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Shortly After Pudding

Call back to this gem. 2009-11-26-Want-Ads-4

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    1. Sorry, until the sub committee on the number of words required to constitute a first has reconvened in order to either uphold the ten word minimum including the word ‘first’ or the newly mentioned twelve word minimum including ‘first’ all certificates indicating any and all acknowledgements have been put on hold.

      Unfortunately, at this time, the acknowledgment committee can not comment on your nine word statement as they went out for ice cream and donuts, with bacon.

  1. Rusche, I’m curious about something about artists. Always been so, actually, and no, I have no artistic abilities whatsoever. Can you draw Ellie like that now? Or since you’ve “improved”/changed your art as a continuum, and the you now isn’t the same as the you then, are you able to only draw her that way to the point of looking like you’re another artist attempting to copy yourself? Doe this even make sense?

      1. Part of the style change might be attributed to the upgraded technology at his workstation along with an increase in time to work on the pieces at will instead of finding the time to work on his craft while working and such.

    1. I think he more than likely can, especially since that art style he had with the first comics was still really good. It would be harder if it was the likes of an artist that was way worse. He actually went from good to “holy shit”!

    1. Yes, hot ticket indeed. Nothing like a striped shirt to accentuate certain, umm, attributes–that is, unless strategically worn suspenders are included. Now if Rusche drew Ellie in said ensemble, the very universe may end. I’m pretty sure ther is a U.N. sanction against here wearing that combo. :)

    2. Yes, hot ticket indeed. Nothing like a striped shirt to accentuate certain, umm, attributes–that is, unless strategically worn suspenders are included. Now if Rusche drew Ellie in said ensemble, the very universe may end. I’m pretty sure there is a U.N. sanction against here wearing that combo. :)

    1. This was plan B (or maybe even C, if A was “Ellie goes on that last date”). Things go according to plan: A. Mr. Propagandist was plan B, so this was most likely their C. Now we might be heading into sub-plans, which will then go to numbers, then their sub-plans will use lowercase letters, and any further sub-planning will either go with Roman numerals or Greek lettering. If we go any deeper, then the plans will collapse under their own weight, and that train wreck will be glorious to watch.

      Also, what’s in the box?

      1. Hm, gotta point. Plan A would’ve been “Ellie goes on date”
        So C it is.
        And lets have the chaos commence.

        And I believe common opinion of that box is pudding.

        Or it could be like the briefcase in Pulp Fiction where it’s never known.

        1. Which forces me to come up with this, *cough* “gem”. “Pudding, mother-f****r! Do you eat it?”

        2. I forgot about that. You’re probably the only one to hit that nail on the head. And Rebecca is probably hitting Merrick multiple times in the head just by standing there with a yard stock.

  2. So now they have a ground level apartment. Also, Ellie she just bring you your package from your Canadian ummmmmmm talking friend.

    1. I think they don’t have a ground level apartment in either case. I think those comics are intended to be Quinn/Ellie walking down to the outside door rather than buzzing them in.

      1. I’m pretty sure their building has outside access straight to the apartments. When Danny shows up in ‘The Final Con Part IV’ there’s a door in the background that I assume is for the apartment across the hall and there’s an apartment number to the side of the door Ellie answered. Also, when Ian shows up in ‘Not For You’ and Alex shows up in ‘The Chain Part XIV’ it appears they’re answered at the apartment door.

        1. While Rusche has made floor plans and such either based upon or not based upon a real place. Based upon a few crazy factoids, a certain azul individual had found a location that has a 97%+ possibility of being the place in question.

        2. In the Rant for ‘Terragon’ Rusche provides a map with markers for important locations in the story including one for their apartment complex. Although using Google Maps to get a street level view seems to indicate that those buildings have two floors, whereas Tired Guy’s picture in ‘Flanked’ clearly shows that their building has three.

        3. The parking lot can be seen thru the open door. They are clearly on the ground level.

        4. A lot of apartments I’ve lived in had a way to buzz people through the front door from the apartment and then you’d have to answer the apartment door separately. I was just figuring people who got to the apartment door were either buzzed through or possibly were given a copy of the outside key but not the apartment key (I could see Alex as a BF and Pumpkin as a sister that way), depending on how many spares they had and if the outdoor key was duplication prohibited or just cheap to go get replacements at a hardware store. I was thinking this (and the old similar one) were either catching them near the front door or they deliberately wanted to reject and not buzz through the front door.

      1. I don’t know, Mr. Blue. That could just be a clever disguise.

        But then he does say that he’s a truly LEGIT ostrich.

        Quick! Check his cloaca for eggs!

        1. I thought that you were one of the LONE outlaw guys. You know, those three guys from the “X-Files” tv show. Or aren’t you some kind of guy who has a DA page?

  3. I’m just waiting for Quinn to ask her about the door, only to have Ellie yell back, “I learned it by watching you, okay?! I learned it by watching you!”

        1. That link get an A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

          dang, I ran out of chalkboard. Let me see. Ralphie, go write pluses down the middle of the road.

    1. That’s a good point. Nena might actually have been a smokescreen for a certain non-vampire to slip past…

      1. Why would Durkin want to get into the apartment? Ellie can’t be forced to go on this date. She has to be convinced.

  4. You want to hear something evil. What if the old guy boots the two of them out of that particular apartment because she doesn’t go on the date.

    1. That’s blackmail. He would need a good excuse. Of course, he came up with a good one to get them out of their old apartment.

      1. Actually, it was Danny da Douche that waylaid their previous apartment with video cameras and audio microphones. Tired Guy just sub let the place to him.

    2. He could try to get them evicted, but he doesn’t have cause. The apartment they’re in isn’t one of his, it’s direct with the leasing office (and prepaid), see comics Sockdolager (current post date August 17, 2015) & No Apartment For Old Men (current post date September 30, 2015) for reference.

  5. Keeping her from getting her foot in the door. That’s a good plan. Too bad it’s not gonna stay that way.

    1. Lazy is as lazy does, until the entropy situation of the lazy was enacted upon by an external source which introverticated the emotional stability of said lazy person inversely, thus inducing a mode of action upon the formerly lazy person to become royally p.o.d.

  6. I’m shocked at how dedicated and theoretical you guys are so CONGRATS! on being nitpicky bastards CUZ i~ just came for the lols and searching my deeper meaning in life since i’m an otaku trancending into a himotou i cry when i delete sim dating games especially shall we date games and you know you’re a sad person when in the middle of a test that determines whether you go up a grade look like an idiot and fail you start to doodle characters or the only thing that brings you joy are these things. I am a 12 year old girl who deals with a lot of bullshit you know mean everyone has problems why not wait em’ out but know I can’t so I escape into this stuff and know you have ruined it with your anilitical bullshit I just wanted to chill and read but i read the comments and understood what was being said then i couldn’t focus on the comic sometimes i wish i were stupid.

  7. Oh wow XD Seems like just yesterday I was binge-reading all those old strips.
    Think I’ve been following Shotgun Shuffle update by update for about a year now?
    The times, they are a-changin’…

  8. i find myself coming back every so often to this page and refreshing hoping the next page’ll be out soon, this is actually the best thing i’ve read in about half a year, maybe longer

  9. Wow, has it really been 7 years you’ve spent on ShotShuf? That’s mighty impressive.

    I wonder where this is gonna leave Ellie and her romantic life? I can easily see her being disillusioned with all of this, and maybe wanting to be alone, but judging by the Patreon comic, I think she still craves companionship.

  10. There’s something that seems to need to be pointed out. The relative size of the speech bubbles in relation to the size of the text and their speakers. Quinn is really showing her disdain. Ellie he other hand, seems to be really irritated if the text size is an indicator.

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