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Sorey not Sorey


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  1. I’ve never got to yell first before. But then my comment will probably be deleted.

    I wonder who the person in the background there was?

        1. Seriously though, guy should know better. The con hasn’t even really started from last I knew, so of course there’s no traffic increase as yet. It’s probably going to take at least a week after the whole con to measure properly.

        2. Danny said the convention technically “started yesterday.” Cons usually open on Fridays, so this is Saturday. So yeah, no uptick period in Florida from a convention with thousands of attendees.

        3. Corey’s shirt on the cast page sure looked like a Swiss national flag…my bad, really.

        4. This is your fault, you know. You’ve conditioned us to look for these tiny details hidden throughout the operation and then apply same to main canon. It’s great fun, but it can bring about stuff like this. :D

        5. I can safely say that it doesn’t look like that to me.

          I am Swiss, by the way. ;)

        6. Are all things you’ll get in good to great quality here. Other than that I don’t really get what you’re playing at.

        7. There’s Twonk and Thunder Twonk. First time I heard it was Red Dwarf when the crew gets attacked by the Despair Squid and is led to believe that they are not really 3 million years in the future but rather in a VR game that they just died in. The tech uses it about 5 times when he makes fun of them for dying.

          …..not that I’m a fan or nuthin’

        8. Awwww yeah, I knew there had to somebody out there that wasn’t dead.
          I was afraid everybody had been got by the Emo-Hawk.

    1. By “person in the background” I thought you meant the headless set of boobs with shorts and thigh high leggings. That is who I wanted to know more about and I don’t see anyone that matches that body on the cast page. Unless it is another sister which it probably is.

      1. Vu on the cast page is the girl in the bg. She’s standing next to Caleb. Probably just her stance is throwing you off thinking it’s not the same character.

  2. First. Win, win, omg so much win XD. I feel bad for Ellie; I hope this con idea pulls through so she can get her money, but we will see. Also, where did the dolls come from? They bear a remarkable likeness to your characters, Chris.

        1. As a parent, I can say without a shadow of a doubt, it’s 100% for the parent.

      1. Ah, got it. On that note, Chris should start a production line of Shotgun shuffle figures. The market would explode.

        1. Con wear Ellie
          Burger Joint Pin-Up Ellie
          Half Off Dress Quinn
          Hooch-Off Tarragon
          Santa’s Surprise Anise

        2. Heee….Santa’s Surprise Anise, now with Shirt Flipping Action! Says three exciting phrases!

          “I’ll do things she won’t! SEXY things!”

          “Date that patchy $h1t?”

          “So…any cake left?”

          Coming to finer toy stores this fall!

        3. And think of all the accessories!

          Ellie – McFatfat
          Juniper – Talking Parrot
          Cinnamon – Ratchantula
          Pumpkin – Hoverboard
          Quinn – Contempt for Others

        4. …how do you package contempt as an action figure accessory? Is it, like, a big mallet that says “I FIND YOU OF LOWER WORTH THAN ME” on the face?

        5. You package contempt with an insanely difficult wrapping that takes normal people a minimum of seven minutes to open. Inside is a slip of paper like you’d find inside a fortune cookie which states, “I can’t believe you thought there was actually something in here worth the effort.”

        6. Not to mention Pumpkin could come with a bajillion cosplay outfits.

  3. It’s “Your con idea,” not “You’re con idea” in the fourth panel.
    Also, Mousers? Been ages since I’ve seen those.

  4. …I knew, KNEW, that Cinnamon had to have seen “The Human Centipede.” All it took was “100 % Medically Accurate” for her to believe it could be possible.

    And now I hear there’s a third one coming. I weep.

  5. Hahaha “twonk”. I have never heard that one before but I like it! I shall use it one day >:}.

    Those dolls man, they’re uncanny!!

    1. Likewise. Twonk has now been added to my ever increasing array of regionally innapropriate insults. It’s quite good though it won’t displace “numpty” anytime soon.

      1. I don’t know if I could use twonk on it’s own. I might have to adapt it to “bloody twonk.” I mean, wasn’t “Red Dwarf” a UK show?

  6. 1) Is Vu the butterfly girl in panel four?
    2) Is Vu the gitar girl pictured below the sisters Buckingham?
    3) I noticed a greenish dot above Elies head in the sisters Buckingham spread, and wanted to know if it’s intentional?

  7. Poor Ellie…

    Poor Danny when Ellie finds out she isn’t being paid…

    The dolls are awesome btw.

    1. I was thinking his appearance on the cast page would mean that he ends up “trying to make it up to her” or “pay in installments due to problems with his partners.” With his partners on the cast page too, I’m wondering if Ellie will actually help things enough she becomes a frequent temp (I’m thinking employee is too ambitious, unless it’s one of those “you’ll get rich when it takes off, but nothing now” sort of things).

  8. Huh, so I was right- this chode ends up a part of her life/social circle. Part of me wants to be mad at you Chris but then I also know that this is part of the natural order of things and I understand. I can’t be so protective of the imaginary character.

  9. This is either going to be a raging success for Ellie and they’ll pay her gladly or she is going to put out a contract on them with Cinnamon. If the two in Switzerland don’t pay up an interesting package with tararatchulas or whatever new hybrid Cinnamon has come up with will arrive at their door..

    1. 1. Let’s hope that they don’t pay Ellie in chocolate based upon the weight of what the Sister Council can eat of said payment. It’d bankrupt Switzerland.

      2. Squeee, kwai chibi toys.

      3. Cinnamon is still evil, I say. EBILLLLLL!!!!!

  10. The robotic centipede. Aren’t those the chompers from “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?” Either the cartoon, or the video game. I know that design.

    1. Yes indeed, sir, you’re looking at the original model of Baxter Stockman’s Mouser units. They were featured in the original cartoon and in the video game based on said cartoon.

        1. The Mousers were there too? Wow. Well, it’s been a long time since my last read-through. Apologies all around!

        1. The second response/ COMMENT FROm my cell phone. AND I CAN El THER WRITE WITH OR TYPE WITH my FINGER AND it SEEMS To Almost Understand my ScribbleS HA HA HAH A Hehe yeah that’s the plan and the other thing IS the Suggestive dialog generator Heeeee

        2. Wait, what? you mean that I can either sit at the computer, that’s next to my phone and make a rather more lucid looking comment rather than using the said phone?

        3. Well, enough of that junk stuff. I thought that the old fall back that when a mommy and a daddy love each other enough, they go to Disneyland, where magical things happen, and that the people at Kodak never had to get around to finishing Bill Cosby’s request.

          I wonder if they forgot to dip her in the personality developer though. . .

  11. I’m confused, when they say con do they mean as in the convention they’re at or as in they’re con-men? sorry if this is obvious I just can’t tell

    1. I’m glad you asked, because when he said “the con can work,” I thought Ellie had accidentally gotten into something illegal. The business partner didn’t reassure me.

      Though why Ellie would keep someone in her life who looks about to stiff her pay… it’s really hard to say. Unless he points out her brilliance, and she becomes the marketing department for the group.

  12. AWWWW MAN now I’m smackin’ my head for not thinkin’ of the Mouser idea. Least I haven’t reviewed ’em yet. Freakin’ best Mousers ever.

  13. I thought Canadians were supposed to be polite. Apparently Danny is that terrible to work with?

    And it looks like Danny knows Caleb won’t pay Ellie but is going to let her work anyway. Will the scrap metal from his van cover her pay?

    And at this rate, Danny is about to be unemployed and looking for a crappy job. Ellie, looks like you’re about to have some competition!

    1. Nah, that’s just the quiet, border jumping ones. The Canadians from Deep-Canada are a riotous bunch, wrestling mooses and beavers for their pelts, sticking straws in trees for that syrup of theirs. I tell ‘ya, those Canadians’ll get ‘cha if you don’t watch yourself.

      1. No, I’d have to say that if it was powered by my own sense of self-affirmation, we would have all been swallowed by the singularity that would have been the black hole ensuing from the release of my depression upon the world.

        So, I’m glad that I didn’t get that cottony looking one.

        Hey, I SAVED THE WORLD!!! Girls have to date me now. . uhm, I think. I don’t know. DAMNIT STEVE!!!

        1. I would consider girls having to date me a curse. It’d just be a long string of, “Well crap! You’re not actually interested in me either, it’s just that gender-based obligation thing!? This is making it HARDER! Damned djinn, I should’ve known better than to make a wish…”

          Probably followed by muttering about finding and destroying that lamp.

  14. You know, since these guys are filling up the cast page, I’m going to go ahead and guess Ellie may get more work with them in the future. I do hope she gets paid for this gig, either by driving up traffic enough to justify the expenditure or just out of Danny’s pocket (assuming he even has money). ‘Cause the rent isn’t just going to go away.

    Plus, you know, if she doesn’t get her rent money Danny may end up on the receiving end of Ellie’s displeasure. If she’s not going to get paid at all while Danny knew that she wouldn’t and kept her there working all weekend anyway, he’d probably be lucky if her vengeance only involves scissors.

    1. I’m wondering the same. However, even if nothing goes through that way, if Danny does end up dating Ellie as speculation sometimes suggests, they could be on the cast page as large players in her boyfriend’s life. I’d been thinking Danny making an honest attempt at making the payment for con thing right as a potential avenue that gets him enough time around her to end up dating.

  15. Danny’s bio reminds me that all eye-related things in the Shotgun Shuffle universe should learn to stay on the left half of the face, as it’s much safer.

    Also, kudos to Jessica for adding Like buttons, which have been a frequently requested feature in the comments.

  16. Yay for Futurama reference! Yay for like buttons on comments! Yay for double comic (the main one and the doll one)! Three cheers for Rusche!

  17. I was just re-reading Danny’s write up in the cast page.

    He seems very ambitious.

    Will that be a positive influence on “The Lazy One?”

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