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[Patreon – End Story One] Slow Your Roll

And this completes our first Patreon storyline. Next up is the resolution to the Quinn and Eagan relationship. Only $2 per month via Patreon. FOUND HERE. Preview Story 2

9 thoughts on “[Patreon – End Story One] Slow Your Roll

  1. A) How does that new car not start — or is this still the old car?
    B) After a dream like that, I would tell Pumpkin to slow it down too. Those sorts of dreams wake you up with heart attacks!

  2. Thus the car says ‘That’s Enough! You Will stop and work this out right Now or I’m not starting EVER again!’

  3. I am in love with the faces on this page, particularly Pumpkin. It’s a prime example of how you don’t need tears or dialogue to show regret. Also says a lot that despite the amount of cleavage in the panels, the facial expression is still what demands all the attention.

  4. holy shit! pumpkin shirt is a nod to this entire arc. I didn’t realise it until I really paid attention to it but GGWP pumpkin well played but sorry

  5. Pumpkin may not have even admitted it to herself, but it’s pretty clear to me at least that she’s used this time with Quinn to gently explore what it might be like to become attached, even attracted to someone. Too many hints to all be coincidence. Quinn is probably the first person who she’s ever had a really open and nonjudgmental conversation with about her nonstandard sexuality (dad saying he loves her no matter what doesn’t count), and afterward she starts doing all these things that hint at attraction.

    She’s made several mistakes during this process of getting close to Quinn, with secrecy and dishonesty and possessiveness (and falling for a straight girl!) and as a result of these mistakes it’s all ending in tears. If she had been honest and open with everyone it probably wouldn’t have been quite as rough for all involved when Quinn had to make clear that she didn’t want any kind of romance between them. But Pumpkin is fifteen and in a difficult, self-conscious time in her life, so she’s going to make mistakes. And so we get this meltdown.

  6. Oh, that face of Pumpkin’s in Panel 5… absolutely heartbreaking. :_(
    I’ve seen that kind of face at various points in my life more times than I care to remember… and just once is one time too many.

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