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Sisters Of The Moon Part 1

149 thoughts on “Sisters Of The Moon Part 1

    1. I’m kind of stunned that that isn’t already a thing. Then I checked Amazon and it is kind of a thing. There’s a little Lego Michonne, Carl and Rick.

      1. Never check Amazon to see what is and is not official Lego. Always check Lego.com. That way you will avoid clone bricks (the poorly-designed stuff like Mega Bloks and the flimsy stuff like BestLock, etc.) as well as third-party groups who make their own kits out of Lego parts (which is NOT a bad thing, it just causes a few misunderstandings if people aren’t clear on what it is).

        Also, there is no such thing as a Toys R Us Lego exclusive. :) I’m currently active as a brick artist with WAMALUG, displaying at charity events and museums in the DC area. We’re ALWAYS on the lookout for more parts at good prices. TRU is not a go-to place normally, and they never carry exclusives. (This isn’t a knock against Shotgun Shuffle, I’m just pointing this out in case anyone doesn’t realize that this is part of the fictional absurdity.)

        On the art front, great job. I’m not sure I’ve seen better hand-drawn Lego since . . . ever. I vote for more Lego! (Yeah, big surprise.)

        1. Thanks, Matthew for the note on the art. The comic takes place in a time I like to call future-present. So it deals with current themes, but with technology and situations slightly more advanced than our own (hoverboard, inimbus.) So in said FUTURE-PRESENT, Toys R Us now has Lego Exclusives!

        1. I originally though, and will continue to think, that these LEGOs are based off the comic, and not the show (thus improving their cannon-ness, and providing a natural boost to awesomeness) which will still allow for other LEGOs to hold “best show adaptation” positions.

          Now, be glad nobody’s getting a Game of Thrones “Red Wedding” set, that’d be just a tad more disturbing (but would work quite well, with the interchangeable LEGO parts)

        2. That would put the Mad Scientist candy/brain lab out of business for sure. And, it would probably be in the Executive entertainment selection on SkyMall.

        1. OK, fine. Can I at least undo the cover and see the innards? I want to try making some things from the technology!

        1. I’m taking into account the fact that they managed to pull me in to this madness as part of what she owes me.

        2. There’s something a coworker said the Monday after competing in Tough Mudder over the weekend. He said, “There can be a big difference between an enjoyable experience and a good story. I got a good story.”

          To be fair, he absolutely did get a good story out of it.

        3. I would love to see a strip where Not Mine and Mr. Lavender are on the floor of their apartment, playing with Legos.

        4. I envision a short fight over that–not haircutting, but perhaps another drywall’d–followed by Not Mine as the Governor and Mr. Lavender as Michonne. Later, by way of compensation, Not Mine would play Rick and Mr. Lavender would play Carl.

        1. Admit it, you’re giving me dummy lingo so I can use it and look stupid. I’m keen to you kids and your tricks.

        2. Actually, that is from a television commercial for Sprint phones, featuring James Earl Jones and Malcolm McDowell

      1. Hate to say it, but you’re confusing your Snakes. The Snakes in the punchline-is-machismo strip are of the Metal Gear Solid genus, not the Escape from L.A. genus.

        1. (5 days later) there was the one with some mail addressed to “Snake” and Commander just tossed it all in the “Snake Locker) which had the Escape Snakes, along with the Metal Gear Snakes (and, unless I’m totally off, didn’t snake call himself Pliskin when Raiden found him in MGS2?)

          ANYWAY. LEGOs are perpetually cool/fun, and that is all.

  1. I took a glimpse at that piece of paper Mr. Black is holding earlier. Elbow grease and headlight fluid for your father? Really?

    1. Team reject. Heh. Last year it was a left handed wrench. They showed up with a left handed wench. Didn’t make mom very happy.

      Good news is I got my flask refilled. Bad news is there are no more “extra” door busters left.

    2. This is the first time we’ve seen Tarra look unsure about something, I think. The shape of her eyes always gave me a sense of smugness about her I never liked (except for that surprised look when wheelchair ninja attacked), but it’s nice to see she has human moments too.

      …plus, now I’m curious how much money Team Reject was given, if any. Is that cash just written off as a loss from the get-go? The “price of doing business?”

      …lastly, Mr. Rainbow, if you really are in line at Toys R Us, you probably didn’t need to give away any door busters. I knew someone who worked there, and they told me the Black Friday line tended to be drunks, enraged housewives, and men so sick of their families they’d hit on any female they could.

        1. I’m betting it’s their best estimate on bail.

          Now I also feel really sorry for Anise and kinda’ wonder if her tattoo parlor’s name was chosen from holiday shopping hijinks. I’m thinking “…but Santa’s beard say YES!”

        2. I can see this happening. Because Mr. Black will be dragging Mr. Reddish-Yellow into a stage dive into Claus’ beard. In which a fight will ensue with Mrs. Claus, three elves and Rudolph set at the North Pole. During this fight, the kids, parents, and that one chick off to the side with the digital camera hooked up to the printer watching as fight noises and piffs and pows erupt from Santa’s beard.

  2. I laughed at them not having a real list in three years. It’s like that episode of “Arrested Development” where Michael gives Gob a letter to mail and it’s actually the insurance payment. This is why you give the Gob dummy jobs that don’t matter, like a list full of nothing important.

    1. Funnily enough, I found out that hover boards actually are a REAL thing. In the commentary for Back to the Future 2, the people talked about it. Apparently, some parental groups banned them from ever being sold, so it’s impossible to find a real one now. The folks making Back to the Future managed to get their hands on one and only one, which they used for a lot of the movie. They ended up painting the hoverboard itself to look like a Barbie thing because they couldn’t get Mattel to do it for them.

      It’s sad to see how a potentially very fun toy was never even released to the public because SOME parents had to make sure their unsafe kids didn’t get their hands on them, so no other kid did either.

  3. Y’know, this makes me wonder what “The Perfect One” would be like if she had kids of her own. Would she be the “perfect” parent? (whatever that means)

    1. Her kids would get parts for the hover-boards as teething toys (she’d redesign the toxic or radioactive parts), and she’d worriedly take them to the doctor with developmental concerns if they didn’t manage to invent them before they could walk unsupported for 45 seconds without falling over.

  4. I am so jealous of Percy. That is the Christmas gift I have waited a life time to receive. If only it were truly be released.

    Also, I lol’d at “team reject.”

    It may be from too much time spent watching anime but the “T’s” under Ginger’s eyes keep making me think of one of those characters you see in martial arts themed anime with the scars that denote they had a close call with losing an eye to an edged weapon. Which in his family may be entirely possible.

      1. See, now I hope that what’s left of Wheelchair Ninja gets the fifth hoverboard and the Buckinghams are ultimately empty-handed for hovering Christmas (and hijinks ensue with every lab Tarra tries to create one), and Percy has to consider himself lucky to just get a 20′ tall robotic fighting exoskeleton that can transform into submersible and flying forms that Tarra had laying around instead.

  5. Aw… I kinda feel bad for poor ole Cinnamon. Even if she is really dumb and a manipulative person, it’s kinda sad to see her get flat out insulted like that. Looks like Anise is taking it all in stride- guess she’s been called a reject before quite a few times, though I AM a bit surprised- Anise strikes me as being the type of person who can get stuff done.

    1. Since the window is rolled up and they are walking away I doubt they heard pumpkin. And Anise can’t keep track of common household items to the point where she makes the poor life choice of tattoing daily memos to herself. I’m not shocked that she and Cinnamon are just being released into the Black Friday chaos with little hope for success.

      But I bet they’re antics will be among the most entertaining. I envision Cinnamon using her powers of trolling to incite a riot in an attempt to give Anise an opening to one of the items on their fake list. Which will be destroyed somehow in the ensuing chaos. So they’ll settle on something that wasn’t on their list and that they assume is worthless but is actually the only item that one of the other teams failed to get. But then Juniper will trade it for booze…

      1. It’s like sending evil Face and Murdock out into the field.

        …I’m so sorry. I’ve been watching way too much A-Team lately on Netflix and the reference just presented itself.

        1. evil Face? Would that then imply that Murdock really is insane and not just one heck of an act. Either that, or so much of a genius that he’s so sane that everything he does is just to show how insane everyone else is and he’s just having fun?

        2. The Murdock who’s such an extraordinary genius that the entire world is only capable of perceiving him as insane would be the only man worthy of Tarra. Their children would just be self-sustaining floating brains, but it’s ok because they develop the ability to create human-like-shell illusions by three months.

      2. Ah, I didn’t notice that. I was reading it from an old smartphone, so the visual quality is rather poor.

        I know those two aren’t exactly geniuses, but I never thought that Anise was incompetent. Lazy, sure. Even very silly, but not dumb. Eh, but then again… tatooing your hand with mundane notes IS pretty stupid, so… :/

        1. See, I think of Anise more as extraordinarily intent on something that she should ignore (or try to ignore) as opposed to stupid. It’s like the way that almost whatever kind of dumb thing you hear some random guy off the street did, once you hear the explanation start with, “Well, there was this really hot girl…” and the immediate reaction is, “Oh yeah, I guess that’s how that one happened.” The random guy still deserves to get some crap for the dumb thing, but people understand and aren’t surprised any more.

          I figure Anise is similar, but just with beards, baked goods, confectionery treats, and possibly a few other things we haven’t discovered yet as opposed to female attributes.

  6. Random thought…..how long is Tarragon’s hair when it is not in that impossibly woven style? 0.0 Also, how does she tie it???

    1. If I recall from previously documented Tarra facts it can wrap around the earth if not confined in its braid. And it’s obviously held in place through the sheer force of her will.

      1. See, now I thought she could pick the worlds greatest locks half the globe away with a single strand while doing even more complicated actions with every other individual hair and she just clenches them close to free up enough attention to provide extra electricity to needy families through nuclear fusion with a turbine created entirely of nitrogen molecules.

        I’ve missed Tarra facts.

  7. Now, we need to be on high alert for enemy troops. This is mission essential. With only five hoverboards available that will be our first target. Mr. Redhead, you will be in charge of getting a hoverboard, no matter what.

    1. Now, we need to be on high alert for enemy troops. This is mission essential. With only five hoverboards available that will be our first target. Mr. Redhead, you will be in charge of getting a hoverboard, no matter what

        1. Happened a few comics ago, actually. Mr. Blue gave himself away too. I think one of the special character brood did as well, but I don’t recall which.

        2. Mr. Blue is not a special character. I took the name because of how I feel most of the time.

          However, if Chris did let me play, I’d play according to canonical script to the T.

        3. I’m don’t know how much script there is. I had assumed Chris did most, if not all, of the sister interactions but since at least one let the mask slip I’m not sure how it works.

        4. I thought he didn’t do any of them based on either a post or a comment. I thought he said something about server logs showing different people (which could be more than IPs show due to NAT or cache games from their ISPs). I could be wrong or misremembering, though.

        5. Now that you mention it I think I do remember Chris saying it was different people. I think I read that while my mind was thinking “he’s trying to play up the mystery” but with access to the chatlogs it would make sense that he actually know’s what’s up.

        6. You has the dumb only today? I’m envious. It’s a chronic condition for me, and unfortunately they haven’t made a pill for it yet (because if they did people wouldn’t be dumb enough to pay for the pill anymore).

        7. I’ve actually been more surprised that Mr. Blue has you satisfied with just one avatar. Previously it seemed like you couldn’t get enough variety.

          Now me, I’m just happy to be yelling at those young whippersnappers to get off my damn lawn! But I realize that not everyone is so blessed as to be content with that.

        8. Note for posterity after the next avatar roulette, my current avatar is the angry Tired Guy from panel three of the comic Guy vs Guy posted 25 Sept 2013.

        9. I stole Mr. Blue before anyone could grab it, and since it was the Blind Guy, I mean, Mr. Stephens, I was satisfied with it.

          At least for now, until the next avatar roulette happens after Ridley Scott gets finished with his next movie or two.

          Heck, that sounds like a movie mashup from the future, eh Chris?

      1. Mom, was the last time they got a real list the year that dad’s present was that girl tied up? Or was it the year I got a picture of Pikachu that said, “Here’s your Pokaman, kid.”

        1. The Christmas with the girl is why I’m not allowed to talk about what happened during our vacations at school ever again. Worst meeting with the teacher and mom ever. But it’s also why I was able to spell dysfunctional and use it in a sentence to win that spelling bee.

  8. haha…oh man…team reject. so unnecessarily mean. I suppose they aren’t wrong (they would know better than me) but still so mean xD

      1. Better practice your fake happy now so when you get your bag of marshmallows and your bottle of Ripple you don’t hurt their feelings….

        1. I’m good at that face. Dad wrote the lists last year, and Aunt Cinn got me a Mr. Pibb glass. Mom makes up for it at my birthday when dumb stuff happens. That how I got my 3DGS!

        1. The detective from Saw. Or, as opposed to Team Tuck, or that horrible woman who snuck up on Hoffman from behind and strapped a reverse bear trap to him, but it wasn’t enough to put him down for good.

  9. ++Ginger from this comic.

    Also, as mentioned above, I feel very, very bad for Anise. I’m also wondering if this expectation is why Tarra allowed Anise to administer punishment before dinner.

  10. Hmm, so cast page sisters aren’t to scale. Tarra’s slightly behind Ginger but still noticeably taller. Anise & Cinn appear to be roughly the same height. Pumpkin’s shorter but doesn’t look like she’s necessarily done growing yet.

    Is it weird that I’m incapable of noticing height differences less than six inches in real life (or more if comparing to myself) but I find myself wondering about all the sisters’ height now? I checked the Odds Are comic and height wasn’t a listed attribute.

      1. But rulers are really bad for measuring circumference! Measuring tapes are much better than rulers for that.

        And don’t even get me started on rulers for 5k courses. That takes FOREVER! Here I thought I was all clever bringing a yardstick so fewer flips required, but then I had to do the 10:11 ratio in my head as I went along…

  11. …I have never been more jealous of a cartoon world, as I am of this one, now that Hoverboards are a “reality” in this universe. ~_~

        1. One hoverboard for each foot is just asking for a “hijinks ensue” moment as you discover that the speed calibration from one board to the next is far from an exact science.

  12. Of course Tarra gets to be on one of most important assignments! If anyone can grab one of the extremely hot and limited five hover boards and one that isn’t pink either, it would be Tarra. But get it into Pumpkin’s or Ginger’s hands before Tarra happens across a disabled child or some orphan and gives it to them out of the goodness of her heart or some shit like that. Of course she’d probably find another one to replace it soon enough, but why chance it?

    1. I’m picturing the event to be a cross between the old OJ Simpson – Hertz commercial, and the movie Jingle All the Way…

    2. See, now I figured they would get the pink one, so when they got to the parking lot Tarra would manifest a brand new hoverboard out of thin air with her mind. She’d then proceed to remove the pink one from the box and give it to an orphan and put the new one (that’s capable of 20x the speed and gravitational assistance for prolonged inverted flight) in the box for a present.

  13. Oh nice! A hoverboard like in Back to the future 2! i’d love a non-pink one as well :)
    As for Lego’s, these days they got lego’s of pretty much anything, makes me happy i was born 33 years earlier…
    Maybe next year there will be a Shotgun Shuffle lego set or a Misfile one ;)

  14. 2 things.

    McFatfat needs a hoverboard.

    I fear for anyone who gets in Tarra’s way. I fear for the cops who try to stop her.

    I wonder if when she shows up the other people will be like “Buckinghams! Scatter”

    1. I think the first person to cross Tarra on Black Friday is still a few more decades before coming to in a monastery in France wondering why he’s got an Easter bonnet permanently attached to his head and where the little girl that he was telling was too little to carry the present he snagged for his wife to the checkout went.

      So I think they should be afraid, but I don’t think they’re aware of it yet.

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