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Sister 7

Don't want to keep you all in the dark for too long. The coloring on this is taking longer than anticipated, but this is 3/7ths of who's in the print. It's basically a glorified version of the sister section of the cast page, and it's massive. I can do a 40x20" print with this. I'll post when it's done. Bad news is, next comic will have to be pushed off until Monday. I've just GOTTA get this done and sent off to make prints. The week of the convention is becoming 1955 from BTTF. Somehow this week is the nexus of time and space. The convention is scheduled in Florida, it's the last week of my kid's school in Alabama, it's the week they need to be dropped off at their mom's for part of the summer in Tennessee... and this last week my son had his dental Xrays and they need to pull his four bottom baby teeth because he hasn't lost any yet and the adult ones are in a traffic jam underneath. Orthodontist can't see him until the 19th just to give the OKAY.. then I have to try to fit in two visits to pull two teeth per trip. Good gawd. wtf. So I need this to the printers by tomorrow or Monday, then I gotta comic my ass off for a week. Son goes to the Ortho on Thursday next week. Get the approval. Set up two dentists appointments on either the 20th, 23rd or 24th. Probably one now and one in the middle of summer. Drive the kids to TN on the 24th, (hoping they can miss the last 3 days of school) then drive down to Florida on Wednesday the 25th to be ready for the convention on the 26th. So yeah.. I'm not slacking. I'm totally stressed. XD Also! I apologize for not mentioning the specific convention. HERPDERP. It's Megacon in Orlando, Florida at the Orange County Convention center.  Here's all the info: http://megaconvention.com/ I'll be there all four days in Artist's Alley, but Jessica hasn't been given our specific table location yet. Thanks all. Edit: We have a table!   Megacon

46 thoughts on “Sister 7

  1. Like how this shows Gun Hot, Terra is holding a minigun. well technically it shows Gun Shot, as Jun has an S in on the side. Love Anise’s face here.

      1. LOL, I thought the same thing! First reaction: Did Ellie forget to clean up Mr. Mcfattyfat’s litterjunk?

      2. I think Ginger looks a bit younger than her age would be compared to Tarra & Anise.

        I’m wondering if it’s art style change (I don’t think we’ve seen Ginger for at least two major art changes) or me viewing the perspective a bit off or what.

        1. According to ‘The Odds’ Ginger’s only 2 years older than Tarra and 5 older than Anise. I’ve heard that when someone’s in the late teens to mid thirties range it can be hard to place where in that range they are. Since they’re all in their 20s (Ginger’s possibly 30 by this point) I don’t think it’s surprising that it’s difficult to tell how old they are in relation to each other. After all one wouldn’t necessarily think they’re sisters just by looking at them either.

          Also, based on ‘All Right Ramblers’ it seems like Tarra might be a few inches taller than Ginger. Anise might be as well, but since she’s hunched over in that image and Ginger’s hunched over in this one it’s harder to tell. Also, Anise appears to be wearing high heel boots which might be giving her a boost.

          On a third note, which I hesitate to bring up but it did occur to me while writing this so I will, Ginger is somewhat less well endowed than either of the other two which might be influencing judgments of age.

          In regards to style (depending on when you feel a change has taken place) we have seen an approximately 10 year younger Ginger in approximately this style in ‘”Patreon” The War at Home’ and ’20/20 Part III’ and a photo of her taken at an unknown age in ‘You’ve chosen a dangerous path.’. She’s also in ‘The Royal Buckinghams’ image for the Patreon page.

          My main issue with this image is that Ginger’s irises look very yellow despite them usually being dark green.

        2. It’s odd, but it happens sometimes. My mother dropped two cup sizes after having my sister and my twin and me.

        3. I’ll admit when I made that comment I didn’t think I’d end up feeling compelled to continue comparing breast sizes, but I suppose that shows what a naive fool I am. My thorough analysis has generated the following results:

          Ginger vs Cinnamon – Based on ‘All Right Ramblers’ (which I found to be inconclusive and thus sought a second example) and ‘Right to Silence’ Ginger seems to be larger.

          Ginger vs Juniper – The only image I thought was somewhat useful for comparison was in “Juniper 2.0” which seemed to indicate that Ginger was larger, but since they’re both wearing coats it’s difficult to determine their profiles especially Juniper. However, in ‘The Royal Buckinghams’ it appears that Juniper is smaller than Cinnamon which would make her smaller than Ginger too. Although Juniper’s recent Pateon appearance have her depicted as bustier than she was previously that might be due to art style and since she can only be compared to Quinn in those images they are of limited use.

          Ginger vs Rosemary – The only somewhat useful images I found were ‘The War at Home’ and ’20/20′ (which contains a current-style appearance of Ginger I missed during my initial post). Since those are flashbacks and they aren’t well positioned for comparison my findings have been inconclusive.

          Ginger vs Camomile – Since she’s only appeared in ‘The Royal Buckinghams’ so far (and Ginger’s chest doesn’t) we’re forced to rely on comparisons with Cinnamon. She appears at most to be about equal to Cinnamon and thus smaller than Ginger.

          Also, Anise cheats since she didn’t go to art school. Pre-enhancement Anise is only seen in ‘Hooch Smuggling’ so it’s difficult to make comparisons, but based on proportions I’d say she might have been even smaller than Anise.

        4. And now I’m throwing another monkey wrench into your line of thinking by alluding to their visuable sizes also being influenced by whatever they were wearing beneath at the respective time.

  2. Damn, that’s got to be a cool Megacon.

    Don’t forget two things.
    There’s a Walgreens across the street.
    And raptors tell the drinks at Cafe ’90s.

  3. Will this be something available to buy outside of the convention? Would love to buy a print of this.

    1. But I thought that you and Jason Mewes were going to be panelists there. You could just have Randall or Dante go over and buy one for ya. :D

  4. Let us not add to your stress. We’ll stick around.

    Good luck and enjoy for your first con as an artist (I think).

  5. I now have two favorite online comics that i follow,”Shothgun Shuffle” is in 1.Place,with “Stand Still. Stand Silent” in 2.Place! What binds both comic together for me is that they at least once have made a) laugh myself silly and b) caused me to stay up late at night because i started reading the comic from the beginning and found myself unable to stop reading it…
    Check it out here: http://www.sssscomic.com/index.php

  6. I wouldn’t have thought I could like Tarra any more than I already did, but then she showed up in a tank top wielding a minigun.

    Also, I’ve learned that there’s a city in Spain named Tarragona. My headcannon is that Tarra goes back in time and founds the city while fighting in the Second Punic War. (Since it’s located near Barcelona which was possibly founded by Hannibal’s dad.)

    1. I’ve been to Tarragona, as a matter of fact.

      But yeah, Tarra in that picture above is… breathtaking. And she hasn’t even used the gun for that purpose yet!

  7. When you do a con closer to me I will make sure I get there to bug you personally at your table :D

  8. Waitwaitwait….does this mean you live in Alabamian as well? Just curious what part since we both live in the same state?

    1. It’s funny that you mention that – I started reading this comic a couple of months ago after a reader’s comment on another web comic, and then figured out that I live within about 20 miles of Chris! Read random thing on the Internet, then realize it’s done by someone practically next door…

      1. Thanks! I actually almost went with Waspinator’s image since he’s such a great comic relief character and so would go well for a comic profile, but in the end, I just couldn’t say no to ol’ Megs.

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