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Mystery Pumpkin Theater Got a nice fanart above, courtesy our friends at Ramen Empire. I may have a few sleepless nights over the weekend, but I'm determined to get this Patreon done. It's definitely the most challenging comic to date. As may of you on Patreon have probably become aware, I tend to experiment alot with those strips, and this one is no different. It's this long: Super Tiny     And it's this complicated: Patreon preview It's also not the only Patreon comic I have in the works. Jessica has actually been coloring one for the next story arc we're fast approaching.     Quinn golf So for sure def don't go anywheres. -Chris

80 thoughts on “Shadewalker

  1. Seriously? WTF? WHOTF carries an ONION around???

    Not to mention who doesn’t know the difference between and onion and a clove of garlic… I mean really…

    1. Might of been the only thing the had or that she could of afforded. Besides garlic had nothing to do with repelling vamps but to mask the rotting bodies

    2. She is not her mother’s daughter, apparently. But then Rosemary doesn’t seem the type to let the tykes help in the kitchen. If I remember Thanksgiving right she wasn’t even taking help with the dishes.

  2. Technically he is da best kinda of vampire. Immune to crosses, merely inconvenienced by the sun… he is without weakness.

    Unless we are going by Sluggy Freelancer rules where vampires gain power (super speed, flight, mist form, mind control, etc) in exchange for clique vampire weaknesses in which case Durkin here is only has the power of Emo.

    1. If you read the original Bram Stoker Dracula you will find that Dracula could go out in daylight, he was just much weaker then…

    2. Stephen King did it best in “Salem’s Lot” where a cross would only work if the person wielding it had real faith in its power…

        1. I think pencils generally include nude outlines, then adjustment for clothes comes later. I don’t think that’s normally the case for inks, though.

          I don’t know if a bare butt is in-bounds for “family friendly” or not. That seems like something close enough to the line that people will come down on different sides of that one and it’s hard to predict.

          I’m also not sure how much he considers getting a little less family friendly as fair as long as it won’t show up on the home page (as the Patreon comics never will in their entirety, as they’ll come in later into the archive but never front page). There is a certain degree of, “I usually read this from work, give me some warning!” sort of concern that comes up with that.

          Granted, I don’t actually care one way or the other there (I don’t read this from work or check Patreon from work), so whatever he draws will be fine with me.

  3. So this could be because I am a catholic but your not allowed to wear a rosary around your neck. Just a nit pick xp

    1. If you’re Catholic and wearing it for religious reasons, that’s true. But some people do wear them as jewelry. Madonna did it a lot in the 80’s. Could be that Mr. Not-A-Vamprie just likes defying religious convention.

      Or maybe he wears it to make showing people he isn’t a vampire convenient.

    2. Well, I’m Catholic, too, and I’ve never seen anything saying it’s forbidden to wear a Rosary.

      A quick Google search brings up Canon 1171: “Sacred objects, which are designated for divine worship by dedication or blessing, are to be treated reverently and are not to be employed for profane or inappropriate use even if they are owned by private persons.”

      To expand on this, take the (excerpted) words of Father Edward McNamara, a professor of liturgy at the Regina Apostolorum university: “[W]earing a sacred object is not the same as using it in a secular or inappropriate manner. … If the reason for wearing a rosary is as a statement of faith, as a reminder to pray it, or some similar reason ‘to the glory of God,’ then there is nothing to object to. It would not be respectful to wear it merely as jewelry.

      So, no, one is not “not allowed to wear a rosary around [one’s] neck”; rather, if one chooses to wear a Rosary, it must be done with the proper intentions.

        1. And I didn’t even realise the possible double meaning of “lies” in that one until after hitting Post Comment. XD

  4. I think it only fair to point out the current mythology about daylight hurting vampires is only a creation of 20th century moviemaking, and seems absent from earlier vampire lore. Since the first time this power of daylight appeared was in the 1922 German silent film Nosferatu, I can speculate this myth was a ploy by vampires to mislead the public as to their true nature. Crafty devils.

    If you go back to the original Bram Stoker novel, Dracula, the vampires are not killed or harmed by daylight, they are only less powerful and are vulnerable to attack during the daytime.

    Of course if you go back to some very old stories about vampires, they get really scary. There is no mention of any daylight vulnerability at all, and vampires were active even during daytime. One vampire wasn’t even put down by the usual means of digging up the body, staking the heart and cutting off the head, as he was seen wandering the countryside days later.

  5. Nice picture of Pumpkin as Joel with Tom Servo but where the F#|< is Crow?

    Also superstitious Elllie is as hilarious as she is clueless.

    1. The convention booth may have been sold out of Crow, or Tom Servo and Crow could have been too expensive together to get both, or the Crow may have been of a particularly poor quality while Tom Servo was near identical to original or of a passable resemblance/quality.

      It could also be that Pumpkin just likes Tom Servo more than Crow.

      Also, Tom Servo is a complete bot (on the counter in full in MST3K) capable of sharing space on the bed, while Crow is a torso with arms (Always behind the counter with Joel in MST3K) and would have to be behind the bed. In which case, he could be there, but fell over.

  6. He could be an agent of PLASMA – the Paranormal League Against Social Menace Agency.

    Or, as she said, a sh##y vampire.

    1. As a rule, yes. He’s wearing it as jewelry. I googled it to make sure this was common place enough to put in the comic, and it apparently is. I had a friend in high school do it, so *shrug*

      People dont follow the rules. ;P

      1. I’m now entertaining the belief that he’s wearing the rosary not as fashion, but by wearing it around his neck he is nullifying its power to kill him.

      2. Agreed- I can’t tell you how many people at my highschool would “wear” flags like capes and then sit on them or let them drag on the ground whenever we had something patriotic going on (president’s day or whatever).

        As for wearing a rosary, I know that some monks, nuns, and members of other religious orders will wear a simple set around their waist or wrapped around the wrist. But it’s supposed to be as a reminder to pray regularly, never for ornamentation, so when people do this they (from what I’ve heard) purposefully choose the plainest set of rosary beads they can. I knew one priest who did who’s beads where carved from wood, just simple cubes and spheres; it was about as un-ostentatious as you can get.

        I guess what I’m driving at is that while we can speculate, there’s nothing we can say definitively about Durkin without knowing his motivations.
        Also that it’s weird someone with darker skin than Ellie would claim to “burn easily”.

        1. The “burn easy” thing also caught my eye. I have what is often described as an olive complexion and while it’s not impossible, I rarely burn. Of course he probably assumes that a girl who can’t tell the difference between garlic and an onion doesn’t know much about skin pigmentation and its relation sunlight either.

        2. Hmm – since this is all fictitious we can explain it any way we like. I vote that we assume that because he burns easily, he gets a spray tan and normally is pasty. I imagine that if you naturally looked like a vampire, you might consider getting a spray tan for just that reason.

        3. I’m actually very pale naturally, but would never dream of getting a spray tan… too orange-looking.

          I’d rather be called a vampire than look like an Umpa-Loompa! Besides, I’m goth anyway…

        4. I’m really pale naturally too but I get spray tans and they aren’t all bad. They just don’t last long and half the time no one notices.

  7. Gotta say, Rusche, I like that style of censoring – using the symbols that are visually similar to the letters they’re replacing. Kudos to you.


    That Patreon page is huuuuuuge!

    1. Yeah, considering what happened back during The Chain series, I’m suspecting his laptop made him angry and he’s done this with the intent of punishing it. Severely.

  9. SEE! I said he was Johnathan Frranks! And that fanfiction comment….BUUUURN!! XD
    She may have not said anything, but we alll know Ellie body of fanfic is now ruined.

    In other news, it seems Quinn is training for the Putt-Putt World Championships. What?!!!

  10. Based on the previews…
    So, somebody is pregnant?
    Is it Pumpkin? Did Quinn do it?!
    Pumpkin is pregnant with Quinn’s baby!
    Wait, is it Quinn having Pumpkin’s baby?
    Are they each having the others babies?

    1. Based upon Patreon #57, I’m guessing that’s either Ellie’s paranoid imaginings or Quinn’s internal rant regarding Ellie’s attitude/misunderstanding.

      The second one is my first guess.

        1. It works for internal monologue about your roommate overreacting in a dumb way. Which is the reason I think it’s Quinn’s internal rant rather than Ellie’s actual concerns.

      1. Until I saw The Strain, I thought it would be impossible to undo the damage Twilight had done to vampires as a monster type.

    1. No no, see, he’s aware of fanfic toon & the absurdity of it. I think if he is a vampire he’s just that meta, and will be very anti-sparklepires (or sparklepyres, if that’s your thing)

      We haven’t seen him hit on any high school girls either, so he’s probably clean.

      1. To be fair, we haven’t seen him around any high school girls yet, either.

        @Tesla – I can never decide if it wouldn’t be more punishment to let them live.

  11. So, as someone who contributes a meager amount of money to the SS patreon, I feel fully justified making crazy demands, and I demands that Chris draws Ellie up as Raiden and makes this guy a boss fight. (MGS2 reference, for the uninitiated)

    1. Hey, that could be a MGS4 reference too…it just depends on how Ellie/Jack looks and what she uses against him. Plus, I think Cinn might be more Raiden-esque with her crazy/mean streak (though that’d be more revengerence Jack…so maybe not)

      Wait a minute…MGS2 reference…Ellie as Raiden/Jack…you’re thinking about cartwheels, aren’t you? There would have to be so many strategically placed items in the scene for that to work without requiring age verification. Terribly inappropriate.

    2. I don’t know where you’ve been, but crazy demands have been around much longer than the Patreon has been going on. Perfectly fair, as long as no expectation that it has to happen.

      Personally I’m still anticipating this one (which would also be a reference, as it’s pre-Patreon): http://shotgunshuffle.com/comic/is-this-the-one-you-never-mentioned/#comment-11356 .

      Another crazy demand (much less likely to happen, possibly even certain not to happen) is for Blind Guy’s full name to be Stephen Esteban Stevens. I like to keep mentioning that one because it amuses me, though I fully expect it’s not going to happen (I’d even go so far some days to say I think it shouldn’t happen).

  12. Reactions from left to right + Lavender.

    Ellie: “Is this….are you….???”
    Cinn: “So….sup? Get me some stuff or I talk.”
    Juniper: “Hey, this….talk.”
    Anise: “Who wants ICECREAM!?”
    Tara: “Hey! No! We already have one family *****!!
    Juniper: “Hey!”
    Cinn: “She’s not wrong.”
    Ginger: “…I….you…..room….now…”

    1. I think we have confirmation that the left cast page silhouette is Vu (holding a knife and a voodoo doll of Ellie) and the middle silhouette is Quinn’s younger brother.

      Durkin might fit the right silhouette, though.

        1. My primary reason for thinking it isn’t Dheu is that the cast page silhouette appears to have feet (and wears something with a raised heel like a cowboy boot) and so far it doesn’t appear that Dheu does (though he could be sitting floating cross-legged and take his feet out similarly to the way he freed an arm).

  13. As someone who suggested Pumpkin dress as Tom Servo, I am delighted to see her as a Gizmonics Institute janitor instead.

  14. I still think he is a daywalker, though a super high SPF sunblock and staying mostly in shade could work I suppose. Also, Onion instead of garlic, and from I have gathered from several comments, his wearing a Rosary as jewelry ranges from making it not sacred while worn, to outright sacrilege.

    Now he needs to walk into a church without bursting into flames, then accidentally trip into some holy water or have some accidentally spilled some on him. Then we can speculate whether it is more proof he isn’t a vampire, or if the priest does things to the altar/quire boys that invalidates that particular church and water from being holy.

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