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Sisters Of The Moon Part 3

We'll be going well past December 25th with this OBVIOUSLY... but the story itself will set up two future stories down the road. And Christmas shopping is hardly the objective as you'll see by the end. So!.. Expect two cans of worms, and one warm fuzzy feeling by the time it's over. And probably more of Ellie referring to Quinn as a man.

Thanks all. And Merry Christmas!

201 thoughts on “Sisters Of The Moon Part 3

      1. It’s one of the great unanswered questions of 80’s cinema. Anyone who’s ever seen that movie knows the setup by heart, no one knows the punchline.

        1. Apparently the punchline is “I forgot my pencil”

          Judd Nelson Made it up on the spot, it was a little improv, with no actual punchline to the joke.

          John Hughes: There isn’t one. That was the point.

          Judd Nelson: I made the joke up. My line when I fall into the room is, “I forgot my pencil,” so we were trying to work backward from that, but what joke would have that punchline?

        2. Must be after she parted ways with her sisters. Ellie would’ve fattened up the poodle to much to fit under her arm and Anise would’ve eaten the salami.

        3. Asides from the obvious movie reference, where did this come? TPS, is a quality assurance system for programming. TPS or Testing Procedure Specification is IEEE 829. IEEE is Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

      1. I thought he was going to say, “you B*#&( I thought I told you to never come in here again. She said, “What, I’ve never been here before.” And the bartender says, “ouch, ooff, guh, —” after the blonde knocks him unconscious with the two foot salami and procedes to rob the place of money, liquor and peanuts. When the bartender regains consciousness the poodle is looking down on him as he groggily says, “I was talking to the poodle?”

    1. I think that she’s going to relish the challenge. And that all the hero work and Olympic activities were to train to lead up to this moment. But what does rowing have to do with shopping?

        1. Oh, please tell me there’ll be a fastball special where Terra calls on her Olympic hammer throw training to toss tiny Pumpkin over the shoppers’ heads and into the store….

        2. Congrats Steve, looks like you got the prediction by the title and the note a commenter guessed it.

    2. It’s not odd. Now, it probably means you don’t have any intention of standing in her way (or you’re a massochist). Not odd, though.

        1. I could not handle a relationship like that. On the other hand, if she was able to handle her own in a battle to end all battles where I was fighting by her side to vanquish the evil of jello pudding pops. I’d marry her.

        2. I’ve always thought a strong woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after it is incredibly attractive.

        1. I would love to watch that, however, I only have it on VHS, and it needs to be dusted inside and out, and the tv is hidden somewhere in here. . . . I’m in the other room, so it’s not with me.

        2. And then I’d have to pay for the bandwidth subscription as well. I prefer to keep the feds out of my internet and rent my DVDs from a brick and mortar building and keep my money partially local instead of all in another state via two or three different businesses.

  1. It’s the return of promiscuous drive thru-girl. Is this another time warp baby or has it been at least nine months since her last appearance in “Shotgun Time?

    And of course Anise is going to camp over twelve hours to see Santa. Of course she is…

    1. Are we sure that that isn’t promiscuous drive-thru girl, but rather promiscuous drive-through girl’s daughter, age-advanced to 17 just since we saw her?

    2. It’s just a jump to the left.
      *chorus* and then a step to the right.
      Put your hands on your hips.
      *chorus* —

      We interrupt this program to go now live to the President of the United States.

      POTUS: At this time, NORAD has been tracking an object that seems to have originated from the Russian Federation and has been headed towards our country. A formation of what seems to be seven or eight objects has been on a zig zagging course over North America since Midnight Eastern Standard Time. At this time it has not, I repeat not entered American air space. However, we have yet not ascertained the intentions of this flight. But rest assured, if this flight breeches our borders, I have authorized the Air Force to intercept, and if need be, to destroy this possible threat to the way of life that we now know. I just wanted to let you know that I’m on the job here, protecting all of you. Happy Holidays, and I’ll see you tomorrow, for lunch.

    3. The return of Megan, seeing her dubbed ‘promiscuous drive thru-girl’ in the same post The Slutty One falls through a ceiling makes me wonder if Rusche is setting up a hoedown. Does Florida count as part of Appalachia?

  2. Wait…is half of Team Reject actually being responsible? Particularly the dead-eyed troll half? It’s a Christmas miracle, it is!

    1. My guess is that the troll actually has something on that list. Either that, or it’s an official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle

    2. I think Cinn is motivated by fear of pain and other sisterly sanctions. Anise is motivated by beards and food and 3rd place is either extremely far distant or hasn’t been mentioned yet.

      So I don’t think Cinn’s being responsible, she’s just more worried about the consequences of failure.

      1. Since the father is not here, I’m thinking that either Mr. Redhead or Mr. Grey will put the hurt on both Mr. Black and Mr. Reddish-Yellow when Mr. Spice makes the call for breakfast.

  3. didn’t take long for the girls to throw the code-names out the window…

    took me awhile to understand the context and exactly which “twit sister” Ginger was looking for

    Cinnamon seems surprisingly dedicated to the mission. Good for her!

    also, it probably says bad bad things about me that in this comic, I find Juniper really hot…

    So my question, Chris, is this: is that Megan, or (one of possibly many) Megan Jr?

      1. Ahhhh…well, kind of a shame. But only kind of. Will the newest mini-Megan also rapidly outgrow its carrier and take over for a panic-attacked Ellie?

        1. And I would’ve gotten away with it too if not for you meddling kids with your ability to remember things from four comics ago!

          I still don’t get why I remember some of the things I do and completely forget others. At least it let me be in character for my avatar on the reply.

  4. Great. My Christmas present is being called a man /and/ a bitch all within ten seconds of each other.

    Also, Mr. Rainbow, everyone knows that joke can never be completed. By saying it, you were just tempting the universe.

        1. The bedrock would only fracture, and not from gas drilling techniques. The first time that the joke is told on bedrock, Fred Flintstone plummets from the sky with pieces of false ceiling tiles sprinkled around his body as they hit. The second time, tremmors will be set off with Kevin Bacon plummeting through the ceiling of the twilight zone. The third time, well, the third time is the charm, Judd Nelson falls through the ceiling of the Outer Limits dressed as he was sucked out of the “Airheads” movie while a gross gross of number twos scatter amongst the ether. The fourth time, surfs up, the San Andreas, New Madrid and the next four largest earthquake zones on the coastal United States erupt with a shockingly number of 8.5 earthquakes, shattering the records for competitive rowing set by Tar– Mr. Redhead.

          Oh, and Homer Simpson falls through into our dimension in front of a plain bakery, with exotic icing.

        2. It took you this long? Especially when I said that I was Mr. Blue, and responded to an earlier post saying that I’m not a part of the girls, what was that, I don’t know, but audience participation. I just wanted to be a color.

          Wouldn’t you like to be a pepper too?

        3. But I forgot, I AM the Pat. a.k.a. pat, PaT, PAt, pAT, pAt etc. Be on the lookout for vague movie references and other bits of media tripe.

        4. I always thought telling the joke on bedrock caused a freak windstorm to send you crashing through something else. Although I’ve heard reports it can create a localized gravity reversal too.

        5. Can we have two people in that windstorm? One, a female in a nightgown, slip, with huge curlers in her hair and a cigarette dangling in ever present fashion from her lips, while she luxuriously arcs through the air, only to slam into an advertisement bill board and unceremoniously slide off while the perp makes his getaway and beats up a street lamp in the next scene….

        6. If you like, as long as the dangling cigarette is completely unaffected by the wind and stays in the same relative position to the woman the whole time. It can fall out of her mouth after she crashes against the billboard, though that’s optional.

        7. I’m not actually much of a movie buff, though my sporadically good memory does sometimes come into play for the ones I’ve seen in a way that would suggest otherwise.

        8. I saw a lot of that kind of thing in 2004; Kung Fu Mahjong, Shaolin Soccer, like that. Turns out there were three Kung Fu Mahjongs, including two in the same year, and all three had Yuen Qiu–who plays the Landlady–in them.

        9. I just looked up the Kung Fu Mahjong, the Landlady and Landlord both (Qui Yuen & Wah Yuen) are in all three, but it seems that she’s the underdog in all three. I have yet to see Shaolin Soccer.

        10. Kung Fu Hustle is one of my all time favorite movies (Clue and Waiting for Guffman are also up there, as well as some more mainstream options). If you liked Kung Fu Hustle, Shaolin Soccer is similar. Not as good, imho, but still entertaining.

        11. Dang, I was also thinking, that if Steve Oedekerk were to adapt some of the zanyness of the adaptation of cartoonistic physicality to Part II, I would be absolutely entertained. But, would it be as original obutesly abstract as Kung Pow?

    1. At least you weren’t called a “nazi communist”. (Saw it happen. They were completely unaware of the inherent contridiction.)

  5. The absolute worst thing about this comic is the anguish I feel waiting between updates. Shotgun Shuffle is something I eagerly look forward to during the week, and makes Mondays that much more bearable.

        1. I always thought Garfield Minus Garfield would be the comic that would make Garfield’s Mondays.

        2. Nah, the schadenfreude of Garfield Minus Garfield would negate his pleasure of Monday’s by a negative lower case number.

          The Shotgun Shuffled, not stirred is what makes Monday redeemable to the fat cat.

      1. Maybe you landed on the dishwasher, stainless steel with a garbage disposal, so that would be a bonus, as it wasn’t stipulated before. No more pre-washing the dishes, and no more having to wait for Anise to lick all of her plates clean. But then, you still would have to hose her down. . .

    1. I believe that’s angry-spittle. She’s furious with a recalcitrant Anise who’d rather indulge her seasonally-augmented beard fetish than carry out her assigned mission, and is thus spitting her dialogue at Anise.

  6. I literally clapped my hands with glee when I saw the joke. I almost wonder if that was who the joke was about, so we would finally know who said it.

    I <3 Rusche!!! (I made sure to spell the name right too. Bonus Christmas points. Move them to the Grinch, his heart needs to grow by Christmas Day, three sizes they say.)

    I kind of hope that's Meagan's older sister, whom she copies her style from a lot. . .

    1. I also literally clapped my hands at this comic with a big smile on my face. Not so much for Juniper’s joke as for everything we’re seeing. This comic is like a rolling snow boulder of funny. The first two panels start off according to plan with a chuckle at the reappearance of time-warp prego. It picks up steam with Juniper’s adventures. By the time we see Team Reject and Team Go, it’s at full comedy force with the personalities of the sisters feeding the hilarity of the moment naturally. So many things going on, both humor-wise and story wise, in such a small space.

      Love it.

        1. Mr Blue: Pretty sure he meant both of us. That’s the kind of guy he is (big heart, pressed for time).

          Rusche: No. Thank YOU!

  7. So THAT’S why Anise is on Team Reject. And Tarra is busting into badass mode like I expected. Best of luck to Juniper.

    1. That works, but I was hearing the Imperial March and trying to decide if Tarra would use Force Choke or Force Lightning to clear the crowd, or if she’d go newschool and go for something from the Force Unleashed games.

  8. “more of Ellie referring to Quinn as a man”

    Hmmm… already taken her to meet the parents…

    Is Ellie the sister that Ellie doesn’t talk about?!

  9. My shot in the dark guess for a twist here:

    Tarra & Pumpkin fail to acquire the hoverboard (Tarra stops short of killing for one). Cinn’s ex-bf/roommate (Derek) acquires one and happens to by the Santa line either before it’s open or while Anise is angrily being drug away by 3 elves and 4 mall cops, Cinn uses her recent marks of sister council justice for guilt and being pent up sexually on both sides with a nearby janitor’s closet to acquire the hoverboard from Derek.

    Why? I just feel like speculating a shot in the dark.

    1. It’s Juniper. We all know what she lands on. Good luck puts the guy as the one handing out tickets and she “persuades” him to give one up. Bad luck she still probably gets lucky but has to face Ginger’s wrath.

  10. Are… are Tarra and Pumpkin gonna have to kill some people?
    Also, I want to know the punchline to Juni’s joke now… very badly.

  11. Macklemore would be proud because “the ceiling can’t hold her”.

    This kind of reminds of those scenes where the Army has to fight a monster or aliens. “Our cover is blown, where is the other squad, there’s too many of there, the operations started too soon, THEY”RE IN THE CEILING”.

    1. But then they might shoot John McClaine and cancel the rest of the franchise from the start of the movies. However, Leeloo is in the ceiling and she doesn’t get shot. However, the Diva Plavalagoona is either one or two floors above and does get shot. Which kind of shows how dangerous it is to be over the area with layers inbetween between an armed group and an unarmed individual who has teamed up with the good guys against the bad guys.

      Great, I just now had another movie pop into my head when the bad guys are pushing on the duct work with some sort of bullpup machine gun. I can’t name it. arrgh.

    1. There are a surprising many such songs. Why, I’m sure you saw Anise kissing Santa Claus underneath the mistletoe last night. And it only went on from there.

  12. Apart from your brilliant humour and comics, one thing which has really impressed me is how you have managed to infuse a continuing sense of action with the Sisters of the Moon series. They are all action packed and the way you present them really highlights this, and it is super! thank you!

  13. But my question for now is this…

    We see Mr. Lavender at her register, and the rest of the shoppers should have been leaked into the store since Mr. NotMine is presently purchasing said items. Could logic then dictate that Megan works there either as a cashier/temp something else since there is another screen present?

        1. Well, I would have to say that now, since she has her baby on her back, that either her parents won’t baby sit (Since they might be shopping as well (and might be able to use her employee discount)) or that she was not able to find a baby sitter. Has anyone seen that before? I suppose that if she was able to be management, she might be able to. But usually, I’ve only seen customers in that type of carry configuration.

  14. And now we’ve come to the part of the thread where we wish Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to one another. So, please allow me to start us off with a hearty handshake and a laurel for our new sheriff…

    I mean, Merry Christmas to everyone, Chris, That One Guy, Tol, and everyone else who’s played parchessei with me on here. Happy Hallpass to Cinn– Mr. Reddish-Yellow. Merry Christmas to Mr. Redhead, Mr. Yellowish-Red and Mr. Grey. Happy Festivus to Mr. Lavender and Mr. Not Mine. Happy St. Patrick’s day to Mr. Rainbow. Happy Barba Blandior to Mr. Black. ;)

    I’m not going to be obvious and say Merry Christmas to all my iterations. So, I’ll just say Happy Holidays, and let’s hope that Jack doesn’t jump out of the doors giving us all a good fright.

      1. And the 28th marks the best day to delve onto the internet and say, “Merry Christmas (belated) and a Happy New Year. Remember the Alamo and Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.”

    1. Merry Christmas to you as well.

      I would’ve really liked some of the Pumpkin King’s Christmas gifts as a kid, though. Especially the ones that looked normal and then started attacking. I would’ve absolutely taken those to school.

      1. “Merry Christmas (belated) and a Happy New Year. Remember the Alamo and Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.”

        And you’ve got that G-d bless us right, we need it. What with Fukishima and all.

  15. Rule number 1 in storytelling, once the audience knows the plan…the plan is destined to fail. It’s always so much fun to see how things fall to pieces!

      1. Yes and no. While you do want to set your audience up so they know what’s going to happen, when you outline a plan for your characters to follow (be it for an escape, a rescue, etc.) it will almost certainly not go as the characters intended. That’s because when you set up a game plan, if everything goes 100% smoothly, it’s boring. You want to see how characters react to the unexpected.

        Conversely, if the plan ISN’T detailed beforehand, it will succeed, usually with flawless execution. Again because of that unexpectedness. Look for it next time when you’re watching a movie or a show, as it is a rather good barometer as to how things will turn out.

        1. Well, that’s what makes the denouement all the more satisfying. People have been baited through that teeny tiny little hook that was set 180 comics ago. And now, we are either willing participants, or so hooked on the story that we’ve figured out how to use the saliva in our drool to run wireless mouses when the cats catch them.

        2. A lot of storytelling follows your rule, but not all. No rule is absolute. Parts of the plan will succeed (we even saw the first part succeeding in this strip as Quinn successfully purchased what Ellie stashed away, instead of it having been restocked or something as some comments speculated). Parts will fail, and parts will be improvised upon. Also parts are still unrevealed, such as whatever Tarra and Pumpkin have been practicing, which could then be argued either way by your rule.

          I expect the rest of this shopping arc to have parts that succeed and parts that fail, with an option of failed parts being salvaged by others or to stay as failures in the end and a possibility (success or failure) for some enduring consequences for some of the participants. I’m most looking forward to what happens with the two worst of the lot. I could see Juniper’s credit either increasing or decreasing, but Cinn, having started with no expectations for her performance, could actually manage some degree of redemption family-wise (or she could just whine at Anise and maybe start a fight or something).

    1. You know, I did not notice it until I just read your post earlier, scrolled up to check, and bam. It was like Tarra is soooo awesome. . .

      How awesome is she?

      Tarra is so awesome, she’s able to utilize telekinesis to place missing letters in the brain’s of the web comics readers, thus breaking the fourth, fifth and sixth walls.

      1. Is that where the word balloons turn into dinosaurs and fight each other and you hear Wash from Firefly (I think the first episode where he’s first introduced) or is that where they all start dancing around and you hear music from a Disney movie as you try to grab focus on the one you want when it comes whirling by?

      1. I may run with Tarra not having X’s in what she says. I’m debating. Oddly enough, it plays well with something coming up. It may be a happy accident.

        1. FYI, I jist went through every piece of dialog Tarra has has so far and this “no X” gimmick may work.

          Carry on.

        2. ….and I’m man enough to admit that I just did the same thing and can confirm the no X’s.

          …also re-discovered the called shot on Anise waiting in line (Mr. Right should not have ‘Mall Santa’ on his resume) and the parallel between Ellie’s first job and her last restaurant job (‘Already Quit’). Beautiful stuff.

          …if you’re still taking suggestions T-shirts, I’d like to submit a ‘Motion Granted’ shirt with Anise backhanding Cinnamon.


        3. I was considering remarking that perhaps that was Tarra’s way of indicating which of the myriad variations of plans that they’d been practicing was about to unfold.

    1. If you’re saying it’s not the first time I’ve ended up on someones bed with no clear idea of how it happened… damnit… I can’t think of a way to argue with your insinuation.

      1. Out of curiosity, how often does it include broken parts of the ceiling? I’d imagine it wouldn’t be common, but quite possibly not a first.

  16. You must be terrified. Waking up in a strange place, wearing strange clothes, imprisoned by a strange being floating on a strange hovering device. Strange, isn’t it?

  17. I wanted to scream
    “but you PROMIIISSEEDDD”

    But I’ll save that for later.

    Since there is no comic I have no comment so I’ll be back…


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