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Sister X

I love cliffhanger Fridays.

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    1. If Ginger won the vote, all the sisters would know who she is. Tarra won. So they don’t.

      X was one of a possible two different people, and the vote decided which she would be.

      1. Any hope that you’ll share with us the scoop on who Sister X would have been if the Tarraverse hadn’t won the vote at some point, when it wouldn’t spoil/interfere with upcoming stuff? INQUIRING MINDS WANT TO KNOW.

        1. The chair denies the motion from the floor based upon Rusche’s statements that Sister X’s information will come forth in due time.

          Tarragon won the vote, therefore Sister X is shrouded in secrecy. If Ginger had won the vote, the Sisters and the Sisters Council would know who she is/was.

        2. Aha, but my reading of the Rusche statements is that Sister X is basically a completely different character depending on whether the Tarraverse or the main continuity took hold! I am merely curious what role Sister X would have filled within the main continuity had the Tarraverse not taken the reins in this case.

        3. So, you just want to go down the rabbit hole then? (poker term, isn’t it, for when they opponent(s) fold before the turn or the river when there is a bet/raise and they want to see what the hand would turn out like, right?)

        4. I had interpreted Rusche’s statements at the time of the vote to be that information as to what it would’ve been had the other sister won would be forthcoming after showing the confrontation with the winning sister. So I’m not expecting anything but hints until after Tarra’s showdown completes.

        5. Mr. Blue tries to post, but still has 1 round of immobility from throwing Backwards Burglar

        6. I’m sick of seeing you up here Matthew.

          Mr. Blue then grabs Backwards Burgler by the collar and back of his face mask and pulls him close, while sticking a foot between his feet, for protection and deception. He won’t know which knee to raise to attempt an incapacitation strike.

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          But you have failed in your editorial duties. His comment may be posted twice.

          Also, his foot accosts your groin. You take, 5 hit points of damage, 2 rounds immobility because you passed out.

        8. My entry: Sister X is Maggie Buckingham, Herb Buckingham’s daughter from his previous marriage to international spy and mercenary, Shae Quoc Nguyen (soon to be played by Lucy Liu in the upcoming adventure movie “Kill Blondie”)

        9. Rusche stated that if Ginger had won, X would be Herb’s daughter from a previous relationship and would’ve had the sister title “The Half Blood” or something like that.

        10. I couldn’t find the comment I remembered, but I did find two others:




          So from there she is a sister and is older than Ginger but is either Herb’s child from a previous marriage or what we have here. What we have here seems a contradiction from the info I have if something isn’t crossed, as Tarra recognizes her but Ginger doesn’t, she’s older than Ginger, is a sister, and is a character we’ve already met. So either I cross-referenced something that was intended in the half-sister camp as for either camp or there’s a nice twist on the reveal coming up how that all fits (would argue for the time travel theories we’ve heard from some).

        11. There’s a comment with links that I found awaiting moderation. I couldn’t find what I thought I remembered, though.

        1. Any chance we can get a script for what would have happened if Ginger had won the poll? Pretty please?

        2. Thank you for your time.

          I had a similar inquiry.

          Would there be any chance of seeing the second possible origin for Sister X applied to a future “Sister Y?” I’d love to see it fully fleshed out, and it would be gorgeously, campy fun :).




          THAT IS ALL.

        4. At the very least, a short strip of this part of the story arc that takes place in a parallel universe where Ginger won the poll would be well received.

          Or a parallel universe where somehow McFatFat won the poll, that would do nicely too.

        5. McFatFat would just Kirby-up the missiles until X walked away disgusted.

          I think parallel-universe-savior-from-X-wise, I’d like to see Barrel. Because I can’t imagine his victory being anything but luck with a Rube Goldberg machine-esque accident.

        6. I don’t know, I wouldn’t assume that McFatFat is so invulnerable. If you’ll recall, he nearly died early in the story.

          But in all seriousness, I stand by my original comment (when the poll first opened) that I would have liked to watch Quinn’s Ex fight Sister X. Battle of the, erm… Exes…?

        7. McFatFat has already survived several heart attacks in the grandest “Bill Swersky’s Superfans” tradition. I expect McFatFat to start talking eventually, and his first word will be “Ditka.”

        8. Also, Ellie at least seemed to act a bit, after the fact and Quinn was gone, that the heart attack was faked.

    2. It’s possible Tarra did something that erased this sister’s existence from memory…probably the same thing that makes ninjas appear in suburban shopping malls and sharks in chlorinated above ground pools.

    1. No whiplash necessary – the comedic note with which the last page ended eased us into the new mood quite nicely.

        1. So you think you can stone me and spit in my eye
          So you think you can love me and leave me to die
          Oh baby can’t do this to me baby
          Just gotta get out just gotta get right outta here

  1. ….. and i get to miss the reveal on monday…. I am almost regreting going on a vacation.

    Given just how, not so much scared but Nervous, Tarragon is right now, I get the feeling she might be more then a little guilty of something.

    so will you be telling us what the other possibility was?

  2. Wheelchair ninja’s neck brace? Straight up death threats? Shit just got real.

    And as expected my Sister X = Shuffleverse Tyler Durden theory was completely wrong. Oh well, it was a fun theory while it lasted.

    1. …well, that’s it for the League of Revengencers.

      Time to go file a few more fast food applications and hope this crazy chick with the rocket launcher didn’t actually see me get involved.

      Backwards Burglar, Bizarro Spidey, you two are on your own now. Good bye forever, chumps.

    2. I don’t think it was completely wrong. I think she’s a fusion dance byproduct and the only needing to kill some is because if she can then she gets to continue to exist.

      Probably Tarra’s the one that needs to die, but her facial features look more like Ellie (including eye glimmer) and the hair & eyepatch is Anise, and body type is more Juniper/Cinn/Pumpkin. So we’ll have to see how that pans out.

      1. Ellie’s eye glimmer is very distinctive. She’s the only character typically shown with an “extra” eye glimmer (with the only exceptions being the comic “Window Shopping” where in one panel she has Cinnamon’s dead eyed look and in the comic in which Ellie and Quinn try to mend fences with Tired Guy and Ellie another “extra” eye glimmer.)

        The only other characters I can recall displaying extra eye glimmers are Pumpkin (in the panel where she is marveling at the explosion which she appears to think is from Tarra’s “my first musket”) and Ashliii when she first sees the iNimbus and literally has stars in her eyes for one panel.

        Also, totally not related to anything but I just noticed how hot Ginger looks in today’s comic. Which I will make related to this comment after all just because I can.

        If Sister X IS a fusion of other sisters I don’t think Anise or Ginger are candidates. I’ll say why later because I want to fuel moar speculation. C’mon people, we’re behind on our quota’s :P

        1. The thing that would make most sense fusion-wise is if she’s Tarrakin and Tarra is the sister who lost an eye she just made a replacement that’s too lifelike to tell it’s a fake. (maybe that was her first patent?)

          This would be where Tarra would recognize and be worried, is perhaps something similar showed up with previous fusions and will try to kill Tarra and Pumpkin to be able to go on living instead of disappearing in a few minutes.

          At that point the Ellie similarities would just be a family similarities thing, though it’s also possible Ellie was too close when Pumpagon unfused and got caught up in this separate manifestation.

          That’s what makes the most sense with available information.

        2. Yeah, I just wasn’t noticing that Rusche’d been drawing everyone with a single eye gleam lately and it just jumped out with X for some reason. So strike all my eye gleam nonsense, though for some reason she still does look more like Ellie than Tarra to me.

    3. If she’s got the neck brace off without damaging the upper and lower straps, is it possible that Wheelchair Ninja may be sporting a new look, maybe a, pumpkin’s head?

        1. Oh, hello Jessica, what’s happening. Uhm, I don’t remember telling you on Friday that you should come in tomorrow by about 9:00, because that would have been great, M’kay. You see. Oh, and I almost forgot that I almost forgot that I said that I’m also going to need you to go ahead and come in on Sunday to, M’kay. X mentioned that we lost some people this week, and uh, we need to sort of play ketchup, thanks.

          But since you’re here, I’ll just go ahead, oooo, ahh, there it is I’m just gonna go ahead and get that from ya, greeeaaaaat. You know, if you could just go ahead and get to that as soon as possible that would be terrific, M’kay?

          Thanks a bunch, Jessia, bye.

  3. I’m sensing a Tic-Tac-Toe X and O motif here. Possibly evil twin through a freak accident!? Cloning gone wrong? Find out next time on ShotGun X…I mean shuffle.

      1. Stop right there. The internet is a dangerous, sick and horny place. Last thing we need is some Rule 34 incest action.

        1. All the internet has done was to bring Rule 34 into view of the people who don’t know what Rule 34 ever was.

          If anything, The Coming of the Quantum Cats is even worse than your R34-I.

          Rule 34 needs to go back behind the counter, behind those stupid brown paper wraps. Or at least the green plastic at that one big box mega media store.

          And why take anything from xoxoxo as hugs and kisses into the next perverted level anyway.

  4. Hmm, she’s real, the sisters other than Tarra don’t know her, and she has a special sort of deadpan snark…I have no idea where this is going, but I’m sure the trip will be a blast.

  5. and cue the bullet-time slo-mo of Tarra dodging the rocket whilst her braid catches and diverts it back toward X…

      1. With just a bit of the “Bionic Man” sound effect for Sister X’s onscreen supports. errrggg, bionic bra. *faceplant* NO NOT THERE, on the desk.

  6. My best guess is that SisterX is a clone of Tarra. I have my reasoning for this.
    1: Looks. While not the same shade, SisterX does have the same sort of highlights that Tarra does. Their eyes ARE the same shade, and the bone structure is similar.
    2. Tarra’s fear. Tarra is perfect, and seems to know it. So why does she fear SisX, unless she’s just as perfect.
    3. O and X. As mentioned above, the letters X and O are mashed together often enough. Tic-tac-toe, hugs and kisses, etc.
    3a. X has to have some genetic relation to the rest of the girls, based on the ‘family birthmark.’ Since only Tarra seems to recognize her, her being another actual sister or cousin seems to be ruled out.

    Now, whether Tarra cloned herself or X was created by one of Tarra’s wannabe nemeses is something I look forward to discovering…

      1. thinking on this, I’m beginning to like the idea…

        – it may explain why Tarra has a different type of facial marker (color filled)
        – it may explain why Tarra is so perfect – she’s been genetically modified specifically to do so

        Tarra could have been a lab-experiment-gone-too-well, who coveted the family existence of the real Tarra (Sister X) and taken her place at a sufficiently early time when they still looked identical to one another

        1. Agreed it’s a good theory. I’m still sticking to my fusion dance byproduct, but this is definitely number 2 for me.

      2. I’m calling it, the current Tarra that the Sisters know of is a robotic replacement. That would be why the constricted iris and lack of pupils shown have the glitter glow eye sparkles shown. She’s a replicant from Phillip K. Dick sent here by Harrison Ford to keep James from seeing “Ender’s Game” at the movie theater, because if he goes, he’ll choke on a piece of popcorn, die and then Ian is arrested for impersonation of a college student. This in turn causes Quinn to fall into a deep funk and depression the likes of which only Juniper can guess. James’ death, Ian’s arrest and Quinn’s hermitage is what allows Ellie to not only take over the apartment building, but let’s McFatFat eat Tired Guy, which sets off a domino chain reaction in which Blind Guy trips over Bubbles and gets arrested and killed in prison. Thus no progeny are ever created between Ellie and Blind Guy, which would have resulted in their only child being elected 52nd President of the United States of America and prevent Nuclear War from happening.

        Because Ashliii would have become Albert Wesker either way. But with L.E. III in the White House with the political backing he had, the Zeke eradication bill would have led to J.L. Bourne never retiring from the U.S. Navy, which led to the inevitable collapse of society into a cascading Zombie Horde that Sister X knows of too intimately.

        1. That explains the floating cocoon out back. And that one idiot running around after that beefy guy with the hockey hair who is killing the rest of those idiots shooting dart guns.

        2. If we do get into time travel, I’m still hopeful of my original theory regarding Blind Guy actually being Quinn’s brain transplanted into a death row inmate sent back in time to try to get Ellie to do her share of the dishes. He could still be that AND be Pumpkin’s teacher.

      3. If we’re going the Philip K. Dick route, let’s shoot for maximum existential damage.

        From our perspective in the time line, Quinn is mortally wounded 5 minutes from now. However, she’s an unknowingly an anti-precog, with the power to make alterations to the past to change the future along her own time line.

        Originally she attempted to not be associated with the family. First she tried changing Ellie from the Slutty One into the Lazy One, so that Ellie wouldn’t be able to pay her rent. Of course, she still had her original memories of Ellie, hence the confusion. That plan failed.

        Then she tried to make Ellie want to storm out, by making her past self ultrabitchy, but that was a fiscal disaster that resulted in her winding up nearly drowning in the car with her mother, causing her to have to rechange the past so she’s with the Buckinghams again.

        So her final plan? In her desperation, she has pulled Sister X from an alternate possible timeline. Sister X was Terra’s twin who was absorbed in the womb. What’s happening is a spiritual battle between Terra and Sister X; the winner gets to have lived. If it’s Sister X, her preference for ranged weapons will result in a different chain of events on Black Friday (which are bleeding into this prenatal timeline crossing shared hallucination Quinn is having with the unborn twins), killing Quinn’s accidental killer(s) hundreds of feet away from where the fatal accident would have happened.

        So Quinn’s life 5 minutes from now depends upon the outcome of a fight between souls she’s caused 20ish years ago in the present which is our future while we observe the past.

        The only downside is I think that might have been too straightforward for him. :/

        1. Incidentally, this explains why the letters are out of order. It’s not Rusche
          Rusche’s mistake; it was a clue to Quinn’s future meddling with the past in other attempts to save her life that went unmentioned.

        2. Is this why we never see Superman/Clark Kent; Batman/Bruce Wayne (not when Alfred or Dick impersonated, has to be the actual super hero in this case); Index Man/Clint Clarkelson standing next to each other at the same place, at the same time?

      1. I’m figuring Sister X contains at least two Buckingham parts. My guess is Tarra’s capacity for failure and Anise’s level-headedness. All of it currently now in Sister X, which would be why Sister X is using explosive weapons–splash damage precludes the need for decent aim–and understands her shortcomings sufficiently to work around them. Besides, that hair looks like a nice cross between Tarra’s and Anise’s.

        1. I’m with you aside from that for some reason her facial features look more like Ellie to me. Also previous fusion had a body averaging effect (both height and breast size), and while I can’t judge her height, she’s much less busty than Tarra, Anise, or Ellie, even taking the trench coat into account.

          So I’m definitely in the fusion byproduct camp, but I’m not sure what composition, exactly.

  7. Hey! This is my 1st comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and say I genuinely enjoy reading your comic. Can you recommend any other comics you guys read that are similar? Thanks!

    1. Welcome to our growing array of Shotgun fans. We’re all a little bonkers around here but we’re fun, you’ll find. As for similar comics to this…well…there’s nothing I’ve found that’s much like this at all. There are plenty of fine webcomics out there, but this is a pretty unique affair.

        1. Please be aware of the COMICMIX March Madness Webcomic Tournament. I have put a link on the previous comic, Wednesdays Hard Feelings Part 2. Near the bottom. I want to encourage every ShotgunShuffle reader to not only propell Rusche into the Sweet 16, but to get to the top.

          Nothing but the best for and from Rusche!! Thanks Chris.

    2. I read a lot of webcomics, but I can’t say any in particular just as an, “If you like Shotgun Shuffle” There are too many other variables.

      1. Yeah I was thinking the same thing – similar in what way?

        There are lots of comics that are similar, depending on how you define similar. In color? Mostly story-based? Feature a strong female lead? Have cats in them? Or ninjas? Or geeky jokes? Update on a MWF schedule?

  8. What I want to know: does she have a herb/spice name too? My guess: Mint. No, Chives. Cayenne. Vanilla. Celery Seed? Definitely Celery Seed.

    Actually Cayenne might be the most realistic guess given her demeanor, or Vanilla for her hair color. I must also admit that “Chives” has a Trigun sort of sound to it, which would complement her wardrobe nicely.

    Probably because it rhymes with Knives.

      1. Here is a list of spices I think would be good choices for Sister X. These are ALL real spice names. For reals.

        Angelica (awesomely ironic)
        Artemisia (similar enough to Artemis to bring bad ass imagery by assosciation)
        Cassia (I like the sound and Cass for short would work well.)
        Cayenne (yes boog listed it and I liked it, firey pepper works well)
        Clove (I like this one just because it generates the image of her cleaving enemies in half.)
        Coriander (Very strong spice rack imagery and can go by Cory for short which I like.)
        Jasmine (you can picture her being called Jazz for short can’t you?)
        Licorice (kind of a weak one, I include it because it makes me think of her red coat and twizzlers.)
        Mace (for the obvious war like connotation)
        Nutmeg (just so someone could use the line “she’s a Nut.” See what I did there? Calling her Meg wouldn’t be too shabby either.)
        Pepper (or peppermint, just plain Mint seems too tame but either one of these I like.)
        Rue (for the obvious double meaning of the word)
        Saffron (Firefly reference for the win!)
        Sage (lends nice weight)
        Sassafras (come on, Sass and Sassy are natural nicknames already)
        Spearmint (Fear the Spear)
        Spikenard (Yikes, the Spike!)
        Sumac (poisonous variety naturally)
        Thyme (Thyme’s up! Also balances well with Rosemary. Oh yea, I stack references two, sometimes three deep or more. That’s just how I roll.)
        Wasabi (spicy and exotic sounding)
        Watercress (I just like it)
        Wintergreen (Winter has death metaphor written all over it.)
        Wormwood (very very dark, which is why I like it.)
        Za’tar (another exotic sounding one)

        Place yer bets! Come one, come all! Place yer bets!

        1. Holycow nofair if you name all the spices there are then you’re bound to get it right. That’s cheating!

        2. I left out TONS of spices, and even some spices that would make good girls names (Cicely for instance) because I didn’t think they would fit Sister X very well. And it wasn’t so much my intention to “win” it was to spur guesses and further conversation.

        3. I know I was just kidding I could plainly see that you left out three or four spices, probably to give others a chance.

          And forgive my competitiveness. I should not have called you a cheater in a guessing game which I just made up in the spot, despite Chris never confirming that Sister X (or, the Ex-Sister…? Yeah, think about it…) would be named after an herb or spice. I was just being a bad sport.

        4. He said we already met her if Tarra wins and that she’d be a new character if Ginger had won. So I think she’d need a name if Ginger had won (though if the spice name theme came from Rosemary then X might not have a spice name), but I don’t think she does now. Her name will be whatever it was already given as (or combos if fusion effect).

        5. So in that case let’s consider it the official shotgun shuffle fan vote for what Sister X should be named if she were a legitmate (half way at least) Buckingham.

          I have a preference but won’t spoil it, I’m saving it for if we need a tie breaker.

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  10. Okay, I’m just going to throw out my theory here.

    Sister X isn’t a sister. Sort-of.

    She’s Tarra’s daughter from an apocalyptic future. That isn’t an X, it’s a multiplication sign.

    I predict that at some point in the future one of the sisters is responsible for something horrible. We already know there’s a zombie apocalypse in the future. Cinnamon is unleashing plague-level creatures. One of the parrots just became sentient (furthering my “the iCloud just spawned Skynet” theory since McFatFat ate the data cloud).

    X doesn’t want to kill all of them, but after the horrors she’s seen in the future she knows the swifter way to fix it is to simply remove the factors that cause it from the game board completely.

    I think that’s why Tarra’s so determined to be perfect and do so many things, she’s hoping one of her amazing acts will be the key to prevent this future, especially since her “daughter” has apparently already met her once and could have notified her that she’s partly responsible for what happened.

    Either that or she’s trying to create a buffer of good deeds big enough that X can’t risk killing her. Sure, you prevented the zombies/plague/machines, but if Tarra wasn’t around to cure cancer, things would be just as bad if not worse!

    …I’m not sure how selling a board game to make a tv show fits in that, but I’m sure Tarra has a plan.

    1. Buckingham spawn from the future is one my pre-approved theories, run with it good sir, may it take you further than my Tyler Durden theory took me. Godspeed man.

        1. Time travel sister would answer it being someone we’ve already met, a full sister, and older than Ginger. I’ll put this as theory number 3 on my rankings.

  11. Plus, man, if Ginger had won, I expect she’d just catch the rocket with her Infuriated Mom powers and overhand tomahawk toss it right back at X.

    1. Ginger probably would have just turned to glare at her, all the rage from the Juniper bashing still hot and fresh, started breathing fire, asked “what the hell do YOU want?” At which point Sister X sheepishly puts down the rocket launcher, meekly and almost inaudibly says “nothing’ then just leaves.

      1. My honest guess for if Ginger won is that Sister X would saunter over and start in on Ginger taking Juniper’s side. Wouldn’t so much win the argument, but wouldn’t be cowed by her and would lead Juniper out of the store. No violence past words.

      2. Ginger’s face split, and the skin and hair split and came off of her face so that there was nothing except the skull. And orange light came out of her hair and there was glitter all around. And fire shot from her eye sockets and began to burn Sister X’s My First Rocket Launcher ™ and she said, “WHERE DID THAT BIRTHMARK COME FROM?”

        1. If you don’t remember your comment, might be hard to tell, but my guess would be putting parenthesis around it. So, if this one does the same, then that’s what it is. Arbitrary Product(TM) , & Arbitrary Trademark(R) .

        2. Nope. If you didn’t paste in the special, then not sure, unless the spaces mattered.

        3. So it seems that Sister X is the only person to be able to use the TM function TM “TM” (TM) [TM] for My First Rocket Launcher TM and the Buckingham birthmark TM tm “TM” “tm” la la la la la ha ha ha ha ha

          We’re all crazy here,

        4. If you go into your OS’s character map tool, there’s a character for that superscript TM, so you can just copy/paste it from there and that should work.

  12. noo, Sister X! You can’t tell everyone what you’re going to do BEFORE you do it! Classic Bad Guy mistake!

    1. She’s refraining from telling them which sisters. Are you thinking the extra comics for the Tarra confrontation are to make room for Sister X monologuing?

  13. Rusche, if it doesn’t ruin anything, can you answer if I’m just seeing things in her having some of Ellie’s facial features (and the eye gleam that is most common for Ellie) or if that’s deliberate?

    Also Ginger explicitly not recognizing her does help for why she didn’t feel a need to hurry out of the store, so that’s appreciated.

    1. Strike the eye gleam thing. Poor observation on my part. I appear to have been noticing “Total number of eye gleams – 1” for all characters except X. I still think her facial features look most like Ellie’s though.

      1. Ellie and Tarra are the most similar to each other in appearance other than hair. Tarra, Cinnamon and Ellie all have the same type of face. It’s not Ellie. And her spice name starts with a T.

        1. Thyme?! Really?? Omigod that’s awesome!

          Well, either that or Turmeric, and while a Curry-themed sister would be pretty spicy, it really can’t hold a candle to a sister armed with the power of puns.

        2. Thanks for that. I now think time traveling sister would require a name change, as Pumpkin would be the most likely one to travel back this way (because I think Tarra would’ve put quotes around her own name referring to her past self). Granted, after mastering time travel I could see any of the sisters deciding Thyme was a more fitting name.

  14. So you think you can stone me and spit in my eye
    So you think you can love me and leave me to die
    Oh baby can’t do this to me baby
    Just gotta get out just gotta get right outta here

        1. Well, I, Mr. Blue, thought that I, Mr. Blue, was commenting above on boog’s headbanging comment to Strain of Thought’s commenting Mood Whiplash.

          Wherefore, I, Mr. Blue went forth to find the definitive lyrics for the most well known of headbanging memorabilia that did not involve drywall.

          Wherefore, I, Mr. Blue found said lyrics for headbanging memorabilia in “Wayne’s World. Part One, the destruction of Pathos, Mentos and Diet Coke.

          Wherefore, I, Mr. Blue having started said comment before the search, having clicked on the reply link to Mr. Boog (I hope that it’s a Mr. because I don’t know how to say “Your days are over Mrs.” with a lisp. But upon having entered the lyrics into the commentary box, I, Mr. Blue found myself ready to hit the button that looks like a tylenol.

          Wherefore, I, Mr. Blue had made the lyrical comment above in the wrong place, and where, I, Mr. Blue seem to be having a bit of fun with the commas today, and I, Mr. Blue am so confused, I’m not sure if I should care.
          (/end idiocy)

          But I am kind of wondering if there is some time limit on the replies or something. I mean, I think that I’ve seen it go from just underneath the comment that you’d be responding to being at the bottom of the page as if one would be making a new comment.

        2. It’d seem odd for a comment to timeout, as it’s part of the URL. I also know I’ve looked up a lot before and came back and had the comment work.

          Accidental click of the cancel reply link or having two windows/tabs open to the comic and pasting in the wrong one seem most likely from the stance of someone who doesn’t know the server config.

    1. Thank goodness, I’ve been looking everywhere for those lyrics, who’d have thought I’d find them here of all places?

        1. *DAMNIT* I did it again.

          (open sotto voice control package: Advertisement– Lawyer: (Code– Male, Spokesperson: (SubCode Control– Advice)))

          The previous response made to boog was intended to be in response to TheLastOutlaw. Mr. Blue regrets any confusion that may have occurred as a result from this misprinted communication comment thread being misplaced. Mr. Blue advices readers to please consider the above borked comment as a response to TheLastOutlaw and not boog. Mr. Blue would like it to be known that at this time, all Quality Assurance personnel are fervently working to assure that no more borks of this magnitude will ever occurr again.

          On behalf of Mr. Blue Enterprices, LTD., Inc., LLC and Mr. Blue, this is Lawyer Guy Announcer saying, in order to control the pet population, please shovel or rake your litter.
          (/end idiocy)

        1. I’m her anti-stunt double.
          I act as her during all the times NO ACTION is going on in her life. Then she steps in and does her SUPER MAGICAL SISTER kung-fu whatevers.

        2. LOOK. I’m acting as her now! My name’s Tarra. I have giant boobs. I think I’m hot shit! I’m gonna wear tank tops all the time and bitch when you look there. Hurr hurrr

  15. I saw the comment above that this comic is kinda unique unto itself. Maybe this is why a few have harks on the writing? Because its not the format they’re used to? Things in the comic set up to be explained sometimes much later?

    Better than the same cookie cutter joke of the day. I read 2gag on ocassion. I like it. But the characters dont go anywhere.I like between failures too but it still looks like he makes it in MS Paint. I dont see much effort to improve his art like Rushe tries. Every month this comic jumps in art evolution. But that’s me.

    1. I haven’t noticed much complain about writing. We speculate a lot and make comments about what we believe the people that live only in Rusche’s head would/should/could do, though.

  16. So since we now know that Sister X’s spice name starts with a “T”, I’m going to take a wild guess and say that it is “Tamarind” with “Tammy” as a knickname. That seems like the only “T” spice besides “Tarragon” that could feasibly be a girl’s name. Unless there’s some girly spice I haven’t heard of lol.

      1. I strongly suspect T = Tarragon in this case. Unless I’m misreading the hints Chris has breadcrumbed.

    1. Are you suggesting that Sister X is some sort of bedraggled, corrupted Tarra from the future who’s life has gone to crap after her hair was finally cut by one of her sisters like a Samson and Delilah story, now she’s come back to prevent this from occurring by any means necessary? Because that would be absurd. You sir, are absurd. Be more realistic. Lets go back to thinking she’s Tarra’s robot clone or whatever.

        1. Holy crap, boog got a real gravvy! Awesomesauce dude.

          Though to be honest I still think of you with the original urine for sale avvy every time you post :P

  17. I know what you’re thinking, Tarra.

    You’re thinking ‘Did she fire four shots, or only three?’

    Now to tell you the truth, I’ve forgotten myself in all this excitement.

    But being that this is a My First Rocket Launcher, the most powerful children’s rocket launcher in the world and would blow your head clean off, you’ve got to ask yourself a question.

    ‘Do I feel lucky?’

    Well, do ya Punk?

    1. Mr. Blue stands there to the side, putting in an order for three black, one with cream and sugar. Three Buttermilk old fashioned, two creme filled long johns, two meatball sandwiches from the stand around the corner, eight fish sticks and Ba Mu Buy Beer.

    2. While I recognize and appreciate the quote, as a kid I would’ve been perfectly content with the second most powerful children’s rocket launcher in the world, or even the third as long as it still had a blast radius larger than the swing set.

  18. Okay. We know that Sister X is the oldest sister, that should knock her out of the running for clone of Tarra, since that would make her younger than Pumpkin, and a few years younger than Dolly.

    We already met Sister X.
    Sister X seems to have a similar hair pattern to Tarra.
    Tarra may have a twin.
    Time travel has been proven to be possible, plausible but only one way, backwards. If and only if we are able to anchor one of the wormhole here on Erf, and one on the other end of a rocket using a 5-D monkey wrench.

    What else do we have? Other than she shows up after Juniper made like a tree and got outta there. . .

    1. A clone could be considered oldest if she’d been artificially aged to beyond Ginger’s age, as that’d be “older than Ginger” in a sense. Similarly, if you considered the fusion sister to be the sum of the components sister (even youngest two) ages, that’d be “older than Ginger”. A time traveler who came back in time from a place in her timeline where she’s older than Ginger is now could also be “older than Ginger”.

      So I can see an explanation of the “older than Ginger” for all three of the theories I think at the moment.

      Similarly the hint that she’s a full sister could fit any of those.

      A fusion mishap would explain Tarra recognizing her but Ginger not (Pumpkin might if they’d practiced Pumpagon before, but we don’t see her to know). A time traveler could be recognizable to Tarra and not the others if she’d visited Tarra before. A clone of Tarra that she had made herself would be recognizable to her and not the others (perhaps the X’s were saying defective/dispose/destroy). Similarly if Tarra with the floating rosy O birthmarks is a clone and X is the original, then O might be the only one to recognize X.

      That’s why I think it’s one of those three theories, as I can see ways they all fit all of the clues.

      1. Okay, I know that artificially aged works in science fiction, but outside of an alcoholic, how does one artificially age a human being. And would that be ethical?

        I don’t know about the sum, even a fused entity is different than the components. I was thinking that they’d have all the experience, but 1/2 the sum of their ages, or 1/n if they were to successfully get more than one sister in there. But even then, with the 1/n dividing the sum of their ages, that is still less than Ginger’s age. And even if Ginger were a part of Sister X, Sister X would not be older than Ginger using 1/n, where n = the number of sisters successfully performing the fusion dance.

        I was just ruminating on the last thing that she said. That she only need to kill some of you. That suggests that we have a time traveler that is going to target Cinnamon and Ellie for releasing the OMEGA PESTILENCE if Sister X is here for more than one sister. If not, then just Cinnamon.

        But what do I know. I know I want popcorn, bacon popcorn. Popcorn made with bacon grease, bacon drippings, bacon scrapings, with real sweet cream butter.

        1. Oh there are certainly ways that you could argue any of those three cases aren’t older than Ginger (time traveller isn’t older than Ginger without breaking the timeline, for example). It’s just that there’s an interpretation that could fit, not that there are none that wouldn’t.

  19. I might be really late to the party, but could it be that Sister X is the one with the glass eye? I know there was talk of Anise’s emo bangs covering her false eye, but given that this sister has an actual observed eyepatch it’s probably her.
    That, or Rusche didn’t originally intend for her to be a sister (hence why the other sisters don’t know her) and so Pumpkin’s comment must have referred to someone other than her.

    1. Rusche stated that the original idea was what’s happening now, with Sister X being already introduced as opposed to a new character. The idea of her being a half-sister came 1/3 of the way through this arc (the Ginger vote choice).

      I think the mention of a sister missing an eye was before that, so I think that someone other than Sister X will still be missing an eye. At the moment my money’s on Tarra being the one with a fake eye, but she made a fancy replacement so no one can tell (and Sister X missing an eye is the reason I believe that). Anise would be next in the running.

      1. I have a theory: Sister X is the one who got the glass eye. While she was under, Tarra stole her birthmark, which explains why she has x’s there (the scars from the birthmark removal) and why they don’t fit on Tarra’s face. All the other sisters don’t recognize Sister X without her birthmark and just assume Tarra’s came in late. Also explains how Tarra is envy.

      1. Mr. Blue tries to post, but still is finishing the round of immobility from throwing Backwards Burglar

        (double post after rolling doubles)

        *GASP* I can breathe.

        It all goes back to Physics class. Physics class.

        Mr. Blue passes out on the floor from lack of breath, and the fat nerds b.o. who was all “PINK IS CANON”.


        1. Dis-concerting…

          Which reminds me. Rusche? Did you ever play the adventure game “The Next Big Thing?”

        2. It was an odd but fun game. One of the protagonists was an attractive blonde with a lot of sisters who had clearly defined roles (the artistic one, the smart one, etc.) She constantly denied being “the crazy one” but I can’t remember what her role was supposed to be. I reminded myself of it when I responded to Mr. Blue, one of the games running gags was other characters reply of “disconcerting” to her more oddball antics. Anyway, great fun. Those who haven’t played it should do so. Even though it most definitely has nothing to do with Shotgun Shuffle (it’s set in a bizarre alternate history where movie monsters are real.)

    1. Really, the M202A1 FLASH has four rockets when compared to the single shot Stinger. Either way, both weapons are held on the right shoulder for proper firing when utilized properly. Not counting Cindy’s having just read the manual either.

  20. Aw man, I irresponsibly stayed up past 2 AM Sunday night for unrelated reasons and no update yet.

    I wish my irresponsibility would work for me a little more often…

    1. Don’t feel bad, I was resonsible and it still didn’t update. My Monday is now hollow and empty. I shall weep openly until my co-workers drag me away from my office.

      1. Now now, gents, stiff upper lip and all like that. I’m sure we’ll get it soon enough.

        …turning into “Waiting for Godot” up in this piece….

        1. Oh, well, he had to have shown up somewhere. I mean, if anything, had to have been born for his parents to have him named and such…




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