Quinn Victory All my con prints. Minus my button templates I had to make for 800+ buttons for Megacon next week. All prints All the image prep has been very painstaking. Especially the worry that something in these prints will look odd or out of place. You gotta feel it's all close to perfection if you're going to dump hundreds of dollars into running prints. I went through the typical phases this past week of love-hate-love-hate-hate-hate-hate then finally committing to what I had. The sisters in the new print are all slightly exaggerated versions of their in-comic selves. They're all slightly curvier and Frank Cho'd up a bit. Because, ya know... comic convention. I think out of all of it Tarra was the worst to get right, which she usually is.. but Pumpkin's shirt stumped me all Saturday. Saturday I was supposed to get all my linework done on the next comic to color Sunday. But God was I ever stuck on her shirt. I originally wanted her showing a Batman symbol, which justified the pose. Then midway through I decided I wanted something that wasn't affiliated with a major comic franchise so the print was contained to just Shotgun Shuffle. That was a huge mistake. Nothing seemed to work on it. I was close to just giving her a blank white shirt, which of course, makes it look like she's advertising her chest... which I also hated. Completely out of context for her character thus far. So through hours and hours of multiple conversations, and loads of tinkering, I was eventually convinced to go back to the Batman symbol. Considering many in artist's alley sell fanart of copyrighted characters or incorporate other works logos and what not.. I probably wouldn't have the DC police flipping my table. Here's a quick sample of my descent into madness over this print. Batmask 1 Batmask 2 I was going so OCD anal over the Sister7 print. From shirts, to stripes, to the amount of pantyhose holes, whether Tarra's thigh gap looked distracting, to shading. Nose But all of this is over now. Prints are getting printed, and mugs are being shipped and so on. I'm going to take long sleep tonight after being awake for 2 and a half days straight, and get this next comic completed. Blergh. Thank you all for sticking with me. I love you. :)

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    1. Ooh snap. I got the first post for this page. And it’s my first time ever commenting – I think. WHOO!

  1. I find it appropriate that tumblr-pumpkin’s cheeks are saying GG at you. GG is right. What a week you’ve had!

    Let us internetters know where to send copious amounts of monies for these prints :P

  2. Damn, those are some painful looking pimples on Pumpkin there at the very end. Everything else looks great!

    1. Was wondering the same thing. Though, with Sister X being Tarra from the future, I’m hoping she gets cancelled out :p

    2. Wasn’t there a previous splash-page or poster-image or something, with a girl who was a cousin to the 7 main crew? I vaguely recall something like that.

      1. It’s their cousin Camomile.

        If you’re not logged into Patreon and you click the Support Shotgun Shuffle button she’s in the image at the top of that page.

  3. I’m ashamed to admit that the “Legalize Montage” reference has gone so far over my head, it is in orbit. Could someone enlighten me?

    1. It’s a “drug” that let’s you skip time, just experiencing the “good parts” in a montage. It’s what D-Bag was officially arrested for possessing.

  4. The process was fascinating to watch, thanks for documenting and sharing it. I have to say the care and patience paid off- the prints look great. Go knock ’em dead at the con, Rusche!

  5. I’ve always hated the “tumblr nose” thing, it makes everyone look like they’re in the late stages of degenerative alcoholism. Thank you for avoiding it :)

    Great work on the sisters print and good luck at the con.

  6. Good luck at the con! My suggestion for Pumpkin’s shirt would have been the “Just COS” lettering, but it looks perfect the way it is!

  7. RUSCHE! Stahp that and go to sleep!

    I appreciate the decay of that conversation – just scrolling from top to bottom, we start off looking for a mask design, then Batman, then Batman who would fuck himself, somewhat back on track with Pumpkin, and then just a big old pair of boobs. I’ve yet to get past that point.

    Godspeed, you glorious bastard. Seriously, though, I’m glad at least you sound like you’re having a bit of fun with it. I for one stand behind the iCloud shirt, and it’s unbelievable how good these all look.

  8. XDDD Kay, first, seeing all the con stuff was great ’cause a lot of us are WAYYY too frigging far away to even try and go to it, my apologies.
    Second, the conversation(s?) in the description was hilarious.
    You deserve a nap.

  9. I have a theory about the breast lighting. Maybe it’s like how some species of butterfly have eye markings on their wings so predators get confused about where their head is. So when someone looks at an anime girl’s chest they think they’re looking at their head and instinctively look somewhere else. ;P

    On the copyright issue I’m not an expert but I’m pretty sure the symbol would be fine (although I know that Spanish soccer team ended up losing the lawsuit where it was found that a centuries old heraldic symbol was too similar to the Batman logo). Actual characters would be less okay (I’m pretty sure Carl Barks got in trouble with Disney for selling paintings of Ducktales characters after he’d retired). Given DC’s current PR issue I wouldn’t think they’d bother coming after you, but I’m also disinclined to underestimate DC’s capacity for incompetence. If they do come after you I’d recommend speacking with an actual attorney and offering to pay a retroactive licencing fee.

    Also, I have some questions. Are torn pantyhose an actual style like pre-torn jeans? And if it’s not is it meant to show that Juniper’s impoverished? I notice she always seems to where the same red dress. (Although given her lifestyle if it is the same dress I’m shocked it’s not horribly stained.)

    1. Upon consideration I’ve realized that if you haven’t had issues with selling images of Pumpkin cosplaying on your online store you probably won’t have issues selling images of her in a Batman shirt at a con.

      Also, I’ve realized that my last sentence could be interpreted in a way that I hadn’t considered or intended. I feel I should specify that I was referring to stains acquired due to vomit and/or spilled alcohol.

      1. The cosplay images are his artwork with his character portraying herself as her favorite characters. Not much different they’re than a person painting herself as Darth Maul on YouTube.

        A character showing off her favorite Fandom by wearing her favorite symbol on a tshirt..

        1. I’ll admit I’m a bit confused. Prior to preparing to respond to this comment I was under the impression that copyright holders were obligated to actively defend their copyrights or risk losing them. However, after doing some research on wikipedia it seems like that only applies to trademarks. While I think there’re definitely aspects of Batman’s character that could potentially be trademarked given his close association with DC I haven’t been able to find satisfactory information on how DC owns him legally.

          Regardless, I’ve no doubt DC could sue if they felt so inclined but whether or not they’d win is another matter. Although by that logic they could potentially sue anyone who cosplays as one of their characters since a costume could be considered a derivative work and possibly damaging to sales of properly licensed merchandise.

          YouTube’s a bit different since they technically aren’t obligated to host any given video on their site. So copyright holders will make agreements with YouTube that are more restrictive than the laws on the books. That’s why internet reviewers have so many issues with their videos getting blocked.

        2. Sadly, lawsuits that can’t win but will cost more than it’s worth to defend isn’t an uncommon practice and probably results in our culture being generally poorer than it should be.

          Though it’s not just culturally that the practice is an issue, I’ve heard ISP startups have to deal with the larger providers providing sufficient legal challenges over anything from minor to laughable issues in order to bankrupt them. I suppose that’s what we get when the majority of our legislatures’ population have a law degree.

        3. I hadn’t brought it up because I wanted to avoid making Rusche (more) stressed, but that is how Marvel took out Defiant back in the 90s.

          Still I’d like to think that most companies would want to avoid headlines of ‘Major media conglomerate takes on independent webcomic artist’. Although given how the comic book industry has been run lately you could make the argument that the aren’t competent enough to want to avoid that.

        4. They certainly wouldn’t want the bad press, especially surrounding comic conventions. All the press around them and whatnot does way to many good things for their bottom lines to be worth it.

          However, something like the bat symbol here would more likely fall under trademark than copyright, and from the trademark side, I strongly suspect that ship has long since sailed for something like this to be fair use. And it makes no sense to try to sue someone out of business and keep it hushed up, because then you have to sue a lot more people and pay a lot more in your own legal fees rather than just publicizing the hell out of it and having fewer lawsuits. So really any kind of unfriendly negative response would cause them more harm than good (and that’s even considering that the filthy IP bastards known as Disney now own Marvel).

          So realistically I see little need for Rusche to worry with having a character cosplay as pop culture characters and wear a shirt that we could go buy a similar shirt in a store today if we wanted.

    1. Oh dude…Tracer is Quinn’s great, great, great granddaughter. It’s the only thing that makes sense.

  10. I find it just a little odd that Pumpkin, who’s been binding her chest ever since she GOT one (except when with Quinn), would be flaunting. I mean yeah, she’s just showing off the logo on her shirt, but it just kinda bugged me for a moment when I thought about it.

    Great load of work you’ve done here!

    1. Well, once she’s outed about trying to hide her boobs, she might choose to stop. If she stopped, she might decide to do things like taunt Cinn for having smaller boobs when Cinn pissed her off about something (so, when they’re both awake). So I wouldn’t say it’s completely out of the question at some point in the story (not sure about the current point, though).

  11. As someone who buys webcomic T-shirts for family gifts at Christmas, I’d like to request that the Fightin’ Pacifists print be put in for a T-shirt by October or so. I’d also buy a print of it to put in my cube at work. I’ll get someone the Legalize Montage shirt too. I generally buy for people who don’t read the webcomics, so I like standalone jokes for said gift shirts.

    I fully understand a full plate at the moment and possibly leaving some items as convention exclusives for now, just thought I’d toss the request in early for the holidays, though.

  12. The sister 7 image is my desktop background now. It is an awesome inage. I wish I were closer to Florida and able to go to this con, just to pick up some of this artwork.

    1. You and me both man. Maybe next year, we could work Chris’ table as security. I could stand around for some six odd hours. Shades, suit, towering stance. I’d either be confused for a fat terminator at a fund raiser, or …

  13. Beautiful work, totally worth the time and effort you put into it. Making them just a little ‘more’ than usual really worked nicely. I also like that they they are arranged (l-r) “gunshot”.

      1. Ah, cool. I had not realized (r-l) was birth order… I need to pay *even more* attention to details! … or perhaps less attention to tiny details and more to attention to important details?

        1. It’s the tiny details that keep me coming back. SHOTGUN SHUFFLE like any fine wine must be savored properly. Not inhaled like insert food stuff that would be devoured within seconds of being placed in front of Anise like any Thanksgiving food would be by someone suffering from. . .

          Four days on the run and that he’s dying of thirst

        2. The tiny details that come back later are what have me wondering if the color choices have a significance or not.

          They are somewhat color pallete-ish for the outfits we’ve generally seen them in, and they don’t directly match their seven sins parallels (Ginger is Wrath, not Envy).

          On the one hand that seems too minor to matter, but on the other Rusche has also said characters wearing hoodies are hiding something and the hair in front of the eyes indicates a certain deliberate blinding of one’s self. So it’s not impossible.

  14. I am absolutely loving this, Chris, the insight into the work, the breakdowns, & especially the FB conversation ( that friend is a keeper). Here’s to an epic con.

    1. There are three major story arcs, but the third arc overlaps timewise with most of the first (and I assume the second, see author post with comic Ratches, currently dated October 11, 2013 for confirmation of the fork). In the author post for comic Pick your Paranoia (currently dated May 18, 2015), Rusche laid out the 10 chapters he expects for the first story arc, mentions that a one new chapter was added to account for the Patreon arc comics (so maybe more will happen before the end of first arc), and he mentioned that chapter 7 has a time jump of about a year and a half.

      So two years seems like an absolute minimum.

  15. Ha ha! Thank you for sharing your conversation(s) with Mr. Green and Mrs. Peacock; you all (especially Batman) provided me with some much needed laughs.

    It’s interesting. While knowing that Ellie and Cin are twins, I never really noticed their having the same face (I guess the black hair and cold, dead eyes altered things enough). That is, until seeing these uncolored images. In fact, I mistook Cin for Ellie at first, not realizing my mistake until I noticed that the eyes were colored in the second piece of line art.

    Also, I feel your…anal pain. Whenever I have a big project, I, too, stress over every detail in the effort to make it perfect. The question of Pumpkin’s shirt would have driven me insane. Kudos to you for not simply completing this piece, but doing so with everything else bombarding you! Have fun stormin’ the castl…err, con!

  16. Good LORD do I agree with y’all on “Tumblr Nose,” I hate how it’s become so commonplace. I didn’t really notice it until Penny Arcade started doing it a while back (Gabe’s art style has always evolved, but one day he just decided to start coloring in noses and change nothing else about his style) and once that had jarred me into seeing it I started seeing everyone do it. It’s like, I know what a human face looks like, you don’t need to accentuate a feature like “HEY, HEY LOOK AT THIS.”

    1. “Tumblr Nose” is the worst thing ever… why would you even do that to any character that’s not in fact an aging alcoholic (or terribly sun-burnt)?

    1. That is Camille, she is not only the girl’s cousin, but also a major catalyst in part and future storylines. She has yet to make her first appearance in the comic.

  17. Even realizing that they are all fictional, I can honestly say that there isn’t a single one of those sisters I wouldn’t Fuck. Quinn’s victory pose depicts a pretty big ass. In the 7 Sister poster, the eldest sister on the right seems to be noticing that the cat is about to hurl. Unconventional, to be sure.

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