She Never Skips Ponytail Day

I did an extra gag for this comic on Shotgun Shuffle's Faceberg page. Feel free to pretend it's Youtube and "smash that like button, comment, and subscribe." Friday's comic is being posted on Friday. It's already done. Two Patreon's this week. Have some more nighttime lighting I'm tinkering with and those are finished. See you then :D

49 thoughts on “She Never Skips Ponytail Day

  1. Emoji Witch Saga is just a huge ripoff of Bubble Witch Saga, which is a ripoff of Candy Wizard, which is a ripoff of Candy Crush, which is a ripoff of CandySwipe, which was a ripoff of Bejeweled, which stole the tile matching themes from Tetris, which stole it from Mahjong and Dominoes. ..I forget where they stole it from.

      1. Ah, Snood, which took its gameplay from Bust a Move (which was the newer tittle & what they went with for the series after Puzzle Bobble). Plus there was Puzzle de Pon, but it was different enough to be its own thing.

        There might have been something prior to Puzzle bobble/bust a move, but if there was, I don’t know what it is.

      2. I liked how they all have little faces. And separate shapes for each color. Just a good idea for any puzzle game.

        1. You joke, but the last time she felt slighted in public she pulled monsters out of her purse. They’re gonna be calling the cops, and Herb’s gonna get all huffy because, once again, there is no crime the Buckingham girls won’t commit.

  2. And once again, there’s Cinnamon on the outside of all the action watching everyone else have fun.
    Without her.
    This is either very sad for her or an omen of bad things to happen.

  3. Less intimidating, Tarra! LESS! Ponytail pushups is NOT LESS INTIMIDATING! Did NO ONE listen to Ellie? Is Anise off somewhere sacrificing a chicken to Fozzie Bear?

    1. Yeah, that growing group of dudes crowding in are just being intimidated out the door. Just look at them pull out their phones. Bet it’s to call an Oobr ride. Yep.

      Anise? Oh, she’s organizing a beard and mustache contest.

  4. Both hands behind her back, AND she’s parallel to the floor so her boobs dangle beneath her? No-handed pushups might be intimidating, but what a view!

  5. Also, Rusche, super looking forward to Friday’s comic! It seems silly to say that, but this is probably my favorite webcomic and every update is a treat.

  6. Tarra the perfect, Tarra the super achiever, Tarra the totally butch, Tarra who hides her social interaction anxiety really well?

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