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So Serious

Summer no swiping! I like the idea of her commandeering everyone else's weapons, even if it means I have to continuously draw way more mechanical stuffs. I think there may be two more comics to this. Possibly three. I always feel like I can condense 20 ideas into 1 comic, and it's usually not the case since truncating too much can leave the reader confused. Better to just draw some things out instead of rushing. So.. just in case you're chomping at the bit to get back to Ellie and David, it's coming up super soon. :) See you Friday.

52 thoughts on “So Serious

    1. This is quite the achievement, first time commenting cuz of the free real estate! hi hello everyone

    2. I’m sorry, No. Your comment does not meet the minimum requirements for ‘First’. No cookie.

    1. I wonder if she’ll turn up next dressed in a bedsheet (if in anything at all) to tear Tarra a new one for ruining her date.

      1. She was wearing panties when Durkin saw the news (though now that I think of it why were they watching tv while having the sexy times? Maybe that’s what made Durkin uncomfortable?) Anyway, she’d probably still be wearing them if she showed up.

  1. Yes. Yes, she is. Which doesn’t make her any less hot. Dressing all in black, in Florida, doesn’t make her any less hot either, but in an entirely different way.

  2. And the award for most obvious “yes” answer goes to: Durkin! The wubble-blocked vampire(?) guy!
    Lets tell him what he’s won!

    Well, folks he’s won himself and Summer a trip for two down to Pain Island courtesy of Tarra Buckingham via dropped (I assume to be) Ion Beam Cannon!

        1. Good storytelling often involves detours that may not be interesting to set things up in ways that aren’t contrived. This piece is the first time we’ve seen beneath a crack in Tarra’s armor, so even for those who find it less enjoyable than some of the other pieces, I suspect it’ll be critical backstory.

  3. Didn’t Summer just talk down to Tarra about her (Tarra) stealing and using other people’s weapons like it made her a weak ass punk? Summer, you’re a hypocrite. A stupid hypocrite who just outed your whole group for revenge.

  4. …they’re awfully fastidious for international terrorists. Assuming that is what they are.

    And no, Durkin, she’s about to execute a masked vigilante who just happened to steal her leg via explosive or ballistic impact. Huge difference. HUGE.

    1. Well, you can be an international terrorist organization and the public won’t know about you (the government will, but the civilians won’t). There are a lot of those types of groups in real life. I think the organization leaders pretending to be dead, and the fact they hide their money making/espionage efforts behind a dating site means they were trying to escape being on the government’s radar.

      I think Durkin is a little upset because they went through great lengths to stay HIDDEN from the public eye, and now with Summer and her need for revenge, their cover may be blown and all Hell is about to break loose. Especially if they kill the Chief of Police and his daughter, who are public figures.

      1. True, true. But then Summer might well have been planning to die in the attempt, so there goes the connection.

        1. I don’t think she was planning to die. She has more bullets with names on them to send.

        2. I agree. I think her hubris is that she will just kill her victims and no one will care because everyone feels like she does about her victims. Which – as Durkin so loudly pointed out – people actually do CARE, and any backlash would be bad at this point (until they get what they came for).

          Durkin probably assumed that the grenade would be explosive, thus kill the Chief of Police as well. And every little action that Summer has done has come really close to being a disaster. The problem is that he has now given Tara a chance to recover and kick both their asses.

        3. Tarra used Mr. Kingdom’s armory and Summer recognized that and other D52 tech Tarra swiped. I suspect Durkin recognized the armory as well and knew the potential options from them.

    1. I don’t think they are OPEN terrorists, as much as they are some super secret organization like VILE that is trying to operate under the guise of a dating site.

      You did pick up on that, right? That they were trying to be covert using the website to front their monetization efforts so they stayed under the radar?

      1. I wasn’t fully clear if they were intending to be terrorists any more or if they were just trying to tie up loose ends, avoid getting caught, and maybe grab something to cash in on before retiring somewhere with no extradition.

        1. I’m not so sure they mean to retire as much as once they get what they came for, they will have something that will allow them to regain their footing and re-emerge as bigger and better!

        2. Definitely possible, but the thing with Blind Guy and simply wanting to be dissassociated and that they aren’t planning anything that they think he’d want to get in the way of later is where it seems like it could be either way.

          Though D52 being the boss run at the end of the third major arc does suggest that they’re not retiring as well.

        3. It seems to me that David just doesn’t want to be associated with the whole mess because whatever motivated him before has come and gone, leaving him merely wanting to move on with his life. Save that he’s dating Ellie, which means he might be lying about not wanting to be involved, and playing a much longer game than he let on.

  5. Truthfully, I feel summer is going overboard.

    “You took my leg! So I’m going to kill you!”

    Now, if she said, “You took my leg, so I’m going to take a piece of you!” I’d be a bit more sympathetic.

    1. I suspect Summers leg was never the goal, but to kill her outright, and Summer survived ‘only’ losing a leg.

      ‘In our last battle, you attempted to kill me and failed. I will now attempt to kill you with equal vigor, and -if- you survive with only the loss of a limb I shall begrudgingly applaud your resourcefulness’

  6. any end will do – see, that’s just wrong. Any end most certainly will not do. Else why bother crafting a story? As long as I have an orgasm, who cares if the sex was mutually satisfying? Or wait, if any end will do, I guess you just want to be done, orgasm be damned. Rush to the end, just so there’s an end? Tsk-tsk, that will never do.

    In other news, Tarra’s boobs should be included in her ‘most important pieces list’. I mean, c’mon, they’re epic.

    And, at the time of her kidnapping by People Against Goodness and Normalcy, she was ‘the Virgin Connie Swail’, thank you very much ;)

  7. Now I’ll have that damned Teen Girl Squad theme in my head all day. Digadigadigadigadigadiga Dig. DigDigDig. Digadigadigadigadigadiga Dig. BLING BLING BLING BLING BLING

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  9. I love the nod to Homestarr Runner(it’s dot comm) that’s present in “Teen Girl Squad”. I heard it in Strongbads voice!

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