles made to closely resemble firearms out of boxes with just a barcode sticker (hell, if you just zip tied a 3″ square piece of shiny cardboard to the trigger guard that’d be enough). The 911 caller could’ve tried to get a bit closer and get a better view, or ask someone else’s opinion if he/she didn’t feel confident in identifying if something was an actual firearm or not.

          There are things pretty much any party with any kind of involvement in the whole thing could’ve done to change things. I honestly believe all the ones (still alive) should feel bad about not doing them. That’s a different thing from saying that they need to “answer for” their actions, though.

  3. Ellie appears to be falling for this guy. The non-date hook worked for him if he wanted it to or not,

  4. Aww, c’mon, man, we’ve been over this. Reboots =! sequels, and both are certainly distinctly different from new content. Overwatch is entirely new. Hell, it isn’t even out of beta yet. This strawman is frail enough to be knocked over by a dogfart. :P

    (And what’s with the same color for the anonymizing? APA standards are to use distinct colors for each person. :P )

    (I love the flailing arms, though. >_> )

    1. It’s still kinda stupid how people are dismissing any kind of new stuff of something they liked as instant trash at the drop of the very first info about it. Not simply without giving it a chance, but without even waiting for a decent base of information upon which they could decide if it might be worth it or not.
      Cowboy Bebop for example even if Spike is dead, there’s kind of more characters to that series than him that also might have a story to tell. A story centering on a grown up young adult Ed for example could be pretty interesting. Heck, just Faye and Jet dealing with the aftermath and trying to move on could prove interesting.
      A live action FMA movie? When I look at what they did with Rurouni Kenshin: Hell yeah! Gimme!!

      I agree that it doesn’t work well with Overwatch, though. But with the commenter mentioning the WOW movie, it definitely does.

      (Loved the colour comment, by the way. :D )

      1. There’s room for a lot more middle than it actually had, too. Plenty of stuff can be done in the time between “we found Edward” and “Spike dies in hail of gunfire.”

        1. That happened in 1998. It’s no longer a spoiler; you’re behind the times. :P

      2. > It’s still kinda stupid how people are dismissing any kind of new stuff of something they liked as instant trash at the drop of the very first info about it. Not simply without giving it a chance, but without even waiting for a decent base of information upon which they could decide if it might be worth it or not.

        Yeah, when we all first heard about an all-female Ghostbusters team, (and that “fem!Ghostbusters” was the hook of the movie, not anything storywise), I was willing to give it a shot. GB is my favorite movie of all time. It was my first favorite movie, and it’ll probably stay that way for my life. I joined up with the other kids on my block when it came out to help out with a car wash so we could raise money and have GB logo t-shirts made up. I love it.

        But Ghostbusters 2016? I’ll still give it a shot. I’ll go watch it. In the theaters. After seeing the trailer I’m anticipating not liking it, but I’ll still go see it and give it a shot. Because I love the original so much.

        1. GB is also my all time favorite movie. I’ll see Ghostbustresses, but probably wait for a dvd release. No matter what though, I won’t think of it as Ghostbusters. No Egon = No Ghostbusters. It’s written into my DNA by this point.

        2. If Ghostbusters is your favorite movie of all time, you better have the suicide prevention hotline on speed dial if you go see that unbelievable disaster.

        3. No need for that. No matter how horrific and cruddy the reboot may be, it can’t harm the original. If anything, it just makes it look shinier despite the age. All terrible reboots do is force me to say the line “No, not that one. I’m talking about the one made before you were born” to my kids.

        4. I might actually be slightly more inclined to see it in the theater had they called it that instead. Seems more honest.

        5. That reminds me of everything I’ve ever heard about what they’re apparently selling as Transformer toys these days according to a coworker. I felt bad enough for his son that I grabbed an old one of mine from my parents’ place and tried to give it to him so he could demonstrate what they were supposed to be (he assured me that he’d found places to obtain his own, though).

        6. Good man. I won’t claim the 80’s was perfect due to my rose colored nostalgia glasses, but I will defend it from the ‘trends’ of the modern day.
          Also, I now know what sculpture downtown you’re talking about. I figured it was just a very broken xylophone.

      3. I don’t actually know any of the originals for Rusche’s source material here, but sometimes you can tell. For example, I was introduced to The Tick animated series after it was cancelled and became a fan. When I heard about the live action series coming out later, I just couldn’t imagine how it would be good. I’m not saying it never could’ve been impossible to make me eat the words of my early belief, but the odds started long and just kept getting significantly worse with every new piece of info.

        Granted, these days some of the CG added to live action could much more easily fill the void on a budget, and other source material (and other actors) could make a big difference in live action potential. And I know nothing about the one chosen above.

        1. Don’t know, I haven’t been watching for it. But it was a comic first.

          Not having Patrick Warburton as the voice would be an adjustment, but I could accept that as long as they had someone who did a good job with it. If they cast Gilbert Godfrey, that’d be a sign that they aren’t going to do a good job (or that it’s April Fool’s day).

        2. Mr. Blue means a new live-action Tick. Why they don’t just do another animated series is beyond me. I had too much trouble suspending my disbelief for the live action show, and it couldn’t go as far as the cartoon adaption did. I’ve also heard it’s going to be grittier which totally misses the point of the parody/satire series it was based on.

        3. It’s decisions like that which make you wonder if sometimes people are setting out to actively try to lose.

        4. Which is ludicrous, frankly. How do you make a dark and gritty version of The Tick? Half the point was that he was like a giant eight year old. You don’t turn that into a Nolanverse Batman and expect people to follow along.

        5. Though, to be fair, if The Tick kept his normal character and lines and was just overdubbed with an impression of the very worst of Christian Bale’s Batman in Batman Begins, that would be a special kind of hilarious in and of itself.

          Better for a DVD extra or April Fool’s episode than a whole series, though.

        6. I preferred “Naughty spawn, you face The Tick!” More dramatic yet still having that same vague cluelessness The Tick was famous for.

        7. ROOOF PIG! Most unexpected!”

          To be honest, that’s the one that pops into my mind at inappropriate times and I catch myself before saying it out loud to what would undoubtedly be confused, and possibly offended, coworkers.

        8. Oh, people are of course free to think what they want of a reboot. As long as they remember that this is just what they think at that point. And that they can’t know before they actually gave it a chance. Or at least cared to gather enough information to have something resembling a clear picture of how it’s gonna be.
          What gets me is not someone saying “I don’t think this will be good.” But those, sorry, idiots instantly going “This can’t ever be good there is no way in hell ever!!11!”
          Sure, there’s a (sometimes big) chance that it’ll suck. But at least wait until you had a chance to see it before presenting that opinion as an irrevocable fact. S’all I’m saying.

        9. I think that’s a sign of the attention span of the times. People forget things so quickly they don’t worry about over the top judgement ahead of time being brought back up, as very few people they know will remember at that point.

          Which is also sad.

      4. It’s still kinda stupid how people are dismissing any kind of new stuff of something they liked as instant trash at the drop of the very first info about it. Not simply without giving it a chance, but without even waiting for a decent base of information upon which they could decide if it might be worth it or not.
        I agree with you in spirit, but in reality I think people have just been burned too many times. A lot of these reboots/remakes/late additions/et cetera get made without the original people involved. Some are shameless cash grabs by people utterly unfamiliar with the material outside of knowing it was popular (American Akira), some are made by fans who want to remake what they loved but better who wind up watering down large parts of the original and overplaying other parts (Shadowrun 4th Edition).
        It’s pretty rare for a remake/reboot/late addition to even be on par with the original work. Usually that happens in the rare event of a series that got snuffed out before its time and revived by its original creators later.

        1. I get that. But there are enough examples out there, where a reboot actually got to be good (the two FMA animated series for example). Where a conversion really captured the spirit (the Kenshin real action movies). And even those that fail to be better or as good as the prior version still often are quite alright actually, once you get off your high horse in expectations.
          Enough to warrant caution with quick judgements. Be prepared that it might suck, but at least give it a chance first is what I’m saying. Doesn’t necessarily have to be yourself watching it, if you don’t want to invest the money. You can also read any critiques about it, if you trust the people writing them. But don’t dismiss things just because they are new.

        2. Yeah, but the issue here is a tremendous amount of time has passed since those series were worked on, which leads people to assume 1) different people and 2) cash grab. I recall FMA getting its follow-ups within a couple years of the show ending. Cowboy Bebop and FLCL are both past a decade at this point.
          I’m not disagreeing with you that people should withhold judgment, so much as I’m saying the odds are pretty bad of them guessing wrong. It just seems like lately there’s a lot of resistance to just making something original that’s pushing people to take a dump on old IP to make money from name recognition.

        3. It’s nor really a “lately” thing. Remakes have been a common sight since at least the sixties or seventies of last century. And turning a book or radioplay into a movie is a thing pretty much since the beginning of feature movies. It’s not even that much more common today. It’s just that we tend to realise it more because nowadays the source is often something only between one and three decades old (or at least still running during that time with comic adaptations). So we actually remember it from our kid’s days.

        4. Rather, I should say major films (since there are now tons of indy films skewing the numbers) are more commonly adaptations / sequels / otherwise-unoriginal than in the past.

        5. As for the main blockbuster movies, I agree. Those are very often adaptations or sequels (often of an adaptation, of course). More often then in the past.
          And as I said: The timespan between original and adaptation or remake tends to be much shorter now. As with several medium size Hollywood pictures of the last decade being remakes of a French or Japanese movies of only a few years of age. Which makes them that more obvious for people with open eyes.

        6. Yes, but in addition to major studios pumping out more unoriginal works and sequels than ever, they’ve begun digging up the graves of old IP. You’re right that there’s a faster turnaround on that happening these days, but my point was people are probably freaking out over FLCL and Cowboy Bebop because neither’s been touched in over a decade. It’s more likely they got dug up by people with the same mindset of the ones who said, “Hey, nobody’s seen Death Race 2000 / Dark Shadows / [insert decades-old IP here] in a long time! LET’S DESECRATE THEM!”

        7. @Gravatarless – I don’t know. Sometimes that’s hilarious. I’d heard a lot of good/interesting things about a Japanese movie titled “Shall We Dance?” which was hard to find when I first heard about it. Then Hollywood decided to redo it. In part of the attempt to drum up interest in the remake, the old one was re-released on DVD and I bought it. I watched the Japanese movie, and found it both good and enjoyable (those two don’t always sync up for my taste in movies).

          So then I watched the advertisement on the DVD for the American remake. The way it presented the remake was just so hilariously jarring, ignoring and invalidating the whole point of the Japanese movie, and some of the expected “glamor & glitz” thrown in. To this day I have no idea how anyone who watched the Japanese version and liked it could watch the preview of the remake (on the DVD for the Japanese movie released to advertise for the remake) and have even the slightest desire to see the remake.

          So I don’t mind the whole fiasco. It made me laugh and made it easy to get a cheap DVD of a good movie I might otherwise have been forced to look for expensive out of print VHS or hunt around pirate sites to find.

        8. The Hollywood remakes of The Grudge, The Ring and Dark Water were pretty decent though. Very true and close to the original, which is probably why.

    1. So what you’re saying is that if a good enough gust of wind comes up we get to see Ellie in a skin tight cop outfit that’s soaking wet after she dove in after her clothing?

      1. Ellie looks to have wisely balanced her clothes with a substantial portion of their weight on the walkway side of the railing. Older guy seems not to have thought things through as well.

        1. All I’m seeing in your response is that she will have to dive in after HIS clothes instead of hers.

          (Work with me on this, mmmkay?)

  5. Of course, I can’t see the word “McRib” any more without being reminded of that one great line:

    “Lagga gimpo…malta gimpo…foga rakka gimpo….”

    1. lagga what? what’s it mean? never seen that line anywhere before.

      MY favorite is : i came, i saw, I charged it all to Visa

        1. To be fair, some people did used to refer to the Gump Wars segue similarly to psychological trauma (though I think that was more waiting for the next update following Ellie or Quinn than it was the content itself), so it wouldn’t be odd for an older reader to have suppressed the memory.

  6. We are currently 35th on the TWC site with 2,330 votes so far. This is an average vote of 75 per day.
    Tomorrow we will have 0 votes.

    Who’s with me to keep Chris in the top 50?

      1. We always lag if the start of the month hits too near the weekend. Which is clearly a sign that we’ve got a lot of “vote at work” voters.

    1. I don’t think loyalty to the site has her saying this. I’m not sure that she means this as “give me a chance” the way it kinda’ seems so much as “don’t close off your options.” She IS very big on the encouragement and the nurturing.

      The non-date intro may also have her worrying less about him getting ideas than she would be with, say, the guy that got arrested trying to hit on Pumpkin. So she may not be as worried about misinterpretations as James’ kiss attempt likely led her to be.

    1. I will vote, but I have a hard time getting excited about it. It looks like it’s shaping up to be a repeat of last year with unreliable poll numbers and an update schedule that’s more of a vague suggestion than a commitment.

      Also, hello mR. Blue.

      1. Hey Andi, how’s your truck? Yeah, I’m saving my money for the Patreon side. I’d kind of like to see how things go, but yeah, this guy is damn lazy about this.

        1. Still, we must back Rusche as best we can. One way or another. Though I don’t think anyone will be too upset if we don’t go all the way this year. Has this yutz even mentioned the win from last year? Let alone thrown up a separate link?

        2. It’s in their archives. However, if could be surmised that due to pc polarizations of attitude latitudes, it would not have been announced because of the egg they’d have to wear.

        3. I’d actually go farther and say we shouldn’t try to win two years in a row. That just seems kinda’ petty or something.

        4. Maybe we shouldnt put money into it (the core readers), however if the new readers make donations…. that is a different and new dynamic.

        5. I certainly won’t be putting money into it. It’s all just a big meh for me right now. Even more so in them not even being able to correctly fill the brackets. Six BYEs, even though I don’t see all suggested comics from the preliminary round on the list? Someone doesn’t seem to take this seriously enough to actually do his work right.

          I’ll still vote, mind you. But I think GH has sucked all the fun out of it with his non-professionable behaviour and unreliability.

        6. I guess I’m more thinking that last year, we really put getting Shotgun Shuffle to win as a full court press (finding other computers to vote from, badgering friends, etc) along with making donations. And we succeeded.

          I don’t think we should put a full court press into it this year. No harm in voting if people feel like it. Also, if people feel like donating to the specific charity, they should (though with my opinion of what I’ve seen of the person maintaining the contest, I’d personally go donate directly and NOT in a way that would give credit to ComicMix).

  7. O_O *slowly clutches cheeks and gasps* I don’t know how to feel about this, my inner fangirl is totally split..

  8. ^looks up and sees all the comments about Ellie and “Nameless Guy” as a couple.

    Then sees in description the thing about Cowboy Bebop Season 2 and 3…wait, what?

    Okay, just out of morbid curiosity I want to see what happens in it, because (Spoilers?) Spike caught alot of bullets at the end of season one.

    1. Maybe they swooped in to save him, but just left vicious there dead. But wait! Julia isn’t dead either, so insert trippy and vague montage to explain it all. More importantly, if the seat belts dont do the music forget about it!

        1. I’ve never seen Coyboy Bebop, but would a Futurama head in a jar be too out of character? I mean, that kind of “saving” is always an option.

        2. As much as I liked Futurama, (actually I think it was funnier than Family Guy, I know..hang the heathen) for the type of anime Cowboy Bebop is..it would be a little weird yeah.

        3. Fair enough. Didn’t know if they had something gagish like the head in a jar or common cyborg options to deal with medical issues. Some sci-fi does.

  9. The Internet is a fickle mistress, full of whining about new stuff, soiling oneself about new stuff, and both lamenting & praising the return of beloved things from the past. Effectively, I only love old new stuff that’s original recreations of sequels that should only work as prequels…purple monkey dishwasher.

  10. Not everyone is looking to fall in love. It’s really not the ultimate happiness as everyone sells it to be. I get that she has good intentions. But she’s basically pressuring him into needing another person to make him happy. It’s nice if it happens. But if he’s happy by himself then let him be happy. No need to guilt trip him.

    1. You might recall Ellie is 19 and he’s 38. He should remember that the chances that she’s actually really considered her own life past the usual set of stereotypes about how it’s supposed to turn out are slim. He should remember several moments when he, older than she is now, realized that things don’t always happen the way you expect when you’re younger.

      I doubt very much that unnamed guy is going to feel pressured for any significant time by her view of the world. If he does feel pressured more than just a transient reaction, then he needs to remember/learn that it’s never good to think you have all the answers and that you can’t learn valuable things from unexpected sources, but it’s also never a good idea to forget why those sources of occasional enlightenment are unexpected.

      1. He’s actually 37.

        Not that it really matters. If he were unscrupulous, he might consider her trophy material.

        1. That’s what I get for not looking it up. You are indeed right on the age.

          He wouldn’t have to be unscrupulous to accept her to some degree. If Ellie’s emotions are a bit less than last comic’s last panel and the gut instinct interpretation for her last statement this comic and she was just looking for a guy to hang out with and introduce herself, at her own pace, to the things people assume she’s familiar with due to her body and he verifies that’s her view, I wouldn’t see it as unscrupulous.

          More simply put, if two people are appropriately on the same page and no one’s deceived or getting hurt, a lot of things can be fine that might otherwise be sketchy. Might not be something I’d want for myself, but as long as I’m not one of the people involved, what I want for myself is irrelevant.

          Based upon comments you’ve made on previous comics, I doubt you disagree with my generalities. More likely exploring less commonly stated possibilities or considering character motivations more solid/decided than I am just yet.

        2. He probably already sees that possibility. It’s the time after the first three weeks of the relationship that he’s wary of.

        3. Doubtful. The man wants to retire at 45. He’s almost there. It’d be interesting to see someone marching to his own drum beat.

        4. It would be interesting to know what career he has that would allow him to retire at 45.

          I might even be convinced to follow in his footsteps, as it were.

        5. Career or investment strategy. Or both. I mean, if we’d known about Bitcoin back when they were running like a penny each and put a thousand bucks into them, we’d be private island-rich right now.

        6. Don’t forget living on a budget, instead of having a $20.00 per hour /40 work week with living paycheck to paycheck with no financial plans outside of, “imma gonna do what i want.”

        7. Wanting to retire at 45 would suggest he’s careful with his money. That’d suggest that he’s not going to do random extravagant dating stuff. Doesn’t mean he’d have anything against a more low maintenance relationship. It does suggest he might not be really wanting to deal with marriage, as that’d throw a potential wrench in his finances (and/or require working longer).

  11. These two seem so great together. I wanna see this work out, but I don’t trust webcomic producers. You’re all monsters who do terrible things to your creations. Monsters I say!

  12. Hey, I know he has a fake shotgun, but could that be where the title of this webcomic is from? I don’t recall it ever having been explained yet…But then I’m also not on Patreon as I’m on a “new house budget.” >_<

    1. I think the common belief is the title comes from multiple sources.

      The title is a name of a song by KC and the Sunshine Band, and Rusche likes music references from that era (MANY Fleetwood Mac references).

      I think Rusche mentioned wanting a title he could get the .com domain for without having to add “comic” to the end or something. Similarly with Ellie’s AIM handle at the start.

      Finally for what I can think of at the moment, and possibly decided later, if you shuffle the order of the sisters’ birthmarks, you can spell the word shotgun.

      1. And if the kids go for a car trip with a single parent, they have to play the SHOTGUN shuffle to get that desired front seat spot.

  13. ugh it took me a long time to get over the idea that Spike was dead, don’t dredge that up again… i mean of course i’d watch it……….. i don’t know what to think

    1. Thank you Raef. Right now it’s SHOTGUN SHUFFLE against xkcd. This will be a very determining round. A popular geek comic and a comic popular with at least a geek or two. I’m looking at you, TLO, TOG, BLUE, JESSICA, CHRIS…

      1. The vote is 27-25 for “Team SS” as of right now

        Remember what they say in Chicago, guys:
        Vote Early! Vote Often!!!

        1. Ahh, Chicago, home of the Cubs, deep dish pizza, one Supreme Court of the United States trial that changed things for all, Mrs O’Leary’s cow, WGN, and a seat of dishonest electioneering.

        2. I appreciate running into someone else who’s familiar with that saying for Chicago voting. A lot of people get confused when I describe something as “like voting in Chicago.”

        3. Why the hell aren’t the comic names in alphabetical order so you can actually figure out if the comics you want to vote for are still in it? This things runs off a database. Ordering results by name is so easy I can actually write it here (assuming the colum with the comic names is “ComicName”) and non-technical people can understand it:
          ORDER BY ComicName
          Was that so hard?

        4. Are we talking about on the vote? Because that is up to the author and their placing in the original list. After that…

          Anyway, xkcd 70 – SHOTGUN SHUFFLE 46

        5. I believe most of us are burned out and/or sick and tired of the way ComicMix handles their crappy contest. Last year it ran for like 3 months, this year is looking to go similarly. Plus we won last year, and it’s no fun having a victory every year, for anybody involved.

        6. I say, that if it’s a legitimate victory, then there should be no difference if Chris won more than once or even once in a row or not. However, it is the author’s choice to bow out for the second year or not.

          Last year, he claimed that there were family problems. But I’m in agreement with TOG and that my money should go to Chris directly. xkcd does have a bigger audience, although, I’m also curious if anyone is voting against SHOTGUN SHUFFLE because of last year.

        7. I say it’s no fun because if someone wins twice in a row then people become more disenfranchised with it. “Oh it’s the yearly 3 month long shotgun shuffle award. Yawn.” I’ve seen it happen with other contests…hell a local food contest eventually gave one establishment a special award and said they couldn’t enter anymore lol. It’s not about whether or not the event is legitimate, it’s about whether it’s *fun*, and I think repeat winners make for no fun in contests, for anybody involved, which is what I said in the first place.

        8. What about “Girl Genius” and the Hugo Awards? They swept them pretty much years in a row. But I’m saying if the fans were more desirous of a particular comic, then why shouldn’t that comic win? If sets the bar for what the fans (i.e. public) is in search of.

        9. I’ve never heard of the Hugos, and I’m willing to bet it would bore me knowing the same comic won it every year, too.

        10. @mR. Blue – Actually, as I recall Girl Genius explicitly withdrew from consideration from the Hugos after winning two or three years in a row specifically because they wanted the award they were winning to truly stand for the category and not just be considered the “Girl Genius award”.

        11. I didn’t even mean our numbers.

          I meant overall voters. I remember times where there wouldn’t be a round 2 winner with less than three digit numbers. This year around, most were below 50.

          And yeah, we lost against xkcd. Though that’s not the worst we could have lost to. I really like it and Randall is a swell guy s’far’s I can tell.

        12. XKCD is certainly a great comic and in general no shame to lose to it. For this specific instance, though, while I still think it’s no shame, I think it’s also the majority of both fanbases not giving a tenth of a crap about ComicMix’s contest. If XKCD’s fanbase cared they’d probably slaughter everyone else, most people by factors of 100x more votes.

        13. I think that he would have been one of the better comics we could have lost against. Last year, we went up against Girl Genius, I think. I’d have to look at the spreadsheet I made to keep track of most of the crap that went on.

        14. I’m effectively certain that ComicMix just uses the lowest possible maintenance way of hooking to the third party site that hosts the voting portion.

          Although, ordering it by their bracket order does make it a bit clearer to people voting who they’re voting for/against (to theoretically avoid voting for both in the same contest), though if that was really the idea, colored rectangles or something to call out the contests would be more helpful.

          I’m still stuck on WTF are they doing that enabling JavaScript for ComicMix makes my firewall inform me that Firefox wants to accept connections. THAT’s the filthy shenanigan I want to know about.

        15. I don’t care what it’s for. It’s obscene for a website to attempt to open a port on a client computer to listen for a connection. Period. End of statement. Fat lady’s been singing so long she’s starting to get laryngitis.

        16. Yes, with the current security lapses in today’s computer world, I agree that this is just farsighted arseness that need not be put up with by the fandom at large. But the guy just doesn’t give a damn. Is it the bracket site that is doing the dirty, or G.H.’s bread and butter hosting the brackets?

        17. It’s not the bracket site. It happens when allowing comicmix.com and refreshing. Enabling the one named for the polling/voting allowed me to vote and didn’t do it. It’s not necessarily the guy who is doing that poll, just someone who works on their website.

        18. Well, with this thing, aperson can buy votes. But like Lukkai has said, G.H.’s unprofessionalism has taken the fun out of this. One of the runners said that they retired the comic last year, with their last post just in time for last year’s tournament. Where Are The Scrouples?

        19. My biggest complaint is that apparently everything we did last year garnered basically no additional traffic for Rusche. He has mentioned that he gains more traffic from being higher in the TWC ranks than he did from the March Madness contest.
          So what’s the point of extraordinary effort if the end goal isn’t achieved?

        20. We got additional traffic. We got friends over at SSSS that come over here. They may not be as vocal as some of us, but we’re here, and a few of us are over there.

        21. Last year’s contest is how I found Shotgun Shuffle (v. SSSS in the final round). I never post, but definitely keep up with the comic!

        22. Avatar twin (until next random avatar shuffle anyway), as honorary chairman of the welcoming committee, it is my privilege to extend to you a laurel and hearty handshake.

  14. I know I could just open my copy of Cowboy Bebop, but I just wiki’d it instead :p Spike’s death wasn’t 100%, correct? Sooo…it could be he survived.

    Or do fans just prefer he died?

      1. I saw something and read an article about it on flipboard, but I don’t know about the characters. It’s kind of like the serial art Christmas card and character sketch.

        It seems to be the Howard Stern vs. Al Gore’s wife club of moral do gooders again in time for election year issues.

  15. Hmmmm… Just two dates away from getting paid, and she just happens to stumble upon a guy who might make her quit her little dating routine before she gets paid. Hmmmm…

  16. So, did Nameless Guy show up for the date just so he could reject Ellie? He’s been hurt by women in the past. Will he look for a new beginning or continue down the same path?

    3rd possibility: Ellie goes to work for him.

      1. Congratulations! According to Google, no one has ever said that last sentence on this site before.

  17. I hear 9 out of 10 pediatricians consider breathing to be important and should certainly be encouraged in your children (the tenth one’s in jail). Take care of your kids first, as always.

  18. Being a parent is having two full time jobs; do what needs doing and we’ll catch up when you get back.

  19. OK, I was about to post something about OCD and lack of updates, but family comes way before nerds with nothing to do..

    Good luck, oh comic artist/Superdad. :)

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