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Small Town Saturday Night

I never ever want to do a monopoly board and money. Omg that took an hour and a half alone. Which sucks, because as we saw with Jenga being played with the cat.. I'm setting up Ellie's addiction to board games. Spoiler... but not really. But there will be a story around it in the far-ish future.

65 thoughts on “Small Town Saturday Night

      1. First time through, I thought it said “Be A Roy”, which I also found amusing. Then I remember her preference, and it made a lot more sense.

        1. Roy.
          The Roy.

          I’m Roy.
          Yes, I’m Roy.
          Roy. Who is Roy? Roy is who?

          Where’s the guy who pretends not to be Roy? That’s about all I know about Roy. I’m a wanna-be. I am a wanna-be, a true wanna-be, in the
          worst sense of the – – You guys are going to have to go fight this battle without me.

          If I had any superpowers to doubt I guess I would be in trouble, but I don’t. I don’t – – I don’t – – What do I do? I go “Rarrr!”

  1. Might this be the lead in to Ellies last “discount hair-cut” that she got? We all know that no matter who is playing, after a few hours of monoploy dragging on you want to murder everyone near you.

    “Never mind Cinna…Juni is passed out so you can be the iron.”

      1. With the dynamic I’m sensing, I’m thinking they would make her be the iron so she would get the hint and iron her clothes every once in a while. Get rid of that “slept in/on” look, lol.

  2. Hmm, I dont know why, but Pumpkin looks…older here than she did in the earlier strips. She looks quite a bit taller here, wider, etc. Or thats not Pumpkin which I suppose is possible given the volume of sisters in the family lol

    I feel your pain about the board game though *shudders* brings back horror flashbacks to some of the worst art projects I ever had. Creating a new board game being the least of the lot…*shudders*

    1. She kinda does, but I’m guessing that’s just a natural evolution of an artist’s style. I’ve noticed that with a few other web comic artists (though I don’t know too man).

      Ah, I remember having to make a board game for class once. I made a game for 6th grade, if memory serves. It was actually pretty good. Kind of a mix between candy land and a little bit of Monopoly. My partner never did any work, so it was all me. I never told the teacher, though. But it still kinda pissed me off. Well, at least he wasn’t a jack ass from then on…

    2. Pretty sure it’s Pumpkin – she’s got the g’s on her cheeks.

      But I agree with Nick – it’s probably more to do with Chris’s style growing. Pumpkin looked “older” in the movie theater too.
      And of course, Monopoly ages everyone like 5 years…

    3. I think it’s the boobs. They may look a tad bigger in this panel than the did in the opening strips.

      Plus she looks so much more like Ellie in this strip. The two of them looked alike from the start, but now their color schemes match up more so the resemblance in more pronounced, except Pumkin kinda looks more mature than Ellie.

      1. I think part of it is the boobs, but not all. Part of it is they are both sitting down, which tends to equalize heights, while in the first couple comics, Ellie had a definite height advantage on Pumpkin. Finally, part of it is the relative size of her and Ellie’s head In the first couple comics, Pumpkin’s head was noticeably smaller than Ellie’s, but here they are closer in size. As Nick pointed, a lot of this is probably the natural evolution of Rusche’s style.

  3. I kinda feel bad for the Buckingham sisters. They WANT to be a family, or at least simply not to fight, but old habits bubble up, and aggression resumes.

    James Hurst once wrote “there is a small knot of cruelty borne from love.” And as a big brother of 3 siblings, I can relate all too well. Just the same, I’ve always wondered what a middle child must feel… more fascinating to me, is what a middle child must feel like in a large family. Is there a place for him/her to occupy? Does s/he have to carve out or eke a place? Or perhaps worst of all, is s/he assigned a place? Was Ellie called the “lazy one,” and later, consciously or unconsciously, fulfilled the role? Or did she declare this herself? Earlier, she said that the family agreed that she was the lazy one, but I wonder if there’s more to it than that.

    1. From my experience, larger families have a different kind of ‘middle child’ syndrome.
      Everyone in the middle is a middle child – but if we look at Tarra, she’s actually more like a first-born once Juni came along – more so with the twins and pumpkin, and her attitude actually fits that “older middle child” that I’m familiar with: She had to “fight” to be noticed, and chose to go for “perfect.” She’s great at what she does. Anise, kinda the same; she went (from what we’ve seen so far) towards becoming the black sheep – personality wise. Girls admit it too – Anise is the Weird One.
      Meanwhile, Ellie and Cinnamon have the younger middle child personalities from what I can see. Ellie tried coasting after high school, thinking she was a baby of the family enough to get away with it, and after so many “middle” kids, there’s no other way to stand out than to not care enough to try. Cinnamon acts out, but it too “dumb” to not get caught or use anyone other than Ellie for her scapegoat.

      Which brings up a point… Is Cinnamon being lazy in only choosing Ellie, or dumb – thinking Ellie is her twin, and therefore they “look alike”? I probably read too much into it but hey… Nick started it!

    2. Once you’re pegged with a label, especially within your own family, you’re pretty much doomed. I’m one of six kids and the middle of the second litter. I have a scorching case of ADD and some Autistic Spectrum-like quirks. My first label was “The Flaky One”(thanks mom).

      We have a Juniper in my family, but she was 14 years older. No one was mistaking me for her. However, the Tarragon in our family was barely one year older than I. She’s an actress. For real. She quickly figured out that if she accused me of being a liar, and got others to believe her(it wasn’t hard, her acting skills emerged early), it didn’t matter what the facts were. So Liar was a label. I learned to remember conversations verbatim as well as dates and times(it was already an inclination) just out of self preservation.

      Our Tarragon has a problem with Narcissism. If she felt you were competing with her she would go on seek and destroy missions. Anything that generated attention was by default competing with her. You learn to lay low, and not draw attention to yourself. That’s how the Lazy One gets labelled. Non-compliance with our Tarragons demands gets you the label “The Selfish One”.

  4. I finally put my finger on why Cinnamon looks so dead eyed.

    She is drawn with no pupils and shading or highlighting to give her eyes depth.

    Just a flat blue solid iris. Chris, in a world of webcomics where many characters are only separated by hair color/style differences I salute you for your efforts.

    1. Ditto.

      Also, at the beginning of this, I was negative on the idea of introducing all of the Buckingham sisters through the conversation with Quinn. You’re doing it differently (and better) than I thought you were. Negative opinion retracted.

      1. Thanks. I can’t remember which but some aren’t specifically mentioned. Which was my intention. So, at first, it seemed like “Ok, Quinn… now my NEXT sister is named (blank) and totally acts like (however they act.)”

        I wanted to go through all of them, some mentioned, some not, but in context of how Ellie’s current relationship with Quinn is the way it is.

        HOW Ellie treated Quinn like her sisters: Tarra
        Why Quinn dated Alex: Anise
        Much of Quinn’s animosity for Ellie: Juniper
        WHY Ellie treated Quinn like her sisters: Cinnamon

        Plus, it’s just fun for me to write and hopefully fun for people to read as each sister is laid out.


    Seriously, I have like fifty of them in the attic. I collect weird old board games; one of my prize possessions is a strategy game from the seventies with a plastic board that has little stilts on it; it’s meant to be able to stay flat even on shag carpet. The box art of the family playing it is hilariously period.

    Sadly I can never get anyone to PLAY board games with me, even my best friends… it’s really depressing actually. I think I just went from mildly crushing on Ellie to falling madly in love with her.

    1. Her tone in this comic is supposed to suggest her seriousness in the matter. Board games are business. Coming from a large family, Aits intended they have a ton.

    2. Strain of Thought:
      Run Yourself Ragged
      Mad Magazine board game
      & of course:
      Go to the Head of the Class
      (also [card games]:
      Mille Borne
      Oh Hell)

  6. You know…with recent revelations of names and the theme (and others may have said this, but I’m too lazy to go back through all the comments), I have a question. Rusche….is this whole thing just one big Spice Girls joke? :)

  7. I play board games, with friends who are so good it is hard to win. These are friends who go to board game conferences, such as Essen in Germany, and some of them have published games. I’m planning to game with them tonight! (I’ll lose, but it’s still fun.)

    I will recommend one board game to you: Can’t Stop.


    Can’t Stop is a simple game of pushing your luck. When your kids get a little older you can play it with them, or if you have buddies over you could play it with them (it’s a great “beer and pretzels” game).

    If you want recommendations for any more games, I’d be happy to oblige.

  8. Monopoly destroys families!! haha I wont say I’m obsessed with board games, but I do really love them. Lots of fun! Monopoly always took too long though….uuggghhh :P

    I do love Juniper in this one though, she made me laugh! Also, where can I find that Beardy magazine..hmmmm

  9. What I find most interesting is that no one seems to have noticed yet that Ellie seems to be the leader of the sisters aside from Tarragon.

    Seriously, who else could cajole/threaten/whatever not just one, but four sisters into playing Monopoly?

    1. She got the youngest (and smallest) to grudgingly play. She’s forcing her twin (the one that appears to be the biggest trouble maker) to play and her twin’s being obstructive. Her next oldest sister is either pass-out drunk or acting like it, and the one older than that is willing to sit there and roll dice while doing her own thing and possibly pay no real attention.

      I wouldn’t consider this a sign of her as a leader/dominant force amongst sisters. If anything, I’d guess foreshadowing about what she values enough to stop being the lazy one.

  10. hehe, the thimble. My cousins and I used to play monopoly when younger. Our thimble was a bit…flattened. I guess was it stepped on at one point by the gameboard’s owner’s mother. Their own fault for leaving it on the floor, really. They would always try to get the youngest member stuck with it. “No no, it’s actually a *lucky* thimble, see? It’s smashed so it holds in all the luck! You can only play if you’re the thimble, otherwise go away.”

    When I was there to actually see this interaction (and being the oldest) I took it upon myself to be the “responsible” one, taking the thimble for myself to stop their argument from escalating (it was apparent that they’ve come to blows over this silly thing in the past). I’ve never won a game of monopoly so easily before.

    To this day, I insist on being a flattened thimble, stepping on it myself if it’s a new game board. Lucky thimble, indeed.

      1. With three of the seven (Ellie, Pumpkin, & Tarragon) having nearly the same shade, is that Papa Buckingham’s hair color?

  11. Awesome strip, as usual. By the way, love the Hal Ketchum reference what with the title. I’m surprised no one picked up on that.

  12. Hmmm, odd thought about seventh sister. Going back to verify Momma Buckingham’s hair color, I noticed she’s wearing a cross and I couldn’t recall (or find with a quick spot check) any of the other sisters appearing religiously inclined. Seventh sister having two kids as shadows (one presumably Juniper’s) and the lack of any other sister seeming inclined to follow Momma religiously, I’m wondering if oldest sis will go that direction.

    Though introduced personality-wise and by chosen titles, Pumpkin or Tarragon would be the only ones of the younger six that might be likely to do so (and Tarragon probably very superficially and just for parents).

  13. We can now see the last sister in the cast list and indeed their cutie marks spell “Gunshot”. I guess its a varioation of Shotgun. Shuffling around the letters one could say.
    I also like how “the one with a bunch of kids” kid’s all have cutie marks too and they appear in ascending order (based on their age) with the number key line on my keyboard.

    1. The one with all the kids? Huh. More than I was expecting that’s for sure. It looks the one is staring right at Tarragons rack. Though to be fair if I were that height and could get away with it, it’s probably what I would be doing. :P

  14. Ellie has a board game addiction? SQUEEEE!!!

    I bet she’s a beast at SORRY!. I’m calling it here and now that someone always calls her out for “counting cards” when playing.

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