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Something’s Different

Shotgun Shuffle hit another milestone this week. It got its first fanart. By our local neighborhood commentor Banena. Thanks Banena for your picture titled "Bowling with Fatfat." Bowling with fatfat

134 thoughts on “Something’s Different

        1. Fusion physics. Dance moves are something that non nerds are able to accomplish outside of the mathematical world.

          However, it takes a serious hairdresser to fuse together the pixiecut and hair color necessary to take an attitude down a notch.

          Who knows, what with James’ fascination with all things fantasy, will he have a sputtering stuttering fit next time the gang gets together?

          Find out next time. Same Shotgun station, same Shotgun Time. Different ammunition.

        2. Her character bio claimed “Fusion Dance”. Unless it was supposed to mean successfully inventing fusion while doing a little dance (I imagine even the nerdiest of nerds would partake in a little victory dance, if successfully inventing fusion), but the F and D being capitalized seem to imply that it is the name of a dance.

        3. It’s a Dragonball reference. Goku’s son Gohan and Vegeta’s son were able to perform a dance (called the fusion dance) where they would become Gotenks, who was far more powerful than the two of them as individuals. It was a better concept than the fusion earrings that created Vegeto (who I always thought sounded like a breakfast cereal.)

          Am I a Dragonball fanboy? The Dragonball Z main theme was my ring tone for a while so I’ll just leave it at that…

        4. I know all that, but if you make a mistake then you end up with a fat Gotenks or an old crotchety Gotenks. And when fighting a super strong pink blob who likes candy and wears a cape, you really need to show up in peak physical and mental shape.

          Tarra being the only one who can perform it successfully (but who with?), I can’t help but wonder how a failed Ellie-Pumpkin fusion hairdo, as suggested, might look. Probably some kind of mohawk or something.

  1. “At least I left you enough to work with” Ellie said.

    “Screw that, screw you!” Quinn says, and lops the rest of it all off.

    1. I was kind of wondering about that. It looked like Ellie had only cut off one lock that could easily be hidden with roughly the same length hair. I certainly didn’t think it was so much that Quinn needed to do adjust. Did I just underestimate the impact of the haircut.

      Also, I’m not sure how I feel about the hair dye. Without her ass-roots, I don’t even know who Quinn is anymore.

      1. The root color is no her full color. So she’s dyed it back to her original color. he last panel also (while you can’t see Ellie’s wearing normal jeans) signifies the girls have rubbed off on each other.

  2. Yay! Blind Guy is back(I can’t wait to learn his name!) Yay! Quinn dyed her ass-roots! Yay! It looks like Ellie is a manager now, judging from the blouse and tie!

    1. Seems like we have just had a significant jump in time. Where Ellie spent most of it worrying about Pumpkin.

      Almost didn’t recognize Quinn in the last panel.

    2. Did she die her hair? That looks like her original hair color, so it kinda seems like it just grew out. But on the other hand, that means her hair would be a fair bit longer now. And since Ellie looks like she’s a manager now, I’m guessing that several months have passed, since being a manager would require at least a FEW months of time, but Ellie had only been working at O’Jacks for about a month, maybe less.

      Eh, I’m way too pensive right now… But since I’m in the middle of it all….

      A lot of the past comics were Quinn’s flashbacks told while she was talking to Ellie. I’m guessing that the same comics (and maybe more), were Ellie telling this guy about it all. I’m wondering if this is gonna continue to the end. Maybe it’s a tale of others telling their stories? Culminating with Ellie telling someone, possibly her kids, all about her life got flipped, turned upside down.

        1. She got in one little fight, and her mom got scared,
          She said “You’re moving out- I don’t want y’all here!”

          Hehe. I was wondering- why is Ellie drawn with a normal T-shirt again? I thought you wanted to use the red shirt she had before?

        2. Missing the low-cut shirt, are we? ;)

          Of course, she looks great either way. Which makes sense, as I suspect appearances tend to be a high priority with Ellie.

        3. I’m such a geek though, that I really like the pink superman shirt.

          It’s sexier than the low-cut super tight red shirt to be honest…

        4. Actually, I prefer her crew T shirt. I’m with Wraith on this one- “A beauty concealed is a beauty more desired,” as the saying goes.

          Besides- her low cut shirt made her look too grown up, which kinda clashes with Ellie’s journey. She’s not an adult. Not yet. Having her look grown up before she actually is would be something of a mixed signal.

        5. Personally I disagree with the saying – not that I prefer the less concealed – I actually like variety. Low-cut is great, but even better to switch it up with a form-fitting pink T-shirt. I even like seeing her in her work clothes on occasion.

          I admit I really liked the tank top, but I am partial to a woman showing some shoulder.

        6. I also admit to liking tank tops for the same reason.

          And Tarra wears a tank top, just one more thing that indicates her perfectness.

        7. Well, I’m not some kinda prude- I was just referring to her… personality, shall we say. I don’t mind getting a good look of her personality, but a T shirt suits her better. So, I guess… I don’t really believe in that saying either…? I’m not saying that a woman covered up like a mummy drives me wild, but in this one instance, I feel it works.

      1. “How I met your Father”, the number one animated sit com burning up the internet, direct from Lakeland, Florida, painstakingly drawn before a live studio audience.

        1. Would totally watch.

          One question… Who’s the parallel of Barney? ‘Cause you totally need one. Unless it’s just NPH in drag.

          Or just NPH for that matter…

        2. My reasoning for assuming any of this is that Rusche already said that he knows how he wants the series to end, but that he doesn’t know every detail that fills the body of the series. I can’t help but imagine that he’s writing the series bearing the ending in mind, so I can’t help but imagine that the ending is omnipresent in the series, even if it actually isn’t. An omnipresent conclusion that I imagine is a kind of retrospective, and if this story is about how Ellie is growing up all the time, then a retrospective that fits well is seeing her as an adult, probably a mother, considering if she should kick her older kids out, the same way her mother did to her. Or maybe talking to her kids about how time in the real world will affect them. Something like that. But, as I wrote before, I’m in a really pensive mood today.

        3. Speaking of which this was the first Friday the 13th in years where I didn’t watch at least one of the movies. Stupid overtime schedule…

      2. Speaking from my own fast food background how quickly someone becomes a crew chief or manager is a sliding scale with the two biggest factors being overall staffing levels and competency. Someone who has a clue in a store that is in sore need of a new management body can be ascended as quickly as a month to six weeks. I’ve seen even faster if they had previous experience but that wouldn’t apply in Ellie’s case. And she could be in training in which case she may only have the new shirt but not all the authority.

        1. Wow, that quick, huh? I really wouldn’t know- I only worked at 1 fast food place (it was Sonic, in case you were wondering), and it was only for a single summer between high school years. Spent a bit of time there… didn’t wanna spend any more there. But that WAS my first job, so I can definitely relate to Ellie’s odd experiences there, especially concerning the odd coworkers.

          But back to your post… I’ve only had some serious work time in retail stores (which, by the way, don’t hand out promotions anywhere as quickly), not fast food, so I’ll take your word for it.

        2. I worked in fast food for just short of five years, almost all in the same chain. I was assistant manager for about two until I finally had it with my retarded store manager and walked out in one of the most subdued but epic rage quits ever. The district manager tried to talk me back shortly thereafter but I had already vowed I’d rather saw off my own foot and eat it than go back to fast food. His, “so that’s a no then?” still cracks me up.

          Chris, did you ever experience the magic of pickle fireballs while you in fast food? It’s probably the one thing I miss. Well I also miss the game I invented where we would chuck ice cubes at the drink dispenser in drive thru to see if we could hit the paddle and make it squirt sugar water. Points would be given and multiplied based on if you hit a paddle, if you called it first, and how far away you were. I used to be consistently call shots from all the way behind the broiler. That skill also translated in being to chuck an ice cube down someones shirt collar from almost anywhere in the store.

        3. With the magic of you tube I can allow you to have that experience.


          It only works with high wattage microwaves and food service pickle slices which high a much higher content of acids and vinegar to delay spoilage. And that video is in no way augmented, some pickle fire balls could be so intense they would warp the plastic ceiling of the microwave. Good times…

        4. If you slice a grape almost all the way in half (leaving a small bit of the “skin” connecting the halves) you can get it to make a fountain of sparks if you microwave it. fun and not harmful to the microwave. try it with different types of grape! or just find it on youtube.

        5. I did nights and days while managing for BK and a brief stint closing for a Taco Bell/Pizza hut express. I loved the Taco Bell thing and would have stayed there if I hadn’t been forced to move.

          For those that aren’t familiar, a Pizza Hut express is what they shoe horn into some Taco Bells (owned by the same parent company) where they only sell breadsticks and personal pan size pizza’s with very limited options. Like, cheese, pepperoni (of course) and a supreme that if I remember had pepperoni, onion and sausage. They probably had a plain sausage one as well. But that wasn’t what made it awesome. What made it awesome was I would make myself personal pan pizza’s for lunch and gleefully pillage the taco side of the store for toppings. Hell yea, my jalapeno taco pizza with hot sauce and taco blend cheese was amazing. Or I’d go nuts and basically make the pizza into a nacho bowl and top it with sour cream and salsa. I kept trying to tell the store manager that we should put stuff like that on the menu and people would pay for it but he thought I was insane. Maybe I was but if food that tasty is insane I was better off not being sane.

          And whether or not it’s enjoyable… well fast food does have some fun moments but it can also be extremely stressful. Like any job it really has a lot to do with who you work with. Though I do have a healthy supply of “seriously, that really happened” stories from those days to fall back on.

        6. A lot of it depends on the particular brand and whether you’re working for the company itself or a Franchisee. But generally, turnover is high, so generally those who show intelligence and initiative will move up pretty quickly. At the place where I work, I know a guy who started off sweeping the parking lot part time to stay on the manager’s mind until a full time position opened up. He’s now an area coach, managing many restaurants.

    3. Before reading the rest of the comments, my bet is Assistant Manager, because she doesn’t have the colors like KK. I do tend to think that Barrel had a white shirt on though.

  3. I am tired to the point of death but I hung on for the update. Quinn’s hair looks nice but I preferred the luxurious locks she was rocking. The ass roots being gone is nice though.

    And go Banena!

    1. I kinda did too, but looking at it again… I dunno, I’m kinda grooving to her new look. A new physical look for a new personality. She’s kicked some of her old habits now, and got rid of a bad boyfriend, so a new look would make sense. Speaking of looks, Ellie’s hair looks a little longer too… But time has obviously passed since the last panel, so that’s to be expected.

      By the way, where’s your gravitar from? All of your gravs have been from shotgun shuffle up to this point. Though, it still looks like Rusche’s style…

      1. Whoops- how could I forget? Excellent job, Banena. I especially like the coloring that went into Quinn’s hair. That made me snicker. :D

        1. Haha- I think I know what you mean. If you’re going to pick a picture to represent yourself, even a little, it’s better to be spicy rather than mild. The mild stuff is forgotten easily, but the intense stuff can become a strong association. Hell, I’m still kinda reading your comments with Ellie’s anime glare.

        2. Hehe, there’s a forum I post on where I’ve my avvy’s have been almost exclusively the most insane looking anime girls the internet can provide. I toned it down a bit after I apparently was making other members uncomfortable.

          And Ellie’s anime glare was the best. I can’t say that all my gravatars are from Shotgun Shuffle but it’s becoming the great majority… Chris’s style lends itself very well to eye catching gravvy’s.

        3. :D I’d like to see some of those! I could use a good laugh right about now. I like Shotgun Shuffle’s artwork as well. The color saturation is rich, and is pleasant to the eyes. And as you say- it works well as an eyecatch.

          On the topic of artwork, I actually wanted to be a comic artist in high school. Well, I’ve actually always wanted to be a novelist, but because of some of my friends in high school, I got interested in turning my stories into comics. My friend regularly drew his own comics, and they were pretty good, so I thought, why don’t I try my hand at that? My artwork was actually fairly decent, and I was even praised for my usage of perspective. But I had one fatal flaw- I simply CAN’T draw the same thing twice. I have some bizarre inability to do so. Every time I see people draw comics now, I always have a deep appreciation for it, because I have no idea how the eff they do it!

        4. One of these days I’ll archive them on my flickr so they can be appreciated by the ages. Right now they’re all on my hard drive back home.

  4. Wow, went back to the previous page just to make sure I hadnt missed anything, wasnt expecting the time skip lol

    How much of a skip though, thats difficult to tell. Ellie had long hair as did Quinn when they had a choice, so they both apparently prefer it longer. Ellie being a manager now though indicates some time has passed obviously…maybe she had another run in with one of her sisters?

    Also love Blind Guy the Jedi returning lol. Wonder what he does for a living, I bet he’s a counselor or therapist to have that kind of patience lol

    1. I have to disagree, and I do so from the last appearance of Blind Guy before this ( http://shotgunshuffle.com/desperation/ )

      Considering his reaction there at the end, I don’t think he’s a therapist. Seems more to me that he’s determined to put a good front on for her, but he cares about her personally for some reason. A counselor couldn’t afford to get that quickly/easily invested in random people.

      I think he knows her, but she apparently doesn’t recognize him. Maybe a friend of one of her older sisters? Maybe he moved away or was “that kid next door to ${RELATIVE} Ellie stayed with for several summers when younger”? Maybe her recognition is thrown off due to blindness being a recent addition and she’s not seeing past it?

        1. No, she wouldn’t be talking to her dad about/like that realistically. I mean, would you be talking to your dad/mom about something like that? In public no less?

  5. Lmao I love Ellie’s face in the last panel. Total troll XD. I am also curious as to how much time has passed in the comic. Are we talking weeks? Days? Perhaps time broke and diverted the universe into thousands of different cosmic realities, one of which has Ellie as a manager? Who knows? :P

    1. I don’t know. I think troll is a bit strong, maybe a bit smug for getting under Quinn’s skin and not getting kicked out, getting a roommate who isn’t going to treat her like one of her sisters and other stuff.

  6. So managerial to sit and chat with customers instead of actually working.

    And Ellie, you don’t have to live in wonder; some day Pumpkin will bring home a new friend who’s a girl and really just a friend no seriously just a friend and nothing more I mean they’re not gay no they’re not no they’re not they’re just really good friends who are girls and no they doth not protest too much why would you even think that okay now they’re leaving to go talk privately for the tenth time in the last hour what is up with that oh wait here they come back see they’re totally not holding hands any more because they’re just friends who are girls… and you get the point.

    Or, doesn’t Ellie work with one of Pumpkin’s friends? Ashliii, wasn’t it? Maybe she should ask her, as we all know that talking about people behind their backs is a great way to get accurate and not-at-all-upsetting information. Or so one of my co-workers was telling me about one of my other co-workers.

    Also, Quinn the hair really does look good. Wait til Alex sees, haha what a loser he’ll probably get breakfast burrito all over his shoes. Better yet, wait til DJ Hoodie sees… he’ll be all like, “Meh. ‘Sup.” He’s so totally into you.

    Also, nice work Banena. Quinn is almost smiling, which has to be pretty hard to pull off.

        1. Me thinks thus:

          Since the Blind Guy only comes around before school lets out, and Ellie seems to only want to work on the night shift, because the first shift are all douche bags, then therefore, could it not be argued that Ellie is sitting and waiting for her shift to start. All the while chatting up Blind Guy for advice and painting him into a possible boy friendish light, what with the Halo effect there.

          Nice fluorescent halo around Blind Guy there Chris.

        2. Yeah okay I didn’t need a real explanation or anything I was just being facetious.

          Though to extend your comment, I too suspect Ellie of having an interest in Blind Guy. Her interest might go only as far as his sage advice, but things could continue from there. It’s nice to see that they both enjoy sitting and chatting.

          If only she knew his name…

        3. Well, what if the remark that KK said was some kind of plant in Ellie’s subconscious mind that sprouts up something in the possible boyfriend area of her social life. I mean the guy is sage, witty, and able to not only handle a conversation but knows when someone’s eating his food. heh.

          Plus, if they did go out, I don’t think that he’d treat her like a trained monkey.

        4. hmmm….

          1. he only appears before children school lets out
          2. he didn’t seem to pick up any child after school
          3. halo effect

          1+2+3= he is pedo in disguise?

        5. Anyway, with that kind of reasoning, every parent would be a pedo in disguise, and then that would lead to the state taking over all procreation activities and lead to the budding/de-cantering process from “Brave New World.”

  7. I love love love Quinn’s new hair! She has gone from bitchy ass-root queen, to bad-A babe!! She needs combat boots! Ha ha jk, that would be very Quinn.
    Oh and….BLIND GUY!!!!! I so excited! Squeeeee. Also good for Ellie. She’s all managing and stuff. I’m so proud, ha ha.

  8. Well, that was a bit of a jolt. I thought I somehow missed a page or something. The jump was so sudden, it took me a minute or two to get understand what they are talking about.

    However, nice to see the Blind Guy again. And Quinn’s new hair is positively adorable. And I see you finally updated Alex’s profile on the Cast page.

        1. Last Superman movie. At numerous points in the movie, Superman is juxtaposed with Jesus imagery (backlit by stained glass window of Jesus, glides with ankles crossed and arms straight out to the side, etc.). Combine that with the characters constantly talking about how he’s going to save them all…. yeah, it wasn’t the most subtle of metaphors.

      1. No, in actuality, he’s the guy who was the inspiration for James Earl Jones’ character in “Sneakers.” That or the guy who drove the van down the hill.

        1. Crazy fun. But that goes to support the theory that people with security clearances get irritated when they see secret technology and advancements being put in the movies and such.

          Hey NSA guys, shut up, get a life, and move out of that basement and get a job in the daylight.

        2. Okay. Cool. Which governmental department do we make fun of next? EPA?


  9. I have a completely unrelated comment, but what happened to all of our previous commentators? I remember a lot more people than we have now… what happened to Heather? Didn’t she used to work on these?

    1. People will come and go. It’s gonna happen. I guarantee some of the biggest fans of the comic have never commented. Depends on readership as well. Some get really into it, then become sporadic. They’ll still read, but not every week. Life events disrupt their routines, circumstances. Even changing jobs can prevent people from commenting. Depends on topic too. When I posted about my traffic tickets, or GoDaddy issues, people who I’ve never seen commented, commented. I’m like that in a way. I’m sure I’ve made a few folks question why I didn’t comment on something they said. Sometimes I’ll forget to. Sometimes I just can’t think of anything to say on the subject.

      But it’s also like Boog said. Alot of people are new. Will read the strip, still trying to figure it out. Then over time it doesn’t necessarily go where they think I was supposed to, and they drop off.

      Heather works her butt off at her job. She still reads. She just has limited time. She didn’t work on creating the comics, but Ellie is certainly 25% Heather inspired. =)

      1. That I can understand. I just thought that some folks who commented regularly would at least try to throw in a “good comic” type comment from time to time. Not to sound like a kissass, but I think I’ll follow the comic for a ways yet.

        I remember you making a silly picture of her with Jareth (was that his name?), the Goblin King, and I thought it was pretty damn funny. Seeing as she was someone who got her own artwork, and you saying that Ellie was partially based off of her, I kinda figured she helped out, from time to time.

        1. Normally I don’t comment – most web environments I deal with on a regular basis are actually kinda venomous. Especially nowadays with next-gen around the corner.

          That’s actually the main reason I started commenting here – this is literally the most decent place on the internet nowadays… Which is *very* good, don’t get me wrong. Just a sad reflection on society in general.

          That being said, while I think Shotgun Shuffle will go extremely far and be an amazing success… If nothing else Rusche, you can take comfort in the fact that you made the internets a better place – much harder to do than the world (usually – i’m staying outta politics here)

        2. Thank you for that. It’s only a matter of time the comic (I hope) gets some notoriety. When that happens, the trolls will come. And my “delete comment” button will be ready.

        3. Oh God No. Just… no. I am so sick of trolls trolling all the stuff I like! This is one of the few pure comment boards left in existance! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

        4. And thanks for the writing and the artsies. I also appreciate the extras that appear from time to time, like the MS Paint examples from back in the day. I didn’t know you could actually make quality work from using that program.

    2. I read every comic as it comes out, but I don’t always have something to say, I’m guessing that’s true for a lot of other readers, as well.

      1. Quinn’s face doesn’t seem angry either. More like she recognizes the sarcasm and is retorting back in a “Quinn” like fashion.

  10. Hmmm… if I hadn’t read the comics, I would have just thought Ellie was dressed up nicely, and was on a pseudo-date with “Blind Guy”… not chatting him up before her next shift started, where she is now managing.

    I mean, I’ve worked fast food, and retail, and never came across cute outfits like that, for higher-ups.

    Also, Banena, that picture is good, and you should feel good!

  11. love Quinn’s hair like that. Also I guess I’m one of the lurking readers =p been enjoying shotgun shuffle since… April? something like that. I have to say, seeing how you’ve improved art wise is inspiring, now if I could just find the time to do my own little project…

    1. Thanks for commenting. When you’re ‘forced’ into a comic update deadline you’re also forced to naturally improve through the mandatory volume of work you place on yourself. It happens even when you don’t feel like you’re trying. :)

  12. I almost didn’t recognize Quinn since she is wearing a subtle shade of purple.
    And will we learn Blind Guy’s name this time.

  13. I read all the way down looking for the love for that fan art. I don’t get why there aren’t more comments, that is seriously adorable and well done!

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