Soft Locked

So after a year and a half of my initial diagnosis of 'the beetus' I made a ton of gains in terms of improving my health. For some unexplained reason fatigue and spells of multi-hour catatonia were cropping up again. Got recommended to an endocrinologist and after $1200 in tests doctor said I have Hashimoto's Disease. Immune system is attacking my thyroid. Don't have many of the symptoms pertaining to it except for the zombie-related aspects. Also, buckle up, bois! We're going type-1 You can apparently have two types of diabetes at once, and I'm one of those people. I'm sorry. I had a bogo coupon. I got both. I'm making almost no insulin now, so I'm in a transitory state of becoming type-1. None of this is immediately life-threatening or overly dire. It's all treatable. I'm just keeping you all in the loop and looking forward to whatever appropriate meds I need so I can start staying upright for most of the day again. I completely loathe all the time I ALMOST bought a cane to hold myself up while walking around, and finding ones with mosquito amber for handles is not freakin' cheap. Anyway, I'm naming this Rocket Cat and he's Fat Fat's brother. I added him to the cast page on the new Sister Seven panel I updated. I will also have a post up this Friday! Be sure to check back. :)

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  1. When Ellie says ‘we’ is she talking about all six of the older sisters or just her and Cin?

    Also, it’s concerning that this isn’t the first pet she’s tried to launch into space.

    1. Tarra’s cat seemed a bit special to just be a cat that her parents got her, but I guess it could just be because of the mech suit and not any innate abilities. Or maybe she did something to it to bring out special qualities. Ginger and and Anise’s cats could have just been in another room when their homes were shown, but I’m not sure where Juni’s cat would be since I’m not so sure she has a permanent residence.

    2. Not because you have the first post, but because you referred to this comic as well as her nature of an amateur NASA mission commander and rocket scientist. All befit it as a wall mart grade…. no. She got her stuff from boutique science stores. Anyway. You sir have got the plaque of firsts.

      Please see the dentist on the way out as fitting as it is.

  2. And I think it’s gonna be a long long time, til touchdown brings me round again to find, I’m not the cat they think I am at home. Oh no no no.

    I’m a ROCKET CAT!

  3. Car, cat. Just one letter different, so nothing to get so bent out of shape about.

    And consider the other final letter options, a cat was like 2nd or 3rd best.

  4. I started reading the comic last month and i would ocasionally check the cast section.. WHEN WAS IT UPDATED ??! AWWWW is the old picture of the sisters somewhere online ??? i should have saved it , im still reading 2013 comics so the style fit it so well

    1. …quite a few updates on that there cast page, all right. Quite. A. Few.

      Seems about half of the Sisters Buckingham are no longer what their nicknames suggest.

  5. I’d be really shocked if this were the first grievance over gifts- every family has siblings who think that someone else get something better for Christmas, their birthdays, arbor day, etc.

    For me it was FPSs; my parents wouldn’t even let me buy Goldeneye for myself because it was “too violent”. Then a few years later, bam- they get Medal of Honor for my younger brother for his b-day. To this day I think that the lack of FPSs during my formative years is why I’m so bad at Halo. And no I’m not still salty about it :P

    1. My sister and I are only a year apart so we got basically the same things every Christmas–same clothes in different colors, same sized plushie of a different character from the same show, a video game to share etc. Birthdays were far enough apart that I don’t think we were comparing. Knowing these girls, there’s probably a spreadsheet of any and all gifts, maintained by the elder sister council.

  6. My mom has Hashimoto’s! Eating even a bite of bread can make her tired and sick for a couple days, she switched to gluten-free and feels much better. And luckily since it took off as a fat diet there’s lots of gluten-free options for people with actual medical dietary requirements. Hope you feel better! Knowing what’s wrong can be such a relief.

  7. Damn dude, I’m sorry to hear about the unpleasant new diagnoses. I’m glad things are at least treatable, but that still really sucks ass. Hopefully you get a good treatment plan and keep things well managed.

  8. Sorry to hear about the Hashimoto’s, and welcome to the autoimmune club. (Is ‘welcome’ the correct word here?)

    Definitely check out The Wahls Protocol by Dr. Terry Wahls; it has been a huge help for me and a lot of people I know with autoimmune issues.

  9. Rocket Cat, Rocket Cat
    Where are they sending you?
    Rocket Cat, Rocket Cat
    It’s not your fault! (It’s Cinnamon’s)

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