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Sisters Of The Moon Part 2

Juniper is obviously the type to be familiar with every unlocked door and unattended margarita the city has to offer. Now don't expect results on this anytime soon, and I can certainly brainstorm some ideas of my own (either specifically taken from the comic, or the realm it's in) in relation to creating some shirts... But if any of you have two cents to throw in of your own on the subject, please feel free. This also helps me gauge what aspects of the comic are the most well received. Again, no promises of anything soon. Just something I need to start working on. =P

157 thoughts on “Sisters Of The Moon Part 2

        1. He might have booze. That face could easily be “why did I drink two six packs of PBR when there are no bathrooms here?” as much as “why hasn’t Peter Parker come back as Spider-Man yet?”

        2. It is not “he might have booze.” It is “He had booze but now has none.” He does have “extra” door buster vouchers. Which may or may not be expired and possibly not usable at the store he’s camping in front of.

          He also has no smokes or lighter but don’t tell him that, he might not notice for a while yet.

        3. I am not answering that question on the grounds it may incriminate me but I will say that waiting in line is for suckers. Also, waiting in line with these particular boots is not comfortable.

        4. Fortunately, you weren’t around for the pep talk, so you can deny accountability (to a point) about not causing trouble.

          I fully expect Team Reject to somehow be caught up in the chaos that ensues when one extra voucher “appears.”

        5. And I’m perfectly fine with being on “team reject”. We do sexy “Santa baby” songs… and we’re just cool

        6. I’m curious what store they dropped you off in front of. Yankee Candle? Home Depot? Radio Shack? The Dollar Store?

        7. I’m guessing Hobby Lobby and part of the Christmas Day festivities are trying to figure out something to make with the odd collection of things they bought.

          My second guess is the house of someone Pappa B REALLY can’t stand.

          My third guess is an Interstate rest area.

        8. That third one is just bad. They only have the selections from the candy machine, soda machines, and depending on some locations the map machine.

        9. They’d certainly come back with a toilet seat too. I could maybe even see Anise dragging a urinal (handcuffed to it).

        10. Far worse… It was Spencer’s Gifts. And we were to find a gift for Spencer. And that store is so close to the food court… so you know what THAT means.

        11. It means Spencers blacklight corner is always overrun with stoners who have the munchies and got lost on the way to the food court. It attracts them like moths.

  1. I’m actually really rooting for Juniper here. I mean, yes, she has all of her obvious flaws, but she’s a real person as well. I assume. She screws up a lot and makes terrible decisions, but I’d love to see that she is actually incredibly talented in a few select areas. Burglary is probably one of them.

    I come from a family of six brothers. Juniper reminds me of the next eldest brother after me. He was a huge disappointment in school, he’s really not the sharpest tool in the box, and he was the only one of us to get really mixed up in drugs and alcohol. He’s generally viewed as part of “Team Reject” in my family. But goddamn, that kid is crazy smart when it comes to doing illicit shit with technology. He’s the kind of person who can access anything from any computer with no difficulty, and in his spare time disrupts local government and tracks the exact position of passing jetliners (highly illegal, for those who don’t know). None of it he does to hurt anyone, or even to gain anything. He just likes to fuck with the system, and he’s supernaturally good at it.

    I want to think that Juniper is like him. She’s a slut and an alcoholic, but I’ll bet she’s the sister that the other Buckinghams would call when they get into a sticky less-than-legal situation.

    She can’t be just “lol look at how much of a mess she is.” That’s not a character, that’s a stereotype. There has to be more to her. Something not quite redeemable, but definitely impressive. Judging by her expression in the last panel, I think that Rusche knows this.

    1. You may have just elevated Juniper several notches in my opinion. I now have my expectations for her development set accordingly.

      1. I approve of this concept. It makes her like the family’s answer to Lara Croft.

        “When you need something, and you don’t particularly care how you get it, you call Juniper Buckingham.”

        1. So, are you just one wording replying copying what Steve said, or are you just approving what was said before by showing off your new icon?

        2. I was agreeing with the concept as presented because I enjoyed it immensely.

          And I always take any chance to show off a new gravvy. This one is totes ridic cray-cray magotes so it needs extra showing off. At least I think that’s how the cool kids are saying things these days.

        3. I’ve always heard that if you don’t use a new language you’ve learned that you’ll forget it. Forgive me for saying so but it would be totes ridic, and one might even argue it would be cray-cray, to learn a new language only to totes not use it.

          And I for one do am not cray-cray nor do I wish to appear ridic to my peers espescially since being bilingual can provide a presh advantage in life.

          I will leave it up to you to sift through the sarcasm and irony in this post for the core message.

        4. Actually, I prefer insanity over cray cray. It’s subjective, objective and leds it self to being able to cut to the head of the self serve frozen custard and hot dog dispensary cart.

        5. I admit to being confused. According to Merriam-Webster insanity and crazy (cray-cray) are the same thing. (when using the definition specific to mental illness.)

        6. Mr. Blue has cray cray credentials (only used in onomatopoeia) in confusing people. However, I feel that insane and crazy have different levels of mental illness. A crazy person may not be aware of their illness and do things without a thought, where an insane person may have a brief moment of thought before doing something, or allowing their lack of will power to stop the hand from grabbing that bottle of Canadian Club.

    2. You’re going to kind of say that she’s going to be the female equivalent of “My Cousin Vinnie” then?

      I’m not saying that Vinnie was a lush, slouch or a party guy. But that bullshit ticket was what got him into law. And then you have the guy who “Catch me if you can” was based on. He made a living off of making sure other people could not get away with what he didn’t. Good thing too, I think that the French were going to shoot him.

    3. Wow. You put a lot of thought into that. I was never hating on Juniper, but now, even less so. lol. I am expecting things from her now though.

    4. Feasible at this point, but too early to tell. I’ll gain more respect for her if your guess is right, and firmly put Cinn as my least favorite sister.

      If your guess is correct I wonder which camp she falls under in Rusche’s mind with regards to his statement that he believes good storytelling involves accepting that not everyone can be redeemed. I could see that going either way.

      1. Doing an archive crawl on T-shirt ideas, I noticed Rusche’s reply (second comment) in the Juniper comic (28 Aug 2013) as “She’s certainly the worst of the lot.”

        Now I’m curious how that’ll play out and to what degree it’ll have evolved or not.

  2. Shirt ideas, huh? How bout shirts that simply bear the Buckingham girl’s nicknames, “the dumb one”, ” the perfect one” and the like?

    1. Shirt ideas…well, on an archive crawl I came up with a bunch. First question is the price difference between monochrome and full color shirts. I know a decade or two ago with silkscreening, that used to be a big difference (different screen for each color), but I think things may have equalized a bit more. I came up with 28 comics that would (in full or part) seem good as full color and 20 comics monochrome (1 as picture, the other 19 as phrase/comment only with some comics having more than one). Now, that’s way too many shirts to put out all at once, especially once the chance to get them for Christmas gifts is passed (I ordered 11 shirts and a mug from Topotaco and one shirt from another webcomic for my family Christmas gifts, last bits arrived today).

      I cut them a bit and putting them in replies to this comment to make this one less long.

      1. Monochrome text/no picture shirts:
        * “I’m not listening to you until you put on pants” (mod from An Awkwared Proposal)
        * “I have reviewed your menu as well as your restrooms, and have chosen to experience neither this evening.” (Cold Shoulder)
        * WEREBIMBO (comic Cakeline, possibly only available in female shirts and male/unisex XXXLarge)
        * ‘Hang on while I look up the definition of “Irony” to make sure I use it correctly’ (You ARE your mother’s daughter…)
        * “I come from a long line of amateur barbers” possibly with “I’m still growing mine out from the last time” either in smaller print under that on the front or on the back (Tarragon)
        * “Do I need to mix margaritas in the slushie machine again?” (Guy vs Guy)
        * “I want pancakes. {noticeably lower on the shirt} International kinds.” (Pest Control)
        * “THE POINT IS SHUTUP” (Pest Control)
        * “I gotta get mah CAKE ON!” (Tears of a Cloud)
        * “Cleavage don’t fail me now!” only available in female cut V-necks (There is no Plan B)
        * “I won’t lie, {noticeably lower on the shirt} …Therefore I’m no longer speaking to you.” (Ask Me No Questions)

        1. I am Mr. Blue, and I fully endorse the following ideas. Pants, Irony, Barbers as long as it has the “Everyone say Facebook”, Margaritas, Pancakes, Point, Cake, Cleavage, and Lie.

          I suggest the following.

          Pants – LISTENING. Pants, you need to wear them correctly for me to hear you.
          Barbers – FACEBOOK. Humiliating your family for generations to come.
          Margaritas – SLUSHIE MACHINES. The one thing at work that has multiple applications for getting through the day.
          Lie – TRUTH. I won’t lie, therefore I’m no longer speaking to you.

      2. Color required:
        * Loophole – last panel of Ellie walking on her hands with “Don’t set foot in my room” speech bubble coming in from the left.
        * Oh, and the coupons are expired… – Last panel with label “First Day on the Job” above it.
        * From post under Reputation Precedes, fake ad for “Meteorologists Hate Him!” but with a Thor picture from public domain instead of recent Marvel movies.
        * Pretty sure she’s fired – The O’Jack’s menu at the top, possibly with the kids from Go Where The Answers are about the Indifferent Meal.
        * Success – whole comic of Ashliii’s trial and error method of exiting while texting.
        * 100% Hamster Powered – mod of panels 2-5 with possibility of “…should I be realizing something” speech bubble above or coming in from the left
        * Quinn Nicks’ Precious Life – panel 7 with “Wait, Look! Don’t care” text arranged around it.
        * Number 200 – Panel 2 about licking flavor off Pringles
        * Number 200 – Panel 6 with Wheelchair Ninja reveal
        * Ratches – Maybe KK and ratches from last panel with “The bug spray does nothing!” text or maybe just a large picture of a ratch in the middle of the shirt (second idea could possibly be just monochrome)

      3. From a financial practicality note, teespring.com might or might be a place to start from a “toes in the water” approach (I think it has the ability to submit a shirt and not cost anything if you don’t get enough people to pay for it willing to buy it, but not sure how it works for if it requires any copyright claims on the shirt in case you want to sell more from another venue later or concerns like that). I’ve never worked with them myself, just saw another webcomic using them for a shirt they weren’t sure would take off or not.

  3. I am shocked, shocked I say, that Juniper was not in line. Breaking and entering? I and here I was thinking the comments about bail and arrests were a tongue in cheek generalization.

    1. To get back to your question, no shirt ideas though last night I had an incredible idea for a book title. I wish I could remember it.

      1. Now I remember the book title I came up with last night. And I will be dissapointed if this isn’t used for at least one of the upcoming Shotgun Shuffle book collections.

        Shotgun Shuffle: Chronicles of Ridic

        Think about it, it works on so many levels.

  4. imo, a decent idea for shirts would be something with those adorably obese animals. Great for fans and could possibly be well received by others who may not understand the reference either. Seriously, who doesn’t like those perfectly round critters? :3

    1. Dinosaur comics has a T-Rex plushie, Questionable Content has a Yelling Bird plushie, and I think I’ve seen a few others. All are a form factor that would fit for McFatFat or the Squirrels quite nicely (for people who like plushies, at least). Not sure what company produces them, but probably the same one.

      1. The plushie design should be relatively simple, as they are just spheres with ears and tails. Everything else is on the surface of the fabric. Maybe except for the hard plastic little noses.

    1. A shirt with a demotivator featuring Ellie getting kicked out. It could be like “Perseverance: Making the Lazy Succeed is Sometimes Just A Matter of Sufficient Foot to the Backside.”

  5. Heheh, I am looking forward to seeing where this bit with Juniper goes. Also, is the title a Sailor Moon reference? Now, regarding shirts, a few people have touched on animal shirts, like McFatFat or the Squirrels. You could also do one with the iNimbus doing various things or you could do sexy shirts (The “Hi Alex” panel comes to mind) if you wanted that kind of variety. You could also take a funny statement or catchphrase and make it a shirt with the website URL printied real small under it in parentheses. Or names like what was touched on earlier (dumb one, perfect one). You could also do the black friday names too. I do really like the other Chris’ “feed your starving squirrel” shirt idea XD. Regardless, once you come out with shirts, I will totally buy one.

    1. Every now and then I’ll name a strip after a Fleetwood Mac song. This is pretty much the only time to use this one, so I’m glad I got it in. Albatross, Little Lies, and Second Hand News were others.

      1. Does “Flying down Juniper” count or no since it’s from a Buckingham solo album?

        Also please tell me that Alex shares his last name with Peter by coincidence, I’ll sleep better at night.

        1. “Flying down Juniper” sounds like a comic Rusche would need to self-censor to keep within PG-13. Though I suppose it could also be Juniper getting dysentery.

  6. I look at that face and all I can hear is the Solid Snake stinger music from the original Metal Gear Solid.

    But then, Juniper always was the type to enjoy a solid snake….

  7. Juni’s gonna be a bad girl. Hopefully she’ll make out like a bandit. She’s the expert at being bad, so maybe she’ll succeed. Or at least secure the voucher/dishwasher before she gets handcuffed.

        1. See, now if she was going the prep work route, I think she’d have gotten several like-minded friends to puke in one, and she’s planning to pick it up as a modified “scratches & dings”-type discount. I mean, with all her practice she’s excellent at getting that smell out of things by now.

  8. Man… I feel like such an idiot. When I first read this, I thought Juniper was actually sneaking into the *~sewer~* access (not the roof), and was going to try to snag a voucher from someone that way, or manage to sneak into the building somehow.

    I even had a: “Wow, Anise wasn’t far off, about her living in a ditch… though, the sewer worked just fine for the Ninja Turtles!” comment all lined up and ready to go…

    …until I read the other comments, looked at the panels again, and realized it was the rooftops, and now I have nothing witty, funny, or original to say.


    1. Don’t blame yourself man, I fell for it as well. I thought that she was going to pull an underground insertion to the target all “National Treasure” like, but they aren’t the only ones to do that. I’m drawing a blank.

    2. I thought sewer at first too, but considering that I thought it was definitely breaking into the store for the purpose, I considered that a very minor observational mistake.

      1. I’m so happy to hear I’m not the only one to mix up the roof-top access for a sewer hatch. Now I don’t feel stupid. Thanks, you two!

  9. Quinn’s first rodeo, where she’s slamming Ellie into the wall on a polo shirt with the girls embroidered onto the shirt.

    A T shirt from the iNimbus “you’ve got hail” shot of ellie.

    A T shirt from the movie mash up with forrest gump and jabba saying, “The McRib is Back.”

    1. I bought a Raptor Bandit logo polo shirt and a Dinosaur Comics T-Rex Stomp polo shirt for myself. I strongly prefer the Raptor Bandit one because it’s small and subtle and when I wear it to work most people just look at it and don’t take the trouble to observe enough to realize I’m being obnoxious. The T-Rex stomp one is much bitter and nigh-impossible to fail to recognize the obnoxiousness factor.

      So I’d agree an embroidered “Drywall’d” polo would be good, but make sure it’s small/subtle.

        1. I don’t remember anyone actually irritated at the content, just the length of delay in the meat of the story due to that many non-story comics in a row.

        2. This^^

          I vividly remember breathing a sigh of relief at one of the brief intermissions where Chris checked back in with the “real” characters momentarily. I didn’t dislike the story, but I like it better now that it’s separated out into a single strip I can jump past during archive trawls.

        3. I kind of loved the craziness that the movie was. However, I suppose that it should be a “teachable moment” in that feeding the creative aspect of the absurdity of the movie vs. keeping the characters in front of the people.

          What about a MST3K look for the next one, perhaps? Or maybe Last Action Hero where they’re looking through the fourth wall at the characters in the theatre and the people on the screen are mirrored?

        4. It didn’t bother me, though if this had been a one update/week comic instead of a three update/week comic, I probably would’ve stopped reading it for a few months and come back and done archive trawl to catch up.

      1. For recent comics with alternate text, I’d go for all but the last panel of Hot for Santa with either the text “Don’t judge me”, “Sometimes a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do”, or “When you know what you want, go for it” under the comic.

        1. Well, you are trying to stay at PG-13 level, so I’d expect a certain amount of self-censorship is required on your part to avoid failing that goal. There are a lot of funny things in the world that are less than appropriate at that level, and sometimes they come to mind first (side note – I lost count of the times my dad just shook his head at me and told me I needed to learn when to shut up as I was growing up and he was laughing about me getting myself in trouble).

        2. However, the video would have Pumpkin as the lead singer, Ellie as the bass player, Anise as the drum player and spooky spooky Cinnamon as the lead guitar. Tarra would be keyboards and Ginger, she’s the manager while Fatty McFatFat plays Sebastian the cat.

        3. I think that would count as fair use as parody, so someone (other than Van Halen) could make it happen…

          If anyone happens to be creative and industrious to make that, please post the YouTube link in the current comic as I’d like to enjoy that work and might not notice it on an old comic’s comments.

  10. I can see the polo shirts with the embroidery as the sky mall quality of comic press or cafepress stuff. Hell, I’d even go so far as to buy a machine and let em rip, with consent and percentages from Chris. As long as a percentage of each shirt (at the end of the month) would go into a trust fund for his kids college edukashuns.

      1. Oh dear, or you one of the victims of her…proclivities? That girl truly has no shame, she never had. Why, when she was in kindergarten she already had several boyfriends, some even in the first grade!

        1. Was she devious enough to get school officials that took pictures to prove her misconduct arrested for possession of kiddie porn?

        2. Actually I’m melding several ideas:
          1) her Sister Council-appointed title
          2) Rusche’s comment that Juniper’s the worst of the lot
          3) the trend from a few years back of high school kids being charged with possession of kiddie porn for pictures sent between gf/bf’s (which are dumb, but not criminal deserving getting on the sex offender’s list before 18)
          4) some of those dumb high school administrators that had students with school-issued laptops and monitoring software (including remote camera use) and one showed a kid a picture of him in his bedroom eating candy and claiming it was drug use evidence.
          5) my belief that authority figures should be more accountable than the people they have authority over.

  11. This seems the best time for this question, as Juniper has made her first non-flashback appearance. What happened to her pregnancy that she used as an excuse to drop out of high school. I believe that Tag might be that right age to be Juniper’s kid not Gingers.

    1. Don’t forget mugs and other types of swag. One of my gifts this year is the mug from Dinosaur Comics that says “Guess I’m the only one with a mug full of ANTIDOTE”, because I think that’ll be great for my brother to take into morning meetings and have people slowly notice what it says.

      For example, “WEREBIMBO” might be a good theme for a pint glass or shot glass.

  12. Shirt ideas:
    – A billiards table with McFatfat rolling into squirrels
    – Kirby-mode McFatfat, with various food items flying toward his gaping foodhole
    – Any one of the countless pictures of Quinn being pissy, with a word balloon that says “I’m always pissy” (a la the last panel of http://shotgunshuffle.com/88mphtme-travel/)
    – An advertisement for Indifferent Meals at O’Jacks

    1. Building on Kirby-mode McFatfat, the front could be the panel of him trying to inhale the container of ice cream, while the back is his successful gorging.

    2. The kirby-themed McFatFat gives me another idea.

      Text at top: “Trouble with split ends?”

      Picture in middle Quinn with more standard irritated look outward with McFatFat munching her hair (similar to panel 2 of ‘Strawberry Scented Shampoo’)

      Text below: “Get rid of the catnip-scented shampoo.”

  13. Another shirt idea.

    Front – “Shockingly hot naked blonde on the back of this shirt”

    Back – Ellie pokemon graphic

    (not sure if that’d run afoul Pokemon copyright or not, though)

    1. This reminds me of the first time I read the strip “Cinnamon” when Ellie said “Dirty blonde and the twins” and the first thought I had was, “Ellie, your two sisters are there to.”


      Now I think I’ll slip out of these wet clothes and into a dry martini. *walks off stage waggling eyebrows*

    2. It would more thank likely be allowed if the frame was shown in entirety and then subject to the parody stipulation in fair use.

  14. Lots of good ideas for shirts above. Maybe two more (don’t know if they overlap with any above… I skimmed a bit):

    1) From Little Lies: Ellie’s cat face with the text “You have the feels for me.”
    2) From the Less You Know: Ashliii’s sparklee eyed face looking up at an iNumbus (full view, not cut off like it is in the first panel… maybe the rainbow download?) with the text “Now that I’ve seen it, I can’t live without it.”

    1. I finally had a t-shirt that doesn’t appear to be taken already.

      A “Buckingham Sisters hair styling” shirt. Pair of scissors with a clump of hair in a faux advertisement layout. Simple and subtle.

      I like fake product shirts, it would go well with my Callahan auto parts shirt.

  15. Or a shirt from the George Lucas remastered Forest Gump. It has lots of great weird visuals and quotable lines. I personally liked “I’m shovin’ it in your triangle!”

  16. I’ve never really been a t-shirt buyer due to most places never doing tall sizes. However, I might go for some mini figurines like how Homestar Runner did them. There could be multiple sets:

    1) Apartment Cast: Ellie, Quinn, FMFF, Tired Guy, and the old roommate.
    2) School Cast: Pumpkin, Ashlii, Mr. Steven, and that other girl from the bus I forget the name of, and the little girl who keeps showing up who first had the bucket of tickets and showed up elsewhere…I think at the birthday party DJ Cornbread hosted.
    3) Work Cast: all of Ellie’s (important) coworkers and an Ellie in work attire from there.
    4) College Cast: DJ Cornbread and his gang, Alex, Alex’s friend who fixes cars, and Quinn in her hoodie.
    5) Family Cast: the five sisters not previously listed.

    That’s where my money would go to.

    1. For a DJ Cornbread shirt, the thing that would strike me as best would be a meld of panel 2 of ‘The only one left to call’ (at DJ table with happy 15th birthday sign behind him) and panel 4 of ‘And then there was none’ (Compulsory makeover for him requested as “Extra Trashy Please”).

      Possibly on the back of the shirt the statement, “I bet you never thought that would be such a classy statement.” though that might be a bit too far (and not worth the extra cost).

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